Remember this is a work of fiction and in no way does it represent the real
life individuals mentioned in this story. As far as I know none of the women
mentioned in this story are bisexual or lesbians. If you are under 18 then
you need to leave now. This story contains. F/F cons, oral, fantasy,
(alternate universe).

In his basement in San Francisco, boy-genius Quinn Mallory unlocks the
doorway to an infinite number of Earths. During a test run, Quinn invites
coworker Maggie Beckett and his teacher Professor Maximillian Arturo to see
his new invention. But an increase in power and an early departure leave all
three lost in a parallel world. Now they must "slide" from world to world,
not only adapting to their changing surroundings, but also trying to get back
to their world. Will they ever make it home?

Kari Wuhrer...........................Maggie Beckett
Jerry O'connell.......................Quinn Mallory
John-Rhys Davies..................professor Maximillian P. Arturo

Sliders: The L Stands For Lesbian
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Maggie, Quinn, and the Professor were sliding into their next world through
a wormhole like usual, and landed (on top of each other as usual) in a world
that seemed to be their own. They had seen this before, a world that was
almost theirs, but just a bit different in some way. They were excited, but
reluctant to think they were finally home until they had more proof. They
went to Quinn's house, everything seemed to be in order as they walked to the
picket fence.

"Hey guys, this gate has squeaked when its opened since I was 5 years old."
Quinn stated.

Quinn slowly opened the gate, and sure enough it squeaked like it always did.
The three friends all smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Could they really
be home this time?

Once inside they helped themselves to the fridge. Quinn was glad to see
everything was as it was supposed to be in the house. It seemed apparent that
they were home at last. All of them were eager now to get back to their own
lives. The professor was eager to get back to the university while Maggie
decided she was gonna go to an event or a movie. Something she hadn't done in
a long while. Maggie looked in her newspaper and saw the LPGA was in town for
a tournament. Maggie wasn't much of a golfer herself, but was a fan of the
game. After all who couldn't be impressed by these talented, competitive, and
in some cases very beautiful women. She made up her mind, she was gonna get

Getting to the course she got lucky and got a good view to where she saw
most of the players. Most people would find watching someone hit a ball to be
boring, but not Maggie. Considering she had spent who knows how long going to
different worlds, she welcomed standing around and watching golf. It sure
beat the hell out of having to run for someone or something in the different
dimensions she was always visiting. Certainly the women players were the same
as she remembered them, except it seemed they dressed a bit sexier than then
usually did. Maybe it was just her imagination.

She watched Grace Park a beautiful Asian woman in white golf shoes a white
short skirt and a white and brown stripped golf shirt, that surprisingly had
a huge V-cut to it. Maggie never remember Grace showing off her cleavage like
that before. Anyone who saw her bend over to pick up her golf ball could look
right down her shirt and see her white bra.

Then there was pretty Lorena Ochoa the young 23 year old woman from Mexico.
She was really huge in her home country now that she had become a LPGA star.
What really got Maggie's attention though was Lorena's short shorts. They
were red in color and really hugged her sexy curves. If she dared to bend
over in those shorts from the waist then everyone would see a lot of latina
ass cleavage that would make JLo jealous. What was going on here? Maggie
remembered reading an article about the LPGA trying to make their image more
appealing to men, is this what they had in mind?

Next to tee off she saw the very sexy Natalie Gulbis. The Sacramento born
blonde bombshell that was to women's golf, what Anna Kournikova used to be
to tennis. Natalie was wearing her hair down and was in a blue half shirt
and a very short mini skirt and finished off by all high
heels! You'd think she just showed up from her FHM magazine shoot, or
posing for her 2005 calendar. Only one thought entered Maggie's mind at the
sight of this blonde, Natalie was perfect!

Then Maggie watched as Annika Sorenstam teed off. Annika looked normal, blue
shorts and white golf shirt. As Annika got closer though Maggie noticed it
was very apparent Annika wasn't wearing a bra. You could easily see her
nipples that were poking right through the very thin material shirt. Maggie's
jaw dropped, especially seeing the TV cameras with a close up on her. They
were showing all these women scandalously dressed on prime time TV on a
Sunday afternoon when families watch TV together. Something wasn't right
here. Maggie started to really wonder now, was she really back in her own

As those thoughts went through her head she looked up at an incredible sight.
It was Cristie Kerr the sexy blonde player from Miami, Florida. Cristie was
wearing a very airy black skirt (so airy the wind constantly gave all
spectators a view of Cristie Kerr's beige panties underneath) and a beige
shirt that was real thin material. So thin was the material that Maggie could
see all of Cristie's bra, even the lacey design, it was almost like she was
playing without a top. It was now very possible that this wasn't Maggie's
world. Still she couldn't help but think that she should investigate further
(though part of her was just wanting to meet these women especially Cristie

Certainly Maggie wasn't a lesbian but she had always been a bit curious, and
seeing how good these women looked only added to that curiosity. Cristie Kerr
had really awoken her bi side and Maggie really wanted to meet this sexy
woman. Maggie watched the golf match go down to the wire and Cristie Kerr
needed a playoff round but beat out Annika for the championship. Maggie
cheered loudly with everyone else. She had been rooting for Cristie, and was
glad to see her win. She noticed how sportsmanlike the other women were
hugging Cristie tightly, a couple of them even giving her a kiss, and not on
the cheek, on the mouth! There was a P.A. announcement that a select few
people could meet the players in the clubhouse. Maggie knew this was her

It was at the golf course's clubhouse where the players would be. Maggie got
there as quick as she could but still waited in line. When she got up there
it seemed almost like a going to a nightclub, except no cover. Maggie had
seen some women turned away. Most of them unattractive women, a few decent
looking ones too though. The bouncer nodded when she reach the front though,
and Maggie cheerfully went in. The clubhouse looked like a night club only
without the bad lighting.

It was a very classy place though, many of the women dressed in expensive
dresses especially the golf pros. Maggie sat down and had a drink at the bar.
She was glad to see they had alcohol, she was worried it would be all health
drinks and juices. So she sipped on her red wine. She looked around to find a
pro she recognized. Although she wondered how she would discretely ask them
about their unusual attire on the course. Maggie was feeling a bit casually
dressed wearing just tight blue jeans and a tank top while the pros in here
were dressed formal and in sexy dresses. There were a few other girls dressed
like her though so she didn't feel completely uneasy.

She finished her drink and someone sat down next to her.

"Give her another drink, on me." Said the woman.

Maggie looked to see it was Annika Sorenstam. Maggie was at a loss for words
Annika buying her a drink? Annika smiled at her, and gave her a wink. Annika
was wearing a white mini skirt and heels, along with a white top that was
really nothing much more than a bra. It was thin though like her golf shirt
was earlier and her nipples were clearly visible. Annika's hair was pulled up
and she wore silver dangling earrings.

"So looking for someone special, or are you a groupie?"

"Well, actually I was wanting to...a groupie?" Maggie inquired.

"Yeah are you meeting someone or do you just wanna sleep with a pro golfer?"

Annika rested her hand on Maggie's inner thigh and rubbed it through her

Maggie was really thrown for a loop now. Annika Sorenstam is a lesbian? Plus
she thinks Maggie is like some dyke golf groupie? She moved Annika's hand.

"I think you have the wrong idea I'm not a lesbian (even though she was bi
curious this woman was coming on way to strong) I was hoping to meet a pro
golfer yes, but look I think you need to leave me alone."

"So what are you saying you think your pussy is too good for me, is that it?
Are you just a stuck up little cunt!?"

Again Maggie was stunned by this woman's appalling remarks, if Annika was
always this blunt about her sexuality how come she never heard about it
before? After all they were supposed to show up back in their world at the
exact same time they left. Maggie knew if Annika was such an aggressive
lesbian to other women it would be known to the public, hell she never even
heard about anything like this in the tabloids about women golfers. Whatever
was going on here Maggie wasn't taking anymore lip from this woman even if
she was Annika Sorenstam.

"Look I'm not interested, so why don't you just back the fuck off!" She

"Fine, your loss bitch." Annika snapped back and walked away.

Maggie quickly downed her drink still not believing what just happened. She
looked over to see Annika with another casually dressed girl. Annika was
whispering in her ear and girl was giggling like a school girl. Apparently
Annika had found some other girl who actually liked her bluntness. Maggie
let out a big sigh, then made her way to the ladies room. She took a deep
breath, then splashed water on her face. She cleaned up and was about to
walk out when she heard a sound. It was moaning and coming from one of the
stalls. Maggie was certainly curious so she peeked into the crack of the
stall door.

What she saw was Natalie Gulbis the sexy blonde golfer sitting on the seat
she had only a white bra on, and even that was pulled down to reveal all of
her inviting rounds tits with pink nipples erect and looking very inviting.
Clothes were on the floor of the bathroom stall and more than just one
outfit. Natalie was licking her lips and even biting on her fingernail to
hold down her loud moans to no evail. Maggie noticed what was getting her
hot, there was another woman on her knees in the stall in front of Natalie.
This woman was in only a pink bra and (as Maggie moved to get a better view
through the door crack) a pink thong. This is what Maggie was bi curious
about. She always wondered if another woman was better at oral. Certainly
it seemed that Natalie thought so. Evident by the way she was moaning like
a slut while this other woman gave her pussy a tongue lashing she wouldn't
soon forget.

Maggie watched in awe and prayed that Natalie or the other woman wouldn't
catch her. This looked so hot, and it made Maggie hot really quick! Maggie
took a chance and unzipped her tight jeans. She worried about getting caught
so she didn't slid her pants down to far. They were down just enough so that
she could get her fingers down her panties.

Natalie pushed the woman's head into her sex and looked down at her with eyes
full of lust, that seemed to order the woman "don't you dare stop." Natalie
lifted one sexy tan leg high in the air as this woman continued to finger
lick and suck on the blonde pro golfers female essence. The woman stuffed a
finger deep in Natalie's pussy then moved it up to Natalie's mouth. Natalie
sucked her own juices off the woman's finger. That was so incredibly nasty
and hot to see at the same time it really got Maggie rubbing her neglected
pussy even faster.

Maggie rubbed on her burning love hole, before biting her tongue and
sticking a finger inside. She couldn't decide to watch or close her eyes to
get herself off, both seemed to be working real well at turning her on. She
shoved a second finger in her pussy getting Maggie even closer to release.
She opened her eyes just in time to see Natalie lift her legs high in the
air and releasing her orgasm.

"Ohhhh Grace Grace honey I'm cummmming ohh I'm cumming baby, yeah baby ohhhhh
yesssssssss lick it baby ohhhh oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The next sound Maggie heard was this girl slurping up Natalie's juices...
"Grace" was that her name? Either way Maggie was so close to cumming she was
frozen. She didn't wanna stop fingering herself. Even seeing the content look
of release on Natalie's face she still didn't want it to end. Luckily though
the two women in the stall weren't done.

They switched places and that's when Maggie found out that the other woman's
name really was Grace, as in Grace Park. Maggie was really liking this now as
the Korean hottie let Natalie take off her pink thong.

"Let's see those tits Grace I wanna see them jiggle!" Said Natalie.

Grace obliged and unhooked her bra tossing it on the floor with her thong.
Grace's breasts were gorgeous they were the size of melons and a bronze color
like the rest of Grace's body. Her aureola's were dark and pointed. It wasn't
surprising that Natalie went right for Grace's tits. She worked hard to try
and get the Korean woman's entire boob in her mouth. All the while Grace was
moaning and she was quite a loud moaner. Maggie loved her moans they were
such a turn on! The way Grace's breast (that wasn't being sucked on) bounced
as she moaned like an Asian whore. The sight of her was so intense Maggie had
her first orgasm creaming in her panties and her jeans. She just prayed they
hadn't heard her cum.

Looking in the stall it turned out the two were busy with other things.
Natalie had made her way down past Grace's tits to her pussy. She was
now licking Grace's bare pussy up and down teasing her slit. Grace was
practically doing the splits in the stall as Natalie lapped up and down
Grace's pussy lips. Then she made Grace rock the stall as Natalie pushed
her tongue deep inside of her. Grace's hot ass lifted up off the seat
as her arms pushed against the side of the stall stabilizing herself.
Just when Maggie thought it could get no hotter she heard Natalie give
Grace's ass a series of hard slaps over and over.

Natalie Nat............ Natalieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck
fuck fuck yeah lick it you God damn bitch!!!"

She then let out her loudest moan yet, one that could likely be heard all the
way back in the clubhouse! It seemed that she then started cursing in Korean
as she orgasmed all over Natalie's face. Natalie seemed to love the taste of
her and licked the lady golfer clean. It was the hottest thing Maggie had
ever seen in her life, but seeing them getting dressed she thought she better
get out of that bathroom quickly.

Going back to the bar she sat back down. In doing that she felt the wetness
in her panties. She was glad she was wearing dark blue jeans otherwise
everyone would easily see how wet she was. Instead she was very uncomfortable
sitting down, she squirmed in her seat, the wetness squishing in her panties.

Maggie noticed two women kissing in the corner. One of them was a pretty
blonde who she didn't recognize. The other woman she saw only the backside
of, but she clearly recognized her. That was because Mexican golfer Lorena
Ochoa was wearing those same short shorts she wore on the golf course. Her
hot ass cheeks were practically hanging out from the shorts. She saw the
two women speaking softly to each other, in what could only be perceived as
a sexual conversation. The blonde reached back and squeezed firmly on
Lorena's ass. Lorena let out a cute little squeal when the blonde moved her
hands to the valley between Lorena's ass cleavage.

Ordering a Long Island ice tea Maggie took a drink, but nearly spit it out
seeing the sign above Lorena. It was a sign she didn't notice before looking
in Lorena's direction. It was the LPGA logo, but under it didn't read "ladies
professional golfers association." Instead it read "lesbian professional
golfers associations!" It was apparent now this wasn't her world. She knew
now she had to find Quinn and Professor Arturo. She had to tell them they
weren't home, this was just another universe. She was about to get up from
her seat when who should sit down next to her but a beautiful blonde, Cristie
Kerr. Cristie was still wearing what she wore on her on the golf course, the
very revealing top all of her bra visible through it, and a black skirt.

"Hey there, I'm Cristie..."

"Cristie Kerr, yes I know, I'm Maggie," interrupted Maggie.

The two shook hands, and then Cristie through Maggie for a loop as Cristie
kissed her hand.

"You're very pretty Maggie." Smiled Cristie.

"Um thank you, you a very good golfer, and your...very attractive as well."
Said Maggie her voice sounding a bit nervous in response.

"Are you here with someone honey?"

"Um, no I'm just a fan of yours....oh and a golf fan."

"Oh that's sweet!"

Cristie reached her hand out and started caressing the back of Maggie's neck
with her fingers. Maggie felt her entire body turn to jelly, as the beautiful
blonde caressed her hot zone. Maggie closed her eyes in pleasure as she was
getting hot by this blonde's caresses. Maggie started to smell a perfume now.
She opened her eyes and saw Cristie's face right up next to hers. Cristie
leaned in and started to kiss Maggie's cheek softly. Maggie didn't stop her,
she didn't want to stop her. Cristie put her arm around Maggie's neck and
started kissing her on the mouth. Maggie slowly slid her hand to Cristie's
smooth naked thigh and caressed it.

Cristie slipped her tongue into Maggie's mouth and Maggie gladly accepted
it. The two women french kissed as Cristie reached up with her other hand
and gave Maggie's right breast a nice squeeze causing Maggie to moan into
Cristie's mouth. Maggie was on fire as her hand slid further up Cristie's
inner thigh and under her skirt. Closer and closer Maggie got to the promise
land up Cristie's skirt. Cristie was now under Maggie's top feeling her up
through her bra. Maggie had reached her goal and her fingers were now gently
rubbing on Cristie's pussy through her beige silk panties. Cristie continued
kissing Maggie and Maggie certainly wasn't complaining as Cristie slipped
her hand under Maggie's bra cup to play with her hard nipple. She played with
it rolling it between her fingers and pulling on it gently.

As Cristie broke the kiss she looked around and then smiled at Maggie.

"Wanna go somewhere more private Maggie?"

Maggie tried to catch her breath after Cristie's kiss left her gasping after
a kiss that left her reeling. Then she nodded yes. Cristie took her by the
hand and took her to the back room that was a pool hall. Cristie closed and
locked the door. She quickly took Maggie back in her arms and pulled her
white top off. In a quick pinch Maggie's bra was off her body too.

"Mmmm your fucking gorgeous Maggie!" hissed Cristie as she took one of her
nice size boob's in her mouth. She pushed Maggie on top of the table and got
on top of her. She licked sucked and slurped all over Maggie's round melons.
Maggie grinded her jean covered crotch into Cristie's leg as she laid back
and gladly let the blonde have her way with her. Maggie grinded harder into
Cristie's tan leg as Cristie's teeth bit down on the pointed nipple. Both of
Maggie's nipples got equal attention and once again Maggie felt her the
crotch of her panties sticking to her as her wetness increased. Cristie
grabbed Maggie's button fly jeans and ripped the crotch open.

She smiled smelling Maggie's scent and went immediately to her jeans yanking
them off her body along with her panties. Cristie looked down at the glorious
sight of Maggie's glistening box with trimmed brunette pubic hair. She dove
in head first and thrust her tongue inside Maggie. Maggie gladly opened her
legs wider for the golf star as Cristie licked up and down on Maggie's
burning essence. Maggie arched her back in pleasure. Usually a man was very
boring doing this to Maggie. Cristie was quite the opposite. She licked on
every hot spot that Maggie had. She parted her lips and slid her tongue deep
inside of her. Maggie gripped the sides of the pool table as Cristie's tongue
soon became too much.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Cristie yessssssssss!"

Like a waterfall Maggie's orgasm flowed onto Cristie's awaiting mouth.
Cristie had her share of women before, but she didn't remember a woman
tasting as good as Maggie Beckett! After that Cristie took off her top
showing Maggie a beige Victoria's secret bra. Cristie slid the straps
down, then pushed her tits together in the sexy bra, teasing Maggie.

"You wanna see them?"

"Yes, take it off!" Insisted Maggie.

Cristie took hold on her front bra clasp and unhooked it. Maggie's eyes grew
big at the sight of Cristie's large chest with big dark red aureola's. Her
nipples were erect, and seemed to be calling out to be sucked. Maggie cupped
both of Cristie's breasts. Squeezing her lovely mounds Maggie brushed her
nails across the nipples. She loved how Cristie's face gave away her arousal.
Her face showed even more pleasure when Maggie's fingers latched onto her
nipples with her fingers. Cristie's eyes begged for more, and more is what
Maggie gave her.

Maggie started tonguing her hard nipples. Rolling the nipple on her tongue,
Maggie gave each nipple a hard suck, as her hands made their way back under
Cristie's skirt. Cristie slightly opened her legs as Maggie slid a finger
under the crotch of her panties. Cristie was already wet as Maggie's finger
went inside her pussy. She pushed her finger in and out as she covered
Cristie's nipples with her saliva. Cristie started pushing her pussy down
on Maggie's hand like she was fucking a cock. Maggie entered a second finger
in her as she continued her tongue assault on Cristie's perfect rack. Cristie
pushed Maggie's head into her chest as Maggie now swallowed a whole tit in
her mouth. Maggie roughly pinched on the other nipple with her fingernails as
she felt Cristie getting close to coming. A third finger was all it took for
Cristie to orgasm all over Maggie's fingers.

"Oh Maggie yesss Maggie honey ohhhhhhhhhh I'm cumming I'm cumming!"

Maggie kissed her deeply. Then one by one licked her fingers clean. She had
never tasted another woman before now. Cristie's juices were incredibly
tasty. It was a taste Maggie hoped she would get to taste again and again.
Maggie and Cristie kissed and caressed each others bodies. Maggie was about
to get up when Cristie pushed her back down.

"I'm not done with you yet Maggie."

Maggie's eyes grew big hearing that Cristie wanted more! She watched as
Cristie slid off her skirt followed by her panties. Maggie was glad to see
that she was indeed blonde all over. Cristie got on top of her and scissored
her legs with Maggie's. Now their pussies were touching. Maggie arched her
head back as she felt how hot Cristie's damp pussy was pressed against hers.
Cristie leaned in and again met Maggie's lips giving her a hot hot kiss. She
started to gyrate her hips into Maggie causing their pussies drenched to slap
together. Maggie clenched a hold of her Cristie's hand as this incredible new
feeling drove her hot out of her mind. The room was filled with the sound of
their bodies slapping together in rhythm.

Their chests pressed together, both loving the feeling of their nipples
brushing together as they mixed their blonde and brunette pubic hair
together. Maggie was in heaven. She gripped tighter on Cristie's hand
letting the blonde know she was close to cumming. Cristie moved faster,
pushing her pussy into Maggie's faster and faster. Cristie clenched her
hand harder, she was close to her orgasm too. Before long they could
handle the pleasure no longer. They both came together, and felt the
warm female juices dripping down their pussies and onto their thighs.
Cristie and Maggie gave each other soft kisses as their naked bodies
laid entangled on the table covered in sticky juices and sweat.

Maggie woke up to the sound of her cellphone. Maggie had fallen asleep while
cuddling with Cristie on the table, and had to crawl out from underneath her.
She answered her phone.


"Maggie its Quinn, listen I think we might finally be home this time, I
haven't found anything unusual. How bout you, is everything in your life the
way it should be?"

Maggie glanced over at the sleeping blonde Cristie Kerr and smiled.

"Yes, yes it is Quinn, I'd have to say...I'm home!"

The End???


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