Smallville: Adventures At Crater Lake Part 1
(FFF,MFF,MF+,first,anal,inc,fist,F-best,nc-cons,bukkake,cream pie,drug,mc,
by Reclusive Wanker ([email protected])

Chapter One

It was a cloudless sky over Crater Lake and the town of Smallville was baking
in one of the hottest summers on record, and like many of the town, the three
teens had decided to cool off in the lake, a legacy from the meteor shower
that had struck the town years before. Lana Lang stretched out in the
passenger seat of her friend's convertible. She was dressed in a skimpy two
piece green bikini, and the leather seats in the car were sticking to her
bare skin. Beside her, Chloe Sullivan screwed up her face as she looked for
a parking space, and in the back Lois Lane lounged in a light blue bathing

The teens soon found a secluded spot where they could dive into the deep
clear waters. Here the lake floor deepened, and although the sun was shining
off the water, Lana could have sworn that she saw a flash of light from below
the surface. The girls splashed in the water, and watched Lois show off her
graceful dives. On one of her deeper plunges, Lois emerged holding a piece of
orange crystal.

"Hey, is this a meteor rock? Chloe, I thought you said the meteors were

"They are. Hmm, I think that must be a piece of glass or something. Sorry
Lois" said Chloe, taking the crystal and examining it closely.

Lana swam up, and reached out to the crystal. She let her hand run over it,
and felt an electric tingle. None of the girls saw the orange glow the
crystal was giving off, and it is doutbtful they would have given it much
thought if they had. Nor could they have seen the tiny orange particles that
drifted from the rock and settled on the swimming teens.

Lois dropped the crystal and let it float down to the lake floor. She noticed
that her breathing was heavy, and decided not to do any more diving. Instead
she pulled her dripping teenage body from the water, and stretched out on the
shore. Lois resisted the sudden crazy temptation to slip off her bathing suit
and dip her fingers into her slot. She blushed at the unexpected thought, and
the perverse idea of brazenly displaying herself to her cousin and her
watching friend. Lois instead enjoyed the sensation of her skin drying in the
hot sun. Soon, Chloe joined her, and spread herself out beside her brunette
cousin. The two girls were a delightful picture, the leggy brunette and the
petite blonde. The pair chatted and laughed gaily.

Lana felt the urge to do some lengths, and struck out powerfully along the
shore. A little later, the slim half-asian became aware that she had drifted
a little way from the others, and thought of making her way back. But she
heard Chloe laughing in the distance, and decided not to hurry. Instead, Lana
lay back, and let the wavelets gently lap at her toes. Lana floated gently,
and let her mind wander, daydreaming of her future travels and life and
loves..and Clark. Lana felt her arousal grow, and checking to make sure there
were no prying eyes, began to gently rub and twist her nipples, which swiftly
hardened. Lana gasped softly, and her juices began to flow. She paused, then
slipped her right hand into her bikini bottoms, gently flicking her clit and
brushing her labia lips. Lana's breathing became more laboured and her skin
flushed with arousal. As her hand explored her folds she imagined exposing
herself like this to Clark, seeing the expression of lust on his farmboy
face. Lana pushed a finger into her tight tunnel. Still a virgin, Lana had
never used any more than a finger to get herself off, and had an incredibly
sensitive clit. Often when out riding her horses Lana had come simply from
rubbing her clit on the saddle. She had taken eventually to riding with no
panties, and the sensations only grew. Lana got used to coming back to the
stables with a sore pussy and a sticky patch on the saddle whre her juices
had leaked out. Lana had even seen her favourite stallion, Breeze, when he
was excited, and had looked on in fascination as his penis grew to an
impossible size. She remembered this moment now as she floated in the water
with her finger buried to the knuckle in her slippery pussy. Lana wondered
if Clark's penis would be anything like that size. How would it possibly fit
in her small hole, she thought, as she probed with her finger. Lana was close
to orgasm now, with her left hand busily squeezing her perfect breasts and
pinching her nipples. Her right hand was frantically humping her slit, and
she was letting out small mewling noises. Lana completely failed to notice
the two shocked and familiar faces looking down at her.

"Lana...Ohmigod" exclaimed Chloe.

Lana's eyes opened wide with shock, and she whipped her hand away from her
pussy. The movement made Chloe and Lois look down. Lana's pussy was a sight
to behold. The half-asian beauty was displaying a perfectly groomed inviting
slit with wide open pussy lips beaded with pearly dew and a trickle of pussy
juice running down her leg to the ground. Her bikini bottoms were pushed
forgotten to one side.

"Lana....what are you...." Chloe's voice tailed off as she continued to stare
at the raven-haired girl's puffy slit. She seemed mesmerised, and Lois was
standing just beside her, also apparently transfixed. Lana held Chloe's eye
for a moment, and the blonde looked away, blushing and looking embarrassed,
only to turn back and stare once again at Lana, this time at her apple-sized
breasts and small brown nipples. Slowly and deliberately, Lana moved her hand
back to her pussy and shamelessly began to masturbate again. Chloe bacame
aware of heavy breathing to her side, and looked across to see Lois, flushed
and running her hands down her shapely legs.

"What's going on?" Chloe thought to herself, "Lana isn't a slut...and I'm not
a why is this the most erotic thing I have ever seen?"

Chloe realised that watching her best firiend flaunt her charms like this was
making her horny, and her pussy was starting to soak her bikini bottoms. As
if entranced she bent forwards, and carelessly peeled her bikini off, the
material sticking slightly to her damp pussy. Chloe was normally modest
about nudity, and this sense of freedom that she was feeling was new to her.
Chloe's pussy was almost completely shaven, with just a small patch of blonde
fuzz above her slit. Her breasts were a little larger than Lana's, and more
rounded, with prominent pink nipples. Chloe stepped towards Lana, who was
rubbing her clit urgently, strands of her black hair crossing her face. Chloe
knelt down beside her friend and leant across her, smelling her perfume
mixing with the sweet musky fragrance of teenage pussy. Chloe kissed Lana on
the lips, and Lana responded enthusiastically.

"Room for one more?" Lois asked, smiling sweetly at the lip-locked girls.
There was a look of pure lust in Lois's face that Chloe relected in her own,
and the brunette's bikini bottoms were pulled up into her wet and swollen
sex, so that her pussy lips poked out erotically either side of the flimsy
strip of material. Chloe and Lana smiled and beckoned Lois across. Lois
self-consciously pulled the strings to release her sizeable breasts from
thier confines, and made as if to pull down her bottoms, but Chloe stopped
her with a gesture. Chloe approached her brunette cousin, and knelt down
behind her. Lois had a tight, firm ass, and Chloe stared at it lascivously.
She reached up and stroked the perfect globes, causing the brown-haired teen
to moan and whimper. Chloe hooked her finger underneath the thin material of
Lois's bathing suit, feeling the incredible heat of her cousin's pussy
pressing against her finger, tring to draw the questing digit deep into her
folds. Chloe smiled up at her cousin, and pulled the tiny garment from her
pussy. Chloe placed one hand on each of Lois's asscheeks and gently pulled
them apart to reveal a lightly furred pink slit and a tiny pink asshole.

"Aaah, yes...Chloe" Lois gasped excitedly.

With a little trepidation, Chloe turned Lois around and moved her face into
Lois's hot snatch. She poked out her tongue, and gingerly licked at her
beautiful cousin's outer folds. To her surprise, the taste was honeyed and
pleasant. Chloe began to push her tongue further inside the slim teen,
thrusting as if her tongue were a cock. Lois's breathing grew laboured, and
her juices began to flow in earnest. Chloe happily swallowed all the nectar
that flowed from her cousin's hot sex, and buried her nose in Lois's pubic
bone as she strained to dig even deeper.

Lana, meanwhile, had pulled her hand from her slit and was roughly massaging
her pert breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples. She sat, up and quietly
raised her face until she was level with Lois's round ass. Lana did as Chloe
had done, and pried apart the brunette's perfect buttocks. With a look of
delight, Lana found her friend's puckered hole, and circled the tight brown
hole with her tongue. Lois squealed and her moans became louder as she felt
he nimble tongue caress her rosebud, sending electric shivers down her spine.
She started to buck her hips, pushing her pussy onto her cousin's face and
her ass into the petite asian's mouth.

"Oh fuck...Lana...what are you doing...oh don't stop...deeper...on God,

Soon, the two girls had their tongues flashing in and out of the teenager's
holes, and Lois was close to cumming. Her hips shuddered and jerked wildly,
and with a cry, she ground her pubis into her blonde cousin's face, flooding
her waiting mouth with juices.

"Oh God, Chloe...aah fuck...aah tongue-fuck me...suck my

The three girls the slumped to the ground, still kissing and cuddling. Lois
basked in the warm satisfied glow of her orgasm, stroking Chloe's blonde
hair. Lana still needed to cum and, after seeing how Lois had reacted to her
pussy-licking, could not wait to experience another girl's tongue in her
slot. "It was strange", she thought to herself, I'm sure I didn't feel this
way before", but Lana dismissed the thought. She felt entirely uninhibited,
and couldn't remember why she had acted like such a prude in the past. Chloe
appeared to see things the same way, and after exchanging looks, the two
girls locked in embrace. Lana twisted her body and kissed down Chloe's pale
skin, past her bellybutton and into the sparse golden forest above Chloe's
puffy slit. She lightly brushed her lips over her friend's clit, drawing a
shudder from the blonde, and planted a soft kiss on the inviting teenage
pussy before her.At he same time she manoeuvred her dripping pussy over
Chloe's face, and the blonde eagerly dove in. Chloe spread Lana's labia lips
with her fingers, and licked the full length of Lana's pink, glistening
folds. She revelled in the musky flavour, and used a finger to probe inside
Lana's twat. She looked fascinated as the teenage slit gradually swalowed
her finger, pulsing hotly and tightly around the digit.

Lois had recovered from her orgasm, and leisurely took in the scene before
her. The two girls made a beautiful couple. Adorable blonde Chloe, with her
rounded pale body, pink now from exertion and lust, was a perfect match for
Lana's smooth athletic frame. Lana's hair spread out between Chloe's thighs,
and all that could be heard were wet slurping noises and the two girl's
moans. Lois's mind flooded with unfamiliar images as she wastched this erotic
sight. She imagined herself whoring her body for countless men, allowing
herself to be used and fucked over and over again. She saw herself strapping
on a rubber dildo and using it to fuck her cousin. Lois gazed at the teenage
coupling with sightless eyes as she gave herself up to her imagination. Lois
began to massage her breasts, gently squeezing her large tits and rolling her
nipples in her hands until they became hard little berries. Lois moved one
hand to her mound, and rubbed her clitoris. Panting heavily, she plunged two
fingers into her depths, and started a rhythmic fucking motion.

Lana paused her pussy-licking when she heard Lois yelping and writhing in the
throes of another orgasm. She pulled back her long black hair from her face,
and smiled at Lois, who felt a sudden rush of shame. "After all", Lois
thought "I have been selfish". Lois resolved to pleasure her friends, and
moved over to Lana's backside. Lois ran her hands over the cute little butt
before her, flashing a grin at her blonde cousin, who now had her tongue deep
inside Lana's vagina, and was licking her fried's inner walls. Lana remained
almost perfectly still, but there was a light sheen of sweat on her golden
skin, and her hot breath on Chloe's pussy was more and more irregular. Lois
lowered her head, and saw that Lana's asshole was quivering and opened
slightly each time Chloe swiped her tongue against the teen's pussy walls.
Remembering how Lana's attentions had made her feel, Lois dipped her mouth to
her friend's virgin anus. At first Lois restrited herself to exploring the
girl's sphincter with her tongue, circling the tight ring of muscle with her
tongue, and using her finger to probe at the opening. Lana was panting now,
and when Lois pushed her tongue as deep as it would go, past her rosebud and
into her teenage ass, the petite asian came, screaming her orgasm into
Chloe's pussy. Lana collapsed onto Chloe, pussy-licking forgotten, and rubbed
her swollen slit. Lana eventually rolled off the frustrated Chloe, and Lois
took the opportunity to wriggle between her cousin's thighs.

Chloe looked down at her cousin "Hey cuz - ready to repay the favour?"

"You bet", Lois replied and gave Chloe a winsome smile.

Lois regarded her cousin's prostrate form. Chloe had a seductive look on her
innocent face, and with her legs spread wide, the pink folds of her little
cunt were openly displayed. Small droplets of Chloe's cum sparkled in the
sun, and Lois saw her cousin's pink hole twitching in anticipation. Lois
lowered her head and inhaled the heady scent of the aroused teen, then opened
the blonde's labia lips and swiped her tongue the length of her cousin's
snatch. She moved lower, and forced her tongue into Chloe's pink butthole.
After alternating between plunging her tongue into Chloe's asshole and slit
for five minutes, Lois pushed a finger into the teen's ass, and concentrated
on licking her pussy. It was not long before the blonde was humping Lois's
hand excitedly, and barely slowed when another finger found its way into her
stretched asshole. Chloe continued to fuck her cousin's hand and face, and
soon coated her tongue with cum. Lois cleaned up all the juices that had
spilled, and kissed her cousin, spitting Chloe's cum back into her mouth.
Chloe swallowed, and the two girls shared a long deep kiss.

Looking up, the girls saw Lana had dressed, and was watching them with an
amused expression. "Wow. I had no idea you were so close" she said, and
licked her lips. Chloe and Lois disengaged themselves slowly, and the three
of them made their way back to the car, exhausted but satisfied. It had been
a good day at the lake, they agreed.

Chapter Two

Later that same day, Lana was lying on her bed in the room she shared with
Chloe, trying to concentrate on her homework. The arousal she had felt at the
lake had faded a little, but Lana stll couldn't prevent herself from dipping
a hand to her pussy and tweaking her clit every now and then, or allowing her
hand to play with her tits while she read. Lana didn't know why, but she
found it impossible to concentrate and her mind kept drifting back to the
morning's fun. She gave herself up to it, and began rubbing her pussy in
earnest. Suddenly she was startled by the telphone's shrill ring. Lana
stopped what she was doing, reluctantly, and answered.

"Hey - Chloe?" a familiar voice said.

"Clark?" Lana replied "She's in the shower. What's up?"

"I need Chloe to look into something for's probably nothing..."

"Who's on the phone" Chloe asked, walking into the room. She was completely
naked and dripping wet, and it took all of Lana's self-control not to throw
herself before the blonde's pussy and lap at the smooth soft slit.

"Um...Clark" Lana managed to say

Chloe and Clark agreed to meet at the barn at once and Chloe hung up. Lana
could not restrain herself any longer. She threw herself on the blonde. Chloe
sighed, and happily gave herself up to Lana's probing fingers and hungry

Several orgasms later, the girls managed to get to the car, and make their
way to the Kent farmstead. Lana made Chloe sit on her hand throughout the
journey, with two fingers in her pussy, and Lana's thumb lodged in her butt.
Although Lana was distracted, seh was sure the journey took far longer than
usual, and by the time the girls pulled up at the farm, Chloe's panties were
soaked, and Lana's hand was coated in a thick covering of Chloe's delicious

When Clark opened the door, Chloe was strangely flushed and refused to meet
his eye. Clark thought he saw Lana licking her hand, and there were odd looks
passing between them. There was something going on, Clark was sure of it, but

The three of them went up to the barn, and Clark began to explain the

"Chloe, I need you to check if there are any records of Luthorcorp or anyone
else operating a facility by Crater Lake. There have been two disappearances,
both young women, and the police have found nothing. The last place both of
them were seen was in the woods near the lake, camping, and according to the
park ranger, there were Luthorcorp vehicles swarming all over the...." Clark
trailed off. Chloe had squeezed past where he was sitting to get to the
computer, and her barely covered pussy passed just inches from his nose.
Clark's eyes had a glazed look as the scent of Chloe and Lana's arousal
reached him, and as tiny orange particles touched Clark's skin they sparked
and fizzed. Lana looked at him curiously, to see Clark shamelessly ogling
Chloe's tits in her revealing top.

Lana looked down to see a definite bulge growing in Clark's pants. She felt
her juices begin to flow and her breathing quicken. Chloe looked back, and
saw Clark's eyes on her young breasts. She felt a sense of pride that Clark
had picked her over Lana, and a rush of heady arousal. Chloe leaned back and
pushed her breasts outward. Clark's eyes bulged, and it then seemed to Chloe
that ther was a puff of air, and her top fell off by itself! Chloe's tits,
with no bra, fell out of her dress, and stood firm and proud, with the
nipples erect and jutting out.Chloe made no move to cover herself, but simply
looked up at Clark, and put on a cute face.

" boobs....oh, do you like them Clark?" Chloe asked innocently,
seeing his interest.

In reply, Clark reached up, and grabbed her breasts.He roughly squeezed the
beautiful orbs, and pulled at her hard nipples. Lana approached Clark from
behind and began kissing his neck. Chloe closed her eyes. Somehow she had
lost all the rest of her clothes, and lay naked on the bed, face down.
Moments later, lana was lying beside her, also face down on the bed. Clark
stood behind the pair and contemplated his luck. The orange kryptonite had
woken powerful urges in Clark, and he had no hesitation in working two
fingers into each of the girls. Clark's fingers slipped easily into Chloe's
virgin pussy, oiled with her natural secretions, but Lana's fuck tube was
narrower, and Clark had to stretch Lana's tunnel a little to get his fingers

After fucking the girls with his fingers for a while, Clark decided the time
had come to give these sluts their first taste of cock. He stepped back and
removed his clothes, revealing an 11 inch penis. Without warning, Clark
placed the head of his cock at Chloe's virgin tunnel. He used his prick to
part her pussy lips, and collected some of her dew on his glans, then pushed
forward in one mighty thrust. Chloe squealed like a stuck pig, and tried to
pull away. Unsurprisingly, Clark was faster, and pulled Chloe back towards
him. Under the sudden invasion, Chloe's hymen parted, and Clark's cock
slithered into the blonde's vagina. Lana looked on in awe at the brutal
fucking Clark was giving her friend. However, Chloe was enjoying herself,
and was already grunting and squirming in pleasure, impaled on Clark's big
cock. He started a fierce fucking motion, and had soon worked 8 inches of
cock into Chloe's stuffed tunnel. Chloe was wriggling, her orifice stretched
obscenely around Clark's rod. Clark looked over at Lana, who was fingering
herself frantically. Clark resolved to fuck her next, and as she smiled at
him and forced a second finger into her tight twat, Clark was filled with a
sudden urge to ruin her pretty face. Still looking at Lana, he pushed forward
again, sinking another inch into Chloe's cunt. The abused teen buried her
face in the pillow as her crotch was ravaged. Two inches of Clark's cock
still protruded from Chloe's slit. Clark wanted to feel his groin resting
against Chloe's ass, and pushed forward again. This time, Chloe just groaned,
but the large penis stayed where it was, resting against the blonde's cervix.

"Wait" Lana ordered, and moved under her blonde friend.She sucked Chloe's
engorged clit into her mouth, and provoked a shudder. Deep inside the teen,
Clark felt the tiny ring of muscle against the head of his cock twitch and
relax. He waited a moment, then with inhuman speed rammed his cock past
Chloe's cervix and into her womb, his groin pressing flat against her mound.
The petite blonde convulsed in shock, and her pussy milked Clark's cock.
After allowing Chloe a few moments to adjust, Clark started to pull his
penis almost all the way out of his friend's cunt, then slam it back in
past her cervix. After ten minutes of this savage treatment, Chloe's pussy
started to react, and with Lana's attention to her clit, the little teenager
spasmed in orgasm. Her pussy muscles clamped down on Clark's cock, and it
was only with awesome self-control that Clark prevented himself cumming. He
wanted to cum inside Lana's tiny womb, and despite Chloe's pleas for him to
fill her cunt with his seed, he held out.

Clark withdrew from Chloe's pussy, and left the blonde's gaping pussy leaking
cum and blood onto the sheet. He turned to Lana, who bent her head to his
cock. Lana licked the penis clean of Chloe's secretons.

Clark looked down at her. He reached down and fed the tip of his cock into
Lana's wet, willing mouth. He placed a hand on the back of her head, and
pushed gently to give Lana the hint. She quickly realised what he wanted her
to do, and started to take more and more of the cock into her mouth. Lana
had never even given a blowjob before, and she was now about to try and
swallow eleven inches of rock-hard penis. She suppressed her trepidation,
and pushed her throat onto the shaft. Almost immediately she gagged, and had
to withdraw. It took some time for Lana to overcome her gag reflex, and her
mascara was streaked from tears. The little asian plowed on nonetheless, and
with a violent lunge, succeeded in taking the head deep into her throat.
Clark had waited patiently until now, letting Lana work at her own speed, but
now he grasped her head, and slammed his hips into the pretty girl's face.
She made a loud gulping noise, and her frightened eyes looked up at Clark as
five more inches of his dick were rammed into her abused throat. Lana tried
to pull away, but Clark kept a firm hold of her head, and instead, lowered
Lana's headto the bed, with his cock still buried in her throat. Here he had
intended to pull off, and let Lana breathe before trying to work the last
inch into her soft velvety throat, but feeling Lana's gullet spasming around
his cockhead, Clark could not wait. He drove his hips forwrd, brutally raping
the teenager's throat. A moment later, Clark's balls rested on the little
teen's chin. Chloe felt like cheering.

Clark then withdrew his cock, still holding Lana's head in place. He allowed
her to take a long gasping breath, then with little ceremony, thrust his cock
back into Lana's raw throat. Once he had again bottomed out, with Lana's nose
shoved into his pubic hair, Clark started to fuck Lana's throat, using the
full eleven inches. Lana was not enjoying the experience, but was happy to
please Clark any way she could. Her eyes popped every time Clark buried his
tool in her gullet, and her throat clearly distended with each thrust. Only
a few minutes later, the farmboy was panting, and about to cum. He made one
final push, and stopped, his cock buried as deep as it would go. Then he let
go, and started to cum inside the teen beauty. His first squirt took Lana by
surprise, and seemed to spray directly into her stomach. Lana bucked on the
cock and screwed up her eyes, but it stayed firmly seated at the base of her
throat. Clark stayed like that for almost a minute, dumping his massive load
into Lana's stomach. The asian girl had thought that most guys squirted once
or twice, but she must have heard wrong, because Clark released almost twenty
swuirts of cum into her tummy. Each spurt was accompanied by a wet squishing
noise. Chloe approached, fascinated, and placed her hand on Lana's stomach.
"My God", she thought "I can actually feel Clark's cum pouring into her. The
lucky bitch. I wanted that cum."

Lana didn't feel very lucky. Finally Clark withdrew, a strand of thick cum
stretching from his cock to her lips. Lana's stomach felt bloated with the
inhuman cum load Clark had deposited inside her. She lay back for a few
minutes, absent-mindedly swallowing stray drops of cum. Clark soon
receovered, and approached Lana, his cock still covered in her throat slime
and his drying cum. She understood his purpose, and shifted her hips to face
him. Clark knew penetrating Lana's pussy would not be as easy as it had been
with Chloe, but her saliva would make a good lubricant. He placed the fat
head of his cock at the entrance to her virgin pussy, and looked up at Lana.

"I don't want to hurt you Lana..." Clark began.

"Just fuck me Clark. I can take it. Ram that thick tool inside me."

Clark was surprised to hear Lana talk this way, but he dismissed the
thought, and prepared to deflower the oriental maiden. He bucked his hips
experimentally, but his cock merely slid across her slit. He positioned
himself again, and pushed more firmly. This time the head of his penis
pushed against the entrance to her vagina. Lana could feel her petals
spreading, but not enough, and she felt frustrated. She longed for this
huge smooth cock to split her open and make her a woman, and pushed down
again fruitlessly. Chloe roused herself, and saw the problem immediately.
She reached down with her smooth pale hand, and rolled Clarks foreskin
thoughtfully. Then she forced it into Lana's vagina. Clark saw what she
was doing, and waited patiently. When she had finished, Chloe gave her
friends an excited look and sat back to watch her best friend take her
first fucking.

"Fuck her hard. Like you fucked me" Chloe encouraged.

Clark carefully pushed forwards. With Clark's foreskin already inside her,
this time the thick cock plunged past her entrance. Lana squealed, but stayed
where she was. She looked back at Clark, and sighed happily. Encouraged,
Clark began to thrust gently,. It was not easy, but soon five inches were
buried in Lana's cunt, stretching out her vaginal walls.

"Almost halfway" Lana panted happily almost twenty minutes later. It was
clear she wanted every inch of her friend's cock inside her.

"How do you want me to do this?" Clark asked "We'll be here forever at this
rate, and I can't last that long."

Without hesitation, Lana said "Shove it in me. AAh..shove your nasty cock
past my hymen and into my womb. I'm your slutty little bitch...aah..fuck me
like a bitch..."

Lana continued to talk dirty, inflaming Clark's passion. "Well", he thought,
"if she wants me to fuck her like a bitch...who am I to refuse."

Clark took a firm grip on Lana's shoulders, and warned her to brace herself.
He shuffled forward a little, and then lunged forwards with superhuman speed.
Lana let out a banshee-like scream and paled, as Clark's cock smashed through
her virginity, and continued slidingi inorexably towards her womb. Lana's
cries became progressively more high-pitched until she was just opening and
shutting her mouth like a goldfish. Clark's penis battered it's was through
the velet vice of Lana's young pussy, changing her insides forever. Without
even slowing, Clark reached Lana's cervix, and plunged straight through. He
intended to cum inside Lana's womb, no matter the consequences, and Lana's
pussy was certainly tight enough. Her walls clamped on the monster prick, and
it was an effort to move. Looking down, Clark saw his cock was buried to the
hilt in the oriental girl's snatch, and his balls rested on her ass. A
trickle of cum and blood oozed from her overfilled cunt. Clark began to fuck
Lana as he had done with Chloe, slamming his full eleven inches back and
forth. Both the teens were close to cumming, and Chloe was looking on, with
most of her hand inside her soaking slit. She had been jealous of Lana, she
remembered, but now she just willed her friend to cum, and positioned herself
to catch the cum that would surely flow out of Lana's pussy when Clark came.
It was not long before Clark reached his climax, and started to pump his seed
deep into the oriental teen. Lana closed her eyes and delighted in the
sensation of her womb filling with hot cum.

"What the fuck is going on!!" a voice shouted angrily.

The teens turned, shocked, toward the voice. As they did so, Clark's cock
dislodged from Lana's swollen sex. As Chloe had predicted, when Clark
withdrew his cock, there was a rush of cum, and Chloe caught most of it
in her mouth, ignoring the visitor.

It was Lois who had spoken, and she was standing in the middle of the barn
with her hands on her hips, looking at the threesome angrily.

"Why was I left out" the brunette demanded, and quickly slipped off her
clothes. Clark's face filled with anger. This bitch thought that she
could walk in any time she liked, and say whatever she liked. Using his
super-speed, Clark positioned Lois on the bed. Her pussy and ass were
exposed, but Lois had barely a moment to register her change of position
before eleven inches of cock was swiftly rammed into her cunt. All the
breath was knocked out of Lois, and she slumped on the bed, shocked, for
once, to silence. Clark brutally rammed the young woman, grabbing her
buttcheeks, and using them to pull the brunette back onto his cock. Lois
was no virgin, but this was new to her. She could only gasp as her pussy
was brutally raped.

"Do you want me to put it in your ass, Lois" Clark asked, knowing there was
no way Lois could respond.

"No, oh God's too big" Lois thought desperately, but she did not have
the breath to speak. She could only grunt and shake her head futilely.

"I'm taking that as a yes", said Clark, and pulled his member from the
brunette's straining twat. He replaced his cock in the crease of Lois's ass,
and looked at her puckered brown butthole. He spat on his cock several times,
then rubbed it around the teen's rosebud. Lois tried to pull her butt down
and cross her legs, but Clark had a firm hold of her waist. He laughed
happily, then thrust powerfully into the annoying teen's ass. Lois whimpered,
and tears fell from her eyes. Clark worked his dick seven inches into the
teenager's shitpipe, and then started to pull her on and off his cock, using
her as a fucktoy. After several minutes, Lois's tears had dried, and although
she was squealing for Clark to stop, her body began to react.

"Oh God...please no
hurts...don't stop...Clark...aah..deeper..."

Lois started to buck her hips back at Clark, working more of her ass onto his
mammoth cock. Lois's ass was incredibly hot and tight, and gripped Clark's
cock, squeezing and pulsing. Clark thought of coming in her ass, but decided
he wanted to deposit his seed in this female's womb as well. He pulled out of
Lana's ass with a plop and a wail from Lois, who wanted the cock back in her
ass. Clark plunged deep into Lois's pussy, and began to cum. After he had
filled Lois's pussy, he left her lying on her face, pussy dripping Clark's
seed and her juices.

Seeing Lois's freshly fucked pussy, Lana had a wicked thought. As Clark bent
down to pick Lois up, Lana stopped him, and whispered in his ear. Moments
later Clark mysteriously vanished and reappeared with a small bottle of oil
and a suspiciously full brown paper bag, with several things poking out of
the top. Clark placed this bag to one side, and handed Lana the bottle.

Clark grinned widely "I can't believe you're going to try this...and I
thought you were a cold fish."

Lana flashed Clark a smile, and began to oil her hand to the wrist. When
she was satisfied, ahe apprached Lois's prostrate form, and inspected her
friend's red and puffy cunt. Dipping a finger inside she withdrew it
covered in a glob of cum, and with an expression of ecstasy, licked it
from her finger.

"Mmmmm...tasty" Lana breathed, and began to work her fingers into Lois's wide
open slit. Two fingers, and then three went in easily enough, and as Lana
pumped her fingers in and out of Lois's pussy, feeling her walls squeeze and
contract, Lois began to moan. Minutes later, she was pushing back against
Lana's hand and grunting in rhythm with Lanas's thrusts. With a look of
fascination, Lana added another finger, and saw it swallowed up in Loiis's
straining pussy. With a look of concentration on her cute face, Lana added
her thumb, and pushed hard against Lois's moist cunt. For a few moments it
seemed that Lana's hand was going nowhere, then in a rush her hand sank into
Lois's cum filled pussy. Lois let out a guttural moan and bucked once. Lana
placed a restraining hand on her back, and let Lois adjust to the feeling of
an entire hand in her stretched pussy.

"Chloe...could you lend a hand?" Lana asked "Or a tongue if you prefer..."

In an instant, Chloe was beneath her cousin and eagerly began licking her
slit, cleaning up the juices and sucking on her cousin's clit. Soon the
pleasure overwhelmed the pain in her abused pussy, and Lois started to
writhe once more, even thrusting her hips at Lana, trying to get more of
her delicate hand inside her.

Lana smiled and twisted her hand, experimentally feeling Lois's inner walls
and exploring with her fingers. She firmly pushed and saw her hand sink
another half- inch into Lois's already stuffed snatch. Starting a gentle
fucking motion, she worked her hand into the velvet tightness. Several
minutes later Lana stopped with her hand buried wrist deep inside the feisty

"Turn over" instructed Lana imperiously to Lois. Chloe joined Clark to watch

"Aah..It would help..aah..if you took..mmh..your fist out first" Lois managed
between gasps

"No...turn yourself on my hand...then I want you to fuck yourself with it."

Lois did not reply immediately, so Lana gave her a hard smack across the ass
with her free hand.

"Aaah...all right...whatever"

Lois awkwardly rotated herself so that she was facing Lana, with the asian's
hand still deep in her twat, and began to rise up and down on the fist buried
in her pussy. Lana gazed lustfully at the sight of Lois impaled on her hand,
grunting and moaning. From this angle, Lana thought she could see Lois's
stomach bulge outward when she took her fist fully inside her vagina. Lana
pressed her hand against the front of Lois's tunnel and watched her stomach
change shape. Then, ignoring Lois's mewls of protest, she extended her index
finger, pushing it deeper into Lois's pussy, finding her cervix. Looking deep
into Lois's eyes, Lana pushed her finger through Lois's cervix, watching her
lose all control as the slant-eyed beauty caressed her friend's womb.

"AAAIIEEEEEE" With a cry, Lois came harder than ever before, drenching Lana's
hand with her juices. Lois felt exhausted, and when Lana removed her hand,
fell to the bed, legs wide spread. Lana offered her hand to Lois, who licked
it clean, tasting her own juices in the warm afterglow of her orgasm.

Below, in the musty darkness of the loft, Lex felt resentment burning within
him. All he had ever wanted was to be happy, but it seemed he would never
have Lana now. He walked out, imaginging ways to take Clark's happiness for
himself. With a satisfied smile, Lex realised what he had to do. If he
couldn't have Lana, the no-one would.

Chapter Three

Chloe woke in unfamiliar surroundings in semi-darkness. There was a chemical
taste in her mouth, and her thoughts seemed to be coming to her from a long
way off. She was clothed only in a hospital gown, and in the dim lght she
made out some kind of medical array, and two people in white coats, an older
man with silver hair, and a young black nurse who were standing close by her
in discussion.

"Doctor, this is the new test subject, Chloe Sullivan. Seventeen years old,
healthy, and until recently, a virgin."

They were discussing her, Chloe realised sluggishly, but what did her sex
life have to do with being in hospital?

"Good...I trust she is responding well to the medications?"

"She's an ideal subject" the nurse replied "the muscles are responding well,
and her hormones have been boosted significantly. And the mental suppressors
are working like a charm. She will be ready for testing in a week."

"Wonderful. And have we found a subject for our dietary study?"

"I believe we have. One of this one's friends should do nicely. One Lana

"Very well. Make the arrangements. We don't want to disappoint Mr. Luthor."

Chloe, lying immobile in her bed, tried to make sense of these words. She
knew she was in trouble, and had to get away, but couldn't move her legs.
She wondered why she had wanted to anyway. She was so comfortable and safe.
Forcing herself to remember, she struggled for a while, willing herself to
make a bid for escape.

A week later, Chloe awoke again. This time she was dressed in her schoolgirl
uniform, and the room was brightly lit. She barely had time to look around
before the doctor came in.

"Ah, Chloe. You're awake. Good. We have a lot planned for you."

Chloe felt a shudder of arousal at the thoughts this conjured in her mind.

The doctor approached and said benevolently "Chloe...we have changed you a
little while you were sleeping. With our new drugs you will find that you
will become very easly aroused, and your muscles can take much more
punishment before they tear. A side-effect, but a happy one, is that your
breasts have increased in size, and should begin to lactate any day now."
The doctor beamed at Chloe with proprietorial pride.

Chloe looked down. Her breasts were now almost a 'D' cup, and overflowed her
school top. She looked back at the doctor and reflected his sunny smile.

"When do we get started" the blonde teen asked.

"Right away" the doctor replied, and moved over to a tripod mounted camera
Chloe had not noticed before.

"Strip for me" the doctor ordered.

Chloe happily obliged, slowly peeling her top away from her large breasts,
and putting on a cute expression. Chloe danced around the room, gyrating and
swaying her breasts. Then she eased her skirt down her thighs, leaving her
with just a pair of black panties against her pale, freckled skin. Finally
these too came off, revealing a puffy, hairless slit and a tight pink
rosebud, just visible between Chloe's pert cheeks. Chloe struck a few poses,
showing off her tight young ass and pussy to est effect.

"Now, spread yourself on all fours, and hold your cheeks open."

Chloe obeyed unquestioningly, holding open her pink folds, her tight little
hole below twitchng slightly.

The doctor approached, with a 10" dildo in his hand. He looked down at Chloe.

"This will hurt at first, Chloe, but I promise you will enjoy it. Trust me."

Chloe looked back at the dildo. It didn't look that bad, she thought. The
doctor lubed the dildo, then slid it easily into Chloe's box. He paused,
withdrew it, and pushed it hard against Chloe's tight butthole. Chloe
grunted and tried to move away, but found she was rooted to the spot. The
dildo seemed just too big for Chloe's tiny sphincter. The doctor leaned
over Chloe. "Relax", he said gently. In response to the voice, Chloe's
muscles eased. The doctor pushed again on the dildo with one hand and drew
Chloe's ass toward him with the other. With a violent lunge, the head of
the dildo popped into Chloe's ass, stretching it wider than it had ever
been. Chloe let out a wail, and the doctor, showing no mercy, forced the
dildo five inches into Chloe's shuddering body.

"Now, before the anal dildo is fully seated, we will introduce the vaginal
stimulus" the doctor said to camera.

He fetched a dildo from the side of the room. This was a monster. Eighteen
inches of rubber, the same diameter as Chloe's arm.

Again to camera "This dildo has been specially moulded to this subject's
measurements. If the drugs we have given her have had the desired effect,
she will be able to take the full length of the dildo safely, and should
return to her normal tightness within 24 hours."

Chloe barely heard any of this, preoccupied with the feeling in her ass. She
was glad she had offered her ass to Clark, or else she would surely have been
ripped apart, but even the brutal ass-fucking Clark had given her seemed to
have had little effect loosening her up.

" are going to take this dildo in your pussy. You will obey my
commands. Is that clear?"

"Yes, master". The words were out of Chloe's mouth instantly. Disobeying was
unthinkable to Chloe.

The doctor placed the dildo at the mouth of Chloe's vagina. The dildo looked
impossibly large, compared to the tiny pink slit it would be invading. Even
the doctor had second thoughts. Nonetheless, he pushed the slippery tip of
the dildo at Chloe's bald snatch. The blonde teen's pussy lips parted around
the silicone cock, and greased the head with her juice. But the massive
phallus refused to go any further. Chloe appeared as frustrated by this as
the doctor, and was humping her snatch onto the dildo, all the while with a
dildo half sticking out of her tiny asshole. After trying several positions
and angles, it became clear something would be needed to force the dildo in.
Chloe was rasied off the floor, with the dildo held securely to her slit, and
pointing up her fuck tube. On a signal, she would be dropped to the floor,
and the dildo would be forced into her. Chloe chewed her lip nervously. She
took a long breath, clutched her dildo tightly and gave the signal. She
plummeted toward the floor, landing with all her weight on the base of the
dildo. The massive fake cock brutally plunged into her unprotected teenage
pussy. There was no sound from Chloe, who had passed out. Ten inches of
rubber cock were buried in her cunt.

When she came to, Chloe was in pain. Her pussy felt as if it were on fire,
and every time she moved, the dildo in her ass was being pushed a little
further in. And yet Chloe felt the urge to reach beneath her and push the
dildo in her pussy inside her even further. She felt like a slut. Groaning,
she pushed herself down a little further on the dildo, her hungry slit
sucking it in inch by inch.

After half an hour, Chloe had reached 15 inches, and still did not feel
fulfilled. The dildo had pushed up against her cervix, and Chloe knew that
another effort would be required to get these last three inches inside her.
She composed herself, and pushed downwards violently. Two more inches
disappeared inside her stuffed twat. Chloe howled, and through a mass of
blurry tears, saw the last inch protruding from her hole. She tried to
wriggle herself onto it, but with 17 inches inside her, found moveent
almost impossible. Despite this, Chloe was determined to please her master,
and turned to him now.

" me."

The doctor placed his hands on Chloe's shoulders and pushed down firmly. With
a wet sucking sound the last of the mammoth dildo slid into Chloe's tortured

Chloe collapsed to the floor, exhausted, abused, but satisfied. The test had
been a success.

Chapter Four

Lana was given her evening meal. It consisted of a handful of pills, designed
to supplement her unusual diet, and a large glass of what she had been told
was protein shake. Being an unexperienced girl, Lana had no idea how sperm
tasted, or that she was being given around a litre of sperm to drink a day.
Mostly the spearm was human, but the doctor had put some dog and horse in on
occasion, either when he was running low on human spunk or just for fun. At
first Lana had rebelled against the diet, but when she had taken her first
meds, and hadn't eaten for four days, well, there are few girls who will turn
their nose up at a sperm milkshake.

Lana drank her glass without complaint now, and yesterday, had asked for
more. The drugs she had been given would eventually make all normal food
inedible to Lana, and she would have to rely on cum and her nutrient pills.
For now, Lana was being fed cum to acclimatise her. Today's cum came from a
horse, and Lana was having trouble sucking the ropy strands through the
straw provided.She removed the straw, and began to drink the cum straight.
Cum spilled down her front, and she scooped it up with her fingers, before
feeding it back into her waiting mouth. Lana was every inch the cum slut.
Her hair was slick with semen, and she licked at what was left in the glass.

Breakfast was served from the pussy or ass of a freshly fucked woman, and
after several hungry days Lana had no qualms about swirling her tongue deep
inside another woman's asshole to get her morning treat. At all times Lana's
pussy was kept full of cum, sealed in with a special rubber plug. The same
went for her ass, so that Lana was always carrying as much spunk as possible
inside her. After so much cum being pumped into her (and of course our
special pills), Lana's holes took more and more cum, and she acheived the
look of a woman six months pregnant with all the cum swilling around inside
her. When she moved, if you listened carefully, you could hear the sloshing
of liquid. Of course, filling Lana this much required huge amounts of jism,
and so we turned to the horses. Lana developed quite a tate for horse cum,
preferring it to human, and this gave the doctor an idea.

" would you like to fuck your old horse, Blaze?" the doctor asked
one morning.

Lana looked up. She had been sucking several loads of horse cum from a pretty
blonde girl's ass, and several strands of it linked her mouth and the girl's
open butthole.

"Sure, that sounds great" Lana said, and again buried her face in the girl's

So, two days later, Lana's pussy and ass were drained of cum, and Blaze was
led in. Lana was strapped to a low adjustable table. Her pussy and (in case
Blaze was inaccurate) her ass, had been oiled. The slim asian girl seemed
minute in comparison to the large stallion, and far too fragile to
accommodate his cock.

Lana had been undergoing training to stretch her throat muscles, and to
enable her deepthroat even the largest cock. While the doctor knew this would
be sufficient were Lana going to give any normal human male a blowjob, he was
not so sure about a stallion's penis. Lana would not be held back, however,
and began kissing the crown of the stallions cock. Sure enough, after Lana
began licking the enormous penis as if it were a lollipop, and taking each of
the massive balls into her mouth, the monster dick began to swell to it's
full size.

After the beautiful teen had petted and teased the animal to erection, she
began to attempt the impossible, taking the bulbous crown into her small
mouth with some difficulty. She then took a deep breath through her nose and
began to force her head onto the stallion's penis. Her head was only half the
size of the massive cock, and if she was to have any chance of deepthroating
it, she would have to take the shaft amost to her lungs. Lana looked so cute
with a monstrous dick filling her mouth that the doctor was pleased he had
arranged for this session to be videotaped. Lana was making a game effort to
swallow the cock, and had succeeded in getting the head partway down her
throat. She looked up with pleading eyes at the rest of the cock, but had to
come up for air. No sooner had she filled her lungs than she was burying her
face in the cock once again, and lodged the cock in her throat again. Several
times Lana repeated this, and on the final try, when she seemed beaten she
began to press her face further into the stallion's groin. More and more of
the bestial penis slipped down Lana's throat, but still there were a good six
inches outside Lana's throat. I could see Lana short-sightedly focus on the
cock that yet remained and I knew that she yearned to take it all. Lana began
to pull her head from the cock. Blaze chose this moment to thrust at the warm
tight embrace he had found, and Lana had no chance. The last six inches of
Blaze's cock were buried in Lana's twitching throat. Lana's eyes popped,
staring desperately into the magnificent beast's groin. Her nose was buried
in his pubic skin. Lana would need to come up for air in two and a half
minutes, calculated the doctor. Say a minute to disentangle her....

Lana, seeing that the doctor was not coming to help her, began to thrash
about on Blaze's penis. This of course only excited the stallion more, and he
began to ejaculate. Lana felt the gush of warm cum flow directly into her
stomach. She desperately tried to back away, but Blaze wanted to impregnate
this filly, and would not allow Lana to pull her head from his groin. Blaze
spurted massive jets of cum time and again into Lana's battered throat and
stomach, and all Lana could do was screw up her face and accept the
punishment she had earned herself. When Blaze finished cumming I quickly
pulled him off Lana. She turned her face towards me and burped, a little
horse cum dribbling from her mouth. She gave me a contented smile.

"I want to fuck him now" said Lana without preamble.

The table was tilted slightly downward, to offer better access to Lana's
pussy. A fresh stallion was led in, already erect. Lana's pussy had begun to
drip, and there was a small puddle on the floor already. The doctor placed
the stallion's cock at the entrance to Lana's cunt. He lined up the
womb-splitting monster with Lana's tight channel, and slapped the horse on
the rump. The animal bucked forwards, forcing 9 inches of obscenely large
rod into Lana's vagina, causing her to squeal like a piglet and babble

"Ohhhh...fuck me....fuck my jailbait litlle ass....fuck me...aah..yeah...fill
me with horsey dick....make me a slut....I'm a fucktoy...ohh..fuck me...cum
in me..."

By now the animal had established a rhythm, and his strokes were going a
little deeper each time. He buried 14 inches inside Lana with one mighty
thrust. Lana was close to cumming, and I could see the stallion was not
going to last much longer. His strokes were wild and forceful, and poor
Lana was being pummelled by his cock. As the beast drew back for another
inhuman thrust, the head popped out from Lana's pussy. Slick with oil and
cum, the stallion's penis found Lana's tight backdoor. He thrust his
bloated shaft at her rosebud so hard that Lana's screams would have
shattered glass. If it were not for the muscle stretching drugs we
prescribe Lana would have needed surgery. As it was, the stallions penis
filled Lana's butt completely. Unsurprisingly, the stallion came quickly,
lodged in Lana's hot, twitching asshole. Lana grunted with every splash
of scalding cum, and the doctor thought he could hear the cum splashing
in her bowels.

The doctor then signalled for Chloe to be brought in. She was naked, except
for a collar and a large buttplug, from which protruded a horsehair tail.
Chloe was ordered to clean up the mess, and she began by licking the horse
and girl cum from the table and floor. When she had finished, she began to
suck out the cum from Lana's ass. Lana responded to these ministrations by
drenching her friend's face in cum. By the time Chloe had finished, she
needed cleaning herself.

"Enough," the doctor said "Chloe, I want you to fist Lana's holes. One hand
in her cunt and one in her butthole. Any slacking and you will be punished."

Chloe got to her task with enthusiasm. Lana's holes were wide open from her
horse fucking, and Chloe slipped her hand with relative ease into Lana's
pusssy. Lana was soon gasping and uttering unintelligible moans. Chloe then
started to work her hand into Lana's butt. After several minutes, Chloe had
four fingers in Lana's butt and was sawing then in and out. The doctor leant
over her for a moment and whispered in her ear. Chloe smiled and nodded.
She gathered her hands at the entrence to Lanas's pussy and asshole and
simultaneously plunged both her hands into Lana's spasming holes. Lana cried
out. Her abused crotch was looking raw and inflamed, but that did not stop
Chloe from fisting her friend brutally into submission. Chloe punched her
hands into Lana's womb and ass, causing the black-haired teen to sob and beg
Chloe to stop. These cries only seemed to spur Chloe to further frenzied
heights. Eventually, when Chloe had tired of her new punching bag, she
stopped. She looked down, and saw with amazement that each of her arms was
lodged almost to the elbow inside Lana. Chloe could feel Lana's heartbeat
through her arms. Slowly she withdrew her hands with difficulty, and shared
a kiss with the still shaken Lana.

Some fifteen or twenty dogs were then sent in, and milled around the abused
girls. The girls looked puzzled. The doctor spoke to them "You will fuck
these dogs until they are satisfied. You will take their knots, and you will
be the receptacles for their cum. After you have finished, we will drain your
holes. The whore who produces the least semen will be flogged. Is that

Lana and Chloe looked at each other in delight. Their dreams were coming
true, although the blonde still seemed nervous about the prospect of a
flogging if she were to lose. The girls set to work with a will, and soon
the teen pussies held as much sperm as they could. Every new dog was
pushing out as much sperm as he deposited. Chloe had a brainwave, and let
the next six dogs fuck her ass. Although the knots swelled painfully
inside her tight pink anus, the girl was able to take far more cum than
Lana, who belatedly gave her ass to the dogs as well. Lana was set up for
her whipping, strapped against a wall, sperm still dripping from her
stretched pussy and ass. First, two 15" dildoes were placed beside her.
Lana blanched with horror. Did they mean to whip her or impale her?

In fact, the idea was to do both, and the first dildo was plunged into the
oriental cum-slut's well-used pussy. The first part slid in easily, and
after a mallet was produced, the rest of the dildo was seated firmly in
her teenage snatch. The dildo in her ass gave more trouble, and it took
half an hour before the monster cock was buried as deep as it would go.
Lana looked obscene, impossibly stretched, with the bases of two enormous
riubber phalluses sticking out of her gaping holes. Movement was impossible,
and Chloe looked on in wonder. She traced Lana's labia lips with her finger,
feeling how tightly they were stretched across the hard rubber of the dildo.
She looked down to the oriental's asshole, and gasped. Lana's butthole,
which Chloe remembered as a ting puckered opening, was now stretched as wide
as a man's forearm, the abused orifice clutching at the base of the dildo,
trying to draw it even further in. Lana was drooling, her face a mask of
lust. Chloe rubbed her hand over the young girl's stomach and flet the bulge
where the dildo was pushing against her pussy wall. Excitedly, Chloe pushed
at the spot, drawing a groan from Lana.

She turned to the doctor. "She's ready for her whipping, master," the blonde
said submissively.

To be continued... or not depending on the response.


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