Smallville: Bisexual Nation (mm,mmFf,inter, anal, voy)
by Haitian King

Chloe Sullivan walked into the Kent farm. She had come there to see Martha
Kent about some information for her newest project. Of course, seeing Clark
Kent while she was there wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Her camera was with
her and she would have to interview Martha Kent on what life was like for
modern farmers in the state of Kansas.

She looked around inside the farm and could not find anyone. She finally
ventured into the bedrooms... what she saw there would remain burned into her
mind for the remainder of her days. She saw Clark Kent... and Pete Ross. What
they were doing was... unusual to say the least. In spite of her shock, Chloe
Sullivan started to catch it all on camera...

* * *

Clark Kent and Pete Ross stood facing each other in Clark's bedroom. There
was a lot of desire in their eyes, as well as a special relief in the fact
that they were finally together. They kissed. It was a long, passionate
kiss. The two young lovers fell on the bed and worked at undressing each
other in a haste. Clark laughed as Pete pulled off his pants. Naked, they
fought playfully on the bed. Just rolling around, their taut young bodies
pressing against each other. They looked into each other's eyes and kissed
again. Clark felt the urgency in Pete's kiss. He put his arms around Pete.
By now, their bodies were enflamed with desire. Briefly, they parted to
catch their breaths.

Clark looked at Pete. He reached out with his hands and drew Pete close to
him once more. He felt Pete's erect manhood press against him. Looking into
Pete's eyes, Clark knew what he had to do. He pushed Pete Ross back onto the
bed and started to kiss his body from his head to his toes. He loved the feel
and taste of chocolate skin under his tongue. He found Pete's crotch and
breathed in the smell of Pete's manhood. Fine and masculine, enchanting. He
slowly took it into his mouth. He started to suck on Pete's cock. Pete closed
his eyes and tried to enjoy what Clark Kent was doing to him.

Clark sucked on Pete's cock. He sucked it, letting his tongue get used
to the feel and taste. He sucked on Pete's balls and heard Pete moan. He
continued what he was doing and felt Pete's hands on his neck. Pete urged
Clark to quicken the pace. Clark's head bobbed up and down on Pete's cock.
Pete grunted. He knew he was about to cum. He warned Clark. Clark did not
stop and Pete came inside his mouth. Clark had been expecting this and
continued his rhythmic sucking and slurping on Pete's tool until Pete was

By the time Clark was done with him, Pete Ross had come several times. Pete
Ross decided to return the favor. He took Clark Kent into his mouth. Clark
Kent tried to relax as Pete Ross sucked him off. Pete wanted to repay Clark
for the pleasure he had brought him. He licked Clark's balls and sucked on
his cock. He was even better at it than Clark. The two of them did a classic
sixty nine.

Sucking each other off and pleasuring each other. It was amazing. Climax
after climax. Both of them screamed as they came. They sucked off each other
and then sat down facing each other. Clark Kent reached between Pete Ross's
legs and held his cock. Pete took Clark's cock into his hands. Gently, they
stroked each other to mutual orgasm....for a long time. Later, Pete Ross and
Clark Kent lay on the bed, spent.

The two young men looked at each other and grinned. They were happy and
satisfied. Mind, body and soul.

Chloe Sullivan had watched all of this with more than a little surprise and
excitement. So... that's what Clark Kent and Pete Ross did in private... hmm.
She had it all on tape. She was about to leave when she saw someone walk in
on the lovers. Make that a couple of people. Chloe Sullivan saw a tall girl
with long blond hair. She almost gasped in surprise. It was Alicia Baker,
from school. The other person was none other than Dr. Helen Bryce.

"Hey, would you look at that?" said Dr. Helen Bryce.

Chloe continued taping.

"Looks like they started without us." said Alicia Baker.

The two young women looked at Clark Kent and Pete Ross.

"Just warming up." said Clark.

"Yeah, me too." said Pete Ross.

Chloe continued videotaping. So... Dr. Helen Bryce and Alicia Baker were
in on it too... Hmm. She watched as the young women started to undress,
revealing taut and healthy-looking, sexy bodies. Helen Bryce had the body
of a fitness model underneath her doctor's clothes. Alicia Baker was not
bad either.

Clark got up and walked toward Alicia Baker. "Missed me?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah." said Clark. "Just let me show you how."

Alicia smiled as he swept her into his arms and pulled her toward the bed.
She pretended to fight as he practically ripped her clothes off. "You savage
primitive macho man." Alicia laughed.

"And you know you love it." Clark grinned.

Once she was naked, she wanted to be ravished. Clark Kent knew her tastes.
He kissed her and started to caress her body and explore it with his hands.
Chloe Sullivan caught all this on tape. This was hot stuff !

Helen Bryce was not inactive. She was busy sucking on Pete Ross's big black
cock. He held her by her long black hair and thrust his big black cock down
her throat. She did her best to take as much as she could but Pete was simply
too much. She gagged on it. She could take in six of his nine inches but no
more. She sucked on his cock as he urged her to and fingered herself as she
did. Pete Ross grunted. This chick gave great head... Yeah.

Meanwhile, across the room... Alicia Baker was sucking on Clark Kent's
cock. He was thrusting that cock of his down her throat. She was an expert
cocksucker, judging by the way she licked the length of his cock. Clark Kent
soon came, busting all over her face. Alicia Baker gasped. She looked up at
Clark, then she started to lick the cum off his manhood. When she was done,
she got on all fours. Clark Kent positioned himself behind her. He parted
her bum cheeks with his firm hands and guided his cock inside her. Alicia
Baker grunted. Clark pressed his cock against her butthole... and pushed.
Clark Kent's cock penetrated Alicia Baker's ass with a soft pop. Alicia's
eyes widened. She gritted her teeth. Clark held her hips with his firm hands
and started to slide his cock into her back door. She felt his cock slide
into her asshole. It felt impossibly big. Clark Kent shoved his prick deep
inside her anus, and then slowly pulled it out, only to slam it right back

Helen Bryce licked Pete Ross's cock dry. He had just come for the second
time. When she had cleaned him up nicely with her tongue, he grabbed her and
pulled her on top of him. She lowered herself onto him. He thrust his cock
deep inside her pussy. She grimaced when his huge black cock entered her
pussy. Pete Ross grinned. That pussy felt so damn tight. He kept thrusting
inside her. Helen Bryce's tits were all over her face and he sucked on them.
Helen Bryce screamed like a banshee as she was fucked. She loved the feel of
a huge black cock deep inside her pussy. Pete was an energetic fucker. He
gave it to her good. She kept bouncing up and down on his cock Pete Ross
could feel a rush in his loins and he came, sending his seed deep inside her.
Helen Bryce screamed as hot cum filled her pussy. Pete Ross grunted and
pulled out of her.

Clark Kent grabbed Alicia Baker's hair and yanked her head back. He thrust
his cock deep inside her ass. He could feel her tight ass clenching around
his cock. The area around his manhood was incredibly warm and tight. He
could go on fucking it forever. She was moaning under him... docile as she
was fucked. He pinched her ass and she let out a little yell. He grunted
and felt the pressure of her ass around his cock prove to be too much for
him and came in her ass, filling her with his come. Alicia Baker gasped
when she felt Clark Kent's warm seed flood her rectum. It was not an
unpleasant feeling...

Helen Bryce positioned herself between Alicia Baker's legs. She started to
lick and finger the young girl. Alicia giggled as Helen started to eat her
out. She felt the other woman's probing tongue and fingers on her pussy.
Pete came and positioned himself behind Helen Bryce. He caressed the older
woman's butt. Hmm. Nice. He parted her butt cheeks and slowly slid his cock
against her butt hole. He pushed. Helen grimaced. Pete's cock went in. Helen
Bryce buried her face into Alicia Baker's pussy. Clark Kent came and stuffed
Alicia Baker's mouth full of his cock. She started to suck him off. He thrust
his cock into her mouth. At the same time, Pete Ross was fucking Helen
Bryce's ass like there was no tomorrow.... hard. He held her by the hips and
plowed into that tight ass of hers.... hmmm. He was loving it. Her ass felt
so warm and tight around his cock. She was pushing back against him, driving
his cock deeper inside her anus while she ate out Alicia Baker's pussy.
Alicia herself was busy sucking Clark Kent's cock.

They went at it for a long time. At some point, Pete Ross could no longer
hold his orgasm at bay and came inside Helen Bryce's spectacular ass. Helen
Bryce's tongue-licking of Alicia Baker's pussy resulted in the younger girl
erupting in an orgasm. Clark came inside Alicia's mouth and she drank up
all of his cum. In the end, all of them were lying down on the bed, happily
exhaling in pleasure. They headed toward the showers... where another
four-way romp took place under warm water. They laughed like kids. Pete and
Alicia playfully wrestled on the floor... wet young bodies fooling around.
Helen Bryce applied soap on Clark's body and he did the same to her...
somehow, she ended up kissing him and then they were on the floor... again.

Much... much later, the girls left the Kent farm. Pete Ross was the last to
leave. He got a ride home from Alicia Baker. Clark Kent returned home. He
felt happy and satisfied. He did not know that every action he had taken for
the past few hours had been videotaped... by none other than Chloe Sullivan.
The blonde girl had footage of some of Smallville's exemplary citizens's
private lives. Apparently, Clark Kent was a bisexual male. So was Pete Ross.
Helen Bryce and Alicia Baker were bisexual as well. Hmm. It was like a
friggin bisexual revolution... and she wanted in on it.

She would go to Clark Kent and ask him to let her join his little top-secret
bisexual club... else she would publish the video she had just recorded over
the Internet... for all the world to see. Chloe Sullivan smiled to herself.
She had finally found a way to get into Clark Kent's pants... Blackmail...
Yeah... she would blackmail him into sex.

The End


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