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Smallville: Chloe's Delight
by DCForever ([email protected])

Today would go down in Smallville's history book as a day of
least for two Smallville residents.

Rushing down the stairs and into the kitchen was a young teenage, short
blonde haired girl. Her breasts bounced freely as they were only concealed
by a large stretched out Sharks t-shirt. Her body language was vibrant with
energy seeing as how today was the first time in a long while that she would
be able to have some quality time to herself. Nope, today wasn't going to be
a day for normalcy.

The cute Chloe Sullivan was a reporter and editor and pretty much 90% of the
staff for Smallville High's newspaper, 'The Torch.' Most of Chloe's time
usually went towards getting the next edition of the paper out or dealing
with chaos that seemed to follow the Smallville meteorite infected freaks
of the weeks. Today was different. 'The Torch' had already been laid to bed
earlier that day and Chloe had no plans for the rest of the a
sense...she was free. No deadlines to meet. No last minute edits or
additions. For once, no homework assigned by the teachers. No jealousy issues
over seeing Clark pawning over Lana. Nope...the rest of the day was hers. If
there was anyone in the town of Smallville that needed a break and some R&R
it was definitely Chloe Sullivan. The students and many of the town folk knew
the amount of effort, time, and energy, not to mention coffee, the girl
dished out each day for school, the paper, her friends, and the motherly type
duties that she had to take care of at home. With her mom not being around,
she had to be the child and mother to her wonderful and hard working father,

After the teenage girl arrived home from school, she rushed upstairs and got
her comfortable, lying around the house clothes and headed back downstairs
towards the kitchen. The house was hers until her housemate, Lana Lang, came
home or her father later in the evening. She knew she would be all alone for
at least a solid 4 hours and she relished the 'me' time. And having said time
and the energy that she possessed, she started toward the kitchen cabinets
in hopes of finding enough goodies to make herself a classic ice cream
sundae...something else she hadn't had in quite a while.

Standing on the tips of her toes, she reached her hand up as far as it would
go; just high enough to gather the nuts and chocolate syrup she needed from
the top shelf of the cabinet. You would think that ingredients needed for a
good old fashion sundae would be within reach of short hands, but ice cream
was kept in short demand at the Sullivan's house, therefore the necessary
ingredients/accessories were kept out of normal reach.

She listened to Classic 80's music as she sang along. Chloe shook her
small-framed hips from side to side as she danced to the moving music in the
background. Moving throughout the kitchen, she gathered all the necessary
supplies. Ending in front of their white refrigerator, she opened the door,
letting the cold air release itself. The blonde savored the chilling moment
as she found custom when approaching a refrigerator or even betters...a
freezer. She loved nothing more than a spine tingling chill as it started at
one point of her body and ended at another leaving chill bumps along the way.

Reaching into the cold confines, she retrieved a tub of cookies-n-cream ice
cream. Turning 180 degrees, she placed the tub on the counter and headed
straight for the closet where her father liked to keep the honey. Returning
to the counter with the honey in hand, she placed it beside all the other
ingredients. Standing back, while still swaying her hips and spinning 360
degrees on her sock covered toes, a smile appeared as she admired all the
goodies laid out before here. Smiles were something that had been held in
check for some time now...ever since Clark's lusting eyes returned to the
fair and beautiful, Lana Lang.

Though there was a brief escape from the 'what if, dreary' thought of
Chloe's mind when Smallville's on boy genius, Ian, met head to head in a
relationshippy game of tongue darts. Too bad he was as Clark had said...
playing her and Lana off of each other. Even though they now shared the
same living quarters, Chloe and Lana kept their romantic rendezvous to

Truthfully now, how could the girls have known that Ian was nothing more
than another freak of the week that could duplicate himself. Being in two
places and with two girls at the same time was even a task that the heroic
and powerful, youth, Clark Kent, couldn't match. Was there jealousy there...
of the most high, especially since the boy crusader had feelings for the
same two girls. Ouch...what a predicament.

Yeah, since that predicament and the fact that she almost met her maker
by the hands of the guy she was falling for...smiling just wasn't in the
picture. Now here she was glaring at the mighty cold feast that was to
become her. Sliding on the kitchen's linoleum flooring to the edge of where
the carpeted hallway began, she opened a door and pulled a blanket off the
second shelf. Dashing into the living room, she spread the blanket out on
the carpeted floor so that she would have plenty of room to make a mess and
enjoy her favorite ice cream and cartoons all at the same time. Fun was
definitely going to make an appearance at the Sullivan's house on this very
day. Three trips to the kitchen later, the same ingredients that once
covered one of the kitchen counters now covered the blanket before the 36"
television set.

Making one last trip for the main ingredient, Chloe returned to the linoleum
and reached for the tub of ice cream. As she turned to return to the living
room and the fun and feast that lied ahead, she stopped at the sound of
rattling keys outside of the closed, locked kitchen door. She watched a
shadowy figure on the other side of the small glass, pane door as the
deadbolt turned and eventually the regular lock. In walked a tired and
lifeless Lana Lang. Her long dark hair was in tangles and her makeup was
smeared all over from where she had been caught in an afternoon storm shower.

"Wow. Rain much?"

Closing and returning the locks to their previous positions, Lana turned to
face the short blonde, "Yeah...much. It started right as I was digging my
keys out at school. Figured I would drop by here and get a fresh changing of
clothes for work. I'm quite surprised to see you here. You feeling okay?"

"I'm peachy. I put the next edition of the Torch to bed earlier this morning
and now I'm going to enjoy some 'me' time."

"Good for you. I know how hard you've been working lately. It's good to have
some time to yourself every once in a while."

"That is what I was thinking. It has been so long since I've had any time to
relax and have fun. Thought I would eat a little ice cream and catch up on my
cartoon viewing."

"Ah, sounds so much better than having to go to work."

Thinking for a moment. "It wouldn't be too bad to have some company. You
could call in sick. We could catch up a bit."

"Don't I wish? With Nell in Metropolis and Lex...God only knows where he is,
it isn't like I have anyone to turn to for calling in sick. The Talon is my
baby...therefore the consequences of ownership and management are mine as
well. I better hurry up or I'll be late. Save me a scoop or two will ya?"

"Sure thing, Lana." Chloe watched the brunette rush up the stairs.

Fifteen minutes later, Lana reappeared wearing her new black, Talon work
shirt and a pair of faded black jeans; each article fitting tight against
her slim figure.

"Here you go, Lana." The blonde held up a bowl of ice cream.

"Ah you shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did." Lana knew she was pushed for
time as she stepped into the living room. As she neared the outstretched
hand, her foot gave way to the moving blanket beneath her body and crashed
down on top of the blonde. She quickly regained her balance and sat her butt
on the floor, facing a fallen ice cream covered Chloe.

"I'm so sorry, Chloe. Do you need some help getting up or cleaning up?" Chloe
knew Lana was truly sorry.

"No, I think I can manage on my own... Thanks anyway." She sat back up to a
sitting position as she removed the contents of the fallen bowl from her

"I really am sorry," apologized the brunette again.

"I accept your apology."

"Hehe...guess that alone time could really work in your favor now, huh?"
Chloe wasn't amused.

"No really, it is okay. Cold, but okay." Her nipples were sticking through
her thin shirt as she tried to clean off her body. "Did I get it all?"

Surveying the girl from head to toe, "Not quite. You have some on your face."
Chloe reached up and wiped her face with her hand.


"Still some on your nose."

"Will you just get it for me?" Lana accepted and leaned over the messy
contents still on the blanket and used her finger to wipe some of the fallen
ice cream from the other girl's cute, freckled nose. Little did she know that
Chloe had a hand full of cold ice cream already in attack mode.

"I think that has it."

"Maybe for me, but not for you," yelled the short blonde has her ice cream
loaded hand connected on the brunette's freshly washed face. She made sure to
smear the contents all over the girl's face and into her hairline.

Lana quickly returned to her previous sitting position with her mouth wide
open in shock. "I can't believe you."

"Lana, I think you might have gotten a spot on your own face." The other
girl's eyes looked to be filled with a moment of rage and then humor.

"I do, do I, well then..." reaching for the chocolate syrup, "...maybe you
would like to join me." She quickly shot her body back over the blanket and
held the syrup above Chloe's head daring the girl to move.

"I so dare you."

"You do, do you?" Chloe could see that there was no mistaking that her hair
was about to be covered in the syrup so she reached for the first available
container her wandering hand could find as she held eye contact with the
taller brunette. With container in hand she quickly brought it to the other
girl's neckline and aimed it downwards in the direction of her breasts.

"You do and you get it right back." Both girls were holding back their

"Oh no, no, lets think about this. I really should be getting to work now."

"Ahhh, is little Miss Lana scared that her new shirt might get damaged?"
questioned a not so innocent Chloe Sullivan.

"Alright Chloe, you win. I call a truce."

"Giving up so easy? That isn't like you, Lana. Come on you know you want to
just squeeze that syrup all over my hair, don't ya? You know you do. So, do
you feel lucky today, punkess? Well, do ya?"

Lana's hand slowly squeezed and released the bottle atop Chloe's head as she
fought with her conscience. She started to bring the container back to her
side when she felt a gob of ice cream fall from her face down on her shirt.
Not much more to say than, the war was on. She squeezed the bottle with all
the strength in her hand and watched as the chocolate poured out and started
covering the blonde's hair. The gooey brown liquid coursed over her head and
down onto her face, and finally the blanket they were each sitting on.

Chloe liked the feeling the cool substance had against her body. Smiling at
the other girl, she not only squeezed her own container, which they both soon
learned to be honey, but also pushed the container forward and down Lana's
black shirt. Lana's hand jerked away from above Chloe's head as some of the
sticky, cool honey slowly ran down her skin and some immediately ran down and
into the cleavage made by her black lace, bra. With the brunette disoriented
and trying to keep her shirt closed off from the honey, Chloe grabbed the
dropped chocolate syrup container and without a single thought of reasoning,
forced the top of the bottle down the front of Lana's black jeans. The
remainder of the container's contents emptied out in the other girl's jeans
and panties.

In defense, Lana pushed both of Chloe's hands away from her body as she
quickly stood up and started removing her clothes. Not wanting any more part
of the food war, she quickly stripped; starting with her shirt. As she pulled
the garment over her head, her hair became entangled and smeared through the
syrup residing from her shirt. Chloe had to admit that there was something
erotic looking about seeing honey all over Lana Lang's front and bra-covered
chest. With her shirt on the blanket, Lana reached around to her back and
released the clips on her bra and let it fall on top of her shirt. Bending
over she loosened her jeans and began pushing them down her legs. Chloe just
sat back on her knees and watch the stripping action. Her eyes had a time
leaving the girl's firm, form-holding breast that were covered with what was
left of the honey. As she bent over, the golden substance, with its sticky
makeup, formed drops hanging off her lowered breasts. The syrup droplets
slowly lengthened as they neared the ground without leaving her flesh. The
honey reminded the blonde of her favorite food, macaroni and cheese.

Lana stepped out of her jeans and immediately her hands flew to her panties.
Without a second of thought, she pushed the black garment down and off her
legs. Standing back up she finally came to her senses and realized that she
had just stripped down to her birthday suite in front of her housemate. Her
hands quickly tried to cover her breasts and her hairy mound, but both
couldn't be successfully accomplished. The rage filled her eyes more now
than before.

"Do you see what you made me do?" shouted the brunette. What was previously
a humorous moment was slowly becoming a bit more.

"Yeah, I see...and I must admit I like." Lana was shocked at Chloe's comment.
"I just wish all my sundae's turned out like this." Chloe had no idea what
she was saying or what she was trying to get at or what feelings she was
feelings...she was going solely on instinct. She quickly reached out and
grabbed the brunette's legs, pulling them apart, she watched the girl's body
fall to the floor in a hard landing split. It was a good thing Lana had
previously been a cheerleader as her hairy mound struck the blanket-covered
carpet with an impact of pain. Both of Lana's hands immediately covered and
started kneading the sore flesh between her thighs. Chloe took this as a
moment of weakness and pounced on the girl sending both their bodies to the
ground. Chloe's sexual prowess was starting to show.

Chloe immediately started rubbing her hands through the honey-covered valley
between the girl's breasts. Her tongue followed behind as her hands began
massaging and kneading the glorious, honey covered twin mounds of flesh. Lana
was stunned by her friend's actions, but kept up her own massaging as her
thighs still hurt from the full layout split...a split she was never capable
of doing in cheer she knew why. She tried to shrug the
other girl off her body, but weight and balance was on the other girl's side
as she fully straddled the brunette's honey and syrup covered body.

The blonde licked around the girl's areoles, sucking and pulling on her
nipples all so she could devour the honey that covered them. She continued
to assault the girl's breasts as her hands symmetrically trailed down the
outline of her body. She enjoyed the sensation of feeling the texture and
temperature radiating from each curve and oddity of the brunette's almost
perfect body. Her hands ended their journey as they felt the firmness and
slight roundness of the girl's ass. It was at this spot that her hands
rested and grasped a tight hold; her teeth bit down on one nipple and then
the other. Lana's lower pain was suddenly a distant memory as her hands
shot upper wards, giving Chloe a chance to slide lower down the girl's body.

Lana proceeded to massage her aching breasts as Chloe's fingers dug into her
backside flesh. There were sure to be bruises in the morning. Chloe's medium
sized, perk breasts now lay upon the moist and chocolate covered, hairy
valley between the brunette's legs. Wiggling her body, her nipples slowly cut
through the mass of dark hair and found the warmth and wetness they were
seeking. Removing her hands from the girl's backside, she quickly used them
to spread the girl's legs farther apart. Moving her hands higher up the
thigh, she grasped a solid hold and began a slug like upper ward, curved
motion with her body; one motion at a time, her breasts came in contact with
Lana's pussy lips; causing the brunette to quiver all over. Unbeknown to
Chloe, Lana's fantasies were being brought to life.

Higher above, Lana continued caressing her nipples, making her motions harder
each time Chloe's breast ran across her folds. She looked down at the blonde
haired beauty as her breasts repeatedly sunk and rose up high above her body
and back down, almost like the pirate ship ride at Disney World. Every time
she went up or down, Chloe's eyes never left Lana's own eyes.

The temperature in the room was rising with every swipe of Chloe's breasts.
But like all good rides, eventually they have to come to an end. Settling
back down, Chloe used her fingers to guide her nipples into the other girl's
folds. Lana's body arched up at the unfamiliar feeling, causing the nipple
to sink in deeper. Reaching her hand above the body, Chloe started thumping
and heavily patting the girl's raised up mound of goodness. Her other hand
snaked beneath the girl and sought out her opening of darkness.

Lana was a loss for words and thoughts as her first orgasm rocked her. She
shook violently, only adding fuel to Chloe's masterful ministrations. A few
violent shakes later, Chloe lifted her body high above Lana's outstretched
body and allowed the girl to see the results of her sexual release cast all
over her breasts. Lowering her body again, she returned both hands to the
girl's taunt legs and lifted them until they were resting on her shoulders.

Looking between the upraised legs, Chloe watched as the brunette fought for
a breath of air. Her adam's apple moved up and down as she tried to swallow
down the air in the room. Chloe's smile turned to a wanting grin as she
lowered her head. Staring holes into the girl's pubic hair, the blonde
couldn't believe what she had done, but knew she was too far gone to not
finish what she had started. Opening her mouth, her tongue snaked out and
came in contact with its first ever vagina. Moving her head from side to
side, she pushed her face deeper between the girl's thighs and marveled at
the feeling of her pubic hair brushing against her face. Using her hands,
she pried the lips open and stared at her inner pinkness. Moving ahead, her
tongue ran along the inside of her folds as she cut her eyes down to watch
the actual contact of flesh to flesh. Lana's body immediately reacted to her
touch and tried to push her tongue deeper, but the shorter girl pulled back.

This was her first pussy feasting and she wasn't about to rush the
experience. Chloe had been a closet bi-sexual for some least in
her mind.

Lana settled back down and Chloe returned her tongue to where it previously
laid against the inside of the girl's inner folds. She slowly moved her head
up at an angle as her tongue never detached from Lana's sensitive folds.
Chloe slid her tongue up and back down the length of the folds as she
realized that the poor girl was fighting hard not to react to her sexual
advances. Moving her head, her tongue found the inner lining of the opposite
fold and proceeded in the same manner.

The touch and sensations were too much for Lana Lang to endure. Throwing
the pain in her breasts to the wind, she reached down, entangling her
fingers in Chloe's blonde locks, and jammed her pussy against the trapped
head. Chloe's tongue left its immediate contact and was forced deep into
the brunette's tavern of essence, where she was soon met by a rushing
rapids like feeling as her tongue moved from side to side as it rode out
her wave of pleasure. Chloe had no escape as her head was still being
forced against the girl's lips. Her face was coated with the white
substance as it flowed past her mouth and out onto her face. As the wave
began to lessen, Chloe began a lapping action where she finally tasted her
first pussy. Her own pussy overflowed as she savored the taste of Lana's
essence and lesbian deflowering.

Lana felt she had gained the reigns of control from the blonde and she wasn't
close to being finished with Chloe. She slowly lowered her arching back and
immediately slammed it back up against the blonde girl's tongue and face; her
pelvis grinded against the girl's face. Work...what work? Clothes...what
clothes? Messes...what mess? All that consumed Lana's mind and body at the
moment was the feeling she got when she thrust her hips towards the girl and
felt her invading tongue against her inner walls. The sensation proved to be
too great and quite exhausting.

Lana finally lowered her body and released Chloe's hair. Chloe's head shot up
as she attempted to fill her lungs with fresh air, but just as quick she was
leaning back between the legs kissing Lana's outer folds and taking in the
aroma that she helped produce. Slowly she seductively slivered her body in a
snake charming fashion as she ascended up the girl's exhausted and laid out,
naked body. Hovering a few inches above the girl's face, she saw Lana had a
satisfied and pleased look about her.

"May I," the short blonde asked as she leaned down and kissed the other girl
with the girl's juices flowing off of Chloe's lips. Lana couldn't admit that
the taste was foreign as their tongues and lips dueled over supremacy of the

Eventually Chloe slid off of Lana's body and rested her back against the
blanket-covered carpet. Though exhausted, Lana's fingers crept toward the
other girl's shorts. Chloe realized what she was trying to do and decided
that she would help her by reaching down and unfastening her shorts and
sliding them down her legs before returning her back to the blanket. The
two girls tilted their heads towards each other as Lana's fingers danced
across the blonde's white panties. Lana's eyes left Chloe's as she lowered
them to watch her fingers find the other girl's waistband. Slivering under
the band, they quickly sought out the feel of her pubic hair, but seemed
to run into the girl's folds before anything else.

"If you were wondering...I shave completely." Lana's eyes shot back towards
the girl before she leaned over and gave her a peck on the lips. Even more
of the girl's fantasies were coming true.

"You're so smooth."

"Oh don't say it. I'm smoother than a baby's ass. Trust me, I know for a
fact." The two girls chuckled before coming together for another quick kiss.

Pulling back, "You do know it is later. Can I have MY sundae now?" The
brunette quickly sat up and steadied herself on her knees as she gathered a
few of the spilled over ingredients; Chloe just watched with a smirk on her
face. She finally admitted to herself that the feelings she had been having
for the luscious brunette were in fact real.

Resting on her knees beside the blonde's body, Lana grabbed a hold of both
sides of the girl's panties and slowly lowered them down exposing a small
patch of flesh at a time. She wanted to savor her first opportunity of seeing
another girl's shaven pussy. She lowered them further until pink folds could
be seen. To Chloe's confusion, her garment stopped moving just as it
uncovered her hidden treasure.

Lana smiled down at the confused girl and began reaching for her previously
gathered ingredients. First she smeared a gob of ice cream over her folds,
which sent a shiver through both girls' body. Next she squeezed out some of
the left over honey, even gathering some from her own breasts. Reaching her
fingers down between her own legs, she curled them through and through
gathering what she could of the chocolate syrup that once covered her mound
and pubic hair. She then smeared the contents from her fingers between the
other girl's thighs, where her fingers brushed against her lower lips.
Retracting her hand, she reached for the crushed nuts and finally the
caramel. With all the said sundae ingredients gathered between her legs,
Lana reached back to the sides of Chloe's hips and pulled her panties back
up around her waist and patted the covered ingredients with her hands.
Sliding her hands down over Chloe's own shapely body, she pressed her hands
firmly into Chloe's flesh as her thighs closed and mashed together.

Lana quickly got to her feet, which disappointed the blonde. "Where are you

"Oh don't worry, I'll be right back. Need to get something from the kitchen.
I think you will like it."

"Okay, hurry back." Lana raised her lips and blew the girl a kiss. Turning
around she quickly fled to the kitchen. Chloe could hear the opening and
closing of cabinet doors coming from the kitchen. Being that Lana hadn't
been living with the Sullivan's all that long, she still didn't know where
everything was kept in their kitchen. A few slams and curses later, Lana
reappeared holding something behind her back; a few things to be precise.

"Okay now, close your eyes." Chloe smiled at the standing girl as she closed
her eyes and rested her head on her tightly clinched hands.

Settling back down on her knees, Lana placed the objects on the floor. She
couldn't believe what she was about to do to her housemate. Grabbing a hold
of the plastic wrap, she carefully placed it against the girl's skin. With
plastic roll in hand, she carefully and tightly wrapped the girl's hips and
legs with the plastic wrap. Chloe immediately knew what Lana was doing and
helped the girl by raising and lowering of her hips so the roll could be
passed above and beneath her with no troubles. The more she was wrapped up,
the tighter her legs became; her thighs pressing harder together. She could
feel the ice cream melting from her body's warmth as her pussy sucked in
the ice cream and the other ingredients. It was to say the least a strange

Once her lower body was completely wrapped, she could feel a bit of air
circulating below. Lana leaned over the girl as she used a pair of scissors
to cut a few holes in the plastic. She knew the girl's skin would have to
breath some, plus she needed some kind of access to her prize. Setting the
scissors back on the blanket, her tongue slid along her lips taking in the
sight and moment. She steadily lowered her hand through one of the openings
and touched the girl's upper leg; a shudder coursed through the blonde's
body. With the girl's legs tightly wrapped and pressed together it made the
rush and sensation between her own legs restart. She slowly pushed her hand
between the girl's tight thighs, pressing her digits against the straining
material of the white panties. The brunette was delighted in the warmth and
pressure she had caused the girl to have.

Chloe gritted her teeth together as Lana's fingers seemed like razor blades
cutting through her flesh while pressing against her covered mound; the
tightness was too great. As her juices flowed they had nowhere to go. It was
hard for the blonde to believe that her own juices were beginning to take on
the same characteristics of an enema as she felt her body start to balloon
up. Lana wasn't exactly sure what kind of discomfort she was causing her
friend, but she had a pretty good idea. Pulling her hand free she balled her
fingers up into a ball and this time pushed down right on top of her panty
covered pussy mound. She leaned over Chloe's body to increase the pressure
on the girl's mound of sex. Tears began to fall from the blonde's eyes.

Chloe finally cried out, "Stop it, Lana. Please, stop it. I can't take
anymore. Ohhhh fuck!"

It was at that instant the two girls heard a loud crashing noise in the
kitchen, the next second they were both staring at a tall young man dressed
in faded jeans and a heavy blue plaid work shirt.

"Chloe, are you alright? Do you need some help?" Yelled the teenager before
halting all movement once he had taken in the situation.

The girls were astonished to see the young Clark Kent peering down at them.

"Ahhh, what is going on her..."

Lana cut the young lass off before he could finish. "You mentioned help,
Clark. As you can see something important has come up and I need someone to
cover for me at the Talon. Think you could be a pal?"

"But Lana..."

"Do this one thing for me now Clark, and maybe we'll let you join us next
time." Clark didn't know what to think of the situation. There was Lana Lang,
girl of his dreams, kneeling over Chloe Sullivan, girl he didn't know how to
feel about, both naked and one piling her hand down on the other's sex.

"Deal?" Lana looked to see if Chloe had agreed, but to her dismay the girl's
head was back on the blanket, eyes closed as she had just fainted. She looked
back at Clark. "Don't worry, it was her idea." The girl removed her hand from
within the plastic, stood up, and approached the young man. Standing directly
in front of him she slowly turned a full 360 degrees so Clark could admire
her whole package. "You like?" Looking down between his legs, she had her
answer. "Take over the Talon for me for a little while and we will settle the
payoff later." She leaned over and kissed his lips while running the palm of
her hand of his outstretched crotch. He seemed to be a lot bigger than she
would have thought. "So will you help me out, Clark?"

"Yeah, Lana, I'll help you out. I have to be home in less than two hours...
will you be able to relieve me by then?"

"That should be plenty of time to finish up here, shower, change, and make it
there. Thanks, Clark." She closed her eyes and leaned over to kiss his lips
again, but there was only a gust of air where he once stood.

Lana quickly grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and returned
to Chloe's side where she splashed some of the water on her face. The girl
slightly moved, but not enough for Lana's liking. Leaning over Chloe's head,
she used her fingers to pull back on her eyelids where she started dropping
droplets of water from the bottle. She could see Chloe's eyes starting to
water on their own, but she continued to let the water from the bottle drop
directly on the girl's eyes. Chloe began violently shaking her head as the
water began causing her an unfamiliar pain. She soon opened her eyes to see
Lana leaning over her with a bottle of water pointed at her.

"I think you fainted."

"Where's Clark? Oh no, okay, you have to unwrap me now. This has gone too
far. How will I ever face you or him again?"

"Hey, I took care of Clark and now I'm going to take care of you. The games
aren't over. Playtime is back in session." Chloe suddenly saw Lana's leg as
it was slung over her body. Once in position she slinked her way toward the
girls legs. Lana completely laid her body on top of the smaller girl as she
moved her hands back to Chloe's thighs. Using her legs as leverage, Lana
pressed both of her thumbs into Chloe's panties and listened as the girl
yet again screamed out in pain. An enema had nothing on Lana at the moment.
"Chloe, are you ready to come?" Lana's own juices began to leak out as she
listened to Chloe's screams of pain and possibly pleasure.

"Oh God yes! I feel like I'm going to explode."

"Good, then you're ready." Lana pushed her body up as her knees dug into
Chloe's breasts causing the girl to scream out more profanities. Reaching
for the scissors again, she proceeded to cut away the top of the white
panties, allowing her access to her exposed pink folds. "You really should
see's quite an amazing sight from up here." She reached back
to the blanket and grabbed the other object she had brought back from the
kitchen. Raising it in the air, she hit the trigger to begin the
mixing/beater blades.

"I better test you first, it maybe too soon." Lana set the electric mixer
back on the blanket and strained as she tried to push one of her fingers
into the girl's pussy. As soon as she penetrated the folds, juices started
spurting out like a geyser. She pushed deeper and then pulled partially
back out and then pushed it back in. Chloe knew she was on the brink of
another orgasm and she was fighting to hold it in knowing that her pussy
couldn't safely hold anymore of her cum. Lana continued her finger
ministrations for a few minutes. Pulling back out she made sure Chloe's
clit was out from its hood and exposed since that was soon to be the mixer's
target. She grabbed for the mixer again and warned her friend that what she
was about to do might hurt. She relished in the fact that she hoped it did
hurt her friend. She was beginning to gain a liking for the sound of a
hurt-filled scream.

Lana turned the mixer on and proceed in searching out her target. With the
mixer at medium speed, she steadily began attacking the girl's clit. Chloe's
body bucked and turned and strained as her nubbin was constantly being hit
and tortured between the dual beater blades. Her body shook one final time
before she was completed exhausted. The mixer blades still slammed against
her clit, but the sensation of her final orgasm had been enough to make her
loose all feeling and sensation in her body. Her body was laid out for Lana's

Lana stood back up and rushed back to the kitchen and returned with a large
glass container. Quickly she began cutting away at the plastic wrap and as
she did she moved the glass container further between and up her legs as she
cut. When it was time, Lana pressed her hand against Chloe's pussy in hopes
to keep her juices from shooting out before the container was in place. Once
in place, she released her hand and cut away the final piece of wrapping and
watched and listened as the girl's juices emptied into the container. She
pressed her hand on the top of Chloe's mound and watched the juices shoot
out at an even faster pace. She wasn't sure the container would be able to
hold it all, which it didn't, but in the end what it didn't catch her eager
mouth did. She savored the girl's taste and pungent smell as ingredients
from her sundae washed into her awaiting mouth.

When there was nothing left to capture, she crawled over to Chloe's head and
planted her with a kiss. Opening her mouth the two girls shared in their
sundae delight.

* * *

Half hour later, Chloe opened her eyes from the short nap she had taken.
Looking around, Lana was nowhere in sight. Sitting up she surveyed the room
and finally between her own legs. Her pussy was still a blaze from the pain
and, as much as she hated to admit, pleasure Lana had given her. She felt
that if she just touched herself that she would explode. Slowly she got up
and eventually her legs stopped shaking. Once standing, she took baby steps
towards the kitchen.

She opened the large sided freezer portion of the refrigerator and quickly
removed the food and shelves from the freezing cold area. Setting a foot
inside the cold area, she tried her hardest to push her body into the cold
confines. Finally realizing she wouldn't fit, she stepped back out and
grabbed two handfuls of the freezing cold ice cubes and one by one inserted
them into her sex. She held the cubes in place with her hands as their
coldness battled her inner warmth and overwhelming pain. The cubes eventually
won out as she leaned against the front of the refrigerator and felt another
wave release from deep within and cascade down her legs and puddle on the
linoleum flooring below.

* * *

A few hours later, The Talon was busy with students and families from all
over the county coming and going. The House Special seemed to be the grab of
the day as everyone seemed to flock over the new sundae delight cappuccino
Lana Lang had come up with earlier that day.

"Lana, this is some good stuff. What's in it?"

"Pete, a girl...more importantly...a business woman can't give out her

"Doesn't matter. It's great either way."

"Thanks, Pete. Seems like I got a winner on my hands."

Turning to scan the crowd, "Oh hey, there's Chloe. Guess I should thank her
as well."

Chloe walked through the door and saw her friend Pete seated at the counter
talking to Lana. She made her way towards the counter while students from her
classes came up and thanked her for the new cappuccino. She had no idea what
they were talking about and figured maybe Lana might know.

Before she could get a word out of her mouth, Pete shocked her. "Chloe girl,
I don't know what you and Lana did to make such great tasting cappuccinos,
but my hat is off to ya...that is if I wore a hat. Chloe's delight is the
talk across town. You and Lana make a great pair." Upon hearing her friend,
she turned towards a smirking Lana.

"Yeah Chloe, Pete is right...we do make a great pair. Hey Pete, would you
mind going and seeing if anyone wanted anything else for me? I need to talk
with Chloe for a minute...alone."

"For more of this stuff...sure, I can help you out." Pete stood up and walked

Leaning her head towards Chloe's ear, "Just think Chloe...if all these people
knew that they were craving your cum loaded sundae delight." Suddenly Chloe's
stomach began feeling sick.

Whispering back to the brunette, "Please tell me you're kidding."

"Remember the glass container?" Holding up a empty container. "They drank
it all. I could probably use a little more." Chloe grabbed her stomach and
quickly headed around the counter for the private bathroom in the back.
Lana caught up with her and handed her the empty glass container.

"You know...just in case." Chloe had no idea why she did what she did. She
grabbed the container from Lana's hand and together, her and container headed
towards the bathroom.

Clark had just walked in when he saw Lana hand Chloe a glass container and
then watched as Chloe hurried off to the back of the cafe. He said a few
hellos and made brief small talk with Pete before making it to the counter.

"Hey Clark, what will it be?"

"I'll just have a water if that's okay."

"Coming right up. Oh, I wanted to thank you again for helping out this
afternoon. And that thing with Chloe..."

Interrupting the girl, "That thing is between you and her. I don't understand
what was going on and I'm not sure I want to either. Working The Talon was
actually pretty fun. I even carried on a few conversations with some of your
old cheerleading girls. That Courtney is quite the talker once you get her

"Thank you, Clark."

"What for?"

"Just because. Hey if you're interested, I can get Courtney's number for you.
You think she is a motor mouth when she is should see here when
she's doing other things."

"Nah...thanks, but no thanks. My eyes are still on a certain brunette."

"Good to hear, Clark. And mine are on a certain brunette...and blonde."

"I see."

"You know if you really want to see, why don't you go back to the bathroom
and get an eyeful. I owe you that much." Clark didn't start to move so Lana
walked around the counter and grabbed his plaid shirt and walked him back
around the counter and towards the bathroom. "Opportunities like this don't
come too often."

Clark wasn't sure what Lana had meant by her last comment, but continued on
towards the bathroom. When he got to the bathroom door he heard some slight
groans escaping through the door. Stepping back he lowered his eyes and
concentrated on the door. Slowly but surely, the door's material faded away
and allowed him to see what looked like a skeleton sitting on a toilet. A
skeletal finger was pushing in and out of its owner's body. Blinking his
eyes, allowing vision to return to normal, he thought about his decision to
proceed forward or not. Reaching for the doorknob, he turned it and quickly
stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Chloe's eyes shot
up towards her friend as the rest of her body froze in midstream.

"Clark, what are you doing in here?"

"Lana wanted me to check on you."

"Did she tell you to barge in like that?"

"More or less...yes. I'm quite positive she wanted me to see

"I'll kill her. Would you please get out?" Chloe dropped her head in

"Chloe, I saw more than that earlier today. Instead of your hand doing that,
it was Lana's." Chloe didn't feel any better. Clark saw the once empty
container slightly filled at the bottom. "Chloe, what are you doing with that

Looking down at her hand and then passed it was the large container that she
had started filling back up with her juices. "I don't know what I'm doing or
why I'm doing it. Lana asked me to fill it back up as much as I could...if I
felt the urge to."

"Oh, that is what Lana meant when she was started to write
Chloe's Delight on the Cappacino of the Day sign out front. You mean all
those people are drinking..."

"Me, Clark. They all have been drinking me."

"Guess I need to order one for later." Chloe's head had still been hanging
down in her lap until Clark's last comment.

"You want one? After this and earlier really aren't upset or

"Chloe, I love you and you know that. I also love Lana, maybe a little bit
more. Seeing you two together earlier...I just can't explain what thoughts
were flashing through my head. There the two of you were, the two girls of
my dreams, bonding as one. And then this...okay, this is kind of messed up,
but it is you nonetheless. So most definitely, I would love to experience
your taste in me."

Chloe didn't know what came over her as she quickly returned to pleasuring
herself. Her fingers thrust in and out getting faster and faster with each
surge of energy. Clark's eyes grew in size as he watched his close friend
pleasure herself to an orgasm.

"Would you care for a taste?" Clark acted on instinct and instinct alone as
one second he was bracing himself against the bathroom door and the next he
was kneeling in between Chloe's thighs quenching a thirst he didn't know he
had. Chloe was stunned by her friend's quickness and knew he had some
questions to answer at a later time. She pushed her pelvis harder against
his face as her juices flowed freely of their confines, soaking the young
man's face. He captured her nubbin between his teeth, setting off another
quick release on her part. He reached down and gathered the container in his
hands and lifted it between her thighs. Chloe's eyes were shut and facing
the ceiling has Clark watched the container fill with more and more of the
young teenager's essence. He thought it looked a lot like the milk he
extracted from the cows on his farm on a regular morning chore run. With his
free hand he massaged her pussy and without better judgment, upped his
fingers into a second or third unearthly gear as he rubbed the outside and
inside of her sex, bringing about intense orgasms after orgasms that she
didn't know existed. When all was said and done and Clark had cleaned up the
mess between her thighs, he helped her get to her feet. Reaching down, he
handed her the glass container as it was almost overflowing with her juices.
She looked up into her eyes.

"You must have had a reservoir up that tunnel." he jested.

"I had no did way." The young girl couldn't bring her
thoughts and words to make sense.

"The only thing that matters is that you did it." Clark could see uneasiness
about the girl. "Are you okay?"

"I'll be okay I guess. I don't know how you did it, but my insides feel more
raw now than when Lana finished up earlier today." Clark just shrugged and
walked with his friend back up towards the side of the back counter. Lana
spotted them and quickly walked over.

"So did you see, Clark?"

"He did more than see." Clark smiled his fashionable Kent smile as he pulled
the container from behind Chloe's back.

"I think this is what you wanted." Lana's eyes bugged out at seeing the full

"All you?" Chloe and Clark shook their head in unison.

Lana grabbed for the chopped up strawberries, cherries, and nuts that she
had already prepared. "Guess we should get to making a new batch of Chloe's

"I think Chloe might need to be helped home."

"Why...what happened in there?"

"I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself, Lana. I'll be okay once
I get some ice on me."

Lana looked over her shoulder before stepping closer to the shorter blonde.
She brought her hand up between Chloe's legs and watched the other girl
grimace in pain. She liked the look of pain on her beautiful lover. She
quickly applied more pressure as she grabbed a firm hold of the girl's
denim covered mound. Chloe's face showed off the immense pain she was in,
but kept it to their group of three. Clark reached out and grabbed Lana's
hand letting her know that Chloe had had enough.

Lana removed her hand as quickly as she had placed it. Chloe walked past them
as Clark knelt down to tie his shoe. When Lana wasn't looking he concentrated
his eyes on her slacks covered sex and immediately caused the girl's sex to
erupt in immense heat of her own. Lana grabbed for her crotch as she rushed
off towards the bathroom. Clark just smiled from her kneeling position.

Chloe looked back as she heard loud profanities coming from the direction
of the private bathroom. Her eyes drifted back to a smirking Clark as he
finished tying his shoes.

"Clark Kent, there is more to you than meets the eye," thought the young
blonde, pain filled, exhausted, totally spent reporter and friend.

The End


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