Sleepover: The Negotiation Part 1 - Panty Raid (M-mast)
by Vengence ([email protected])

And to think it all started with a wager between Stacie and Julie.

For Ren, it began when his sister Julie and her friend, Hannah came bursting
in what used to be his room to find him lying on the floor. He had fallen off
the small cot that was now his bed. After he'd left for college his parents
had taken out his old bed. When he came back, the little cot was all that was
left for him to sleep on.

Hannah looked around, amazed. "What happened to your room?"

Ren got up and brushed his pants off. "Is it different? I hadn't noticed," he
joked sarcastically. He gestured around at the wood paneling, the love seat,
the craft desk and the yoga stuff. He kicked the cot and it folded in half.
"And they've eliminated my bed."

"Mom re-did it," Julie explained to Hannah. "They weren't expecting him back
so soon."

"My glory days have been erased!" Ren complained. "My beer cap collection and
my cheerleader hate mail. All gone. Now it's a craft corner and yoga zone.

"Getting back to the real world," Julie interrupted him.

"We have a proposition for you, Ren," Hannah said to him.

"It involves money," Julie chimed in. "My money."

"Your money is my favorite word," Ren said eagerly. "Speak."

"Okay," Hannah began, "this is what we're going to need you to do."

Ren listened intently as she told him her plan.

* * *

Soon after the girls had left the house, Ren had become bored and retired
to his former room. He brought out an old George Foreman Lean Mean Play-Doh
Grilling Machine and began grilling Play-Doh steaks and chicken. He heard
noises coming from outside his window and knew immediately who it was.

Russell, Lance and Miles crash piled onto the floor.

"Wrong room," Ren said without turning. He flipped a steak on the grill.

The three boys exited, headed down the hall and entered Julie's room. There
were clothes and CDs thrown all over the place. Their mission was to find
Julie's diary. It was a time-honored sleepover party tradition: boys raid
sleepover, boys snag diary. Loads of laugh and fun to follow. Plus, Russell
knew that Julie would be desperate to retrieve the diary and would no doubt
make big promises in order to ensure its return. Promises that Russell,
Lance and Miles were eager to take advantage of. Promises like going on a
date, or better yet, hot sex. The three boys began looking for the diary.

"All I can find are term papers," Lance complained as he searched her desk.

"And socks," Miles added, disappointed.

Russell pulled open a dresser drawer. "Cha-ching! I found bras!" He held up
Julie's bra for the others to see.

Ren stood in the doorway watching them. "Dude," he said. "Don't you think
something's missing?"

Russell couldn't think of anything other than the prized object in his hand.
"What?" he asked.

"The girls!" Miles said.

"Where are the babes?" Russell asked.

"Gone," Ren informed them.

"Gone?" Lance cried angrily. "This diary raid skeeves."

Russell realized that Lance was right. What good was getting a diary, or even
a bra, if there were no girls there to get upset about it?

"It really skeeves," Lance repeated, and this time he shoved Russell as he
said it. He knocked him off balance and Russell crashed into Julie's dresser
with a thud.

"Girls?" Mr. Corky called from somewhere downstairs. "Everything all right?"

Russell, Lance and Miles looked at each other with panicked eyes as heavy
footsteps started up the staircase. Even Ren was worried. He was supposed to
be covering for his sister and her friends. Ren spotted a bunch of wigs on
Styrofoam head forms that sat in a corner of the room.

"Grandma's wigs," he said. "Put them on!"

Ren shut the door and they all knew that they had to work fast. In just
minutes, they were ready. Ren put on a CD, the Spice Girls' "Wannabe," and
turned it up as loud as it would go.

"Julie?" Mr. Corky knocked on the door. He peeked into the room and saw four
girls dancing with their back to him. At least that's what he thought he was
seeing. What he didn't realize that it was Russell, Lance, Miles and Ren. He
stood staring at their backs for a long moment, then shut the door and left.

Lance turned to Russell, pulling off the disguise. "If you tell anyone about
this, I will so injure you."

Russell paid him no attention, however, as his eyes were fixed on Julie's
computer. There were words on the screen. He walked closer to read it and
realized what it was. Russell understood where the girls had gone.

"Looks like we're goin' on a hunt, men," he said and hit the PRINT button on
the computer's menu.

After the list came out of the printer, Russell grabbed it and herded his
friends out the window, leaving Ren alone in his sister's bedroom. He looked
around and something caught his eye. In his panic to get into disguise when
Ren's father came up the stairs, Russell must have dropped Julie's bra on the
floor. Ren went over to retrieve it and intended to put it back in its proper
place, but stopped to gaze at the treasure that lay before him. Inside the
dresser were bras and panties of various colors and fabric. Ren knew what he
was doing was wrong, but the arousal rising within him was too much to resist
as he shifted through the collection. He imagined his sister in her underwear
and that made him horny as hell. Then the realization hit him. He was having
sexual thoughts about Julie. His own sister!

Not able to control himself, Ren rummaged through the bras and panties until
he came up with a pair that satisfied his lust. It was the white bra that
Russell had discarded earlier and a baby blue satin French-cut panties. He
held the panties up to his nose and sniffed the scent of his sister's
favorite perfume. His erection had become solid as a rock now. Ren could not
deny it any longer. Striking that deal with her was a gold mine. He vowed to
himself that, by the end of the night, he was going to get into Julie's
panties one way or another.

And what's this?

Ren came out of his panty-smelling nirvana and glimpsed a couple of objects
inside the dresser drawer that intensified his lust for his sister: a box of
condoms and a container of birth control pills. So, she was thinking of
having sex with some guy, was she? Upon further inspection, the seal on the
box was unbroken. Which meant that the condoms were unused. Ren hadn't seen
Julie going out with some guy, either. Which meant that she was probably
still a virgin. An evil grin slowly spread across Ren's face. Oh, yes, he
thought. He was definitely going to get into her panties tonight.

Unable to help himself, Ren buried his face into Julie's panties once again.
He opened his mouth and nibbled at the crotch, imagining that he was eating
out her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and licked the inside of the crotch.
Ren was in heaven. He felt his dick oozing out pre-cum, and knew that he was
going to blow his load sooner or later. After a minute or so, he unzipped and
dropped his pants to the floor. He pulled down his boxer shorts, whipped out
his 8-inch cock and wrapped Julie's panties around his dick through its left
leg opening. Ren gently slid her panties up and down the length of his cock,
totally enjoying the satiny feel. The pace began to pick up until he was
full-out jerking off to his sister's panties.

Ren closed his eyes and imagined himself pounding Julie's virgin cunt,
busting through her cherry.

"Oooh, you like that, don't you, bitch?" Ren panted. "Gonna fuck you real
good and hard." He slid the panties up and down his cock faster and faster.
Harder and harder. "How you like that, huh? Want me to fuck you up the ass?
Oooohh, yeah! Yeah, you little cum-whore!"

After a minute of fucking his cock in and out of Julie's panties, Ren
shuddered. His toes curled up and he shot his creamy cum-load onto his
sister's dresser.

"Aaaaauuugggh, yeah!" Ren whimpered.

After his orgasm subsided, he grabbed some tissue paper off the dresser and
cleaned up the gooey mess. As for the bra and panties, Ren decided to keep
them for his private collection. Just in case his plan of conquering his
sister didn't go well, he'd always have her underwear to jerk off to.
Physically spent, Ren retired to his own bedroom and waited patiently for
Julie to return home.

To be continued...


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