Smallville: A Day In the Life Of Lex Luthor (MF,inter,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lex Luthor sat in his office in downtown Metropolis. He was the head of
LuthorCorp. The largest corporation in the world. He was one of the most
powerful people in the planet. He could do anything. Wealth and power came
with priviledge and prestige. Lex Luthor had his share of troubles just like
any other man. He had his "woman issues". He did what he had to do to get
by. Lex Luthor was a single guy and one of the most elligible bachelors in
America. He liked it that way.

The world knew of Lex Luthor as a womanizer. He was well-known for it. He had
conquests among the models and actresses of the world. Also, waitresses and
secretaries, though never for his own company. Lex Luthor was used to getting
what he wanted. He was the son of Lionel Luthor, the man who built LuthorCorp
from the ground up. His father was a very ambitious and occasionally ruthless
man. He taught Lex that in order to win, sometimes you had to do things that
you might regret. Lionel Luthor taught his son well. Too well. Lex had grown
into a ruthless and conniving young man who always got what he wanted.

Lex Luthor was bored, so he needed a distraction. He went to his loft and
called one of his "female friends". The female in question was Natalie.
Natalie was a tall and slender young African woman with dark brown skin
and long hair bleached bone-white. Natalie was a student at Metropolis
university. She came from Africa. From Zaire, to be exact. A very smart
and pretty girl. She was the niece of a business executive who worked for
LuthorCorp's offshoot company, Lead Trade. Lex and Natalie had gotten
down on more than one occasion. That's the way Lex Luthor liked it. No
commitment. No attachment. Just hot and passionate sex. Natalie came to
his loft wearing a skimpy red dress that made Lex Luthor want to do sex
acts that were still illegal in some states.

Natalie came to him. Lex had drinks ready. Then, they got busy. Lex Luthor
wanted to take her right then and there but Natalie was kinky and wanted to
do something in the shower. Lex Luthor was always open to new ideas. He and
Natalie went into the shower and let the warm water fall all over their
young, hot bodies. Natalie was sexy as hell. Her ass looked so damn tempting.
Lex's hand caressed her firm, smooth buttocks. Nice. Natalie flashed him a
bright smile and took some soap and applied some between her butt cheeks. Lex
was more than willing to give her a hand. He soaped up her little asshole.
She bent over and looked at him with a mixture of lust and daring.

Lex Luthor grinned. He rubbed his cock against her butthole. She purred. He
slid his cock into her asshole, and pushed. Natalie grunted. Lex Luthor's
hands gripped her by the hips and he started to thrust in and out of her ass.
Her ass was so damn tight around his cock. He was loving it. He slammed his
cock deep inside her asshole. Natalie was almost driven to the floor by the
strength of his thrusts. She supported herself by resting her hands on the
wall and arched her back. She pushed back, driving Lex Luthor's cock further
up her asshole. Lex just rammed it up her ass, hard. He was cursing like a
sailor and thrusting into her like a madman. There was no tenderness. This
wasn't love-making. This was pure fuck. With passion. Lex Luthor gripped her
long hair in his hands and slammed his cock ballsdeep up her ass. Natalie
screamed. Lex grunted and made a grimace as he came, filling up the beautiful
black girl's ass with his hot cum.

Once he came, Lex Luthor pulled out of the girl's ass with an audible pop. He
Natalie turned to look at him. She winced. Her bunghole was sore, to say the
least. Lex Luthor said nothing. He offered her a towel and walked out of the
shower. She knew the drill. He went to his room. She was gone by the time he
had undressed. Natalie did not like men like Lex Luthor but he had money and
she needed him... for the moment. She slammed the door and left. Lex Luthor
sat on his couch after she was gone. He had put his clothes back on and
headed out of the door. He drove back to his office in downtown Metropolis.

Lex Luthor sat through a meeting full of business executives. The two
dozen men and women who made up the board around which he sat were the most
ruthless and conniving bastards and bitches on the planet. People that would
sell mother and father just to make a quick buck. Lex Luthor had no respect
for such people. He felt sick being in their presence. They were definitely
bad news.

All of a sudden, Lex Luthor felt... sick. He got up and did something that
was definitely out of character. He walked out of the meeting. "Ladies and
gentlemen, the meeting is adjourned." he told them. He walked out of the
door and out of the building.

Lex went to the LuthorCorp garage and drove out of the bustling Metropolis.
He left the City of Tomorrow and went to the Heartland. There was something
he had to do. The one thing he knew that would cheer him up. He drove through
the highway and entered Smallville, Kansas. He drove through the streets of
the small town and went further into the farm lands. He drove into the land
of farmers and saw a large red ranch. The place looked cheerful. Lex Luthor
parked his car and stepped out.

In the driveway stood a tall young man. He had dark hair and pale blue eyes.
He wore a blue T-shirt and black jeans. "Hey, Lex." he said. "What's up?"

Lex smiled. This was the one person in the world he thought he could trust.
The one person who had never betrayed him... the only decent human being
Lex Luthor knew... Clark Kent. Clark Kent was one of those people... he
was just... nice. A charming, witty, funny and cool kind of guy. Always
dependable and trustworthy. Honest. Like something out of a book, only real.
Lex Luthor's life had been saved by Clark Kent more times than the young
multibillionaire could count...

"What are you doing here?" Clark asked. He held a basketball in his hand.

"Just coming from Metropolis." said Lex. "Thought I'd drop by." The two young
men shook hands. "Where are your parents ?" asked Lex.

"Out for the weekend." said Clark. He grinned. "Romantic getaway." he said.

Lex smiled. "How do you Kents do it?"

Clark looked at him. "Do what?" he asked.

"Take care of each other no matter what." said Lex.

Clark smiled. "We're a family, Lex." he said simply.

Lex thought about that. His father was a bitter, womanizing and ruthless
industrialist. His mother had been a bitter and resentful misandrist. His
younger brother was dead, slain by his own mother. Talk about a dysfunctional
family... "That's your life." said Lex. "You Kents love each other. It works
for you."

Clark Kent touched Lex on the shoulder and looked at him with an expression
of friendship and trust. The look on Clark Kent's face made Lex's heart skip
a beat. "It can work for you, too." he said confidently.

Lex looked at Clark. The guy had it all. A family that loved him. Good
friends. A possibly bright future. Lex had no friends or family. All he had
was a large chunk of the world's money. "How do you figure ?" Lex asked.

Clark smiled. "I'll show you, my friend." He looked at Lex. "Wanna shoot some

Lex grinned and rolled up his sleeves. "Thought you'd never ask."

The two young men laughed and started playing basketball.

The End


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