Summary: Bart Allen, also known as The Flash, returns to Smallville to visit
his buddy Clark Kent. The two of them teem up to thwart yet another one of
Lex Luthor's schemes. However, Clark gets inundated with Red Kryptonite, and
becomes Kal-El...permanently. Intrigued by this new side of Clark Kent, Bart
invites him on a journey to see the world and have limitless fun.

Smallville: Boys Rule Deal With It! (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Kal-El stood atop the tallest building in Los Angeles. He smiled. The city
looked promising. He'd been having lots of fun there since he first came to
the city. His first deed was to steal five thousand dollars from a rich
woman he spotted at a mall. He moved so fast that she didn't even feel it.
Yeah, the perks of having super powers. He looked at his new best friend,
the super-powered petty thief known as Bart Allen, and laughed. Ever since
they left Smallville, they've been having so much fun.

Like the night before, they were in Gotham City and ran into Selena Kyle,
also known as The Huntress. Selena Kyle was a tall, gorgeous young woman
with long black hair and alabaster skin. The daughter of Batman, the
costumed vigilante known as the Dark Knight, and Catwoman, one of Gotham's
most notorious super-powered criminals. They had a lot of fun with her.
The three of them hung out in the cities of Gotham. A super-strong alien
superhero from another planet, a super-fast thief from middle America and
a female crime-fighter. Yeah, they had lots of fun together. Somehow, they
ended up drunk in a hotel room.

Kal-El and Selena were kissing, hands all over each other while Bart Allen
took a shower. Selena hadn't seen Clark Kent in years. Not since he'd first
come to Gotham to investigate a sharp rise in the meta-human population.
They bonded back then. Although their attraction was mutual, his heart was
bound to the sexy Lana Lang. He was such a Boy Scout. These days, he was
single...and sexy. She liked this more aggressive side of him.

Kal-El pulled Selena on top of him, and began suckling on her breasts.
Laughing, Selena threw her head back and enjoyed what he was doing to her.
He undressed her, and began caressing her smooth, sexy body. Once they
were both naked, he slid his hand between her thighs and began exploring
her tender inner flesh. Selena Kyle moaned under Kal-El's touch. The guy
definitely had changed!

Selena couldn't wait to do it with him. They rolled around on the floor,
and Kal-El got on top of her. He spread her legs wide open and pressed his
cock at the entrance of her pussy. With a sharp thrust, he entered her.
Selena gasped. Oh, he was bigger than she thought he would be. Bigger and
longer, not to mention more energetic. He held her down and fucked her for
all he was worth, which was plenty. Selena wrapped her arms around her
super lover and undulated underneath him as they fucked, happily romping
away like college brats.

Kal-El smiled as he fucked her. He'd been aching to fuck Selena ever since he
saw her tight ass in those black leather pants of hers. He turned her around
and flipped her on her stomach, before grasping her buttocks and spreading
them wide open. Selena winced in surprise at the change of position. Kal-El
pressed his hard cock against her back door, and pushed. Selena screamed as
Kal-El's hard cock went up her asshole. Kal-El laughed. The sexy girl's
screams were music to his ears. They continued to fuck and suck, and were
later joined by Bart, and had fun all night.

* * *

The next day, Kal-El and Bart Allen left Gotham City. They were headed to Los
Angeles. So much fun to be had there. The babes. The threads. The money. The
sex. All that life had to offer. And those two super-powered studs were going
to take it all, Because Boys Rule!


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