Sleepover Club: Part 1 (mf,hand,oral,first,cons)
by Jeff Paw ([email protected])

Michael hated these nights when his twin sister friends came over for the
sleepover, there stupid little group called the Sleepover Club. They had
been having these sleepovers for several years now and it was always the
same noisy, smelly and a big pain.

It had changed a little bit in the last couple of months; all the girls had
started to develop even his own sister Lyndz who seems to have the biggest
breasts of all 5 of them even though Kenny the Chinese girl was a very close
second. Michael had to admit that he had been jacking off a lot over the last
couple of months because of these girls, even his sister Lyndz. He thought of
each one, there was Rosie the new girl, she had just move from England, she
had a snow-white complexion with auburn hair with a slight toned body with
small to medium sized breasts. Then there was Felicity, she was the girly
girl of the group, blond hair with the same slight toned body, and she always
looked good and always so feminine. Then there was Kenny the sporty one of
the group, many times he had sat in the grandstands and looked at her on the
track running. Kenny was Chinese but unlike what he had found on the net
Kenny had large breasts, well for her age anyway, she had an athletic body
that she always showed off in a Singlet which just clung to her curves. Then
there was his twin sister; they had never looked alike at any stage but about
12 months her breasts had developed and continued to grow. She was a brain
but they sort of gone well. Then last of all was Frankie, she was the tom-boy
of the group but she was definitely no boy, she had a sexy body, long brown
hair, brown eyes and the one time he had seen her in a bikini he could tell
she had the most perfect tear shape breasts.

He could smell the perfume throughout the second floor and it had an
aphrodisiac affect on him. Michael moved to the bathroom and was thinking of
the girls in his sister's room only a couple of metres from where he was.
Michael removed his boxers and sat down on the toilet and started to feel his
cock. It was already semi-hard but it didn't take much stroking to get it to
its full length. Michael tried to picture the girls as he moved his hand up
and down the length of his cock, occasionally giving his balls a squeeze.

Frankie moved from the bedroom and headed for the bathroom, Frankie had won
the sleeping bag strip, a game the girls usually played every time they had
a sleepover. Frankie was still thinking of that when she walked into the
bathroom and was halfway in when she looked up and saw Michael and then she
realized what Michael was doing and what he had in his hand.

"Oh god, Michael, I'm sorry" said Frankie.

Michael who was close to orgasm when he looked up and saw Frankie only a
couple of feel away. That was enough and his cum exploded from his cock and
shot out across the room and Michael watched it as it landed on Frankie on
her top and a bit on her naked stomach. "Ewww Michel, that's gross" said

"I'm so sorry Frankie I didn't know you were there, please don't say
anything" asked Michael.

Michael noticed that Frankie's eyes had not left his cock since he had cum,
so he got up and grabbed Frankie's hand and quickly moved out of the bathroom
and to the room next door, his bedroom. Frankie didn't know she was suddenly
so quiet and didn't know why she had let him take her hand and follow him to
his bedroom. Frankie remembered back to the bathroom, a cock, I finally saw a
real cock, well Lyndz's brother's cock, are they all this big.

"Frankie is my cock the first one you have seen", asked Michael.

Quietly and a bit shy Frankie heard herself say "No."

"Would you like to see it again", asked Michael

Frankie didn't say anything except to nod. Michael stood up and dropped his
boxers and let it drop to the floor. Frankie looked at Michael's cock for the
second time today.

"Why isn't it hard like before", Frankie enquired

"It's because I just cum, it gets soft after that but it can get hard if
stimulated", Michael replied.

"Stimulated, I'm not going to touch it," said Frankie.

"You don't have to physically touch it, visual stimulation works as well,"
Michael replied.

"Visual, what do you mean" asked Frankie.

"Could I see your breasts?" asked Michael.

"My Breasts!" replied Frankie. Frankie had never shown her breasts to any guy
and hardly any girls had even seen them but Frankie did want to see Michael's
cock hard again. Frankie put her hands down to bottom of her midriff and
lifted up her t-shirt and lifted up and over her head. She sat there and
looked down again and had noticed that it was bigger but not as big as she
had seen it before. Frankie moved her hand behind her back to the clip on
her bra and undid the clip. She couldn't believe she was going to show her
breasts to a boy and especially one of the M&M's but she let the bra fall
from her breasts and dropped in on the floor. She looked at Michael's face
that was smiling and looking at Frankie's breasts, and then Frankie looked
down between Michael's legs and noticed. It was fully hard again. Frankie
smiled, 'she had made him hard, it was her, and my body,' she thought.

"Wow Frankie they are so nice, so perfect, can I touch them", Michael said.

Frankie smiled, 'He thinks there perfect, oh my god he wants to touch them,'
Frankie thought. Without waiting for an answer Michael had moved to the bed
and was now sitting next to Frankie, there legs touching and then she felt
his hands on them, gentle at first and then he started to squeeze them.
"Not so rough Michael remembered they are attached to me," said Frankie.

Michael obeyed and started to soften his handy work, softly caressing and
flicking the nipples with his thumb. Frankie had never felt this good before,
so much a girl. Her hands moved to Michael's upper legs and rested them on
his legs and then she could feel it against her wrist. Frankie then moved her
hand over and put her hand on his cock. It felt hot and sticky but kind of
nice as well. Frankie looked at Michael's face as she started to wank his
cock, he looked back at her, he moaning slightly at her touch. He looked deep
into her eyes and soon they were kissing, it felt natural like they had been
kissing for years where in fact it was the first kiss for both of them.
Frankie felt Michael's hand move down her body and soon felt it against her
shorts and then inside her panties. "Michael, please be gentle" asked

He moved his hand further in until he felt his wetness, he had known from
the net that the bet place to rub was her clit but he hadn't done this before
so he experimented. Firstly he put one finger and then a second inside her
and moved it in and out of her. Frankie could believe how good things were,
her body on fire, everything felt good, Michael's tongue and lips against
her own, his cock in her hand and his fingers inside her. "Oh god Michael,
faster, yes that's it, yes Michael," moaned Frankie. Frankie also quickened
her pace on rubbing Michael's cock. "Oh Michael, I'm going to cum, that's it
rub right there, oh Michel, yessssss" moaned Frankie deeply. They both had
a orgasm within second of each other.

"Thank you" said Frankie before she quickly got up and ran out of the room.

Frankie rushed into the bathroom, she hadn't put her top back on yet. She
looked down and noticed that Michael's cum had landed on her stomach. Frankie
reached down and stuck her finger in it and brought it up to her mouth. "mmm"
she thought as she stripped and stepped into the shower and turned on the
water. The water washed over her body and down through her breasts, the
electricity of what had just happened still had her nipples still hard and
could feel the sensitivity of her clit when she moved her legs. She closed
her eyes and moved her hand to her clit and began to rub it.

Michael was all confused and so he got up and when he heard the water in the
bathroom going he moved inside and locked the door. He saw the steam on the
glass shower and he stepped inside. "Frankie why did you run out" Michael

"I got scared," replied Frankie.

They hugged, it felt so comfortable but then the thing that had scared her
started to grow against her, she could feel his cock grow and rub against
her womanhood. Instinctively she spread her legs slightly and this was enough
of an invitation for Michael and he grabbed his cock and moved towards her
opening and then with a small thrust the knob of his cock moved between and
inside her vagina. Frankie gasped as the head of his cock entered her, she
knew it was big because she had only recently played with it. Michael was
fighting the urge to pump because he wanted Frankie to get used to his cock
inside but Michael started pumping in and out slowly, every now again his
cock would rub her hymen. Frankie could feel it every time Michael rubbed it
up against her hymen.

Frankie leaned back against the shower wall and spread her legs wider and
then with one last thrust Michael pushed up and through her virginity. The
pain was intense and tears immediately welled in her eyes she had her arms
around the back of Michael and without knowing scratched deep into his back
with her fingernails. Michael felt the pain in his back but the pleasure he
was feeling in his cock was ten times as good. He had pushed through her
virginity and because she was so wet he had slid right into her until they
bodies met. Michael moved his hands around to Frankie's ass and lifted her
up; Frankie moved her legs around his waste and crossed her legs. Michael
started to lift Frankie up and down the length of his cock.

Frankie couldn't believe the feelings in her pussy; it was like every nerve
had come alive after the pain of losing her virginity. Frankie could feel
every vein and length of Michael's cock. Frankie was squeezing her muscles
and milking every inch of Michael's cock. Frankie could feel herself getting
wetter, making it easier for Michael to fuck her. Frankie's breath had
shallow out and was moaning into Michael's ear. She could feel her breasts
rubbing up against Michael's chest, she could feel her nipples as erect as
they had ever had been. Frankie had never felt this good and then started to
feel the start of an orgasm but this seemed to be more intense. Frankie
started to moan heavier, now starting to talk "Oh god fuck me Michael, that's
it, I love your cock, its so big, oh god I'm going to cum, make me cum
Michael, make me cum".

This was enough for Michael as well and starting thrusting deeper and faster
and could feel his cock expand and then start to erupt his cum deep into
Frankie's body. Michael and Frankie clung together as their orgasms subsided,
his cock still erect and inside her. Frankie unhooked her legs and Michael
lifted her up and off his cock and she put her feet on the ground. Frankie
looked down and between her legs and could see Michael's cum dripping out of
herself and down her leg. Michael watched as she douched herself with the
water hose.

When she was finally all cleaned they got out of the shower and stood near
the door, Frankie grabbed her panties back on and then her skirt followed by
blouse. Where was her bra, she smiled and realized it was still in Michael's
room. They kissed at the door and went out the door each their separate ways.

Lyndz was only one still awake when Frankie came back into her bedroom. All
the other girls were asleep in their sleeping bags. "Where have you been, you
have been gone for a while", Lyndz asked.

"Just outside, I had a long shower", replied Frankie.

Lyndz lifted up the side of the sheet on her bed and Frankie grabbed her
sleeping bag and brought it to the bed. Frankie slipped in beside her best
friend who she dearly wanted to tell what had happened. Frankie started to
cry from all the emotions she was feeling. "What's the matter Frankie?"
asked Lyndz as he moved to her friends and embraced her.

"I'm just so happy, thank you," replied Frankie hugging her friend like she
had never sone so for. Both girls fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

The girls all woke up and had breakfast and all used the shower, this
normally ticked Michael off because he couldn't get near the bathroom to
shower himself. When he didn't say anything Lyndz noticed and said "What's
a matter with Michael, he normally going nuts because we hog the bathroom."

"Who understands boys anyway, lets just be glad he is quite" replied Kenny.

All the girls finished up and left Lyndz room in their school uniform and
went down stairs and were heading out the door when Frankie said "Oh I left
my purse upstairs, I'll catch you up".

Frankie walked slowly upstairs making sure the girls had left. She noticed
that the bathroom were clear so she headed to Michael's room. Michael had
just finished the shower and just had the towel rapped around him. When the
door opened and Frankie in her school uniform walked in. Both smiled and
they embraced and kissed, "I don't have long I just needed to see you" said

Frankie grabbed the towel and pushed Michael back on the bed, the towel
came away and Michael sat on the bed with his now erect cock. Frankie stepped
forward and got down on her knees between Michael's legs and grabbed his
cock. It was Frankie's first real chance to look up close at a guys cock and
in particular Michael's cock, the cock that had made her a woman and brought
her so much pleasure last night. Frankie lent down and kissed the head of it
and said, "Thank you."

Frankie started to masturbate Michael's cock and just watched his face as she
did it. Then Frankie moved down and put her mouth around his cock and began
to suck on it.

"Oh Frankie, yes" moaned Michael.

Frankie continued to masturbate the bottom of his cock while she sucked the
top half, using her tongue to lick around the head, she could already taste
the pre-cum and new that it wouldn't take long for Michael to cum, she had
guessed that she had actually taken his virginity last night as well. She
had heard from other girls that boys didn't take long when they were new at
it. Frankie guessed that it was be cause he had cum already twice already
last night before he fucked her that he lasted as long as he did.

"Oh god Frankie I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

Frankie could actually feel the cock expand slightly and then she felt her
first real taste of cum when Michael's cock exploded and then kept of
exploding. Frankie kept sucking and swallowing not believing how much he had
but then it started to slow down. When Frankie felt there was none more left
she lifted her mouth off and swallowed the last of the cum. Frankie looked
at Michael and then they kissed, Michael tasting his cum in Frankie's mouth
for the first time. "I have to go," said Frankie as she got up from the

Michael called out "My parents will be home late and Lyndz has the horses
this afternoon".

Frankie smiled but didn't say anything and raced off.

End of Part 1


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