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Rating: NC/17

Pairings/Characters: Chloe/Lionel

Warnings: MF, PWP. Young Girl/Older Guy, Foot.

Spoilers: Season 3, 4, or 5. I can't remember the timeline.

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Smallville: Daddy Complex
by DarkDefender85

A daddy complex is what happens to a young girl when her father is absent
and has left a void in the girl life. That is what happened to Chloe
Sullivan. When she was a little girl, her father was at work all the time
trying to keep the house while Chloe was one the internet talking to friends.
While Gabe Sullivan was working overtime, Chloe was becoming one of the
hottest girls in Smallville. Almost everyone head would turn when Chloe would
pass by on the street. Chloe was a very busy girl when she was in high
school. When she wasn't busy with her school work, she was working at The
Torch, the school newspaper. Chloe could have had any guy in Smallville that
she wanted but she was to busy with her work to know it. That was until the
day Clark Kent came into her life. Clark was the teen of her dream, but he
was also her best friend. Time after time she would go home cry in her pillow
when she saw Clark leave to go rescue Lana. One day she got tired of it all
and she went to work for Lionel Luthor after The Torch was destroyed by a
meteor freak.

Lionel was fascinated by young Clark Kent. There was something about the boy
and he wanted to know what that was. Lionel had met Chloe when she came to
the mansion for a party for his son Lex Luthor. The very night that Lionel
met Chloe he went to his bedroom and jerked off thinking of her young tight
body. When the Torch was destroyed by a meteor freak, Lionel saw his chance
to play the white night for Chloe. Lionel went to the principal and gave him
a check to replace everything that was destroyed. Chloe was shocked when one
day she went back into The Torch office and saw brand new computers on the
shelves. Chloe turned and in the doorway stood Lionel in a sharp business
suit smiling at the young girl.

"Did you do this?" Chloe asked the older gentlemen.

Lionel cracked a smile and said "Yes I did Miss Sullivan. I know how much
this place means to you and I know that you are a great reporter. A great
reporter needs a place to work and this place seems to be working for you."

Chloe blushed at all the compliments, "Wow I don't know what to say Mr.

Lionel walked up to her, "Well I hope you know that these computers are
not free young lady. They are for you to work for me?"

Chloe got confused, "Work for you? I'm not a business woman."

Lionel chucked, "I know that Miss Sullivan, I need you to report on something
for me."

Chloe smiled, "After what you have done for me I will report on anything you
want me too."

Lionel got a smile on his face, "Good, I need you to report on Clark Kent for

Chloe was shocked when he heard the words come out of Lionel's mouth. He
wanted her to spy on her best friend. She did not know what to do. "I don't
know Mr. Luthor," Chloe said.

Lionel knew how do get what he wanted from a woman "This would be a chance
for you to get that boy back for going out with Miss Lang. I mean anyone can
see that he broke your heart by going out with her."

Just the thought of Clark and Lana together got her mad. "Ill do it," Chloe

Lionel smiled big and walked over to her, "Very good Miss Sullivan. I expect
your first report on my desk in the next two weeks." Chloe went to her desk
and began to work as Lionel walked out of the room with the biggest hard on
he had ever had.

Over the next few weeks, Chloe meet with Lionel at various places to give him
reports about Clark, but she could not give away Clarks big secret. She knew
that if something happened to Clark it would be her fault and she did not
want that on her conscience. Another thing was happening to Chloe while she
was meeting with Lionel, she became so wet whenever she began to talk to him.
She knew that she had to have him sometime soon or she was going to explode.

One evening it was time for Chloe to give Lionel one of her reports about
Clark and she went to his office at Luthorcorp. She walked in and walked over
to the side of his desk to hand him the report. "Here is what I gathered on
Clark this week", Chloe said.

Lionel smiled as he looked at the information "You have done very good work,
and I must say you get more beautiful every time I see you."

Chloe blushed "You really think I'm beautiful?"

Lionel grabbed her hand "I think you're the most gorgeous woman in

Chloe smiled big and sat on his lap "I think you are the handsomest man in

Lionel leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Chloe could only moan as
he slid his tongue into her mouth. Lionel slid his hand up her shirt and
grabbed her big tits. "I've always wanted you Chloe, I jerked my cock so hard
the night when I first met you," Lionel moaned.

"Can I see your cock Lionel?" Chloe moaned.

Lionel stood up and sat her on the desk. Lionel pulled down his pants and
boxers to reveal his 9" cock. Chloe gasped when she saw it, but grabbed it
hard. "Oh wow, this is a big cock!"

Lionel smiled, "Why don't you suck on it little girl."

Chloe had never sucked a cock before, but she wanted to make Lionel happy.
Chloe got off the desk and went to her knees. She kissed his cock and was
shocked at how good it tasted. She slowly placed his cock in her mouth and
sucked on it. She bobbed her head as fast as she could. Lionel was moaning
her name and took off his jacket and coat. Lionel pulled Chloe up and kissed
her hard. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up by it. Chloe took off her top
and bra. Lionel began to suck on her big young tits.

"Oh daddy!" Chloe moaned out.

Lionel was shocked and turned on when he called her daddy. Lionel smiles,
"Are you ready to get fucked little girl?"

Chloe kissed Lionel hard "Take me hard!"

Lionel laid her on the desk and took off her jeans and thong. Chloe spread
her legs wide and Lionel rammed his cock into her tight pussy. Chloe held
onto him as he began to fuck her hard. "Oh god yes, daddy, fuck me deep!"
Chloe moaned.

Lionel could not believe how good Chloe felt wrapped around his cock. She was
hot and dripping wet for him as he fucked her. Lionel watched as her big tits
bounced as he fucked her. Lionel began to lick up and down her smooth legs.
Chloe wiggled her toes and Lionel kissed all ten of them. Lionel began to
suck on each of her toes as he fucked her into the desk. Chloe couldn't take
anymore. When Lionel begins to lick her feet, Chloe began to cum all over his
cock. Lionel leaned down and kissed her deeply as she came on his cock.

"Miss Sullivan, I'm gonna cum, where do you want it?" Lionel asked.

Chloe rolled over. "Cum on my ass." she moaned.

Lionel pulled his cock out of her and shot 5 big loads all over Chloe's ass.

Chloe reached back and rubbed the cum into her ass "Mmmm that was great, I
hope we can do it again soon."

Lionel pulled her up, kissed her deeply, and spanked her hard on her ass,
"Anytime Miss Sullivan, anytime."


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