Authors Note: If you haven't read my Harbinger series, little of this will
make sense.

Crossfire: Crossworlds - Sleepy Hollow: Hollow Echoes (f/f,mc,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

If anybody suspected that something odd was happening, very few did anything
about it.

After all, what was there to worry about?

A power cut, phone disruptions, a few storms. Nothing out of the ordinary.

At least not to anyone who hadn't experienced out of the ordinary before.

For the two figures that looked through computer readouts, the ordinary had
been decidedly distant for some time.

They expected that there was something more to what was going on than there

They were right. If only they could find out why.

The young woman sat and read through news reports which fuzzed occasionally
across the screen. Most communications were down but now and then a story
came through, usually as distorted as the reception. Most people wouldn't
buy into a story about killer robots or vampires. She was a little more open

"Vampire reports in the west." she called over to her companion.

"Let's hope our friends are in town?" he replied, scanning weather patterns
on a computer screen.

"Do you think this is related to magic?"

"At a gut feeling I'd say yes. Not that I can prove it with anything here.
The occult has always been rather at odds with me."

"Yes. Well how are currents out there?"

"Crazy. And I mean that to the extreme. Magnetic flows and wind patterns are
utterly out of wack. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, pulled apart and put back

"Another world domination play?"

"Well we did stop the last one. Who knows... wait a sec... major power


"It's... hang on.. Oh shit!"


"It's right here!"

He looked over too her and saw a sudden sphere of blinding white light burst
into existence, engulfing her.

For a second her watched the sphere.

"Oh damn it." he sighed and took a step forward, leaping into the light,
seconds before it vanished, leaving the lab with computers buzzing on, at
least until the generator went down.


The young man rose to his feet, wiping the mud off his clothes. He looked up
at the girl who lay beside him, also rising.

"Well Chris, I have no idea what that was..... "


"Christina Ricci, what happened to your hair?"

"My hair? Look at your.. Oh my god.. What am I wearing?"

"A cream lace dress with a remarkably revealing cleavage."

"Billy, you've seen all my cleavage before."

"It's still a nice dress just like..."

"Sleepy Hollow. I know. Billy, we're in Sleepy Hollow?"

"The place or the movie?"

"Both. Look."

Billy looked about him. They stood in a muddy, dead forest, straight out of
the film yet very, very real. He could see the dark grey clouds far up above
them, certainly not the product of a film set.

"A dream?" Christina asked.

"Maybe. Like what Lilith did. But this seems pretty real to me. Only

"Katrina. I noticed."

"I think you look good as a blonde."

"Billy, you think I look good in the dark."

"You do. I just have to look close enough."

"As much as I appreciate a good flirt, I think we need to figure out what's
going on and why we're Katrina and .. well you have to be Ichabod."

"Oh yeah. I get to be Johnny Depp."

"Don't knock Johnny. He's good. What's your suggestion?"

"Find the town, find out the plot and play with it."

"You think that's the way to go?"

"When in Rome... Only I think we really need to find out which version of
Sleepy Hollow we're dealing with."


"Because if it's the movie, things are going to work out but in the original
Sleepy Hollow." Billy paused and swallowed,

"Ichabod Crane gets offed."

* * *

Through what seemed no more than pure luck, the couple managed to return to a
road and find their way back to the settlement. It was only there that they
met a young man rushing to meet them.

"Sir. Lady van Tassel has been found. Decapitated like the others."

"Er.. "Billy wasn't sure how to proceed. "Who do you think we are?"

"Sir? You're Constable Crane and Miss van Tassel."

"Quite right. Very observant.... Young Nasbeth. I shall return to my room to
think. Lead the way."

Nasbeth did so, walking ahead of a bemused Christina and Billy.

"Obviously people see me as someone else." Billy whispered.

"And we're obviously in the film. The original didn't have Nasbeth at all."

"So when in the film are we?"

"About a three quarters through. Billy, Lady van Tassel controls the

"I remember that much. But we can hardly tell anyone without proof."

"So what can we do?"

"Try and find an answer."

* * *

Billy paced through the small room, wondering what to do next and trying to
forget that this was all some sort of pocket reality.

No matter how real it was, he disliked the idea of being decapitated as much
as anybody.

"So Baltus is dead. How many more victims to go?"

"None. This is the point that you.. I mean Ichabod thinks that I.. Katrina..
was in control.. you leave and return then save me.

Which offers no reasoning for why we were in the woods."

"Because things are different.. Her body is a fake right? The dead maid?"


"Then let's tell everybody. That way she can't claim the inheritance that she

"Um.. Billy. Not to sound corny here but.. we're messing with forces we can't
possibly comprehend."

"Yeah." He said as he sat. "Well it wouldn't be the first time."

* * *

"You expect us to believe that Lady van Tassel is alive and responsible for
these murders?"

Billy wasn't surprised that the farmers were reluctant to believe him. But
thankfully evidence was on his side.

"The body you found was that of the missing maid. Lady van Tassel poisoned
the prior Lady and then married her husband, using the horseman to kill all
opposition so that she alone would own all the land. It makes sense."

"So now you believe the horseman is real?"

"More than ever."

Billy stepped down from the stand and found Nasbeth at his side.

"What will her next move be Constable? She still controls the horseman."

"Yes. I believe she will try to kidnap Katrina."

"Sir? Was it wise to leave Katrina alone?"

"Oh I assure you Nasbeth, Katrina is much more capable than you know."

* * *

Christina sat, reading through the book of spells and hexes she had found in
Katrinas room. She had never really believed in magic, not until last summer
anyway. But there was a difference between belief and practice. If what she'd
heard from Edele was true, there was no way to gain magic other than through
destiny. She would just have to deal with what she had, which thanks to
Billy, was rather a lot.

"I was wondering when you'd get here." Christina commented.

She stood and turned to Lady van Tassel in the doorway.

"So you figured it out? I'm impressed." the woman leered back at Christina,
a fire iron gripped in her hand.

"Oh it's better than you think. The whole town knows all about you."

The smile faded from the womans face.

"The know that you killed my mother and that you used the horseman. I don't
think this town is gong to be very happy with you."

Lady van Tassel screeched, swinging the fire iron with inhuman fury. It as
most likely that the blow would have struck, if not killed Katrina van
Tassel. But this was not Katrina. This was Christina Ricci. A young woman who
had not only been trained in combat by Billys simulations, but also used that
training more than once. She dodged the blow with grace and spun to knock
the weapon from her attackers hand. Lady van Tassel was stunned, amazed that
her step daughter could fight so well. She stepped back, eyeing Christina

"You surprise me Katrina. I knew you were stronger than your father but not
this strong."

"I'm full of surprises." Christina smirked as she assumed a fighting stance.

"So am I."

Van Tassel ducked aside and shifted her hand.

A puff of dust blew through the air, straight into Christinas face.

Despite herself Christina inhaled slightly. She staggered back, coughing, and
knowing that she would soon be out cold. It had to be some sort of drug.. She
felt her world starting to spin, the floor shaking beneath her feet. As she
plummeted down to the floor boards her last thought was the hope that Billy
actually paid attention to more than her neckline in the film.

* * *

Billy crouched on the floor of the van Tassel house, looking about.

"Sir? Do you believe she is alright?"

"I think so. But it's hard to say. The rules have changed."

"I thought you said she could take care of herself."

"Oh, she can. But the unexpected occurred."


Billy traced his fingers over the floor, bringing up traces of powder which
he carefully sniffed.

"She was drugged by this powder, knocked unconscious."

"How can you tell?"

"Trust me," Billy rose to his feet. "I know my knock out powders."

"So.. she has been kidnapped? Where will she be?"

"The windmill. It's in the plot."

"Er.." Nasbeth failed to make the connection. "You're sure Sir?"

"Positive. How far to the windmill?"

"Fifteen minutes ride Sir."

"And how long till dark?"

"About two hours."

"Right. We've got an hour and a half to make something on Ichibods gadgets."

"Er.. sir? Why do we have that long?"

"Because nothing will happen until it's dark."

"And.. why is that?"

Billy could only shrug.

"Dramatic effect."

* * *

Christina awoke with a start, instantly ready to jump up into a defensive
stance. Unfortunately she had no such option. Her wrists and ankles were
bound tight with iron manacles, forcing her to remain on the floor.

"I wasn't going to take any more chances with you my dear."

Christina turned her head to see Lady van Tassel tracing a circle on the
floor. The actress realised that she was in the centre of it, and there was,
no doubt, very black magic afoot.

"What are you doing?" she growled at van Tassel.

"Why my dear, I am performing the a spiritual transfer."

"A what?"

"You seem to have quite sabotaged my chances of getting the estate I deserve.
So I've decided that you will get it. The only difference is that I will be

"Would it be too late to point out you're crazy?"

"And," van Tassel continued ", I shall have a wonderful youthful body once

She drew a knife and cut through the ties of Christinas dress, letting her
full bosom fall out.

"A very youthful body indeed."

The knife continued to run down, peeling the dress from Christinas body until
she was naked save for a thin petticoat.

Van Tassel drew up a bowl of black ink and dipped her finger into it before
tracing a symbol on Christinas chest.

"Just so you know," Christina shivered at the touch, "you're going to die."

The woman just smiled. "Yes. Of course I am."

She began to trace another symbol.

* * *

Billy slung the backpack onto the seat and hopped onto the cart.

"Nasbeth? Take the reigns. I have to concentrate."

The excuse seemed to work well enough to cover the fact that Billy had no
idea how to ride or work a horse. He had to hope that this adventure wasn't
going to involve a chase scene, otherwise they were both in serious trouble.

Sitting, he fished through the bag.

"What's in there sir?" Nasbeth asked, sneaking a quick peek.

"The wonders of science." Billy replied. "I hope."

* * *

Christina was finding it harder to think. Much harder in fact. The room
seemed much hotter, and her nude body was layered with sweat. Even the sweat
did nothing to remove the intricate symbols that covered her torso. Lady van
Tassel had covered her chest, her breasts and shoulders with the magical
symbols, every one seeming to drain more energy from the actress.

Spirals ran about her areola, running up to nipples which insisted on
remaining fully erect. In fact, Christina could sense sexual excitement
within her, and found that there was little that she could do to stop it. It
was magic, and that was something she had never been able to fight. At the
same time that the symbols were filling her body with energy, they were
sapping her strength, both physical and mental. At first she had engaged in
conversation, trying to slow van Tassel, but now her tongue felt swollen and
her speech was laboured, almost dreamy. It was part of the ritual, sucking
her in, draining her will. She could feel the touch of her captors fingers,
still tracing symbols on her hot skin, the finger smearing the paste in
swirling patterns. The touch of the finger was a delicate caress over her
skin, each symbol drawing on a lower part of her body. Her abdomen was
covered with signs and now the finger was drawing them closer and closer to
the patch of dark hair between her legs. Each symbol made her skin feel more
tender, and every millimetre the finger came closer to her damp crotch made
her tingle with charged excitement.

The finger stopped, reaching once more into the bowl.

"You were quite right my dear. I will die. In fact, by my command, the
horseman is coming now to kill me."

She reached down and ran her finger in a full circle of her victims vulva,
mixing the paste with the wetness.

"But by that point, my mind will be in your body, and yours in mine. I will
be rescued, take your estate and none shall ever know."

She dipped her fingers back into the bowl.

"Yoourr cwrrazyy." Christina slurred.

"Oh. You can still make noise? Never mind. No one will hear you."

She plunged the finger deep into Christinas crotch.

The actress could only gasp, feeling the touch of the magical paste on the
walls of her vagina, filling her body with a feeling of ecstasy. The finger
pressed against her clitoris, rubbing the paste against it. There was no
symbol to be drawn here, just a touch to be offered.

Christina groaned as she felt her inevitable release grow one step closer.
Already the symbols had instilled her body with irresistible desire. Now
every stroke of the probing finger took her further, burning the desire
deeper and deeper into her and forcing out her mind. Her chest rose and fell,
faster and faster. Bosom bouncing slightly, nipples still magically erect.
Her wrists pulled hopelessly at her shackles, her body responding to the

Christina gritted her teeth, trying to hold back the climax she knew was

Suddenly the door burst open.


"bly.." she murmured weakly.

Even as Billy examined the scene before him, Lady van Tassel was on her feet,
charging at him with the knife. While he lacked the combat training that he
had implanted into Christina, Billy still had a certain amount of native
instinct. He dodged out of the way a second before the knife bit into his
shoulder. His hand went up, twisting the wrist and flipping her over into a

Swiftly he ran to Christina, kneeling beside her.

"Chris? Can you hear me?"

"bly?" she slurred.

He nodded and slipped a vial from is coat, pouring the contents onto the
chains which held her.

"Acid." he explained. "Weak but it should do the job."

He spun about, just in time to dodge another frantic attack. Van Tassel
lashed out furiously with the knife, forcing him back.

Still walking backwards he rummaged in his coat, hand in his pocket. She
lashed forward and he side-stepped, whipping out the small box and pressing
it against her. There was a crackle and a flash of sparks. The furious woman
shuddered and collapsed to the ground.

"17th century tazer." Billy commented as he reached into another pocket.
"Primitive yet effective."

Before she could rise to her feet again, Billy jabbed a needle into her leg
and injected a muscle relaxant. Lady van Tassel wouldn't be getting up again

He ran back to Christina, slowly coming out of the spell. Billy pulled the
chains from her wrists and wrapped her in his coat, lifting her.

The Headless Horseman stormed through the doors.

Billy shivered as he watched the figure stomp over the timbers.

Lady van Tassel tried to run but her legs failed to respond.

She watched in horror as the Horseman she had controlled, bore down on her,
fulfilling the very command she had given it as it severed her neck.

Billy watched as the horseman reached down and lifted it's prize, the dead
face still wide with disbelief.

He noticed a sack nearby and a kick revealed a skull within.

"Horseman!" he called to the figure. "I believe that belongs to you."

With that he turned for the door and left.

Nasbeth met the sight of Billy and Christina with awe.

"Sir? Is it over?"

"I believe so." Billy replied. "We've played our role."

He lifted Chris onto the cart and followed, cuddling next to her. Nasbeth
decided he would ignore them, instead focussing on the road.

She wrapped her warm hands around Billys, whispering in his ear.

"Nasbeth?" Billy called to the youth who turned to listen. "We shall go to
the new Lady van Tassels home. And I trust you will ensure that we are not
disturbed for a very, very long time."

And the cart moved on, tumbling across the rocky road back to Sleepy Hollow.


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