Sleepover Club: Part 3 (mmf)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Kenny had decided to stay at the beach and had found a nice secluded spot and
after a while had decided to go topless. She thought it was funny because of
her Chinese heritage she had the brown skin like all the girls would try for
during summer. She pulled out her novel and started to read not noticing the
clouds getting darker in the distance.

Mathew and Marco had been walking the dunes just mucking around when they
came across the old wooden cabin. They had been coming to this place for a
couple of years it was a place where they could look at the pornos. Then
they grabbed one of the magazines and went to the two crappy lounges that
they had dragged there. Both of them moved to one of the lounges and
started to look and read the magazines. They were comfortable enough
together to pull their cocks out and start to rub their own cocks. They
could hear the rain on the tin roof and knew they might be here for a
little while.

The rain started quickly and Kenny just jumped up and grabbed at her clothes
but the only thing she picked up was a white t-shirt. Kenny started to race
back towards the surf club while putting on her t-shirt. She spotted a shack
as she was running and decided to go in there because the rain was getting
heavier. She smashed through the door and stood their still bent over
breathing hard from the run. When she stood up she then noticed Mathew and
then to her left Marco and then she noticed the magazines on the floor and
then actually noticed that both the boys had their cocks out of their pants.
This was the first time she had seen a cock and now she had seen two and
they both looked pretty big.

Both boys nearly shit themselves when the door burst open and then in came
Kenny. They looked at her; she had on bikini pants and a white t-shirt.
But because of the rain the t-shirt was clinging to her body and she was
wearing her bikini top her nipples were visible. Matthew was the first one
to continue to masturbate and instead of looking at the magazines he
concentrated on the Asian honey in front of him Kenny. Marco looked over
and then back at Kenny and also started to masturbate.

Kenny didn't know what to do both of them had started to rub their things
and they were getting bigger. Kenny felt funny, she thought she should feel
disgusted but instead it excited her. Instead of looking at those women in
the magazines they were looking at her and not in the way she had been
looked at before. Kenny moved her hands to the t-shirt and moved it up just
underneath her breasts, her sweat and the wetness from her shirt dripped
down her stomach.

She got closer to Matthew who just started to pump his cock harder as he
leered at Kenny. Kenny just looked at Matthew and his cock and how he was
rubbing it and she wanted to help, she moved her hand to her t-shirt and
lifted it up and over her head and stood there in her bikini shorts. Kenny's
hand went to her breasts but not to cover them she started to caress them
and play with her nipples.

This was enough for Matthew who immediately stood up and dropped his pants
and moved towards Kenny. Kenny was nervous when Matthew started towards her
but more than that she was excited and horny and eager for something to
finally happen. Matthew just went straight up to her and started to kiss her
with such hunger and passion, he had kissed a few girls but never like this.

Kenny's body was on fire she had been kissed but not like this, it felt so
sexual, she could even feel her pussy getting wetter. Kenny could feel
Matthew cock against her and her hand immediately went to it and she started
to move her hand up and down it like she had been doing it for years where
in fact this was the first time she had touched a cock. It felt natural to
her but what he wanted to do was actual move it so it slipped inside herself.

Matthew hands kept roaming over Kenny's body, firstly her breasts and now her
ass. Matthew hadn't felt a tighter more defined ass and kept pushing his body
into her body. Matthew picked her up from ass and moved her towards the
lounge and laid her down on it. Matthew moved his hands to the side of her
bikini pants and with incredible strength just ripped them off her. Her legs
to either side of Matthew body Kenny continued to rub his cock but now she
knew where she must have it.

She guided it to her pussy opening and with a thrust he was in her. Both
moaned at the first pleasure of sex, Kenny even though a virgin had torn her
hymen while doing gymnastics years before. Matthew kept on thrusting; he had
an overwhelming need to thrust deep and hard. Kenny also had that same need
but her need was to take as much as she could. Kenny moved her feet around
the back of Matthew and when he thrust she used her feet to push him in more
and then with one last thrust he was fully inside her. Kenny just moved
forward and told Matthew not to move and started to kiss him deeply. Kenny
just wanted to get used to the feeling of having a cock in her but soon
wanted to feel it moving and whispered in Matthew's ear to fuck her, to fuck
her hard.

Kenny moved her body back against the lounge and Matthew started to pull
out to the head of his cock and thrust back in and Kenny started to breath
heavier and started to moan with the new pleasures she was feeling. She
looked down and watches as the cock disappeared into her pussy and then
watched as her large breasts start to jiggle back and forward with the
thrusting. It was then she felt something against her cheek and she turned
around and saw another cock. It was then she remembered that Marco was also
in the room and obviously had been watching what had been going on. She
remembered that his cock was also big but not quiet as big as Matthew.

Kenny instinctively opened her mouth to accept his cock and soon her lips
were around his cock and she started to suck on it. Kenny had heard about
head jobs at school and had thought it sounded disgusting but actually
found it empowering. She started to lick the underneath of his cock and
take it further down her mouth. Kenny could feel everything, the cock
pounding in her pussy, the wind and the occasionally hand touching her
breasts and then finally the cock moving in and out of her mouth. Kenny
could feel the building up of something within her but couldn't quite work
it out but it was building up.

Kenny was moaning more as she was sucking on Marco's cock and then she
noticed the cock slightly start to expand and then she felt something in
her throat, it just kept on coming out of his cock and Kenny had to swallow
it and keep sucking but in the end pulled it out of her mouth. Marco hadn't
finished coming and so when Kenny took it out he came on her face as well
and some dropped down onto her breasts.

"Oh my god, what was that", Kenny said excitedly.

"My cum, shit that was so awesome, you're a great cock sucker."

"Really, am I, I hadn't done it before" Kenny replied.

It was then that her body exploded in orgasm, Kenny didn't know what it was,
she had never masturbated, being from a Chinese background she hadn't learnt
anything about what she was doing or feeling, she had only learnt some stuff
from school and from her friends. If felt like a volcanic eruption that
started at her pussy and was flowing all throughout her body. Kenny just kept
on yelling "Yes, oh god yes!"

The sight of his friend coming and Kenny orgasming made Matthew start
thrusting harder and faster and soon he was cumming. He leant into so it
was just the two of them and he thrust in deep with the first shot of cum,
he looked deep into eyes as the cum shot out and did short thrusts until
he could feel his cum has stopped. He leaned down and they kissed, deep
passionate kiss. Matthew stayed in her until he could feel his cock start
to get soft.

Matthew sat back down on the floor and Marco who had finished a little bit
earlier was lying on the floor just to the side. Kenny moved down from the
lounge and sat next to Matthew. She looked between her legs and watched as
the white cum was dribbling out of her pussy, he moved her finger to her
pussy and opened her lips and more cum came out. Marco was fascinated at
this and moved towards her. Marco kneeled in front of her and asked, "Kenny,
can I fuck you?"

Kenny looked at Marco and down to his cock and then said "Sure!"

Kenny moved towards him and went to lie down when Marco said "No, on your
knees." Marco got behind Kenny and Kenny understood. Marco lent down and
started to lick Kenny pussy from behind and also licked near her ass.

Kenny hadn't expected this but it did feel good and any time it got really
good she would tell him "Yeh Marco, that it, right there, lick me baby, so

Marco continued to lick and also finger Kenny and he could tell she was close
to orgasm by the way her breathing and moaning was increasing and when she
started to orgasm. Marco stopped and immediately pushed his cock deep into
her pussy from behind. The angle of his thrusting and the orgasm she was
going through pushed her onto another orgasm, a double. Marco had his hands
onto Kenny's hips and was thrusting hard and long into her pussy. It was
magical, her pussy was so warm and inviting and her body was so hot, he could
feel her using her pussy muscles to milk his cock when he was inside her.

Kenny couldn't believe it, she was virgin only 30 minutes ago and now a
different guy was fucking her for the second time and she had already
orgasmed 3 times. Kenny moved her hands between her legs and started to
rub her clit as Marco's cock moved in and out of her. Marco started
fucking her hard and fast and soon Kenny was herself thrusting back to
meet his hard thrusts.

Matthew who was just in front of her was rubbing his cock. She continued to
watch as Marco started to slow down. Kenny loved how Marco would reach down
and plays with her breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. She
felt like he was milking her but she liked the feeling, was she a slut, no
how could she be she had only had sex today. How would the other girls react
when she told them, could I tell them, me fucking not just one of the M&M's
but two. Marco pulled her body back up to his and started to caress her
breasts that were firmer like this. He moved his head so he was right behind
her ear and started speaking to her.

"Kenny, your so fucking hot, been fantasising about fucking you for so long"
Marco said.

"Wow thanks, you have" replied Kenny.

"Yeh, and now your tight sweet pussy is around my big fat cock" Marco said.

"Mmmmmm" moaned Kenny.

"You like being fucked don't you, your my slutty Chinese fuck toy" said

"Umm yeh, it feels so fucking great, so now stop playing around and fuck me,
fuck me hard" moaned Kenny.

Marco pushed Kenny down and grabbed onto her shoulders and started to thrust
in and when he had a rhythm going he started to thrust hard and fast. Kenny
started moving her body back to meet the thrusts of Marco. Kenny couldn't
believe how good this felt at this angle his cock was rubbing right in her

"That's it baby, yeh fuck me hard, oh god your making me orgasm again, oh god
cum in me baby" moaned and screamed Kenny.

Marco on hearing this started to fuck Kenny harder and getting ever closer to
orgasming. Matthew who was masturbating in front of Kenny was also getting
closer to orgasm and just watched Kenny being fucked and watches as her tits
jiggled with each thrust from Marco. Kenny started going though her orgasm
and just kept repeating, "Yes" and then with final thrust Kenny felt Marco
cum explode with cum deep into her. Marco gave some quick short thrusts to
lose the rest of his cum. Kenny who was just coming down from orgasm looked
at Matthew who so close to his own orgasm.

Matthew then started to cum and the first load landed on Kenny's chest and
Kenny moved her hand quickly down to his cock and with his help continue to
rub his cock and also point the cum at her face. The next couple of loads
hit her on her face and in her mouth. Kenny moved down and onto his cock and
sucked Matthew's until his cock was dry. Kenny finished sucking him and sat
back against the lounge. They promised each other that they must keep this
quiet but each agreed they wanted to continue doing what they had just
started. Kenny grabbed her top that was on the floor and put it on and
looked around for her bikini panties and remembered they were ripped. She
picked it up and looked at it and wondered what she could do and Matthew
handed his towel over to her and she put it around her. Thank you she said
as she walked out the door turning around once and smiling at the two boys.
She found her gear quickly and rushed down to the water and washed off the
cum that was all over her body and then put the gear that was in her bag on.

End of Part 3


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