Smallville: Chloe And Lois Action (Ff,inc)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lois Lane sat in the living room of the Kent house. It was a nice,
comfortable house. The house shared by Jonathan and Martha Kent and their
son Clark Kent. Lois smiled to herself when she thought of Clark Kent. He
was such a nice-looking and handsome young man. If she had the time, she
would definitely try to hook up with him. Lois Lane was a determined and
straightforward kind of gal. Whatever she wanted, she got. Well, not
exactly. Whatever she wanted, she went after.

She was still deep in thought when she heard a knock on the door. She got up
and went to the door. She didn't know the Kents were expecting anyone. They
had gone to the city of Metropolis. It was a nice day and they had business
to take care of in the city. They offered her to come with them but she
didn't feel like it. She went to the door and unlocked it. She opened...and
got the surprise of a lifetime. She found herself staring at someone she
thought was dead....her beloved cousin Chloe Sullivan. Lois gasped. "Chloe?"
she asked uncertainly.

The person who stood before her was a slender girl with blonde hair and green
eyes. A rather beautiful girl. "Hello, Lois." said Chloe.

"You're alive?" Lois said incredulously.

Chloe nodded. Outside, it was raining and the girl was wet. "Aren't you gonna
invite me in?" Chloe said.

"Sure." Lois Lane stepped aside and let Chloe Sullivan walk inside.

The blonde girl walked in and looked around the Kent house. "Still looking
the way I left it." said Chloe.

Lois stared at her. Chloe realized that she was soaked and started to unzip
her jacket. "What's going on, cousin ?" Lois asked.

"Not much." said Chloe.

"How come you're alive?" Lois asked.

"Nice to see you're happy to see me." Chloe replied, with a hint of sarcasm
in her voice.

"I'm sorry." said Lois.

"It's just that I thought you were dead." she said. She grinned at her
cousin. She then noticed that Chloe was shivering and went to get two things,
a towel and some hot coffee.

When Lois Lane came back, she found Chloe seated in the living room. She had
stripped to her bra and panties. "What are you doing?" said Lois.

Chloe shrugged. "I'm all wet." she said.

Lois looked at her cousin's beautiful, slender form. She felt hot inside,
just looking at Chloe. She looked at Chloe's pretty face and her perky
breasts, she looked at that slim waist and those gorgeous legs. Hmm. Chloe
looked....delicious. Lois gave her the coffee and Chloe drank some of it.
She took the towel and dried herself off. She looked at Lois with a question
on her face.

"Why the stare, cousin?" Chloe asked.

"Oh, nothing." said Lois. "Aren't you gonna tell me what happened ?" she

"All in good time, reporter girl." said Chloe Sullivan. She leaned back
against the couch and Lois almost gasped when she saw Chloe stretch her legs.
Those were some seriously gorgeous legs.

Chloe sat back and began to tell Lois her story. Lois listened. Chloe told
her that she had found some information about Lionel Luthor that the elder
Luthor would kill to prevent from being exposed to the world. Apparently,
those secrets had been worth killing for. Lionel Luthor had been vengeful
and used his considerable power to ensure that Chloe Sullivan and the others
who testified against him would die. Chloe Sullivan told Lois of the months
she had spent in fear.

"How did you survive the explosion?" Lois asked.

Chloe smiled. "That's for me to know and you to find out." she said.

Lois sat close to Chloe. Once again she felt...the heat of desire. Lois
had sometimes felt some attraction to girls and she acted on it but it was
something that she put behind her. She didn't really want to get into the
whole lesbo thing, especially not with her cousin.

Chloe came closer to Lois. "I've got something to tell you." Chloe said.

"What?" Lois asked.

"I am bisexual." said Chloe.

Lois was so shocked that she turned red. "You are what?" she asked,

"I am bi." said Chloe with a firmness in her voice that it hadn't possessed
before. "I am bi and I know You are too." said Chloe. "You desire me. Don't
even try to hide it." she said.

Lois Lane looked at Chloe Sullivan, and hesitated. Chloe put her arms around
Lois. "There is nothing wrong with what we feel." said Chloe.

"I'm not into that stuff." Lois said weakly.

Chloe caressed her and Lois felt her body respond to the other girl's touch.
When Chloe kissed Lois, Lois found herself returning the other girl's kiss.
Chloe's touch was gentle but firm at the same time and aroused incredible
sensations in Lois. Chloe pushed Lois gently onto the floor and kissed her
and began to undress her. Chloe took off Lois's clothes and licked the
brunette's salty skin. Hmm. Lois tasted so....good. Lois closed her eyes and
moaned under Lois Lane's touch.

Slowly, Chloe pulled off Lois's panties. She freed Lois's breasts and started
to lick them. She caressed the tits with her tongue and licked them. They
felt so warm and full. She looked at Lois's beautiful face as Lois lay there
with her eyes closed, totally vulnerable and under Chloe's power. Chloe
licked a path down to Lois's belly and then parted the girl's legs. She
breathed in the smell of Lois's pussy. She parted the pink pussy lips and
licked them. Lois moaned. Chloe licked the folds of Lois's womanhood and slid
one slim finger inside. She fingered Lois's pussy and Lois gasped.

Chloe licked her pussy and fingered it. Lois tasted different than any pussy
she'd ever licked. Chloe had licked her share of pussies. She had a sexy
tryst going on with Lana Lang until Lana Lang fell in love with Whitney, the
handsome quarterback. Chloe fingered Lois Lane and watched the girl's body
respond to her touch. Hmm. Lois Lane was either bi-curious or a full-fledged
bisexual. Chloe lapped at her cunt and licked her juices. Lois moaned loudly
and grabbed ahold of Chloe's head, grinding her face against her pussy. Lois
was going buck-wild. "Eat my pussy !!!!" she shouted.

Chloe happily obliged. She placed two fingers inside Lois and lapped at her
cunt eagerly while fingering her. Lois was moaning like a bitch in heat.
Chloe intensified her fingering and licking until she heard Lois Lane scream
at the top of her lungs. Chloe knew what was happening. Hmm. She watched as
Lois's cunt unleashed a flood of hot feminine juices. Chloe lapped up the
precious girl-cum with her tongue and drank it up without spilling a single
drop. Chloe licked Lois until the girl was dry and lay on the floor, sighing
happily with an expression of pure pleasure on her beautiful face.

Lois finally opened her eyes and looked at Chloe. Chloe hesitated. A lot of
women acted weird once they were done having sex. Lois looked at Chloe with
wide eyes. Chloe was used to the women not wanting her around once the sex
was over. The men as well. Chloe Sullivan had learned that the life of a
bisexual girl was tough. Nothing like what they showed you on television.
Chloe decided to be straightforward, for once. "You don't hate me, do you?"
she asked Lois.

Lois just stared at her.

"I'll let myself out." said Chloe. She offered her sex partner a sad little
smile and got up. She took her clothes and started to put them on. She didn't
want to be around when Lois regretted their little sex session and suddenly
played the "but-I-am-a-straight-chick" drama on her. She had been there.

The men she slept with discarded her after sex. The women discarded her as
well. Straight but curious chicks like Lana Lang were heartbreakers. "Chloe,
wait." said Lois.

Chloe turned around and looked at Lois. The beautiful brunette had a strange
look on her face. Chloe remembered that some women became violent after sex
so she prepared to bolt. Lois came to her and put her arms around her. "You
don't have to leave, Chloe." said Lois.

Chloe gasped in surprise. She expected everything except that.

"Stay with me." Lois asked.

Chloe looked at her. "Okay." she said.

The End


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