Smallville: A Love Of My Own (mf,mFF,mm,inter,preg)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent woke up that day, feeling alright. He was a teenager and a student
at Smallville high school. He was also the last Son of the Planet Krypton. As
such, he inherited many super powers. He had immense strength and phenomenal
speed. He could also see through solid matter, light fires with his eyes and
hear sounds ordinary mortals could not hear. Plus his body was invulnerable.
He went to school that day, just like he would any other day. He saw his
friends. Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. He also saw Lana Lang. The beautiful
girl he had been in love with since forever. And for once, she saw him.

Lana Lang looked at Clark. She couldn't believe she hadn't realized it
before. She was in love with this guy. He was everything she ever wanted in
a guy. He was so sweet and honest and he really did care about her. For years
he contented himself by being her friend. He always wanted to be more but she
was always afraid. Ever since her parents died, she was afraid to let people
get near her because she feared she might lose them. Clark looked at her, and
there was pain in his face. He turned to leave. She held him. "Clark. Don't."

He looked at her. "Don't what, Lana? "he asked.

Lana looked at him. "Don't leave me, Clark."

He looked at her. She was so beautiful, so frail. He couldn't help but feel
protective of her. He had been around men and women long enough to know that
appearances were oftnen deceving and the most harmless seeming man or woman
could be very dangerous and outright evil. He also knew that girls had these
covert means of playing their dangerous games to get what they wanted. Lying,
cheating, plotting and scheming were common tools. Physical violence was
usually the last resort. That's why they were so damn good at manipulation
and deception. He told himself that Lana Lang was different. He had known her
his whole life and he really did have feelings for her. He honestly felt
attracted to her, even now. He knew that he had to be careful. What if she
was like the rest? Did she want to trap him? He held her hand. "Lana, a lot
has happened lately. I have changed."

Lana looked at him. She knew now that he was the perfect guy for her and she
wouldn't let him go. There were very few good men in this world and Clark
Kent was one of them. "I know what I want now, Clark. It's you."

She looked at him, smiling. He hesitated. She came into his arms. He held her
close. He was very surprised when she tip-toed and kissed him. "I love you,

He kissed her back. In spite of himself, he felt his body tense and a certain
part of his anatomy harden. He was still attracted to Lana Lang. "We need to
talk." he said.

She held his hand and smiled. "I know."

Lovebirds Make Me Sick

She took him and led him into the house. They went to her room. She sat him
down and made him close his eyes. "I have a surprise for you." she said.

"What is it?" Clark asked.

"Open your eyes."

He did. Clark Kent found himself looking at Lana Lang, nude in all her glory.
He gasped. God, she was beautiful. Her petite yet sexy body. That long black
hair and those sweet, beautiful eyes. "Lana..." he began.

Lana looked at him. "Like what you see, Clark?" she asked.

Clark had to admit she looked good. He still thought she was the most
beautiful girl in the world. His body agreed. Especially below the waist.

She noticed that he was hard. "Oh, Clark." she said.

Clark looked at her. Her nudity was affecting him. He got up, as if to leave.
Lana thought he was playing hard to get, smiled and took him to bed. "Just
relax, Clark. I want you to enjoy this." she said.

Clark just sat there and watched as she pulled off his shoes, socks and
pants. She practically ripped off his shirt. He sat there, naked as a
jaybird. Lana Lang smiled and her hand found Clark's semi hard cock. "Not
too hard yet. I'll take care of that." she said.

She took his cock in her hands and began running her hands up and down on it.
She knew guys liked it when girls did that. She pumped him up, giving him the
best handjob she could then she got on her knees and took him in her mouth.
Clark gasped when Lana's mouth swallowed his cock. He felt the tip of her
tongue teasing him and she began to lick him, her tongue flicking around,
causing him to twitch as her touch rendered his cock hyper sensitive.

"Oh, God!" he said.

Lana took this as a good sign, then began to suck him. She had seen her share
of cocks in her time and Clark had a nice, large one. Made to be sucked. He
just sat there, his hand caressing her head, running through her hair. His
eyes were half closed. He had an expression that was half sleep, half
pleasure on his handsome face. She sucked him dry, like a living vacuum and
when Clark came, she drank up his cum. She slurped it all down.

"Like that, Clark?" she asked.

"Yes." he said. He caressed her breasts, then her neck and thighs.

She put one finger inside her pussy, then two. She was ready for more. She
made Clark lie down on the bed, flat on his back with his erect cock standing
at attention. "I'm gonna ride you like a bronco." she said.

Clark smiled and she straddled him. She lowered herself onto his cock. Inch
by inch. Once she had him inside her, she began to rock back and forth,
moving up and down on his cock. Clark held her by the hips, supporting her.
He thrust in and out, slowly and gently. Lana grunted. Clark was huge and she
was having trouble taking him in but it was his first time and she wanted to
make it special so she rode him. They fucked like this for several minutes,
then he came, shooting his hot cum inside her. She sucked his cock, cleaning
him off. Once she was done, he held her in his arms. Clark was still slightly
dazed, the overwhelming sensations still rocking his body.

"I want to give you something else." she said.

Clark looked at her, his face a mixture of curiosity and surprise. "There's
more?" he asked.

Lana smiled. She couldn't believe how much of a novice he was. "Yeah, much

Anal Ease Please

She left and went to her drawers where she took a bottle of Aloe cream. She
rubbed some on her hands and rubbed it between her round cheeks then put some
on Clark's cock. "What is that for?" he asked.

"You'll see." Lana said. She came back to the bed and went on her hands and
knees. She spread her ass cheeks apart. "Take me down where the sun don't
shine, boy." she said in her sexy Southern voice.

Clark hesitated.

"It's ok, Clark. I want you to."

Clark looked at her. Those beautiful buttcheeks, spread wide open and
ready for the taking. He felt his cock harden at the thought. He came and
positioned himself behind her. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it
against her pink little hole. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"I was born ready." she said.

Clark put his cockhead against her hole, and pushed. He entered, moving past
the tight ring of muscle then right into her ass. Lana gasped. Clark entered
her slowly, gently. In and out he went, going slowly. He fucked her nice and
slow, his hard cock penetrating her ass and pushing deep inside her. Lana
emitted a low moan, and Clark grunted as he fucked her. "Are you okay?" he

"Peachy," Lana grunted.

He fucked her like this, going in hard and fast then slow and steady,
thrusting deep into her bowels then pulling back almost all the way out, only
to go right back in. He felt a rush in his loins and warned her. "I'm gonna
cum." he said.

"So cum." she said.

He did, in long spurts. His cum flooded her asshole. For a moment, Lana Lang
felt abased. Clark pulled out of her.

They lay on the bed, with her wincing. Her ass was sore as hell.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Clark looked at her. God, she looked so beautiful, and so frail again. He
pulled her to him and held her like this.

Lana hesitated, then let go. She just lay in his arms for a moment. "So,
Clark. How was your first time?" she asked.

Clark looked at Lana, and smiled. "Great." He kissed her on the lips.

Minutes later, he was fast asleep. Lana Lang looked at Clark Kent as he
slept. He was just the most beautiful boy. Sure, she had a lot to teach him
but she thought it would be fun for both of them.

Couples: I've Seen A Few

Over the next few months, Clark Kent and Lana Lang became inseparable.
They went everywhere together. They ate lunch at school, sitting with their
friends Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross. They took Lana's car to the movies or
went horseback riding around the Kent farm. They had picnics in the woods.
Clark was enjoying this immensely, and Lana Lang was in love. Clark was so
sweet and nice. She loved that about him. He could be goofy sometimes but
that's one of the reasons why she liked him.

Clark was happy. He finally got with the girl of his dreams. They were the
most talked-about couple in Smallville. The farmboy and the girl next door.
Or was it the School paperboy and the head cheerleader? They were a happy
couple. They took Pete's van and made love inside. Or they went to the Talon
and used a secluded storage room. It was cool. Clark came to see Lana at
cheerleading practice and she watched him do chores around the house or
investigate a Wall of Weird mystery. Clark's parents were happy for him.

Clark lay in bed one night. He was in his room, at home. His parents were
gone for the weekend. He and Lana just made passionate love. He was dreaming.
In his dream, he was...flying. He woke up feeling weird. This wasn't the
first weird dream he had. He had a dream of being with Lana Lang, getting
married and starting a family right here in Smallville. He also dreamt of
being a reporter in Metropolis. He couldn't choose between those dreams.
Plus there were these weird dreams of men that he'd been having.

Stand Up For Yourself

Time passed. The spring came and Lana was busy. Clark saw less and less
of her. His desires for her were waning. His dreams of strange men were
intensifying. He was terrified of what they could mean. He had to talk to
someone about this or he would go crazy. He read a book about it. It was
Telling Tales Out of School by Kevin Jennings. Basically Gays, lesbians
and bisexuals remembering their school days. Clark had dreams about guys.
He also knew that he loved Lana Lang, always had. So, how could he be gay?
Gay guys dressed, walked, talked and acted weird. It was hard enough being
an Alien from a distant, dead planet and having super powers. He did not
need to add queer to his list of problems. He walked in school and saw a
skinny guy walking in an effeminate manner. The guy, whose name was Marty
was obviously gay.

"Hey, faggot." said Troy, a big guy from the Basketball team.

Marty tried to ignore the jocks. He was used to it. Just then, Michael,
Troy's teammate pushed Marty violently. "He said hey to you, faggot. Why
don't you holler back?"

Marty stood and faced the jocks. Clark looked at the scene. Marty was maybe
five-foot-three by 130 pounds. There was no way he could stand up to Michael
and Troy. Both jocks were over six feet tall and looked like bodybuilders.

"Leave him alone." said Clark.

The jocks looked at Clark. "Why are you defending the fag, Clark?" said

Clark looked at them. He could just snap them like twigs and leave before
anyone saw him. He had powers no other being on Earth had and could destroy
them. He grabbed both Troy and Michael and threw them at the wall. They hit
the wall, and fell. The two jocks were screaming and twisting in pain.

Marty looked at Clark. "Thanks, Clark. You're real strong."

Clark grinned. "You got no idea." He patted Marty on the shoulder. "Stick up
for yourself, man."

Marty grinned, and ran along. Clark watched him go. Then, he left. Michael
and Troy were still grunting in pain on the floor. None of them knew someone
else had seen the whole thing. That someone was Peter Ross, Clark's best

Is He Or Isn't He?

Peter Ross went home feeling awkward. Had he seen what he just saw? Clark
Kent sticking up for a Gay kid? Wow! Pete was so excited. He went to his room
and sat behind his computer. His whole life Pete had known he was different.
He felt attracted to girls sometimes but often than not, he had a thing for
guys. He labeled himself a bisexual. Well, a five on the Kinsey Scale anyway.
He kept it to himself. He still went out with girls. In fact, his first
sexual experience was with a girl named Rachel Welles. He also slept with a
girl named Nicole and another girl named Tamela. For a long time he pretended
to be straight.

Then, one day he fell in love with a boy named Roger. Roger was the
captain of the Soccer team. He was tall, handsome and masculine. Pete hated
effeminate men. He avoided them like the plague. It was okay to be a Gay or
bisexual man, but acting like a woman was disgusting and appalling. Pete had
a secret affair with Roger. Roger graduated then went to college. Pete went
back to dating girls. He slept with a few of them. Sex with girls was
enjoyable and fun, but he couldn't stop thinking about sex with other boys.
He had been in love with Clark for a long time, and contented himself with
being his best friend.

Clark did not give off the aura of gayness or even a hint of bicuriosity.
Plus he was permanently crushed on Lana Lang. Pete thought Lana was a bitch
and couldn't believe that any guy would waste time on her. Oh, well. Some
men were really stupid. And a large number of women, too.

Pete decided to call Clark. "Hey, man. What's up?" said Pete.

"Oh, not much. I'm cool." said Clark.

Pete hesitated. "Wanna chill today?" he asked.

Clark said, "Sure, man."

They agreed to meet in a few minutes. Pete showered, got dressed and took
some chewing gum. He wanted to impress Clark. He took his car and went to
pick him up.

"Where do you want to go?" said Pete.

Clark smiled. "The movies. I always wanted to see Dawn of the Dead. Ving
Rhames is cool."

Pete grinned. "Yeah, the brothaman is cool."

They drove to the multiplex. They watched the movie. It was fun. Zombies,
fast-moving ones chasing people and killing them. People losing their loved
ones as they become Zombies. Even a tear-jerker scene or two. After the
movie, they went to McDonalds and ate.

"So, how's it going with Lana?" said Pete.

Clark shrugged. "Ok. I don't see her as much as I would like, though."

Pete couldn't help himself. "Have you slept with her?" he asked.

Clark blushed. "Yeah."

Pete grimaced. "Did you enjoy it?"

Clark nodded.

He told Clark that he had seen him sticking up for a gay kid and asked him
what he thought of gay people.

"I don't like those who discriminate. I'm an alien for God's sakes!" said

Both laughed.

After eating, they went to play basketball. Clark beat Pete 50 to 34. Without
using his powers.

"You should be in the NBA." said Pete.

Clark grinned. "I can't fly."

Pete smiled. "Who knows? Someday you might."

Pete drove Clark back to his house. On the way there, there was an accident.
A large bus hit a small car. There were people injured. Clark intervened, and
lifted the fallen bus and rescued people from the car. He saved the lives of
many people that day. Pete watched him in action. The boy was amazing. Pete
knew he would never love anyone as much as he loved Clark.

Once Clark was done, he came back. "All in a day's work." he said.

"I hear that." said Pete.

He drove Clark home. The two of them shook hands, then Clark went inside.
Pete watched him go. Clark was PHINE!!!

Darkness Rising

Clark went in and called Lana. He wanted to talk to her. They didn't do
anything as a couple anymore. She was so busy with cheerleading and shit like
that. He felt angry and neglected.

"If that's the way you feel, Clark, then maybe we shouldn't see each other
anymore." said Lana.

Clark roared into the phone, "Fine, don't call me!!!" he slammed it down.

Then, he went to bed. His head was full of thoughts of Lana. He hadn't seen
her in a long time and it had been two weeks since they made love. He decided
to go out. He thought better of it. He decided to call Pete.

"Hey, man. What's up?" said Pete.

"Lana just broke up with me."

Pete gasped. He wanted to scream YES at the top of his lungs! Clark was
single! But instead he said, "Oh, man. I'm sorry."

Clark laughed. "Don't be. This bitch don't know what she's missing out. I'm
gonna go out and get some pussy."

Clark slammed down the receiver then went to a drawer. He took the Red
Kryptonite ring. The Ring that could turn him into Kal El, the ruthless
Kryptonian conqueror. He put it on, and instantly felt different. He felt
calm, cool and in control. Clark Kent had doubts. He had fears. He had
weaknesses. Kal El knew he was a winner and one from a long line of
winners. He was not a man but The Man.

Kal El stepped outside of the Kent farm, and looked at Smallville. The town
was pathetic. He needed a better place to chill at. He left, speeding down
the highway at speeds exceeding common measure. Kal El went to the First
National Bank of Metropolis and stole $200,000 in cash. He then rented a
room at a five-star hotel. He bought a 2004 Chevy Impala then went out on
the town. He had some time to kill.

He decided to go out on the town. The Rialto Lounge was a nice club in the
city, a place frequented by the rich and famous. He had to get in. So, he
did. He looked around. The place looked nice. There were rich men dancing
with beautiful women. He recognized cheap hoes dancing with rich losers and
felt a lot of hatred toward them all.

He was approached by a woman. He looked at her. She introduced herself as
Joanna Perez, a five-foot-eight, red-haired, green-eyed woman in her early
thirties. He could tell she was a gold-digging ho and she saw him as fresh
meat. He decided to play the game. He bought her a drink. They talked and
talked. He made up some shit. He was a young heir come to Metropolis for a
good time and she was 'connected.' She could show him a good time, for a
price. He followed her and one other woman as she led him to a secluded
room. The other woman was Marilyn. A tall, black-skinned woman with a bald
head and an athlete's build. They were high-class hookers servicing rich
men for money. They charged him $1000 each. Kal was willing to play. He
went in there with them.

First, he watched them get it on. Marilyn stripped naked, then undressed
Joanna. Then, the two women were making out. They licked and kissed each
other. Joanna caressed Marilyn's breasts and buttocks before making her
lie on the carpeted floor and eating her pussy. Joanna was good at eating
pussy, judging by the way she was eating out Marilyn. The black woman was
moaning and grunting as Joanna ate her out. Then, they did a sexy nine
which Kal El watched and beat off to. He watched Joanna fuck Marilyn with
a strap on, first in her pussy then up her ass. Marilyn was a screamer.
Kal El decided to join in. First, he stood there, letting the women undress
him then suck his dick. He came all over their beautiful faces and their
greedy eyes looked at him. Then, he fucked Marilyn's pussy while she ate
out Joanna, who straddled her face. He loved the feel of Marilyn's tight
black pussy. He had a go with Joanna's ass. Boy, was she tight. He fucked
her hard and fast, slamming his hard cock into her.

He plunged deep into her bowels, where he shot his cum. Joanna screamed as
Clark's hot cum filled her little shit hole. He fucked them in many other
ways for the rest of the night. Then, tired, he fell asleep. The women headed
for the showers and showered together. They came back, dressed and with their
makeup on. Marilyn looked disgustedly at Kal El. "Men," she said. "Fools."

Joanna nodded in agreement, and helped herself to Kal's ring. She took it off
his finger, and left. It was a nice-looking ring with a pretty crimson stone.

Clark Kent woke up slowly. He felt oddly good. He was in a room, in a club.
He was also naked. He recalled what happened with some shame. He had stolen
money and had sex with women. God, what had he done? His ring was missing.
He felt desperate. He realized he had been transformed into the ruthless
Kal El by the power of the ring and it had been three days since he left
Smallville. He felt desperate. Who could he call? He called on Pete's cell
phone. Pete picked up.

"Where the hell have you been, Clark?" he said.

Clark told him everything. Pete listened. He had gone over to Clark's house
and had been worried sick. Jonathan and Martha Kent were worried sick about
their son. So did Lana, apparently. "I'm coming to pick you up." said Pete.

Pete drove to Metropolis and picked Clark Kent up at the hotel. Clark Kent
had returned the money to the bank, minus $2,000. It was big news. Of course,
no one saw him. He was too fast and he wore a black costume and hood. When
Pete picked Clark up, he was relieved. He hugged Clark. They went in the car
and went to Smallville. Once at home, Clark got yelled at by his parents.
They grounded him for a week. Clark was back in the fold, at least. Pete
often came over, and Lana did a couple of times. She told Clark how worried
she was, and how sorry she was that she had broken up with him. She told him
she wanted to get back together. Clark didn't trust himself after becoming
Kal El for the last time. He told her he wanted to be friends and she
accepted that.

One day, Clark Kent and Pete Ross were playing basketball when Clark finally
talked to Pete about those dreams that he had been having, about strange men
and sexual activity. "I don't want you to freak out," said Clark. "I don't
know what it could mean."

Pete looked at Clark and took a deep breath. "Clark. I've got something to
tell you."

Clark looked at Pete. "Shoot."

Pete looked him straight in the eyes. "I am bisexual. I think I always will
be." he said. "I also love you, man. I always will, no matter what."

Clark looked at Pete. So that's why Pete was always sticking up for him...
"Join the club, buddy". Clark said.

Pete looked at Clark, and the two friends hugged.

"Let's go to my place." said Pete.

Clark felt excited and terrified at the same time but he nodded and hopped
into Pete's car.

A Love Of My Own

Clark looked at Pete. Pete Ross took his clothes off, slowly. He looked at
Clark, and smiled his cocky grin. "Like what you see?" he said.

Clark smiled back and watched his friend undress. Pete was a well-built guy,
with nice-cut abs, a muscular chest and powerful legs. His body looked sturdy
and tough yet sexy as hell. Pete had stripped down to his underwear. "Come
here." said Clark.

Pete smiled and walked over to him. They kissed. Clark loved the taste and
feel of Pete's lips. The ebony stud was hot, period. They kissed each other
and Clark cupped Pete's firm buttocks. He then took him to bed. Clark took
off his shirt and pants. Down to his boxers, he faced Pete.

"Like what you see?" Clark asked Pete.

Pete grinned. The two boys fell on the bed and wrestled a little bit. They
rolled around, playing and laughing. Clark found himself lying on top of
Pete. "Got you right where I want you." said Pete.

Clark grinned and helped Pete free himself. He held Pete's large black cock
in his hands. "Oh, man. That's a big boy." said Clark.

Pete grinned. "You got no idea."

Clark ran his hand up and down on Pete's manhood. The cock was not only
large but fairly thick as well. He had to taste it. He did, taking the head
of Pete's cock into his mouth. He caressed it, teasing Pete with his tongue.
He then began to suck it, taking as much as he could into his mouth. Pete
fucked Clark's mouth. Clark caressed his own cock while sucking off Pete,
and when Pete came in his mouth, he sucked off the cum. He licked him clean.
Not a single drop was spilled.

"Come here, boy." said Pete.

Clark grinned and embraced Pete. They kissed. Clark felt Pete's hard cock
under him. He looked into Pete's eyes. "I want to do it, Pete."

Pete looked at Clark. He had loved this boy his whole life. He had dreamed of
making love to Clark for so long, and now the time had come. "Me too," said

Clark smiled and Pete kissed him. Clark lay on the bed and Pete took his
cock in his hands, pumping it up before taking it into his mouth. Clark
leaned back and closed his eyes, loving the feel of Pete Ross's mouth
around his cock. Pete's agile tongue was doing things to him. He soon
came, shooting his cum all over Pete's face.

Pete licked him clean off. Then, he got on top of Clark. Clark's erect cock
was aimed skyward and Pete Ross lowered himself onto it. He felt Clark's
large cock press against him, and down he went. Clark grunted when he was
finally inside Pete. Pete grimaced, then began to move up and down on Clark.
Clark had never felt anything like this before. He felt like his cock was
enclosed in a warm, tight place. The sensation was wonderful, and
overwhelming. He opened his eyes, to see Pete on him. They made love like
this. Clark had Pete lie down on the bed with his legs resting on Clark's
shoulders while he went inside him, then back out. He thrust in and out.
Long and hard and fast, then slow and steady. Pete had his eyes closed. He
loved the feeling of Clark inside him. He had dreamt of this moment since
forever. Clark looked at Pete's handsome face. He took one of Pete's hands
and kissed it. He continued to ram it into Pete, fucking him gently.

Finally, he felt a rush in his loins and knew he was about to cum. He
warned Pete, who opened his eyes and then Clark came, sending his hot cum
deep inside his lover. Pete Ross gasped when Clark filled his insides with
his seed. Clark pulled out and fell on Pete, tired and sweaty. Pete held
onto him and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you, man." he said.

Clark grunted, then fell asleep.

Clark Kent and Pete Ross became a couple that night. They told their parents
and their friends. They let the whole world know. They were two best friends
and they were in love. They graduated high school as well. Lana Lang became
one of Clark's best friends after the big annoucement.

"I love you, Clark. No matter what." she said.

She kissed him on the cheek and then walked away. Clark's parents were
surprised. Jonathan Kent was less than pleased. Even more surprising was
the fact that Chloe Sullivan announced to the whole school that she was
bisexual as well. She was moving in with her new girlfriend Trina Jones
of the Smallville High Girl's Softball team. Trina Jones was a lesbian
who had recently broken up with her boyfriend Michael of the Boy's
basketball team and come out of the closet. Clark Kent and Pete Ross
moved into an apartment in Metropolis. Lex Luthor was a frequent visitor.
He came out of the closet as well and his father Lionel Luthor signed
over possession and control of LuthorCorp. Lex Luthor married Lana Lang
one month following graduation. Clark Kent was the best man. Clark Kent
and Pete Ross enrolled at Kansas state university.


Clark Kent stayed in the apartment, cleaning up after a big party. His
partner Pete Ross was asleep in the bedroom. There was a knock on the door.
Clark Kent went to open. It was social services. The lady from the services's
name was Paula Grey. She had come visit them concerning Clark Kent and the
fact that he was the only parent of a year-old girl named Martina Perez.
Martina Perez was the daughter of former prostitute Joanna Perez. Joanna had
gotten pregnant from Clark and died in childbirth. Social services tracked
down Clark. Clark took one look at Martina, and knew that she was his
daughter. She had his black hair, blue eyes and serious, brooding look.
Clark Kent and Pete Ross became the adoptive parents of Martina Perez Kent.

After years in Metropolis, Clark Kent eventually became Superman. He doned a
costume and used his powers to help people. He became a Global icon. No one
knew that Clark Kent was Superman. Clark Kent graduated from Kansas state
university and had gotten a job at the Daily Planet where he met Jimmy Olsen,
his old acquaintance Perry White and the beautiful and headstrong Lois Lane.
Clark was out at work and pretty much in every aspect of his life. He was
proud of who and what he was. He was an award-winning reporter. He had a
comfortable romantic, domestic and sexual relationship with his partner Pete
and loved his daughter Martina, who was half Kryptonian. One day, Pete Ross
died in a tragic accident. Clark Kent was devastated.

He was a single man who had lost the love of his life and was now the sole
parent of a ten-year old girl with emerging super powers. On top of that, he
had his duties to the world as Superman. Thankfully, his best friend Lois
Lane helped. She had always had a thing for Clark Kent. She knew he was gay
and had a partner and a daughter but always hoped he would feel something for
her. She helped him in his time of need and they became even better friends.
She knew that Clark Kent was Superman and that the world's most famous
superhero was queer, though the rest of humanity thought of Superman as
straight. The grieving Clark Kent rediscovered his bisexuality in the arms of
Lois Lane. She was there for him, keeping him company one night and they made
love. She was the first woman he had been with in over a decade. Lois Lane
was overjoyed that the man she loved more than anything in the world was
returning her affections. They began to date. They became lovers, then went
back to being friends and lovers again. Finally, they moved in together.

Three years later, Lois Lane married Clark Kent and together they raised the
young Martina Perez Kent, the teenager destined to become Supergirl.

The End


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