This is an alternate scene based on the opening sequence of the second
episode of the Smallville series.

Smallville: Alternate Scenes - Metamorphosis (f-mast,voy)
by Ren

He was crouched in the tree by the side of the road his camcorder trained on
her bedroom waiting for her to arrive and find his present.

Eventually looking into the screen of his camera he saw the door begin to
open and the beautiful Lana Lang entered and started to remove the sweater.
she was wearing before the door was even closed. As the material peeled away
from her body he zoomed the camera further in, following along with the
materials journey up along her toned flat stomach and up to her bra line,
where he panned across her chest taking in each of the exotic beauties
perfect mounds and seeing a hint of her nipples poking at the lacy material
of her black bra.

The fact was she'd had a long day and was in need of a warm bath and
especially a bit of relief after spending the day watching Clark at school
which had made her extremely hot.

When the sweater came away from her face he moved the camera again to capture
her beautiful face. He watched as hair seemingly poured from within her
sweater and fell back around her shoulders the black hair framing her face

She threw the sweater at a laundry basket missing narrowly and as she bent
down to pick it up she noticed the present that he had left her though she
didn't know who it was from.

The red box was sat in the centre of her bed and so she sat down on the edge
to reach it. She looked at it puzzled before slowly removing the lid. At
least a dozen multicoloured butterflies took off sweeping into the air all
around her.

He watched her closely taking pleasure in seeing her smiling face pleasure
in knowing his gift made her smile in that way. He had zoomed out to see the
whole room with her waving her hands about playing with the butterflies. He
readjusted the zoom so that he could see only the top half of her body just
in time to see the largest of the butterflies land on her breast just above
the top edge of her bra. The butterfly's wings beat gently and he could see
the look on her face as its wings lightly touched her ample bosom, he could
see the look of enjoyment on her face as it touched her making her even
hotter and more excited. She gently reached up and took hold of the
butterfly's body being careful not to damage it. It's wings beat more rapidly
as she lifted it to her upturned face and let its wings brush against her
face, she moved it gently across her slightly parted lips and then onto her
exposed neck letting it make contact first just below the corner of her jaw
where it drove her wild. She let it gently almost dance its way across to
the other side of her neck, she was becoming extremely turned on by its touch
as she brought it back to dance on the underside of her face and then slowly
downwards along her throat until she reached her necklace. It was a necklace
made from the meteorite that had killed her parent's years before, she paused
looking at it for several seconds in a trance before seemingly awakening
again. She lay back on the bed and used her free hand (one still held the
butterfly) to help herself wriggle out of the trousers she wore. As the
trousers slipped down she revealed a black lacy thong that matched the bra
she wore.

She slid herself backwards further into the center of her bed before reaching
up to her shoulder and pulling the bra strap down her arm. She brought the
butterfly back into contact with her skin slowly moving it down the centre of
her chest. She pulled on one side of her bra slowly moving it away from her
breast freeing it and allowing herself access to her nipple. Again she moved
the butterfly bringing it slowly across her to her exposed breast and
allowing its wings to flutter across her erect nipple and her sensitive
aureole in a slow circling motion. She was in ecstasy, the light touch of the
insects wings felt better than she would ever have imagined. She switched the
insect to her other hand and began to free her other breast first sliding the
strap from her shoulder and then pulling down on the cup.

He watched amazed by the sight he saw in front of him changing the view of
his camera between her magnificent ample bosoms and her stunning face, which
was locked in a look of joy.

As she felt the butterfly's wings dance across her second nipple she began to
realise how wet her crotch was becoming and how much she was enjoying this
experience. Her hand squeezed and stroked the breast which was becoming
neglected before travelling downwards gently stroking along her stomach. Her
fingers gently eased under the edge of her underwear stroking the neatly
trimmed pubic hair beneath before travelling further onwards, downwards until
she felt the wet pre-cum coating her vagina lips. She spread her fingers and
applied pressure with her first and third fingers slowly moving them back and
forth along the outside of her erect lips, after only a couple of strokes she
began to push her middle finger deep into her vagina.

The look on her face changed from a look of joy to one of extreme pleasure
when her finger penetrated her vagina. She released the butterfly and began
to fondle each breast in turn and then to tease her nipples stroking her
aureoles with the same circular motion she had used with the butterfly.

The finger in her vagina found her G-spot and mimicking the finger of her
other hand tracing circles around the sensitive spot gently moving inwards
towards the centre. She felt the orgasm that had been building up grow larger
until she could hold it no longer letting it flow through her body causing
every part of her to shudder. She removed her hand from within her underwear
and looked at the juices which she had coated it with wondering about the
taste, tentatively she brought her hand closer moving her tongue out to meet
it. She licked the very tip of her middle finger savouring the taste before
gently licking the rest from her hand.

He had captured everything that had happened upon his video camera and was
looking forward to viewing it when he got home. But even as he climbed down
towards his car she got up and went into the bathroom where she would play
again as soon as her bath was ready.


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