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Author Note: A story was requested for a strange Martha/Lana pairing so here
is a faint attempt at a pairing I don't particularly care for. A Chloe/Lana
pairing and even a Martha/Clark pairing would be more interesting to me, but
I'm trying. Hope you enjoy the read.

Smallville: A New Beginning Part 1
by DCForever

"Here it is all over again, as if it was all deja vu. Only three months ago,
I stood in this very hospital, watching my dad take his last breathe on this
Earth. And now when I look down, it's not him that I'm seeing with tubes and
IVs protruding from her body, connected to instruments and monitors. I can't
stand seeing my mother like this. Though the reasons for admittance is
different, much different, it doesn't change the fact that she is lying there
and I'm standing here. I don't know what I should do. What can I do?"

"She will be fine, Clark." Spoke out a soft, familiar voice.

"I know she will Lana, but she won't be the same. You saw that thing. Where
did it come from?"

"No clue, but if it can just show up like that then I'm sure it can disappear
just as quick. Lex has called in quite a team of specialists to get to the
bottom of this. He, nor they, will rest until a solution has been found. Just
be glad that she is alive and well."

"I know I should be glad that she is okay, but I just can't get over...
nothing. Maybe when she wakes up she'll be able to explain some of what

"How long has she been like this?" asked Lana, trying to be a good friend.

He looked down at the date on his watch, "Three days and counting, but I've
heard Lex's people mentioning signs of increased brainwave activity so
hopefully she will open her eyes any time now. I don't know if I'll be able
to explain why everyone is here. She's going to freak."

"Everything will be fine, Clark. You'll see. Lex's people said they would
return the room as it was before they arrived and she will never know who all
was here. Well I go on shift in a few minutes. I'll be sure to look in on
Martha off and on throughout the night."

"Thanks, Lana. You're a true friend. Go on, you'll be late."

She stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek. "See ya."

* * *

A few hours later, Martha Kent opened her eyes for the first time in quite a
while. Clark was sitting in a nearby chair, asleep with the long vertical
blinds, covering the hallway windows pulled down and closed off, leaving the
room completely dark for the most part. Only the blue and green LCD
eluminations, from the instruments surrounding the head of her bed, provided
visibility, though it was limited to a certain degree. She squinked her eyes
and stared into the darkness toward the door. There was another in the room
with her and her son.

"Who's there?" she asked in a weakened state, lifting her hand to point at
the shadowed figure.

"Sshhh, you'll wake Clark. It's me Ms. Kent, Lana." The brunette candy
striper stepped closer to the bed, wearing her pink and white, vertically
striped dress and apron. "I'll wake Clark for you if you would like, but I
think he needs his rest. He hasn't left your side for even a second since
you were admitted."

"That's alright. Let him sleep. I don't have much energy anyway."

"Can I get you anything...or maybe help deflate a little something." Lana was
feeling daring as she looked down at the bulge tenting the sheets near the
older woman's thighs. Martha's eyes followed as well.

"So I wasn't dreaming then...I did grow one. What a freak I've become." The
prescribed sedatives were keeping the woman's emotions in check.

"No Ms. Kent you aren't a freak. I don't know what happened to you, but I'm
sure whatever it was it can be cured or fixed or whatever." Lana reached out
her hand and rested it on the sheet then moved to encase the hidden shaft
with her hand. Martha involuntarily moaned out for her efforts.

What was she to do? It wasn't like she ever had to deal with a woodie before.
"Would you mind?" The darkness that shadowed Lana's face moved further into
the dark, out of Martha's sight. She closed her eyes and let her other senses
take over. First there was the feel of the teenager's hand and then the
removal of her bed sheets, followed by a light breeze washing over her
exposed thighs. Then she felt it. She couldn't explain it. She was shocked
beyond words.

"Is this what Clark will have to go through?" Martha thought as she delighted
in the feel Lana's wet lips were giving her as she slowly slid up and down on
her. She didn't need to see the girl, feeling was quite enough all by itself.
Her hands raised up to attempt to hold Lana's head in place, but her attempt
was a failure, she lacked the necessary energy.

Martha wasn't the only one enjoying herself. Lana's tongue circled the
engorged mushroom-like head of the penis in her hands as she took the nine
inch monster further and further down her throat. She was as excited and
confused as Martha. Her initial plan to only relieve the woman with her hands
had quickly faded once she felt its size. It wasn't her first cock, but to
date it was the largest that she had ever handled.

Between the squeezing of the hands and lathering of her tongue, Martha didn't
last long. When the moment was over, her creamy white seed oozed out the side
of Lana's mouth as Lana's left hand gently massaged the older woman's heaving
breasts. Martha was appreciative of the help, but the placement and motions
of the girl's hand brought new meaning to what was happening in the private
hospital room.

* * *

6:30 am the following morning, Martha's nurse entered the hospital room to
check the monitors, having just clocked in for her morning shift. As she
crossed the room and walked around the bed to check the instrument readouts
she looked up and stared into a pair of open eyes.

"Oh my, you're awake! I'll be right back with the doctor."

Martha's head slowly shook side-to-side. "Don't." She looked over at the now
empty chair Clark had slept in the previous night. "Where is he?"

The nurse followed her gaze. "Oh your son? He said he had a few chores and
for me to keep him informed of your status. He seems to be a good kid."

"He is." Martha looked toward the closed door and then back to the nurse.
"Are you my nurse?"

"Yes Ms. Kent, I'm your nurse. My name is Julie. This is only my second time
checking on you since my schedule was switched to mornings."

"Wonder what she would think if she knew the only reason I switched was so I
could get near her son. What a dreamy guy," Julie thought as she looked down
at the older woman.

"Could I ask you for a favor then?"

"Sure, that's what I'm here for."

Martha moved her hand from her side and grabbed the bed sheet and slowly
pulled it up, letting the material gather around her chest. The nurse looked
down at the woman's exposed thighs and the hardened cock protruding upwards
towards her. "Could you?" Martha asked as a reddish blush overtook her rather
pale face.

The young nurse smiled and shook her head as she reached for the sheets and
pulled them back over her shaft hiding it from view. Martha needed relief in
the worst possible way and didn't know any other way. It had taken quite a
bit of courage to ask that favor from someone she didn't even know, but it
felt even worst being turned down.

"It's alright," she said as she turned on her side and faced toward the
outside wall.

The nurse straightened her bed sheet over her form and then walked to the
door and instead of leaving she reached over and turned the lock. She stepped
back over to the bed and sat down on the semi-soft mattress and reached her
hand under the bed sheet and over Martha's torso, resting her hand on the
hardened penis. Martha's breathe caught in her throat as she felt the young
woman's hand wrap its coolness around her pulsing organ and started an
up-down stroking motion.

"This will be our little secret," whispered the nurse into Martha's right
upturned ear. Martha became turned on as the nurse's heated breathe blew over
her lobe. Martha could only take a few strokes before her morning hardness
went limp leaving her flesh and the underside of her bed sheet covered in her

"I'll get that cleaned up right away," said the nurse, wiping her hand over
the cum covered knob before extracting it from beneath the sheet.

"No it's fine. You can leave it. I have someone coming by to visit later that
will clean it up. It'll be a surprise."

"So what, just like that you're over me? What was I to you, just another
willing spare hand? Fine then, we're through!" Julie said, breaking into a
fit of histeria, unable to keep a straight face. Martha just turned and
smiled at the young nurse.

"You're a sweet child. Someday you'll find that perfect someone, but for now,
I'm not that person." Martha's smile broadened as she cracked. Her energy was
slowly returning to her body.

"Hey, what's a good stroke job with a female stranger if you can't have a
good laugh afterwards right?"

"Right!" Martha laughed a bit before her face momentarily turned serious.
"Thanks, Julie. You were a big help."

Julie leaned over and placed her sticky hands on the woman's face, "No
problem, Ms. K," then pecked her on the cheek before straightening up and
walking back to the door to unlock it. "Wouldn't want anyone getting
suspicious of our little rendezous. Catch your sweet redness later." Julie
smiled as she opened the door and stood in the open doorway and stared back
at the older woman laying on her side looking back at her. She raised her
hand and licked the residing cum from her fingers as the door closed behind

"Yummy. Guess it runs in the family," thought the short, blonde haired nurse
as she headed back to the nurse's station.

* * *

Short time later.

"Martha, you're up and awake. How is everything?" Martha held the phone to
her ear as she listened to the teenager's sweet voice.

"Everything is okay, I'm feeling much better, but there is one small thing I
could...maybe use some assistance with."

"Hehe, say no more. I'm already on my way over, be there in a few. Us girls
have to stick together."

"I may not have that long." Martha hung up the phone before Lana could reply.
"That should up a fire under her," she thought as she fluffed her pillow and
laid her head down. "Is this really what it feels like to be a man?" she
wondered as she stared up at the ceiling, waiting for her son's life long
love to come and service her for the second time that day.

Martha reached her hand to her face and played with Julie's sticky leftovers.
"Yes we certainly do need to stick together," she whispered.

* * *

Down the hall moments later, Clark Kent walked through a set of double
glassed doors and leaned against the counter at the nurse's station.

"Is Julie around?" He asked the nurse on duty, wondering if what happened
between him and Julie earlier was just a spur of the moment fling or
something more.

"She's doing her rounds at the moment. Care for me to page her?"

"Is it alright if I just wander around a bit? I'm sure I'll find her."

The nurse winked and smiled at the tall, handsome teenage boy. "Whatever you
want sweetcakes." Clark's face turned a blushing red as he walked away.

"Oh by the way young man, your mother is awake."

"She is?" He questioned and quickly ran down the hall to his mother's private
room. He rested his hand on the door knob before pushing down on the lever to
open it. "What will be different?" he thought, hesitating to enter the room.

Inside the room, Martha saw the door slowly opening and threw the sheet from
the bed exposing herself for her visitor. "Lana won't know what hit her,"
thought Martha as she waited impatiently for her young cock sucker to return
to her aid.

To be continued in Part 2

Written by: DCForever
Written: Sept 8th, 2004


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