Smallville: Can I Die? Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent stood in the shadows, looking at his friends. A lot of things
were running through the young man's head. His friends and family were at a
casual gathering in the living room of the Kent household. Clark Kent was
pensive. He was bothered by something even though he didn't let on.

He watched them all. Pete Ross, his best friend since his earliest youth.
They had gone on so many adventures together. Pete Ross was the first person
outside the family whom Clark Kent told about his secrets. Then, there was
Chloe Sullivan. Chloe was another one of Clark's best friends. She had
recently discovered that Clark Kent wasn't exactly an ordinary guy. He had
super powers and all that. Chloe hadn't been freaked out by it. She had known
Clark Kent since they were kids. Jonathan and Martha Kent had invited Clark
and his friends to a small gathering at the Kent farm. Clark looked at them.
He felt lucky to have such people in his life. They were his family. He loved
them all. Clark was grateful to have them in his life.

Recently, something happened to Clark Kent.

He had been exposed to the green meteorites. The Kryptonite. Ordinarily, they
would instantly weaken him. Prolonged exposure could kill him. Ordinarily.
Something had happened recently. There was a Solar Flare in the heavens.
Clark was a solar-powered super being. The light of the sun and its powerful
energies gave him the powers he had. Super strength. Super speed.
Invulnerability. X-Ray Vision. Heat Vision. Someday, Flight. Those were his
birthright as a Kryptonian living in a planet with a yellow sun. For some
reason, when Clark was exposed to the Kryptonite after the Solar Flare,
nothing happen. He didn't feel weak. He wasn't bothered by anything. He felt
just fine. He should have been happy.

For a time, he was. The Green Kryptonite was the only thing in the world that
could hurt him and he had become immune to it. He should be happy. But he
wasn't. Clark Kent was a deep, critical thinker. He had much to ponder. He
wasn't just a kid. He wasn't just a high school senior at Smallville high.
He was the Last Son of Krypton. He was also Kal-El. Clark Kent had another
side to himself. This ambitious and ruthless, power-craving and supremely
confident "other side" of Clark Kent was known as Kal-El. Kal-El seemed to
know no fear. He could fly, something Clark Kent had yet to do. He hadn't
fully embraced his Kryptonian heritage or his destiny. Kal-El was brought out
of Clark Kent's subconscious by the presence of Red Kryptonite.

The first time Clark Kent became Kal-El, he went out having a blast.
Basically doing whatever he wanted and feeling no concern for moral or legal
authority. The second time, Kal-El drove out of Smallville on a motorcycle
and went to Metropolis, making a criminal name and career for himself as the
Urban Legend. The third time, Clark Kent was sucked into a portal through
time and space by the spirit of his Kryptonian father Jor-El. When Clark
returned to Smallville, he was Kal-El once more and flew around, looking for
hidden clues and artifacts that would lead him on a Crusade around the
Universe. Kal-El was trouble.

The last time Clark Kent became Kal-El, he went to Las Vegas with Alicia
Baker, the beautiful super-powered girl who had fallen in love with him.
Clark Kent had always defined himself as an ordinary guy...with super
powers. He assumed that he would be able to live a normal life just like
everyone else. He wanted to go to college, get a job, meet a nice young
lady and settle down. That's what he wanted. A normal life. But he wasn't

That's the reason why he was looking at his friends and family like that.
They were so normal and happy. He would never be either of those things. He
was the last member of his species in the universe. His kind were extinct.
The race of Krypton was no more. Clark Kent would always be alone. He
entertained thoughts of finding love and happiness. Alicia Baker had recently
died, killed by another super-powered freak. Clark had been really bothered
by this. He cared for Alicia deeply. Although she had some issues in the
noggin, he never stopped caring for her. She was actually quite protective of
him when she was alive and he hadn't been able to save her. Clark Kent had
come dangerously close to killing the guy who did it. He would have, if Lois
Lane hadn't asked him not to. Clark had lost the only girl whom he could
relate to. She had powers. She had secrets. So did he. With Alicia gone, he
thought his chance for happiness was gone forever.

Clark had met other super-powered people. He met Bart Allen, a kid who could
run at the speed of light. He was faster than even Clark Kent. Although they
had their differences, Clark thought of Bart Allen as a friend. Bart had left
Smallville. He wanted to meet other super-powered people. He wanted to start
a league or a club or something. Clark had also met Ryan James, a kid who
could read minds. The young Telepath had died not long ago, unfortunately.
Most of the super-powered people Clark Kent met didn't turn out too well.
Bart Allen was an exception. So was Byron Moore. Byron Moore was a kid who
had a crush on Lana Lang. He was a mutant, like so many people in Smallville.
He wasn't mutated because of the Meteor Rocks. He was a natural mutant. When
exposed to sunlight, Byron Moore became a savage brute with superhuman
strength driven by animalistic rage. Clark had fought against the Brute,
Byron Moore's alter ego. The Brute had almost defeated Clark Kent. Almost.
Thankfully, Byron's tale ended well. He was getting the help he needed and
he could count Lana Lang as one of his close friends.

Clark Kent had a complicated existence. Back when the Green Kryptonite could
still hurt him, he thought that he would live out his days alone. Now, he had
something else plaguing his mind. He couldn't be hurt by anything anymore.
The light of the sun empowered and nourished his body. He no longer needed
food or drink. He didn't feel like he needed to sleep anymore. No need to
eat, drink or sleep. Nothing that lives was exempt from those things. In one
way or another, all lifeforms nourished themselves and rested. All of them
had their weaknesses. All. Except for Clark Kent. He didn't know if anything
could hurt him. In fact, he was pretty sure that nothing could. Could this
mean that he couldn't die? He knew deep within himself that he would outlive
them all. Lex Luthor. Lana Lang. Pete Ross. Jonathan and Martha Kent. Chloe
Sullivan. All of them were human beings and therefor mortal. Clark Kent was
not human. He had never been human. He was conceived and born on another
world. He was a member of a now-extinct human-like species. He was not part
of the human gene pool. He was not even a carbon-based lifeform. He was
something else. Something strange. The likes of which the world has never

Clark Kent thinks of the world. There were so many issues. People were
fighting each other all over the globe. So many issues. Race Issues. Gender
Issues. Religious Issues. So many of them. Clark Kent was alone. He always
would be. He didn't have others of his kind to communicate with. That's the
difference between him and all others in the world. It didn't matter who
you were. Straight or gay. Male or female. Black or white. Republican or
democrat. Religious or atheist. Progressive or conservative. There were
others for you to communicate with. Clark Kent didn't have that luxury. He
was the only one of his kind. There was much he had to comprehend but he was
beginning to understand...everything. The issues of the world were finite.
Mankind's time was finite. As a god-like entity, there were things that Clark
Kent knew. His senses were attuned to the universe itself. Men and women were
fighting each other over resources and wealth.

Soon, there wouldn't be a world for them to fight over. The Ozone Layer was
receding. In a few decades, everyone on earth would have to wear a radiation
suit just to stay alive. The planet was dying. Many lifeforms wouldn't
survive the onslaught of the radiation age. Pretty soon, the sun wouldn't
reach the planet like it used to. The world will be plunged in darkness.
Literally. Cancers and other diseases would run rampant among the human
population. Within a century, the planet would become almost inhabitable.
Chaos would be everywhere. Civilization would fall. Humanity would revert to
barbarism in the final days.

Clark Kent saw the end of humanity. He understood everything. All the
issues of humanity would become meaningless. Capitalism. Communism. Racism.
Feminism. War. Poverty. Discrimination. Wealth and power. Crime and
punishment. Religion and fanaticism. Mankind was becoming extinct. Clark knew
that the men and women of the world were a selfish and cowardly lot. There
were a few brave souls among them that did what needed to be done. They were
the good ones. They were too few in number and had very limited resources so
they couldn't accomplish anything no matter how badly they tried. Clark Kent
saw all this. The planet was dying. The humans didn't seem to care. They
would care when it became their problem and by then, it would be too late.
They didn't know that none of it mattered. Their world was dying. Yet they
fought each other over issues such as race, gender, religion, power, wealth,
status and other meaningless things. He almost felt sorry for them. He knew
something that they didn't. Something they suspected but didn't dare admit
to themselves. None of it mattered. Mankind would flicker out of existence
real soon.

Sometimes, Clark Kent really doesn't like the humans. They are all liars and
cheaters. Each and every single man and woman he sees is a liar, cheater,
manipulator and deceiver. That's how they are made. That's the world they
live in. He knows so many examples. Men and women are always fighting over
useless, meaningless things. Possessions. Power. Wealth. They were all
tragically flawed creatures. Barely worth his notice. Clark Kent doesn't like
humanity. He is better than all of them put together. As the superior man, it
is his duty and moral obligation to rectify things for the good of all. He
knows that in order to follow the path of the hero, there's a lot he would
have to give up. He couldn't lead a normal life anymore. He could forget
about finding love or anything meaningful on this world. He could become the
protector of all. They would hate and fear him.

They might reluctantly trust him, but only to a certain extent. They would
betray him. It was their nature. All of his work would be in vain. They would
unite against him and try to destroy him. If there was a way that he could
die, they would find it and exploit it. He would have to take control in
order to do his mission, which was to help them. He would have to become a
tyrant. They would hate and fear him. In the end, he would lose. That's how
they were. That's what they were. He would lose.

He couldn't lead a normal life and find love, fulfillment and belonging. He
also couldn't become the hero and save them all. They were doomed. He would
have to leave them to their fate. What path was there for him ? He pondered
that. There was a path left. The Path of the Kryptonian ? No thanks. He
wasn't simply Kal-El of Krypton. He wasn't simply Clark Kent of Smallville.
He was meant to be more than that. There were many worlds out there. Worlds
that had to be better and more advanced than this one. Places where he would
be received as the great one that he was instead of being viewed as a freak.
He could do better than the Earth. He was better than the Earth. For once,
he looked up and didn't see an end. He saw infinite possibilities. The night
was beautiful and filled with stars. One of them was once his home. The
eternal question came to his mind again. Can I Die? Clark Kent heard
something deep inside him answer the question. He wasn't a mortal being. He
was the superhuman with the potential to live forever. Maybe Earth was the
first step to...infinity. Maybe he was destined for something he couldn't
begin to imagine. Maybe he was destined to...become a god? Maybe.

Clark Kent slipped out of the Kent farm. He looked at the heavens. He finally
understood. He looked inward, and summoned the might to do what needed to be
done. Clark Kent wasn't eager to embrace his Kryptonian heritage. He was
scared of himself. He didn't want to become something he couldn't comprehend.
He wanted a normal life. Kal-El was wild and undisciplined. Powerful? Yes.
Yet too undisciplined to become efficient at anything. The being that looked
out through the eyes of the Last Son of Krypton wasn't a Kryptonian. It
wasn't a farm boy either. Clark Kent and Kal-El merged together and out of
the merger, a new entity was born. He called himself the Explorer. The
Explorer leapt into the skies. He flew higher and higher at deliberate speed
until he left the planet Earth. The galaxy awaited him. Infinity awaited the
greatest living being in the universe. This was just the beginning of his
evolution into something greater than what imagination could summon forth.
The Explorer was on the path to Godhood.

To be continued...


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