Sleeping Beauty: The Unfamily Version (FF,MF,F-best,trans,cons,ncon,magic)
by Hamster

The following story has been altered to be made more sexual...

Phillipa hated her life. She was just a cleaning girl in the castle and it
was pretty much the same old shit every day. 'Phillipa the floors need
scrubbing', 'Phillipa clear the tables', 'Phillipa shovel all the horse shit
out of the stables'. It was the worst job ever. Well except for one thing.
Every once in a while she caught a glimpse of the Princess. Princess Aurora
was quite possibly the hottest woman on the planet.

She was tall and regal and blonde with a butt and breasts that defined
perfection and the prettiest face that Phillipa had ever seen in her life.
Phillipa was a thorough lesbian and she swooned every time she caught a
glimpse of the princess. If not for Aurora she'd have quit the dead end
castle job months ago and become a mercenary. Selling your sword to the
highest bidder may not be a particularly noble way to make a living but
that didn't remotely bother her. It was a dream. It was one she could
actually accomplish too not a fantasy like the thing with the princess. A
princess had to make little baby heirs to the throne. That meant that
lesbians were out. And they married royalty. Phillipa's dad raised swine
for a living. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that female progeny of
swine herders did not grow up to marry Princesses.

The day was bad; she had been made to pluck a chicken for the pot and the
chicken refused to go down without a fight. Afterwards she had been sent to
see the Halfling Cleric Merryweather. The little bitch had refused quite
pointedly to use a spell to heal her and instead poured some painful burning
potion directly onto her wounds. After that the stables required cleaning and
she was left with approximately two hours of sparring practice with a castle
guard which left the poor man in tears after she had taken out all of her
frustration on him. He left to see Merryweather covered in bruises.

It was after this that she noticed that the more important people in the
castle were moving around very quickly, they ran from place to place as if
they had hellhound on there tail. They whispered and some cried. Phillipa
grabbed a guard's arm as he attempted to dash by.

"What's going on?" Asked Phillipa.

"It's the princess she has been kidnapped by the evil sorceress Malificent.
Now get the hell out of my way." Replied the guard as he pushed by and left
Phillipa looking stunned and horrified.

In the king's throne room three days later...

The King sat upon his throne feeling both miserable and angry. That horrible
bitch Malificent was making his life a living hell.

"Maybe you should just marry her." Said Kelwin, the royal wizard.

"That's ridiculous." Protested Alren, the King's first Knight. "If you marry
that infernal bitch she'll use her spells to turn you into her puppet or
worse. She is only interested in the crown."

"You don't think I can protect him?" Asked Kelwin.

"No I don't, I am fairly confident she'll turn you into a mouse shortly after
the wedding and then feed you to something unnatural and unpleasant."

Several of the king's advisors snickered.

"Your highness I only wish that I could go to her tower myself and rip the
bitch's heart from her chest." Said the King's warder Blackwolf.

"It's alright old friend, it's not your fault your days of adventuring are
done. But have you any advice?" The King asked.

"Well your highness, there were several princes vying for the princess have
any of them the desire to rescue her?" Asked Blackwolf.

"Those lousy cowards are not even responding to our falcons and spells." Said
a thoroughly disgusted Alren.

"Then perhaps you should consider offering the task to adventurers." Said

"I suppose I'd have to put up some massive reward, so be it. But won't
Malificent kill Aurora if a party of adventurers storm her dungeon?" Asked

"I don't think so, she needs the princess as leverage." Blackwolf said.

"Then let's put the bounty out there." The King said.

Two days later, Inn of the Braying Mule...

The Inn of the Braying Mule was home fairly unremarkable at first glance. It
was a two-story structure with rooms of varying quality above a common room
where travelers could get a meal or a drink. It was common knowledge that
adventurers frequented Inns. After all most adventurers traveled constantly
and had nowhere to sleep but at an Inn unless they were sleeping in the
woods. As it happened the Inn was packed with adventurers from far and wide
who had come to claim, or at least try to claim the king's bounty. Flora and
Fauna were to such adventurers. Flora was a wizard and a half-elf with long
wild black hair. Her Raven familiar was her perpetual companion. So was
Fauna, a ranger and also a half-elf. Fauna's hair was long, straight and

Flora and Fauna were extremely extremely attractive women and they both knew
it. They also happened to be attracted to each other. This was evident in the
way they were rolling around on the Inn room bed feeling each other up and
kissing passionately as Flora's poor embarrassed raven tried not to look. The
dark haired Flora was happily sucking on one of white-haired Fauna's nipples.
Fauna was in pure bliss.

"Oh yes my love, that's so nice." She said.

Flora's hand dipped down to her lover's pussy and she began to push two of
her fingers in and out of her. Flora fucked her repeatedly with smooth fast
strokes of her fingers until the white-haired half-Elf began to cum like
mad. The door to the room slammed open and interrupted the two frolicking

"Hey, you two, if you can stop fucking each other for just a minute so we can
get ready to go I'd really appreciate it. We have to get ready to go." Said

"Sheesh." Flora whined. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

"If we don't leave soon, like now, then we are going to have way too much
competition." Phillipa said.

Flora and Fauna were her friends and also the two women with whom she had
planned to get into the mercenary business with. But she had much bigger
plans now. The king was willing to offer anything within his ability to
grant to whom ever rescued his daughter from Malificent. Phillipa had called
upon Flora and Fauna for help. She knew that with a head start she could beat
the other adventuring parties that were likely to show up in getting to the
tower that Malificent was using as her base of operations.

"Fine, fine." Said Flora. As she began to dress.

Fauna was already in getting on her leather armor and sharpening the blades
that were at the ends of her spiked chain.

"OK Phillipa, you said that you had some idea where this tower is, is that
true or are you full of shit as usual." Asked Fauna.

"I know exactly where it is, and I'm never full of shit, did I ever actually
make you any promises before?" Asked Phillipa.

"All I know is that this princess of yours better be worth all the time you
wasted working in that castle. So where's the tower?" Fauna asked.

"It's in the heart of Redwater Swamp near Harpy Ridge." Phillipa said.

"And you know this how?" Asked Flora.

"I went on an adventure there." Said Phillipa.

"BULLSHIT!" Flora and Fauna said at once.

"No I'm serious." Replied Phillipa.

"A villager's daughter was bitten by a lycanthrope see, a weregator. Next
full moon she turned into a gator and disappeared into the swamps. I found
her the next day and brought her back." Phillipa said.

"Shit he couldn't have been able to pay you much." Said Flora.

"He was a blacksmith, he made my armor and my sword." Explained Phillipa.
"Now he chains her up on full moons."

"OK let's get going, but remember treasures and rewards get split three
ways." Said Fauna.

Later, in the swamp...

The small boat that the three lesbian adventurers were in was old and rickety
which did not inspire a whole lot of confidence from the women who were well
aware of the various unpleasant reptiles, fish and monsters who dwelled
within the reddish waters. The boat was a concern but then again so were the
clouds of biting insects that flew around the place. The women rowed in the
direction of the tower and the felt that they were getting close just before
nightfall hit. That is when Flora felt something slimy and thick wrap around
her wrist.

"Hey!" She cried as she was quite suddenly yanked into the swamp water.

There was a loud splash and Phillipa grabbed for Flora. Phillipa reached
down and grabbed the half-elf's free wrist before she completely disappeared
beneath the surface. A slimy tentacle reached out of the water and made for
Phillipa but was cut in half by Fauna's spiked chain. Flora felt several
tentacles lash around her legs. One crept under her robe and began to crawl
up into her. Flora screamed as her head came back through the surface after
Phillipa gave a mighty pull.

"It's raping me!!!" She screamed as the thing pushed into her.

Fauna was busy cutting away at one that was trying to get into the boat.
Meanwhile the creature's tentacle continued to crawl deep into Flora's cunt.
She panicked and screamed wildly as the thing swirled inside her. Finally it
pulled out quickly then wrapped around her waist and tried to drag her under.
Flora's head once again was beneath the surface. Phillipa gabbed a handful of
wet black hair and forcibly pulled Flora's head out of the water.

"Incanta Missaya!" She cried.

Two magical bolts of energy flew through the air and into the water to strike
the creature that was attacking her. The creature let go and they were able
to pull her onto the boat. Another tentacle appeared on the edge of the boat
and this was immediately cut in two by Phillipa.

"What was it?" Asked Flora as she took several deep breaths after coughing up
some water.

"Shambling mound. Malificent uses them to patrol the borders of her land. The
tower should be near here." Phillipa said. "Are you OK Flora?"

"Just lovely." She said angrily. "I was just telling Fauna that I don't get
raped by animated plant-matter enough."

The other two just sat quietly. There really wasn't much you could say to
comfort somebody who had been violated by a vegetable.

The trio paddled on, this time keenly aware of anything moving beneath the
surface. They arrived at their destination in the dark. There were alligators
patrolling the waters in abundance as well as clouds of mosquitoes so thick
that they obscured vision. Through the thickness of the flying insects the
trio was able to see the tower itself.

The tall structure sat on a large hill of jagged rock that reached high into
the night sky. There was a creature roughly the size of a pony moving around
on the outcropping but it was hard to make out exactly what it was in the
darkness and with all the bugs. There were paddling sounds and the three
could see a boat with passengers ahead of them.

"Dammit there's another party." Cried Phillipa.

The three paddled harder and harder as they made their way in the direction
of the hill. This was bad. When two bands of adventurers reached the same
goal at the same time there was usually only two ways to settle things. Join
forces and split the loot or fight. Neither prospect was appealing. There was
deafening roar as the first party reached the hill's shore. The group that
had been in the boat jumped onto shore and charged the creature. Now as they
closed in the three women could clearly make out its features. It was a very
young black dragon. But even a young one was bigger than an alligator and 50
times as dangerous. The group hit the shore and could see now that their
rivals were three men and a female halfling. The men charged and the first
one was greeted immediately with a shower of acid that the dragon spit at
him. The man gave a blood-curdling scream as his armor dissolved and then his
flesh burning and melted. The dragon would need to build its strength before
it could spit acid again. With no time to mourn the dead man's friends went
on the offensive and began to try to hack at the enraged beast. Phillipa,
Flora and Fauna rushed in to help. They realized it would take all hands to
kill the dragon. A fire elemental appeared behind the dragon and began to
attack it. Then an Earth Elemental. The Halfling and Flora had each summoned
them to battle the dragon. Phillipa could now recognize her new allies. The
halfling was Merryweather the castle's cleric and the two men were both
guards at the castle. One of them was now bereft of his head thanks to the
dragon. Fauna's chain wrapped around the dragon's muzzle and shut it tight.
This enraged the creature who thrashed it's neck and caused Fauna to swing
in the air. The last of the guards tried to help her and his chest was ripped
open by the dragon's claws. This gave Phillipa the opening that she needed to
stab it in the neck. The dragon thrashed in it's pain. Fauna was able to
plant her feet on the Dragon's shoulders and pull with all of her might. The
spiked chain cracked it's jaw just as the earth elemental brough it's fists
down on the dragon's back and broke it's spine with a loud crack. The dragon
thrashed about feebly before it slumped and died. The women looked about.
Merryweather was shedding tears for the fallen guards and Phillipa was trying
to pry her sword from the beasts neck.

"Forget it. Just take one of the men's swords." Said Fauna.

Phillipa nodded then turned to Merryweather. "Merry are you OK?"

"Yes, I...I just haven't seen anything so terrible." She said.

Phillipa nodded. "You better come with us."

The party began to head up the hill between the jagged rocks and made their
way to the tower's entrance. Once their they were face to face with sheer
wall all the way around the tower. There seemed to be no door at all. Fauna
however did find a strange looking stone in front of the wall.

"There's a secret door here." She said.

She pushed down on the stone and there was the sound of stone scraping on
stone. She pushed the section of wall and an entrance became clearly visible.
The quartet of women made their way into the tower and began to climb the
long series of stairs. At the top of the stairs was a door. Flora cast detect
magic on the door and announced that it was safe. At which point Fauna took a
metal pick and unlocked it. Everyone stared at her.

"What? I wasn't always a Ranger." She said.

They entered a large room with four poster bed inside. Laying on the bed
asleep was princess Aurora. Phillipa rushed to her side and began to shake

"Princess wake up! Hurry please wake up." Phillipa said. The princess however
would not awaken. "What's wrong with her?"

"She is in stasis. Those spells usually have a contingency spell on them.
Circumstance X will awaken the person under the affects of stasis." Flora

"And how do we know what the contingency is?" Asked Phillipa.

Flora shrugged. "Only Malificent knows."

"It seems you have a problem." Said a sweet voice.

They all turned to see a women in the doorway. She was attractive to say the
least. Long black hair and a body that seemed desieghned for seduction. Her
robe was low-cut to reveal cleavage and only came down to her thigh. A
pointed hat and black cape completed her outfit. A charming smile adorned her
face. The three lesbians in the group stared in awe.

"Malificent." Said Phillipa.

"In the flesh. Now my dears you can all try to kill me, but if you do so and
succeed the poor princess will remain in stasis likely forever. And there is
always the chance I'll kill you all. But things do not have to come to that.
I have after all given up on the marrying king by way of blackmail. You'd
think the old fart would be happy to marry a woman as attractive as myself.
But he has offered anything in his power to grant to anyone who brings back
his precious Aurora. So perhaps rather than engage in a tedious and pointless
battle we can strike a bargain." She said.

The four women looked at each other and nodded.

"OK," Said Phillipa. "What do you want?"

"What do you think? The whole evil witch in the swamp thing is getting pretty
old. I want to be queen. Allow me to disguise myself and join your party so
that I can make my request to the king directly and I will tell you the
contingency." She said.

"And let you kill the king and take over the kingdom?" Asked Merryweather

Malificent gave a musical laugh. "Hardly. I'm retiring from the villain game.
I want to wallow in the comforts of being royalty and have servants attend to
my every whim. The king can have the dreary job of actually running the

"She seems sincere." Said Fauna.

The others nodded in agreement.

"We have a deal." Said Phillipa.

"Good I shall travel with you to the castle under the name Emeri." Malificent
said. She said some magical words and her hair was no longer black but rather
red. Her facial features changed but were no less beautiful.

"What's the contingency?" Demanded Phillipa.

"Somebody has to kiss the babe." Said Emeri.

Phillipa wasted no time she made her way to Aurora's bedside and planted a
kiss on her lips. The Princesses eyes popped open and she gasped.

"Where is she? What happened?" Asked an alarmed princess as she sat up and
looked around.

"It's OK princess it's over. We are here to rescue you and take you back to
the castle." Said Phillipa.

She stared into Phillipa's eyes. "Oh thank you!"

Aurora threw her arms around Phillipa and kissed her to almost everyone's

Emeri leaned over and whispered into Flora's ear. "Second contingency, the
princess would fall in love with who ever awakened her."

Flora nodded her head appreciatively. "Nice."

Later in the King's throne room...

The heroes and the princess were greeted with great fanfare and were summoned
immediately to the king's throne room. All of the king's knights and much of
the lands nobility were in attendance at least so that they could witness the
return of the princess and the rewarding of those responsible for her return.
The adventurers and the princess were given the chance to clean up before
they were escorted to the throne room. The women all bowed before the king.

"So it is you five that I have to thank for my one daughter's safe return?
You each have my eternal gratitude. I have promised you anything that is
within my power to grant. Tell me what will you have?" The king asked.

Fauna stood first. "As much gold as I can carry."

The entire court laughed. Even the king chuckled.

"Very well, you are granted your request. Who is next?" Asked the king.

Merryweather was next. "Your highness, I wish for a temple to Yondalla to be
built here in the capitol."

"It shall be done." The king told the cleric.

Flora was next.

"Your highness, I want your court Wizard's spellbook." Said the black-haired
half-elf woman.

Kelwin looked horrified. "Your highness please you can't seriously

"Kelwin give her your spellbook." The king said firmly.

Kelwin whimpered and grudgingly handed her his precious book of spells. A
single tear rolled down his cheek.

"Oh butch up Kelwin, it's not the end of the world." Said the King.

Emeri stood. Everyone took notice. Men looked at her with wanton lust and
women with jealousy or in a few cases also with wanton lust. "Your highness,
I wish only to be your new court wizard."

Kelwin choked. The woman was incredibly beautiful and the idea of spending a
lot of time around her was not an unpleasant one. Besides...

"Well I really have no use for a wizard with no spellbook so Kelwin you are
dismissed and Emeri you are my new court wizard." Proclaimed the king.

There was a great cheer from the assembled court, Kelwin was universally
despised. Kelwin fled the court in tears. There was much laughter.

Last was Phillipa. She knew what her request would be and she also knew that
that she was very likely to have it turned down by the king.

Phillipa took a deep breath. "Your highness, I most respectfully request for
princess Aurora's hand in marriage."

There was hushed murmers throughout the crowd and many noticed the approving
smile that the princess graced Phillipa with. It took the king a few minutes
to process this.

"But you are both women." He said by way of protest.

"Yes sire, but that does not change the fact that I am deeply in love with
her." Replied Phillipa.

"Father I love her too. I know it is strange but she is my one true love."
Aurora said.

The king shook his head helplessly. "But you are to produce the kingdom with
an heir..."

Emeri spoke. "Your highness, I have a spell that I believe can help with that

"I am king and I gave my word and furthermore my daughter's wishes have been
made clear. As King I hereby grant you the right to marry Princess Aurora."

There was a smattering of applause as well as some confusion from many and
disgust from a couple of the more prudish in attendance.

Later in the king's private meeting chambers...

The king sat in a chair and just stared blankly into space. The only other
person with him was his new court Wizard.

"Your highness please, do not worry. Phillipa is a great warrior. She is the
kind of person your knights will respect, and the princess seems to love
her." Said Emeri who electrified him by placing a hand on his shoulder.

She was certainly better looking than his last wizard!!!

"And you say that you have a spell that will actually allow her to produce an
heir?" He asked unbelievingly.

"Yes, it will transform her briefly into a man." Explained Emeri. "I have
already made a few potions from this spell."

"It's just plain unnatural but I guess the matters settled." He said

Emeri pretended to trip and fell into his lap.

"EEEEP!" She cried.

Her firm butt was now resting in his lap and her breasts were more or less
mashed against his cheek.

"Oh dear, my great apologies your highness." She said.

"Uhh it's quite all right." The king assured her.

Emeri felt his hard cock poking against her butt through their robes. She
reached down and squeezed it.

"My, isn't that a friendly fellow." Said emery playfully.

"Perhaps he'd like to come out and play?" Said Emeri.

"You know I think that can be arranged." he said.

"Good I was so hoping that you'd say that." Emeri said.

She turned and kissed him quite enthusiastically before standing and removing
her hat, cape and robes. The king quickly stood and took off his own robes.
He sat back down on his chair and Emeri straddled his lap. She pushed herself
down onto the royal cock and leaned back basically thrusting her breasts into
the king's boobs. Emeri reached down and positioned his cock at the entrance
to her pussy. She pushed down on it and then began to fuck herself on the
royal meat pole with her boobs bouncing playfully in front of the king's
face. The king could not believe how tight she was and that couple with her
raw energy was making for the sexual experience of his life. He reached up
and grabbed her big tits so he could squeeze them while she fucked him like a
rider on a bucking horse.

Princess Aurora's bedchambers...

Aurora was sitting at her mirror brushing her luxurious long blonde hair.
Quite suddenly her window opened and Phillipa swung in.

"All my gods! How did you get in here?" The princess said in surprise.

"I crawled along the window sill from the guest bedroom to your window." Said
Phillipa with a rougish smile.

Aurora giggled then flew to her love and embraced her.

"I'm so happy that you are here with me. But what are we going to do? We have
to produce an heir." Aurora said.

"Don't worry about it, it's taken care of. Right now I just want to be with
you." Phillipa said.

Aurora's pink dress clung very pleasingly to her lovely curves and Phillipa
drank in this sight before placing her hands on Aurora's hips and pulling her
in for a kiss. The two kissed deeply as they moved over to Auora's huge bed.
They broke their kiss and Aurora turned her back to Phillipa so that she
could unfasten her dress. Phillipa was more than happy to do just that. After
Aurora was undressed and standing in her glorious nudity, Phillipa removed
her own clothing. They both kissed again and fell onto the bed. They were
each still kissing while their hand roamed all over each other's bodies until
eventually Phillipa found her finger's pumping into lover's pussy. Aurora
moaned and whimpered then with her own hand copied the motions in Phillapa's
pussy. After a few minutes they were cumming in unison.

It was then that Phillipa reached down among her cloths and pulled out a
bottle that she'd been carrying with her.

"What is that?" Asked Aurora.

"It's a surprise, don't be afraid ok?" Said Phillipa.

Phillipa popped the bottle open and downed it's contents. Before Aurora's
startled eyes Phillipa changed. Her features hardened and her breasts shrank
and she was now sporting a penis.

"What..what?" Aurora stammered.

"Emeri made this potion for us. I can use it to change into a man so that I
can give us an heir." Explained Phillip.

"This is amazing!" Aurora said.

"I know my love. What do you say we try it out?" Phillip asked.

"I think that is a great idea." Aurora replied.

Aurora got on all fours on her bed and Phillip got behind her. He pushed his
thick cock into her and began to piston in and out. Her boobs dangled below
her and swung back and forth with each powerful thrust of his mighty fuck
stick. She squeeled appreciatively with each and every stroke until Phillip
began to cum into her pussy with a torrent of his seed. As soon as he'd
emptied himself into her he once again transformed into a woman. The two lay
down on the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms.
_ _ _

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