Sleepover Club: Part 5 (mf,mff,Mf,Mmf,inc,anal)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Rosie finished cleaning up her room in anticipation of the girls arriving for
this week's Sleepover Club. Rosie had spoken to each of the girls separately
and had found that each of them had continue to fuck the guys they had talked
about, some even had admitted to a couple times a day.

Rosie had arranged a surprise for all the girls, but they all had to
agreed to change the sleepover rules. All the girls arrived on time and the
Sleepover Club meeting commenced. "I put the motion forward that at one hour
each Sleepover Club can be used to invite and play with boys." It was the
first time we had agreed on anything so quickly and the motion was entered
into the Sleepover Club rulebook.

It was then that there was a secret knock at the door, it was different to
the one the girls used, Rosie had given the knock to the guys she have
invited over. When Rosie opened the door and Mathew, Michael and Marco stood
there. All the girls face lit up and some started to giggle. Rosie explained
the new rule to the guys and that they could only attend if an invitation
was given and what happened in this part of the Sleepover Club was a total
secret and if the secret was revealed a story about how bad they were in the
sack would be told to all the girls at school.

It was funny to watch that everyone just stood their not knowing what to do
to start, some in the room had fucked but not fucked in front of anyone.
Rosie moved over to Frankie and started to kiss her, even though Frankie had
never been kissed by another girl and hadn't even thought about before last
week sleepover talk. She responded to the tongue in her mouth. Rosie watched
as Lyndz went over to Kenny and lifted up her t-shirt over her head and then
took Kenny's bra off and started to suck on Kenny's nipples. Marco was the
first guy to move and he headed straight to Felicity, he had always had a
thing for her but she didn't pay any attention to him. He reached for her
hand and brought it back to him and down into his pants. Felicity smiled and
grabbed his other hand and moved it up inside her skirt and inside her
panties until he was touching her pussy lips. They both looked at each other
as the other began to masturbate the other.

Mathew and Michael who was still standing together started to remove their
clothing until they were naked and because of the scene in front of them
their cocks stood at attention. They whispered something to each other and
walked to two of the girls each. Michael went to side of his sister Lyndz
and Kenny and whispered in Kenny's ear and said, "I want you to help me fuck
my sister, start by sucking me off and showing her how."

Kenny smiled at this thought and moved her hands down to Lyndz who was still
sucking on Kenny's nipples and pulled her off her breasts and both knelt down
on the floor. At the side of them stood Michael he cock throbbing, Kenny
kissed Lyndz and moved her hand over Lyndz and moved it up and onto Michael's
cock. Kenny didn't know that this was first time Lyndz had played with a cock
for real, what Lyndz didn't know was the cock she was now touching was her
twins brother's cock. Lyndz was afraid to look up to see whose cock it was,
she knew when she voted for this to happen that Michael would probably be

Lyndz was hoping it would be Matthews's cock but secretly hoping it was
Michael's, Lyndz had been masturbating constantly since seeing Michael
fucking Frankie last week. Kenny stopped kissing Lyndz and turned her head
and took the head of the cock in her mouth and slowly moved her mouth further
down the cock licking at it as she went. Lyndz looked at what Kenny was doing
knowing she was expected to do this soon, she then felt a hand on the back of
her head and looked up and Michael was smiling back at her. Lyndz smiled back
and then looked at the cock that was now free from Kenny's mouth and she
moved forward and opened her lips and then his cock was in her mouth.

Many things were going through her mind but she remembers what she had been
told and what she had just seen. She could feel the buttons on her blouse
being undone and guessed that Kenny was undressing her, she was right. Kenny
stripped as much as Lyndz as she could and watched as she sucked her brother.
Then Kenny lay down on the floor and between Lyndz legs and moved Lyndz
panties to the side and began to lick at the pussy lips. Lyndz moaned into
Michael's cock and started to suck harder and she felt Kenny licking her.

Matthew went straight over to Frankie, Michael had told him how good of a
fuck she was and he was going to get his cock into her as soon as he could.
He went behind her and moved his body until the front of his body was
touching the back of Frankie's body, her legs were open enough that Matthew's
cock moved between her legs and stuck out the other side. Rosie had already
taken off her and Frankie's top and they had been fingering each other so
they were both really wet. Matthew's hand went around Frankie's body and
started to caress both Frankie's and Rosie's breasts. Frankie loved the
feeling of having this cock between her legs rubbing up against her pussy
lips and was soon moaning to Matthew to put it inside her.

Matthew turned Frankie around and pushed her back onto Rosie's bed and moved
quickly between her legs and with Frankie's legs off to the side Matthew
guided his cock into Frankie' wet pussy and he thrust deep and hard into
Frankie's pussy. Frankie grunted at the pounding Matthew was given her, this
was more frantic sex then she had with Michael. It was different; she could
feel the difference in the size and thickness of their respective cocks even
though there wasn't much of a difference. This was more animalistic type of
fucking, Frankie was moaning to Matthew to fuck her harder and Matthew was
doing his best to accommodate her.

Felicity had stopped the mutual masturbation and stripped for Marco and then
watched as he did the same for her. She was surprised when his cock came into
view. Compared to his small stature, he being exactly the same height, as
her, his cock looked the same size as the other two boys well for his stature
it actually looked bigger. She pushed him to the floor and sat astride him.
She kept her lingerie on because she loved how they looked on her; she moved
her panties aside and opened her pussy lips. Felicity then lowered her pussy
down more and more of Marco's cock until he was fully inside her and she
could feel his balls against her ass. She just sat their for a minute getting
used to his cock and concentrated on her pussy muscles and then started to
move back and forward.

Rosie took in the sight of all the girls either being fucked or licked or
sucking and put on her robe and opened the door and headed down stairs. Her
father had taken her wheelchaired brother to a hospital and they were going
to be away for a couple of days. She raced downstairs and opened the door
and in walked Felicity's step-father, Rosie had been shocked but turned on
when Felicity had told her the other day about her and her step-father.
Rosie had confronted him and had arranged for him to come over here after
the other girls had started to fuck the younger blokes.

Peter could smell the scent of sex on Rosie and new that a fuck fest must be
happening upstairs. His cock started to stir in his pants and when he saw
Rosie walking in front of him and watched her ass moving as she walked. He
reached the back of her robe and pulled it back towards him and it came back
without her leaving her naked. She quickly turned around and tried to cover
her naked body. Peter just removed his clothing and watched Rosie as he
showed his cock to her. Rosie gasped at the size and girth of this monster
cock that was so hard.

Peter moved to her and pushed her over the table in front of her so she was
bent over. He immediately guided his cock between her pussy lips and started
to fuck this English rose. Rosie was certainly not a virgin but she had never
had a cock this big or with a guy this age, even though she had thoughts
about it. Peter knew he wouldn't last long like this but he knew to fuck the
other girls he would need to get this first orgasm out of the way. From the
look on her face when he showed her his cock he new that she hadn't had one
so big so half of his job was done, he found with women were more mentally
stimulated and when they had seen his cock and started to think of the things
it would do to a girl they usually got into it quicker. It was no different
with Rosie who within a two or three minutes of hard fucking was already on
the verge of her first orgasm of the night and was thrusting her body back
on to Peter's thrusting.

Rosie had been moaning heavily after a minute of fucking and called on Peter
to fuck her harder, to cum in her little pussy. Peter looked at this young
slut in front of him and amazed at how similar Felicity's body was to thisgirl, 'What was her named again he thought, Rosie, yeh that's it.' He moved
his hands to her breasts and squeezed them hard. This last pain sensation
started off her big orgasm and she started screaming in ecstasy. This was
also enough for Peter and he did one last thrust and his cum spewed into her

Peter stayed in Rosie for another minute until he was coming no more. Peter
withdrew his cock and grabbed her hand and said "Well, where's the party".
Rosie giggled like a schoolgirl and grabbed Peter's hand and started walking
up the stairs.

* * *

Lyndz started to have another orgasm from the tongue action of Kenny and was
still sucking and licking her brother's cock. She had got into a routine of
sucking it and also caressing his balls. Michael knew that his sister was
inexperienced but being a girl he believed it would come instinctively and
it did, she was sucking now like a Hoover. Michael kept on pushing her head
further onto his cock. He was getting oh so close to cumming and he was
thinking should he cum in her mouth or pulls out and sprays it over her face
and body.

Michael didn't have to wait much longer as he felt that sensation and
started to cum in her mouth but after the first load he pulled out and it
started shooting onto her face and dropping down onto her breasts. Lyndz
felt Michael's cock expand slightly and new this was the sign the girls
had told her to watch out for and she waiting for the cum. The first load
hit the back of her throat and she nearly gagged but was able to hold it
and then she felt Michael's cock move from her mouth and she could feel it
landing on her face. She moved her tongue around the cum on her face and
could feel the taste in her mouth. She felt a bit used but then Michael
bent down and looked at his twin and said "I love you sis" and leaned in
and gave her the most passionate kiss from a boy of her life.

He noticed that he was still hard which was unusual for him but he thought
the special circumstances of it being his sister that might be the reason.
Michael moved his sister to the floor and was going to mount his sister
when he felt Kenny sucking on his knob. She sucked the remaining cum from
his cock and then took it from her mouth and guided to the very wet opening
of Lyndz. He leaned down so he was looking deep into her eyes when he thrust
deep into his sister taking her virginity and her innocence.

Matthew moved Frankie into another position, he did this whenever he felt
the need to cum, he would withdraw and move her into a new position and then
continue to fuck her at a frantic thrusting that she seemed to enjoy. Frankie
was enjoying the sensation of a new cock in her. Even though Michael and her
had fucked close to forty times over the last two weeks they only had fucked
in three positions. Matthew had only been fucking her for like 20 minutes
and she had been in three positions and new that he would get her in more.
Frankie had been moved in a position where she laid her back against bed but
both legs to one side leaving Matthew to fuck her open pussy; it made it
tighter for Matthew to fuck her but he was slower this time but it still felt
good, she had already experienced a couple of small orgasms but was looking
for that big one she had experienced each time with Michael.

Matthew then realised what Rosie had said about time and ask Frankie if he
could fuck her from behind and in a flash Frankie was up on her knees ready
for his cock, Frankie loved to be fucked like this she could feel Michael's
entire like this and because of the angle it always rub her the right way
and she would orgasm quickly. Matthew slipped in from behind and started to
thrust hard and deep into Frankie, Frankie started to move herself back onto
Matthew's thrusts. Matthew started to call out that he was going to cum and
Frankie moved her hand between her legs and found her clit and started to
furiously rub it. The combination of all this plus then a load of cum
shooting in her she started to orgasm hard and started screaming about it.

Felicity kept riding Marco's beautiful cock, moving back and forward on
it against her most sensitive spot of her pussy. Marco just lay there
experiencing the best fuck of his young life, he kept thinking of things
so he wouldn't come quickly, that was why he had masturbated just before
coming over. Felicity leaned down and kiss Marco passionately using her
tongue to entice his tongue out as well. Felicity who's back was to the
door then felt a hand on her hips that was familiar but thought it must
be one of the other boys. Felicity then felt a cock moved into her bottom
and for the first time in her life two guys were fucking her. Felicity
turned around just as the cock in her ass was fully inside her.

"Hello baby, having fun", Peter said as he thrust in and out.

"Oh daddy, I knew it was, your cock feels so good in me", replied Felicity.

All the girls turned around when they heard the word Daddy but then smiled
when they saw who it was and who he was fucking. They each looked down at his
cock and their eyes widened when they saw the monster cock disappearing into
Felicity's ass.

Lyndz who only twenty minutes ago had lost her virginity to her brother
started to scream at a very intense orgasm and was screaming at Michael for
him to cum in her. Michael was having the best time fucking his sister who
was so tight but had a body with big tits, something he had noticed on her
for the last year. He started to do short sharp thrusts knowing he would
come shortly and then pulled out one last time and thrust deep and let the
cum spew out and into his sister. Michael's cum just kept on coming and
coming until he felt his balls empty. He leaned down and kissed her as he
felt his cock soften inside her. He knew he would have to stay in her arms
for a little while because it was he first time but he knew he wanted to
fuck the big breasted Kenny and maybe one of the others, there would be
plenty of time to fuck Frankie.

Matthew had already moved onto Rosie who seemed to have a wide smile but
everyone seemed to be watching Felicity being fucked by two guys. Marco
couldn't last any longer and unloaded a mile of cum inside her and she
lifted herself off him and Peter moved around so he was in front of her
between her legs and moved his cock deep into her pussy, she could feel
her pussy expand from Marco nice large cock to her daddy's thick cock.
Maybe it was the tightness of her ass and now her oh so wet pussy but
Peter was close to orgasm. He told her and she screamed for him to cum
in her, to give her his seed. He came in her and could feel the cum spew
back out of her pussy. He stood up and his cock just stood out and all
the girls just looked at all the boys who had got their hard ons back.

All the girls looked at one another and said in unison "Well maybe another



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