Smallville: An End To The Loneliness (Mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Smallville, Kansas.

Chloe Sullivan drove on the dusty road. It was just another one of those
dusty roads so common in rural Kansas. The young woman drove carefully, yet
she was still relaxed. It was just a few weeks before high school graduation.
She was gonna visit her friend Clark Kent. He had recently turned eighteen.
Today, his parents were out of town and she thought she'd drop by for a
visit. Just a casual visit from one friend to another. Nothing more. Yeah,

Chloe's heart beat faster when she thought of Clark Kent. How to describe
Clark Kent? A tall, dark and handsome farm boy with a hero complex? The
nicest, cutest guy in town? Hmm. He was all those things and more. Clark Kent
and Chloe Sullivan had known each other ever since they were kids. Chloe was
the smart-mouthed, nosy brat and Clark Kent was the shy, nice kid. They grew
up together. Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were pretty good friends.
Sometimes, certain things got in the way of their friendship. Like Lana Lang.
Lana Lang was the girl Clark Kent had a crush on since forever. Lana Lang was
a cheerleader. She was also the town's favorite daughter. She was the owner
of the Talon, a fine restaurant and entertainment center. A really fine
place. Lana Lang was beautiful and independent. She was the person Clark Kent
seemed to want. Chloe Sullivan liked Clark but he seemed to be permanently
stuck on Lana. Recently, there'd been some changes in their lives.

Chloe Sullivan had discovered Clark Kent's secret. He was not exactly an
ordinary human being. He had super powers. She'd seen him catch a speeding
car in his hands and put it down like a toy. Clark Kent was a superhuman.
Smallville seemed to be crawling with them lately. Ever since the Meteor
Shower. Clark Kent was one of the nice superhumans. He'd saved Chloe's life
a bunch of times. He had saved a lot of people in his day. She'd seen him
do extraordinary things. He was simply the best. Unfortunately, he was also
a tragically dramatic character. A goody-two-shoes who had been so in love
with the town princess that he had failed to notice the buxom blonde who
had been in love with him since, oh, just this side of forever. Right now,
Clark Kent had stopped focusing on Lana. He was filled with doubt and dread.
That's one of the reasons why Chloe Sullivan was gonna see him today. She
couldn't stand to see him suffer. Not like that, anyway.

Chloe Sullivan arrived at the Kent farm. Jonathan and Martha Kent's red truck
was gone. The Kents were out of town for the weekend. Clark Kent was alone.
Chloe strolled in. She hoped that he would forgive her this trespass. She
couldn't stand to wait any longer. She just had to see him. She went into the
house and called out his name. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found. She
thought about his favorite hiding place. The upstairs of the barn. The place
Clark Kent called his fortress of solitude. Chloe had been at the Kent farm
enough times to know her way around. She went into the barn and looked for
Clark. Surely enough, she found the farm boy sitting on the floor, just
staring at the wall. "Hey, Clark." she said. "What's up?"

Clark Kent seemed to be really into the whole staring at the wall thing
because it took him a second or two to notice that she was there. "Hey,
Chloe." he said. "What's up?"

Chloe smiled. "I asked you first." she said.

Clark grinned. "Nothing." he said. "I'm just.....hanging around here."

Chloe sat down next to him. "Okay." she said. "What's going on?" She looked
at him. Clark Kent looked dazed. Something clearly was bothering him but he
didn't seem to want to talk about it.

"I'm just thinking, that's all." he said.

"What about, if I may ask?" Chloe said.

"I was thinking about what I'm gonna do after graduation." Clark said.

"Cool." Chloe said. "I'm going to Metropolis University."

Clark nodded. "You got accepted, good for you." He looked at her with sincere
joy. "You deserve it, Chloe." he said.

Chloe smiled. "Thanks. What about you?"

Clark shrugged. "I just got back the letter." he said.

Chloe nodded. "And?"

Clark got up. "I haven't opened them yet."

Chloe got up after him. "Why not?"

Clark turned to look at her. "I'm not too sure of anything these days." he

Chloe looked at the letters. She took them and brought them to him. "Open
them, Clark, don't tell me you're not curious." she said.

Clark shrugged again and opened letter after letter. He read them to her.
"Clark Kent, welcome to Metropolis University." He said. "Clark Kent, welcome
to Kansas State University." He paused. "Welcome to UCLA."

Chloe smiled. "Wow." she said. "You wanted to open them in front of your
parents and surprise them?" she asked. "Is that why you haven't opened them?"

Clark looked at her, puzzled. "I'm kinda not sure where I'm gonna go." he
said. "Or what I'm gonna do." He went back to sitting on the floor. Chloe
joined him.

"Clark, what's wrong ?" she asked.

Clark looked at her. There was an expression of such pain on his face that
Chloe's heart ached for him. She gently touched his arm and took his hand in
hers. "I overheard my parents talking." he said. "They were talking about
what they were doing when they were my age and starting college."

Chloe looked at him. "And?" she asked softly. "What happened?"

Clark looked away. "They were talking about their dreams when they were my
age. Both of them wanted to study at school, get good jobs and get married
and have kids."

Chloe gently touched Clark's face. He looked at her. "What is wrong with
that?" she asked.

Clark grimaced. "Some of us are freaks of nature and don't know whether or
not we can ever be happy or lead normal lives."

Chloe was shocked. She had always admired Clark Kent for being brave and
strong, powers or not. She thought that he saw his abilities as a gift.
Apparently, he saw them as a curse. This really bothered her. He was so
good at the whole hero thing that she never thought that he might not see
himself the way she saw him.

"Clark." Chloe said. "There's no reason why you can't go to college, get a
good job and find happiness."

Clark shook his head sadly. "Chloe, I'm not human." Clark said. "I don't know
what will happen if I....get with someone. I'm not even sure if I

Chloe's eyes widened. Had she heard right? Wow! She looked at Clark. No
wonder he seemed so sad. Oh, she wanted to hold him and be there for him...
always. She put her arm around his shoulders. "You've never, um, you
know...?" she asked hesitantly.

Clark Kent looked at her, his handsome face was quite serious. "I don't think
that would be a good idea." he said. "I'm different."

Chloe was surprised to learn that a handsome hunk like Clark hadn't fucked
anyone yet. She always thought he was knocking boots with Lana Lang. Still,
he was resigned to be alone ? No. Clark Kent wouldn't be alone. Not if she
had anything to say about it. Chloe wouldn't take that from him. "Bullshit!"
she said. Clark stared at her, taken aback by what she said.

"Sorry." said Chloe. "You've got feelings and emotions." she said. "That
makes you human, Clark." She gently caressed his shoulder. "We all want
someone special, Clark." she said. "You're not alone."

Clark still wasn't convinced. "Do you think that there is someone out there
who can accept me the way I am and love me, Chloe?" he asked.

Chloe wanted to hold the handsome lug and gently shake him a bit. How could
he ask a question like that? Couldn't he see that she loved him? Hmm. He was
oblivious. Powers or not, he was not in the loop when it came to matters of
the heart. That's okay. She was flawed too. She loved him, though. He would
never guess it for himself. She was gonna have to tell him. She took a deep
breath. "Why not?" she said. "I do."

Clark blinked. "You do what?"

Chloe crossed her fingers. "I love you and accept you just as you are." she

Clark looked shocked. If he'd gotten struck by lightning, it would have had
the same effect. Chloe loved him ? He looked
at her with wide eyes, as if seeing her for the first time. "You love me?"
he asked incredulously.

"Yes, Clark." said Chloe. "Don't you understand, Clark?" she asked. "I'm the
only one you've never had to lie to. I'm the only one who kept your secret.
I would die rather than to betray you. I love you. I don't want to change a
damn thing about you. I accept you just the way you are." Chloe looked at him
hopefully, waiting for his answer.

Clark looked at her. He saw her as she had wanted him to see her, no, as she
had been for so long. She was a beautiful young woman who was smart and
fiercely loyal to the people she loved. She was also the only person (other
than his parents) he trusted with his greatest secret and she had never
betrayed him, even when her life was on the line. How could he have been so
blind as to not see it ? She was great ! She was everything that he wanted!
She was...amazing. "Oh." he said.

Chloe smiled sadly. "Now you see it." she said.

Clark gently touched her arm. Chloe trembled as he said the words she'd been
wanting to hear him say for years. " And I love you back." he said, then he
embraced her.

Clark Kent kissed Chloe Sullivan passionately. For a long time. Finally, they
broke the kiss. "Wow." said Clark. "You blew me away."

Chloe grinned. "I'm gonna rock your world." she said. She let herself fall
into the thick layer of hay that covered the floor. "Come to bed." she said.

Clark hesitated, but something in Chloe's eyes drew him to her. They lay on
the hay comfortably. Chloe kissed him on the lips. "I've never done this
before." he told her.

"I know." said Chloe.

She started caressing him and undressing him. Clark Kent looked at the
beautiful girl as she removed his clothing. She touched him in ways he hadn't
imagined were possible. He always thought of himself as the cosmic loner,
doomed to live out his days on Earth alone. He'd seen boys and girls his own
age "make it" but thought such things were not for him. Could a Kryptonian
male find love with an Earth human female? Chloe Sullivan was amazed at
Clark. He looked good enough to eat.

Chloe finished undressing Clark Kent. His body was muscular and fit, he had
the broad shoulders and strong chest of a male athlete, a flat stomach and
strong legs. His butt looked sexy and damn perfect. She saw his cock and
caressed it. His dick was both long and thick. She wanted to make love with
this boy until both of them passed out. She wanted to show him her stuff,
and so she did. Clark Kent looked at the now naked Chloe. Chloe was cute as
hell. Her slender body was fit and sexy. She had nice breasts, nice butt and
nice legs. Her face was beautiful and filled with love for him. He wanted
her quite badly. Chloe wanted Clark so bad she could taste him. Still, he
hesitated. "I'm different, Chloe." he said. "Stuff might happen."

Chloe smiled. "It's a risk I'm willing to take."

She grinned wickedly as she thought of a way to get him to agree with her
line of thought. Full-body licks. Hmm. Clark groaned as she started to lick
his body. Sullivan looked at Clark Kent. Kissing his lips lightly, she went
further down on his body. He just looked at her, unsure of what she wanted
to do. Gently, he caressed her hair. She had such nice hair. She was so...
she moved lower. Clark gasped when Chloe took the tip of his shaft into her
warm mouth. He'd never experienced anything like this before.

Clark Kent couldn't move. He was frozen in pleasure. The feel of Chloe's lips
and tongue caressing his cock was simply divine, unlike anything he'd ever
felt before. No one had ever touched him there. He'd never experienced
anything like it. Chloe continued what she was doing. She licked his shaft
and sucked at his sac tenderly. Clark grunted. Chloe moaned at the salty
taste of him. Not long ago, she had sex with a man for the first time. He
hadn't wanted to be around her the minute the finished doing the act. That
sad moment remained in her mind and made her very careful around men. She was
careful about how much of herself she gave and how much she took in return.
With Clark, she wanted to give and give, all that she had. Awhile ago, she
would have thought that pleasuring a man as she pleasured Clark was obscene,
even degrading. She couldn't imagine doing it. But she did it for Clark.
There was nothing wrong about a woman sucking cock, especially if it was the
precious member of the man she loved. Nothing wrong about a woman bringing
her man pleasure...

She could tell that Clark was a bit nervous as she did this to him. He'd
never had anything like this done to him before. Chloe sucked his cock and
licked his balls. Clark was tense but she gently caressed him. Clark arched
his back, grunting and letting her have her way with him. He let go. This
was a first for him. This was his first time making love, his first time
receiving oral from a girl, his first time with Chloe. His first...
everything. She could tell that he had never trusted a lover with his body.
She was his first. She was glad of that. She wanted to be special in his
eyes. She sucked on his dick and it felt wonderful. He was giving himself
to her and she was giving herself to him. She looked into his beautiful face
as he experienced the ultimate satisfaction that a man could feel. His eyes
widened. His beautiful face tightened, then relaxed. He came, unleashing his
essence into her mouth. She took it all. She drank every last drop of his
seed. A trembling took Clark for a moment. Chloe held him gently in her
mouth. Finally, he calmed down. She looked up at him. He looked at her,
amazed, and smiled. Only then did she let him go.

Chloe looked at Clark. "That was...." he began.

Chloe grinned. "Shh....You don't have to say anything."

She held him in her arms. He put his strong arms around her. They held each
other like this for a moment. Chloe wanted to hold Clark forever. She wanted
him inside her and smiled when she felt him harden against her. Once more,
she drew him down into the hay. He was on top of her. He wanted her badly.
Almost as badly as she wanted him. He wanted her, right then and there. She
had wanted him for years. She arched her back and raised her legs so that
they rested on his shoulders. She looked at him. Once more, he hesitated.
What was he waiting for? "Fuck me, my love." said Chloe.

Clark shook his head. Chloe's heart sank. He no longer wanted her? "I won't
fuck you, Chloe." Clark whispered. "Ever. But I will make love with you."

Chloe's heart soared with joy. He rubbed his cock against her wet pussy.
Chloe put her arms around him, aching to feel him inside her. He entered her.
Chloe watched the flow of expression on Clark's beautiful face as he went
into her. At first, he was hesitant, careful. He went deeper inside her, and
finally, all of him was inside of her. They were finally one. This was the
moment Chloe Sullivan had been dreaming of for years. They made love like
this for a long time, he went deeper into her, hammering her a bit and then
pulling out. Chloe felt delight as he plowed into her, hard and fast. She was
made for him. He was made for her. A perfect fit. She wanted him inside her
always. He came, and remained inside her. She held him as orgasmic delight
coursed through both of their bodies. Later....Chloe Sullivan looked at Clark
Kent as he slept next to her. He was a really beautiful man. She couldn't get
enough of him, ever, but she was sated for the moment. She playfully licked
his cheek, careful not to wake him up and caressed his lips. Wow... She had
finally got with Clark, the man of her dreams. Hmm. She rested next to him,
if only every day could be like this.

When Clark Kent woke up the next day, he found Chloe Sullivan next to him.

"Hi." she said.

He stared at her. Chloe smiled at him. She'd made him breakfast and now
served it to him in bed...sort of. "Hello, beautiful." Clark said.

He looked at her. He couldn't believe the night they had. A night of passion.
His first night of passion. He grinned at her. Chloe looked at him. Her mind
was racing... This is the moment that defines Chloe Sullivan. She is a smart,
beautiful, tough-minded and independent kind of girl. She is also a young
woman who has recently made love to the man she has secretly loved for a long
time. That man was Clark Kent. The handsome do-gooder with the super powers.
The man she loved. Chloe is a generous person by nature. Especially when she
is in love. Still, she is careful. This is the morning after... does he still
want her around? Clark looked at the breakfast she made, then at her. He
smiled. "Join me, please." he said.

"Yes." said Chloe. "I will join you now."

Clark embraced her as she sat down close to him. He tenderly held her face in
his hands. "Join me forever." He said.

Chloe smiled. She was suddenly very happy. "Why?" she asked. As if she didn't

Clark grinned. "Because I love you."

Chloe looked at him. "You do ?" she asked, smiling.

"Yeah." Clark said, and opened his arms.

Chloe buried herself into his arms and drove him to the floor. She was on
top of him, wanting to make love to him now more than ever, and she wasn't
taking no for answer, not that he would ever refuse her. Suddenly, there
was kissing and moaning everywhere and breakfast was completely forgotten...
thanks to the heat of their passion for each other.

The End


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