SLIDERS pt . 2
By Wonder Mike

Remy stopped by the library, he wanted to do some research on this world
something wasn't quite right. He was shocked by what he found. The Cromag's
had been elected into office, the woman of this world found about their
sexual prowess and put them into office. Remy knew the woman of his world
had elected sex symbol instead of a politician and the only reason he wasn't
Impeached was because the men wished they were the president and the women
wished they were Monica. He was grateful Brad Pitt never ran for office he
never knew how far the woman would go.

Wade was begging to be pleasured by the Cromag's. She was on all fours
wiggling her ass at them. The first Cromag slammed his cock into her pussy,
that was what she needed. She rolled over so she could ride him. She had an
ear to ear grin. The second Cromag leaned her back and slid his member into
her pussy also. The third Cromag pushed down on his comrade so he could fill
her completely, Wade was screaming in ecstasy, she was as happy as a girl
could be. All three of them rolled over so Wade was facing the mag on the
bottom. She was now able to ride the two. It was so tight both the Mag's shot
their loads into her.

The third Mag entered Wade from behind. He grabbed her shoulders and forced
her back onto his cock. She was pushing back as hard as she could. The Cromag
pulled out and Wade screamed "NO." He reentered her, but this time in her
ass. He rolled her over so she could ride him. She wiggled her way all the
way down on his giant cock. Another Mag enter the room and stuck his cock
into her ass also. Wade was in great pain but she wouldn't let them stop. She
was loving every minute of it.

The Mags were ready to shoot their loads, Wade had to taste it, she was
addicted to it. She opened her mouth and covered her face with cum. She
scooped up every drop and swallowed it. Electing the Mags was the best thing
they had ever done.

Maggie tried to escape, she enjoyed the fucking she had gotten but she was
still defiant. The Mags bent her over a bench, she would make a great cross
breeding subject. She was bent over with her ass in the air. She heard a
load snort. The Mags had brought in a bull. Wade was leading them. She
reached down and grabbed the bulls cock. She placed it into her mouth and
began to suck on it. The Bull's cock shot out to two feet in length, it had
to be about 9 inches around. Wade had half of it in her mouth, she had become
a real pro.

The Mags pulled Wade away fro the Bull, they took it behind Maggie and placed
the tip of it's giant member in her pussy. They each grabbed one of the
bull's front legs and lifted them in the air. The Bull did the rest. He
lunged forward and rammed his entire cock into Maggie, she was screaming for
them to stop. The mighty beast was ramming his cock into her without

Wade was watching this and was jealous. She never did like Maggie, and now
she was getting the fucking that Wade had worked for.

The bull pulled pounded Maggie doggy style for 20 minutes before he emptied
a huge load into her pussy, the cum dripped down her legs, as the Cromag's
allowed Wade to lick it all up.

The fucking Maggie had gotten and the mind control had finally gotten to
her, the Cromag's were good for this world, she would stay here with Wade.

Wade had been good to the Cromag's, they decided to reward her. They called
for their leader.

He arrived completely naked, Wade had seen him before and only dreamed about
meeting him.

His cock was hanging fully erect, two and a half feet long about twelve
inches in diameter. Wade couldn't wait. She quickly dropped to her knees and
began to suck the leader. Her tiny mouth couldn't get around the huge member,
so she licked up and down the sides.

The leader laid on his back, two Cromag's lifted Wade by the legs and lowered
her unto his giant cock. She didn't think she could take it all, but she
wouldn't disappoint him. She wiggled and strained until the other Cromag's
shoved her down until it was completely buried into her. She screamed "No."
But they each grabbed a leg and began to slam her up and down on the huge
member until she passed out. All three of them came all over her unconscious
form. Maggie couldn't wait until she recovered so she could have her turn,
she would have to earn it though.

Quinn and Rembrant had no idea what to do, they could break into the camp
and grab Maggie but they would be in the wrong, the Cromag's were the legal

Maggie would earn the right to be pleasured by the leader. She told the
Cromag's to bring two horses, she would show them something.

The Mag's brought the two biggest stallions they had. They both had two foot
long cocks, Maggie bent over the bench and had the Mags shove the first horse
cock into her pussy. They held the horses two front feet up so he could ram
his entire cock into the girl. They lead the second horse in front of Maggie
and she began to suck on it's cock. Her pussy was completely filled with
horse cock and she had 10 inches of horse cock down her throat. Both horses
shot their load at the same time. Maggie thought her body was being flooded,
The cum came dripping out of her mouth and her pussy, this would have to get
her a meeting with the leader.

Remy and Quinn had entered the camp. They had seen Maggie being fucked by the
two horses, they ran over to release her but she refused to go, this was her
new home and there would be nothing that could get her to leave.



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