This scene is a work of fiction and fits between the somewhere between the
scene in which Tina posing as Lana asks Whitney if she can borrow his jacket
and the scene in which Tina and Lana have their confrontation in the

Smallville: Alternate Scenes - X-Ray (mf)
by Ren

Tina walked up to the house and then paused just before knocking, her
knuckles inches away from the wood of the door.

From behind it looked as though her hair lengthened slightly, Whitney's
jacket which she wore became tighter across the shoulders and judging by the
back of her outstretched hand her skin tone became darker.

Her knuckle continued its journey connecting with the wood in a series of
short sharp taps.

Whitney pulled open the door.

"Lana! What are you doing here?" He said in a surprised voice.

"I've come to see my boyfriend! Is that all right with you?" Lana replied as
a devious smile crept onto her face.

"Sure it's OK, but I've really got to study for this test!"

Coyly she returned. "Well if it's biology I'm sure I could help you!"

She pushed through the doorway and started up the stairs leaving Whitney with
a grin on his face at the door.

Jogging after her to keep up Whitney followed her upstairs and across the
hall into his bedroom.

As she threw open his door she began to remove the letterman's jacket she had
borrowed from Whitney and deposited it on a chair.

She turned around taking in the room before turning back to watch Whitney as
he nervously passed through the doorway.

"What's going on here Lana?"

"I told you! It's the new me! If you don't like it I'll find someone who
does, maybe Clark'll be up for a good time." She turned again feigning a
reach for his jacket to make him think she was leaving.

"No, wait that's not what I meant. Stay!"

She had him now.

She stalked towards him her hips swaying seductively. She placed a hand on
his cheeks guiding his head downwards into a long passionate kiss.

The kiss was the hottest he had ever had from Lana and an erection started to
form in his trousers as his arms hung limply by either side of his body.

Removing a hand from one of his cheeks and letting it slide down his arm she
took his wrist between her finger and thumb, lifting it towards her pert

His other hand soon joined the first and together they massaged Lana's rear
escalating her arousal.

Her hand had hung motionless after guiding Whitney's own arm, but now she
used it to begin unbuckling the belt which Whitney wore with his jeans.

Not until her hand reached into his trousers and took hold of his stiffening
cock did Whitney really believe this was going to go anywhere.

"Whoa! Lana are you sure?" He said pulling away from her kiss.

They had dated for a long time and so far nothing too serious had ever
happened, he knew how she felt about not rushing anything and so was
surprised by her sudden sexual attack.

Lana pulled her hand from within his trousers and thrust him backwards onto
the nearby bed.

She moved across the room towards his sound system. One look at his CD
collection told that he had bad taste in music but she did not want to waste
time searching the radio for a suitable song.

She picked up what she considered to be the best of his collection and
started it playing.

After cranking up the volume she turned and began to sway her body in time
with the music.

Her hands moved up and down the sides of her body; now pulling her sweater
tight against her cleavage, now lifting it slightly to reveal her flat

On the bed Whitney had moved to get a good view of the dance. Also he had
undone his fly and button to relieve the strain on his erection, which now
stood covered only by his boxer shorts.

One of Lana's hands now moved slowly upwards momentarily cupping her breast
and then further up, to move away the hair that had fallen in front of her
closed eyes.

Her other hand was still moving, caressing her outer thigh down to the knee
and then up the inside, her fingers trailing lightly up the inside of her

When her finger brushed up against her crotch she noticed that her wetness
had begun to soak through her trousers.

Opening her eyes she locked Whitney's vision upon her face while bringing the
dampened finger to her mouth.

She flicked out her tongue and danced it across the tip of her finger.
Flicking it across up and down and side to side. She then began stabbing the
tongue in and out of her mouth making it connect with her fingertip.

She then brought the finger to her lips kissing it lightly before pushing it
past her lips and into her mouth. With her lips tight about the finger she
slowly at first began to move it forwards and backwards in and out of her
mouth slowly increasing the speed.

Throughout she kept eye contact with Whitney and could see that he was
getting off on this show but she needed something herself. With her spare
hand she pushed between her legs and tracing the stitching pulled it back
out applying pressure through the layers along her slit.

The pleasure the pressure brought had made her even more aroused and she
badly needed to be penetrated.

Giving up the show she removed her finger from her mouth and began to pull up
her sweater.

A red and black lace bra held her breasts, though her nipples could be seen
trying to push through the lace.

"Lay back!" She commanded and Whitney complied, still amazed by the scene,
and moved from his leaning position so he was laid out on the bed.

She leaned forward pulling down her trousers and stepping out of them.
Underneath them she wore a match to the bra. It was thong like and more read
than the bra giving the impression of her crotch being on fire, although in
a certain way her crotch was on fire; burning, yearning to be penetrated.

She reached across the bed and pulled Whitney's jeans down his legs. Next
she pulled at his boxer shorts, lifting the elastic waistband over his erect

She was surprised by its size, although it was of perfectly average size, she
had thought or at least hoped it would be bigger.

As she pulled his shorts down his legs she lent over and kissed his erection
making it twitch slightly.

Once his shorts were off she took a hand and wrapped it around the base of
his cock, applying pressure she began to lift her hand pulling his skin
upwards along his shaft.

Her mouth wrapped tightly around the head of his cock as her hand continued
to lightly pump him. Her tongue stabbed at his sensitive head making his
whole cock pulse slightly with every impact.

Her spare hand had taken to bringing herself pleasure, sliding into her
underwear she began to rub her hand across her slit from side to side hitting
her swollen clit in rhythm with the striking of Whitney's head.

She changed her attack on his erection changing to slowly bobbing her head
upon his cock, raking her teeth lightly against his shaft and feeling him
bottom out in the back of her mouth.

She had also changed her attack on herself and had begun to thrust two
fingers deep into her pussy. Her treatment of herself caused her to begin to
whimper and groan around the cock in her mouth as she came close to orgasm.

Whitney's cock began to twitch violently and soon he had released a shot of
hot sticky cum into her mouth.

She was surprised at the suddenness of him cumming and she gagged slightly
trying to swallow the cum while his softening cock slid from her mouth.

As she swallowed she pushed hard against her G-spot bringing herself to
orgasm and soaking her hand with her own juices.

She had removed her hand from his cock when he had blown his load into her
mouth and now she used it to push down her knickers keeping her other hand
in position; two fingers inside herself and the hand cupped to hold the
juices from her orgasm.

Once she had her underwear past her knees she allowed them to fall before
stepping out of them. She then pulled her fingers from within herself with
the slightest of slurps and began slowly lapping her juices from her palm
and sucking her fingers clean.

Watching her Whitney began to stroke himself to full hardness ready for what
he hoped would come next.

After cleaning her hand and fingers of her juices Lana climbed onto the bed
and straddled Whitney's chest, his cock standing to attention just behind

As she sat there she began to unclasp her bra, peeling it slowly from her
chest she exposed a pair of perfect breasts capped with small erect nipples.

Whitney's hands travelled up her body coming to rest on her perfect bosoms.
He rolled them in his palms massaging them gently and tweaking her nipples
between finger and thumb.

She pushed herself upwards and backwards then grasping his cock in one hand
she guided herself onto him, pushing firmly onto his manhood.

Even though he was not huge in length or girth Whitney's cock was a tight fit
in her virgin tube.

Once she had buried Whitney to the hilt she began to raise herself slowly
until only his head remained inside her before slowly pushing back down.

She was controlling the pace to make sure she reached her orgasm before
Whitney shot his load but it wasn't working he was getting impatient and
soon was bucking his hips into her as she raised doing first two then three
strokes to her one.

He was already closing in on his second orgasm of the day and luckily Lana
had underestimated the sensitivity of her tube for she was also closing on
an orgasm of her own.

She quickened her own pace to match Whitney's strokes and soon they where
cumming in unison.

She rolled from him onto the bed beside him, now totally satisfied.

He wasn't though and soon he had become fully erect again.

He moved down her body and then began to push two fingers into her.

She tried to stop him, her vagina had become extremely sensitive with her
last orgasm and his touch was painful.

He had other plans though and once his fingers were buried to the knuckle he
withdrew them and rolled her onto her chest.

His wet fingers drew tight circles around her anus before pushing against the
tight entrance.

She opened up to accept his fingers which then pushed deep into her.

Keeping his fingers in place he took his cock and pushed it into her vagina
coating it in her juices.

After withdrawing his cock he placed it alongside his buried fingers against
her entrance.

He pushed his hips forward as he removed his fingers, his cock taking their
place in her rear.

Only his first inch was within her and her ring was clenched tight around

He told her to relax but before she had a chance to do so he began forcing
more of himself in.

She relaxed as soon as he stopped pushing, the pain beginning to subside into
pleasure. He felt her relax and used the chance to engulf the whole of his
cock within her.

The sudden thrust he had used to bury himself caused her muscles to tighten
again closing tightly around his hilt.

He waited until her pain had subsided and then leant forward so his weight
was on his arms, in a kind of missionary position.

He rocked his hips slowly until he saw that the movement was causing pleasure
and not pain, and then began to increase the length of each stroke while
keeping the pace steady.

In this way he was soon moving so only his head was within her and then
powerfully burying himself again.

Lana's pain had long since given up and turned to pleasure, and she was soon
heading towards another orgasm with the help of a finger on her clit and her
nipples rubbing against the fabric of his bed.

In a few more strokes her orgasm hit, releasing cries of pleasure.

Whitney was also close and soon he felt his cock begin to twitch.

He pulled out of her just in time to see the first wad of his cum hit her
closing entrance.

More of his cum shot out hitting her pert bottom and even landing in the
small of her back.

He collapsed exhausted beside her and she lifted her head to give a short but
passionate kiss after which he fell asleep naked.

As she sat up Lana changed, her hair shortened, her face changed and her skin
became paler. She had become Tina or had changed back into Tina.

She left the room after wiping her body clean with a T-shirt and dressing in
Whitney's clothes as well as his Letterman's jacket.

She walked down the stairs and again she looked like she was beginning to
change, becoming taller, her hair shortening further and her body becoming
bulkier. She reached the bottom and opened the front door, which was before
her; Whitney stepped out of the house and headed off to see Lana.


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