Sleepover Club: Part 2 (mf,ff,voy)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Frankie was like in a dream state all day, the times she saw Michael during
the day she smiled. Her friends noticed but couldn't pick what was different
with her. Frankie had decided to go to Michael's place but wanted to get
something first. She asked Kenny to join her to go shopping; they both had
a study period for the last class of the day and so they raced off after
school to the mall and walked into the lingerie shop. Frankie wanted to get
something new, something sexy, and something really feminine. Frankie picked
a few things and took them into the change rooms and was trying them on.
Frankie was busting to tell someone and realised that is why she had really
asked Kenny to come along.

"Kenny can you come in here please, I need to tell you something" asked

"Wow that is so pretty," said Kenny when she walked in the small change room.

"Kenny do you think I look or am different today" asked Frankie.

"What do you mean, you have looked happier today, there is something about
you" replied Kenny.

"Kenny I did it last night" said Frankie.

"Did what?" asked Kenny.

Frankie looked at Kenny and with her eyes was able to express what she
couldn't say.

"Oh my god Frankie, when, who?" enquired Kenny.

"Last night after the sleeping bag challenge and with Michael" replied

"Michael, you mean Lyndz's Michael, one of the M&M's" blurted Kenny.

Frankie nodded her head and a little tear came to her eye. Kenny saw the
tears and pulled her friend close and hugged her.

"He didn't force you, rape you, if he did I will kill him" said Kenny.

"No, it just happened, no he was nice," replied Frankie.

"Are you ok?" asked Kenny.

"Yes I feel, I don't know, I think special," replied Kenny.

Kenny hugged her friend. "Lets get out of here or people are going to talk."

Frankie took off the lingerie and dressed, she bought the set and walked out
of the store. They raced off to the beach and the little park and they sat
down and talked. Frankie didn't give a blow by blow account of what happened
but gave Kenny enough to know what they did and how it made Frankie feel, the
thing that surprised Kenny the most was how Frankie described Michael's cock.
Kenny had never really thought about guys' things before but if they were all
like that it would be nice. It started to get overcast in the sky and Frankie
wanted to get to Michael's house. "I have to go Kenny, I'll ring you later"
said Frankie.

Frankie returned home and took off her uniform and put on her special new
lingerie and put on her new perfume and put on a dress. Frankie thought how
it was strange how she wanted to look like a girl for him; she had always
been comfortable in jeans, t-shirts and things.

Frankie rushed over to Michael's and just as she got there it started to
rain. Frankie knocked on the door and Michael hopping it was Frankie. He
opened the door and he was floored from the beauty of her. He looked up
and down her body, the dress draped over her curves flawlessly. "You going
to invite me in or am I going to have to leave" asked Frankie slightly
embarrassed at the look she could see in Michael's eyes.

"Sorry, come in," replied Michael.

Frankie walked past Michael and Michael slammed the door and as Frankie
walked by Michael slapped her on her ass. "Ouch" yelled Frankie as she
started to run. Michael chased her around the living room and then Frankie
headed up the stairs and into Michael's room, she turned around at the
foot of the bed as Michael entered the bedroom. Michael pushed the door
back to close it and then walked forward, when they were only a couple
feet apart Frankie started to undo the buttons to the corset type top half
of the dress while looking at Michael.

Michael who still had his school uniform started to undo the buttons on his
school shirt. Each looking at each other with lust in their eyes, Michael
finished first and took off his shirt and then undid the belt on his pants
and started to undo the zipper. He looked longingly at Frankie who now had
all the buttons of the dress undone removed it from her shoulders and let
it fall to the floor and he dropped his pants at the same time. Michael
gasped at the sight in front of him, he had seen beautiful things in his
life but nothing as beautiful as this girl in matching bra and panties.

Michael's cock started to expand in his jockey briefs; Frankie who was
looking at that area smiled when she saw the bulge appear and the look of
lust in his eyes. Michael walked until there bodies were touching, he move
his hands along the side of her body until he put his hands on either side
of her face and they stated to kiss, delicately at first and then with a
hunger that neither new exist. Frankie could feel his hardness against her,
it just fit neat inside where her legs curved in, it felt like their bodies
were meant to be together.

Michael walked Frankie back onto the bed and then lowered her onto the bed.
Michael moved down with her and they continued to kiss, he then started to
kiss down her chin, to her neck and then kissed and licked between her
breasts. His hand went behind her back and she laughed "It's in front".

Michael looked and moved his hands to the clasp and unhooked it and her
breasts sprang free and bounced back, her nipples already hard. Michael
kissed all around her breasts and then lick around her nipple and then
started sucking on them, moving her tongue across the nipple. Michael moved
and started to kiss down her body, licking around her belly button and then
lower until he was between her legs, he could smell her sex, and he could
see the wetness between her pussy lips that made her panties transparent.

Michael started to pull down Frankie's panties and then let them drop them
to the floor and he moved back between her legs. Frankie was nervous she had
cleaned herself but had heard all the stories that all girls' vagina's smelt
like a dead fish. Michael looked at Frankie's puffed up pussy lips and
thought about last night about how his cock had between these lips and again
how she had then put her others lips around his morning woody. He started to
lick around the lips and then moved his fingers to open her sex and then he
sunk his tongue into her pussy and started to lick deep inside her. Frankie
started to play with her breasts and had moved her hand also down between
her legs and hard started to rub her clit. Michael saw this and took over
the rubbing as he continued to lick inside her pussy. Frankie moved her hands
to the back of Michael's head and pushed his head further into herself.

All the magazines she had read at not prepared her for this, the purse
unadulterated pleasure she was getting, how comfortable Michael made her feel
and it was that comfort she thought was why she was so close to orgasm. She
started screaming in a sexual release and with the knowledge that no one else
could here her except her first lover. He continued to lick her until orgasm
and her moaning started to come down. Michael then crawled back up his bed
until he was lying beside her and they kissed again and Frankie could taste
herself on Michael lips and it made her even hornier. Frankie moved her hand
down between their legs and realised that Michael had still had his briefs

"Strip those off baby," asked Frankie.

Michael scooted to the side of the bed and dropped his briefs revealing his
hard on to Frankie again. Frankie moved over to the side and sat in front of
Michael's cock, her cock, she looked to the bedroom table and giggled and
grabbed the object and put it alongside her cock. "Oh baby, that's all mine.
All 8 inches of it", Frankie said as she dropped the ruler.

Frankie moved forward and took his cock into her mouth, she started with her
tongue running it around the head and then started to lick lower and then
began to suck it, and even though Michael had been masturbating for a year
now he never had the sensations he was feeling with a mouth on it. Michael
tried to think of anything to stop him from coming but site of his girl nude
sucking his cock and his started to cum again.

* * *

Lyndz opened the door with Rosie close behind and they both took off their

"I was really looking forward to the ride but with the storm they don't want
to give the horses any colds", said Lyndz.

"Yeh but this way we can hang out" replied Rosie.

"Well yeh, lets get the essential supplies then", said Lyndz.

* * *

Frankie licked her lips and got the cum that had escaped her mouth but she
continued to rub Michael to stop him from going soft, she didn't know where
had learnt this or if it was built into her female genes.

Michael turned to Frankie and said, "I want to fuck you."

"I want to fuck you too", replied Frankie.

Frankie moved back on the bed and spread her legs in a V but Michael shook
his head and asked her to turn around. Frankie got on her knees and Michael
got in behind her, he pulled her hips back until he was close enough to
thrust. Frankie moved her hands between her legs and opened her pussy lips
showing her pink inside. Michael moved his cock to her entrance and pushed
his mushroom cock head between her pussy lips. Michael thrust hard and sank
about half of his cock in her, she was still tight but he kept pushing and
pulling, getting ever further into her pussy. Frankie started to moan as she
started to feel the pleasure return to her pussy.

* * *

Lyndz was just at the top of the stairs with her supplies; Rosie was only a
step behind when they both turned towards Michael door when they heard
something like a moan. They could tell that it was a moan of the girl but
couldn't quite pick it. They crept to the door that was slightly ajar and
they both looked in. All they could see what Michael standing up with his
hands on hips of some girls tanned body. He was thrusting hard into this girl
and she was obviously enjoying it because all you could hear was her moaning.
Lyndz just couldn't stop looking at Michael's body; he was clenching his
behind as he thrust into this girl. Lyndz looked between Michael's legs and
could see his balls slapping back and forward when he thrust. Lyndz could
feel herself getting wet and had the urge to rub herself. Both girls moved
back from the door and quickly walked to Lyndz bedroom next door. Both girls
looked at each other and then laughed. They both just sat on the bed and
listened to them next door, they couldn't hear the voices properly but
obviously the girl was enjoying herself as the moaning was constant and every
now and again they could hear "oh yeah, fuck me with your big cock, oh god,
Michael fuck me, fuck me harder" or "Deeper, yes, deeper, harder, oh god".

Lyndz looked over and noticed that Rosie had her hand inside her panties
and were rubbing herself. Of course Lyndz occasionally rubbed herself but
had never seen another girl do it. She looked at her friends face who now
realised what she was doing and started to get embarrassed, she had been
lost in her own dream world. She went to withdraw her hand when Lyndz moved
her hand onto Rosie hand and pushed it back down and into her panties.
Rosie moved her hand and Lyndz continued in the motion that Rosie had
started Rosie moved her hand back over to Lyndz and soon had Lyndz panties
to the side and both started to masturbate each other quickly. Both girls
were stroking in unison with the moaning from the other room. They both
leaned into each other and looked at each other as they pleased each other.

Rosie lifted her hand from Lyndz's pussy and with her other hand lifted Lyndz
top and then reached around and unclipped Lyndz's bra. While Lyndz continued
to please her friend by rubbing her pussy and clit, Rosie began to caress
Lyndz's breasts, paying close attention to her big nipples, Rosie brought
her mouth down to her friends breasts and started to lick and suck on the
nipples. Lyndz brought her hands up to Rosie's shirt and lifted it up and
over her head; Lyndz looked back down and was shocked to see Rosie didn't
have a bra on. Both girls intertwined their legs and start to hump themselves
against each other's leg. Girls moved in and started to kiss, slow with the
curiosity of it all but then each started to get more passionate; each girl
was moaning into each other's mouth, the smell of sex was wafting through the
air. Rosie who more experienced in sexual matters started to orgasm first,
she hadn't told her friends about what experience she had but she dearly
wanted to talk to about what she had been doing ever since she moved to
Australia. Lyndz started to quicken her thrusting movement against Rosie's
leg and within a couple of minutes started to have the most intense orgasm
of her young life.

* * *

Frankie couldn't believe how this was going, last night she was a virgin and
now had been fucked a couple of times. Michael's cock was rubbing against
Frankie's g-spot fucking like this, 'what did he call it doggie style, I
think I like that.' Michael had fucked her for ten minutes before cumming in
her pussy again, they lay side by side on the bed. It took a while for
Frankie to make Michael hard again but it was certainly fun trying. Michael
was tired from all the thrusting he had done and so Frankie got on top of

* * *

Rosie stood up and said let's go back and see what he is doing now. They both
stood up and walked out of room and tip toed towards Michael's door. Rosie
got down on her knees and looked in while Lyndz remained standing looking
through the door.

The girls looked just inside as Frankie opened up her pussy lips and started
to sink down on Michael's cock and she let out a moan of satisfaction. Rosie
noticed and recognised the ring on the girl's fingers as she watched the girl
open her pussy lips to accept Michael's big cock. Both girls watched as the
girl sank down the cock until it was fully inside of the Girl. After seeing
the ring and looking at the body she recognised that it was Frankie. Rosie
wondered when Michael and Frankie had started fucking. Rosie turned around on
her knees and looked up and said to Lyndz, "It's Frankie".

The look on Lyndz face was of shock but she continued to look and then
started to notice parts of the girls back to confirm to her that it was
actually Frankie. Rosie then moved her eyes down Lyndz body and just in
front of her face was Lyndz vagina. Rosie moved in and licked at Lyndz
pussy, Lyndz gasped but not loudly enough that Frankie and Michael heard.
Lyndz looked down and smiled and put her hand behind Rosie's head and
gently pushed it deeper into her.

Frankie soon got into a technique about moving her hips and started
thrusting faster and faster. Michael started to thrust up to meet the
movements of Frankie's pussy and moved his hand up her body to her
breasts and started to caress them and pulling on her nipples. Frankie
could feel her body getting closer to another orgasm, that wonderful
burst of charges to every nerve ending in her body. Frankie started
moving back and forward quickly while deep on Michael's cock. Michael
had moved his hands to her hips and started bucking his hips up towards
her thrusts.

Rosie was also licking Lyndz as fast as she could and she could feel Lyndz
juices all over her face. Just from the way Lyndz was breathing she knew
she had made her close to orgasm.

Michael started to scream, "Oh baby, I'm going to cum in you, oh god".

Frankie's moaning got louder and louder and went she felt Michael cum shoot
into her she started screaming, "Yes Michael that's it, oh god it feels so
good, your making me orgasming again and again."

While Frankie was screaming Lyndz started orgasming from the licking she was
getting from Rosie. She tried to smother her moaning but she moaned loudly.


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