Disclaimer: Sliders belongs to St. Clare Entertainment and Universal TV. This
story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 11/18/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, strong language, graphic violence, BDSM, voyurism, male
solo sex, female solo sex, rape, female/female sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Wade/m/f

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Summary: As soon as they arrive on another Earth, the sliders decide to
split-up and do some exploring, only to have Wade get herself captured and
taken to the penthouse apartment of a sadistic leather-clad sex-mistress.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Sabrina Lloyd, who was born
on November 20th, 1970.

Dedication: Happy 36th Birthday to Sabrina Lloyd! -- ATK 2006

Sliders: My Favorite Slave
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all started with a young genius whose name happens to be Quinn Mallory
putting the finishing touches on his latest invention, which happens to be a
device that could open a portal and transport the user of that device to an
alternate dimension where it was the same planet Earth, but certain events
had been altered.

But after he and three of his good friends -- Rembrandt 'Crying Man' Brown,
Wade Welles and Professor Maximilian P. Arturo -- had stepped inside the
vortex and began sliding themselves from one Earth to another, they had
suddenly realized that there was no way for them to return to their own

And of course, some unexpected circumstances had caused the other sliders to
leave Professor Arturo behind somewhere and replace him with a tough female
from yet another Earth named Captain Maggie Beckett, whose real reason for
joining the other three sliders was to locate the murderer of the people of
her Earth whose name was Colonel Angus Rickman and kill him for his crimes.

But even though she was unable to find Colonel Rickman so far, Maggie and the
other sliders were able to discover that each of the Earths in the dimensions
that they had slid themselves into were more and more different than the
last, which brings us to the 18th day of the month of November inside a
vacant lot within the City of San Francisco, California.

You see, it was on that day and inside that vacant lot that the dimensional
vortex had opened and allowed Quinn, Wade, Maggie and Rembrandt to step out
of the vortex before it had closed itself up and caused the curious 'Crying
Man' to look around the vacant lot, take a deep breath and ask, "So, waht do
you say, Q-Ball? Does the timer say that we have the exact same time to stay

And after he had pulled the timer out of his pocket and took a good look at
it, Quinn had looked at Rembrandt, allowed him to look at the timer and
answered, "Take a look at the timer and tell me, Remy," just before a curious
Maggie had taken a deep breath and said, "Well, I don't know about you guys,
but if you were to ask me, I do believe that we might as well go do some
exploring and hope that we don't run into any nastie characters. Okay?"

And then, after the three other sliders had looked at Maggie and nodded their
heads in response to her question, each of the four dimension-hoppers had
stepped out of the vacant lot and started walking away from each other in
seperate directions, only to have a mysterious figure dressed completely in
black step out from behind the shadows and start following an unsuspecting

That was before she had stopped herself in front of a crosswalk and waited
for the light to change, which had given the mysterious stranger the perfect
oppitunity to take a chloroform-dipped cloth out of his pocket, place a firm
grip on Wade and the cloth underneath her nose.

And even though she had tried as hard as she could to break herself free from
the stranger's firm grip, the fumes from the chloroform had became too much
and they had caused a helpless Wade to have no choice, but to drop herself
down to the sidewalk and become unconscious.

But then, after a black van has pulled itself up next to the stranger and
he had placed himself and an unconscious Wade inside of it, Rembrandt had
suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and spotted what the stranger was
doing with his fellow slider, causing he heroic 'Crying Man' to rush over
to the van and yell, "YOU BETTER LET GO OF HER RIGHT NOW, YOU

But just as he was about to try to pull his fallen fellow slider out of the
van, Wade's abductor had grabbed Rembrandt by the shirt with both hands and
kicked him really hard in both the stomach and the nuts just before he had
grabbed the helpless 'Crying Man' by the hair slammed his face against the
side of the van four times.

And after the stranger had released his grip on Rembrandt and caused him to
drop down to the sidewalk with his face in a bloody mess, the abductor had
placed himself inside the van and allowed it to take both him and his recent
victim as far away from the scene as they were able to get.

And then, as soon as the black van was out-of-sight, both Quinn and Maggie
had ran over to Rembrandt and noticed that he has the living shit kicked out
of him, causing the two other sliders to help a bloodied 'Crying Man' get
back up on his feet and Quinn to look at Rembrandt's face and ask, "Remy,
what happened to you? Where's Wade?"

And just as Rembrandt was about to tell both Quinn and Maggie about what he
had spotted before he had gotten his nuts kicked-in, the black van has driven
itself into a parking garage and placed itself inside one of the many parking
spaces just before the stranger had stepped himself out of the van, unloaded
a still-unconscious Wade and carried her out of the parking garage and into
the apartment complex that was next to it.

And then, after he had stepped inside an elevator and placed his helpless
captive against a wall, the stranger had pressed a button and allowed the
elevator to take him and a still-sleeping Wade all the way up to the
building's penthouse apartment, where he had carried his helpless prisoner
out of the elevator and walked over to a young and beautiful blonde female,
who was wearing only a black leather jacket, a pair of black leather gloves
and a pair of black leather boots.

And after she had allowed a wicked smile to appear on her lips and pulled the
black ski-mask off of the head of a young and handsome hunk with curly-blonde
hair, the blonde maiden had gently placed her hand on his cheek and said,
"You had done well, Conrad! Your mistress is so very pleased! Now, take her
inside the bedroom and prepare her for our pleasure!"

Meanwhile, over at the local hospital, both Quinn and Maggie had stepped out
of the recovery room with a look of relief on both of their faces, for they
had realized that in spite of his injuries, Rembrandt was going to be okay,
which had caused a curious Maggie to look at Quinn and ask, "Well, Quinn?
What do you think that we should do now?"

And after he had taken a deep breath and looked at the clock on a hospital
wall, Quinn had turned his head towards Maggie and answered, "The answer is
quite simple, Maggie. We start looking for the van that Remy had discribed
to us and hope that it would lead us straight to Wade."

Just then, inside the bedroom of the penthouse apartment, the effects of the
chloroform had finally worn-off and Wade was able to open her eyes just in
time for her to discover that she has been stripped bare-ass naked and her
wrists were tightly-tied to the back part of the bedframe.

And even though she had tried as hard as she could to free herself from her
bondage -- without any success -- and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING
KNOW!!" the bedroom door has opened and allowed both a nude Conrad and his
mistress to step inside the room and place themselves in front of a helpless

And after Conrad had started stroking his stiff cock and his mistress had
started pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and
carressing her own tits with the other hand, the blonde babe had looked at
Wade with a sinister smile on her lips and said, "The I.D. in your wallet
has you listed as Wade Welles! Well, Miss Welles! We were wondering when
someone like you was bound to show up! My name is Doctor Alexandra Langowski!
I happen to be a teacher at UCLA, which was where I had met my favorite
slave! His name is Conrad Broding... and once again, he has served me well
by bringing more possible slaves for my... research!"

But then, while the two captors were moving themselves closer and closer to
her, a shocked Wade had taken a deep breath, looked at both Conrad and
Alexandra with wide eyes and a single tear running down her cheek and said,
"Look, you guys just don't understand! I really don't belong here! Just
please let me go!Don't you understand what...!"

But just as she was about to say another word, a devilishly-gleeful Alexandra
had grabbed hold of Wade's hair, pulled really hard on it and growled, "ALL I

And after poor Wade had closed her eyes and yelled, "YEEEESSSS!!" the cruel
mistress had released her grip on Wade's hair, gently place her hands on her
helpless newfound sex-slave's shoulders and said, "Well, then! Now that we
truly understand each other, I do believe that it's time for us to begin with
the new slave's first lesson!"

And then, after poor and helpless Wade had given herself no choice, but
to allow Alexandra to kiss her ever so passionately on the lips and start
licking all over her nude body and down to her exposed snatch and carressing
her tits, Conrad has placed his stone hard dick inside his mistress' asshole
and his hands on her firm breasts.

Then, after Alexandra had started shoving her entire hand in and out of
Wade's cunt and said, "Do it, Wade! Admit that you enjoying having us fuck
you! Do it now, you skanky bitch!" poor Wade has suddenly realized that she
had no other choice, but to say, "Aaaahhhh! Yes, Mistress! I admit it! I do
enjoy it! I do enjoy having you fuck me! Aaaahhhh!"

And while that was going on, both Quinn and Maggie had arrived at the parking
garage that was next to Alexandra's apartment complex and started looking
around the entire parking structure for the black van that had abducted Wade,
which they had finally found on the third level of the parking garage.

"Well, we had found the black van. So, what do we do now, Quinn?" a
curious Maggie has asked her fellow slider just before he had looked at the
identification tag on the rear-view mirror inside the van and answered, "I
do believe that it's time for us to pay Doctor Alexandra Langowski a little
visit, Maggie."

Meanwhile, back inside Alexandra's bedroom, the sadistic mistress had allowed
Conrad to start shoving his stiff cock in and out of Wade's pussy and sucking
on her stiff mounds, while she grabs a firm hold of the nipples on Wade's
breasts and start pulling and twisting on them really hard.

And while that painful tit-twisting-and-pulling was causing poor Wade to
start licking on Alexandra's hot, moist snatch, the sexually-energized and
devilishly-gleeful blonde mistress had pulled Wade's nipples straight up and

And then, while the mistress, her slave and their helpless captive had
started moving themselves harder and faster and closer to the brink of pure
sexual climax, they were all unaware that the elevator has brought both Quinn
and Maggie up to the penthouse just in time for the both of them to hear the
sounds of two adults having an orgasm inside the bedroom.

And when they had walked themselves over to the bedroom and took a little
peek inside, the two sliders were shocked to discover that Wade has been
stripped naked, tied down to a bed and forced to have sex with both a man
and woman against her will.

As a matter of fact, it was that very scene that had caused an enraged Maggie
to barge right into the room, shove Conrad out of the way and started kicking
an unprepared Alexandra really hard in the stomach and pounding her head
twelve times against a wall just before Quinn had pulled Maggie off of the
victim of her rage and yelled, "MAGGIE, STOP IT!! YOU'LL KILL HER!!"

But it was too late, for after Maggie had gave a relieved Wade a big hug and
told her that she was going to be okay, Quinn had placed the tips of two of
his fingers on Alexandra's non-moving body and discovered that he was not
able to feel a pulse, which only means that she was already dead.

Just then, after Rembrandt was finally released from the hospital and had
joined the other sliders back in the vacant lot, the concerned 'Crying Man'
had looked at Quinn, noticed that he was till carrying a sleeping Wade in
his arms and asked, "What do you think, Q-Ball? Is she going to be okay?"

And after he had looked at Wade's face and noticed how peaceful she was while
she was sleeping, Quinn had turned his head towards Rembrandt, let out a sigh
and answered, "All I could say is this, Remy. In Wade's case, the sooner that
we slide ourselves out of here, the better. Right, Maggie?"

And then, after she had nodded her head in response to Quinn's question,
Maggie had raised up the timer and pressed the button to open the dimensional
vortex and allow all four of the sliders to step inside of it and disappear
before the local authorities were able to discover that a UCLA teacher named
Doctor Alexandra Langowski has been savagely murdered by an unknown female



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