Rated NC-17 for f/f sex, rom., some kink

Sky High/Zoom: Bif! Bam! Pow! Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

Layla couldn't believe she was doing this. She had never thought of herself
as a lesbian. Far from it as she had been in love with Will Stronghold since
they were very young. But here she was, kissing Summer, and she liked it. For
her part Summer had often looked at other girls with envy, but had never
really thought of herself as gay.

Their kissing grew deeper and more passionate as their hands roamed each
others bodies. They paused for a brief moment, looking deep in each others
eyes. They had fallen in love, they couldn't stop. They flew back into each
other's arms, lips and tongue duelling, breasts mashed together.

"Kiss me, kiss me," Summer panted.

"Yes, yes," Layla breathed.

They couldn't get enough as they devoured each other's lips and tongue's.
Layla then moved down to Summer's tits, licking the nipples to stiffness
before taking them into her mouth and sucking. Summer moaned as Layla went
from 1 tit to the other, then squeezed both of her breasts together putting
both of Summer's nipples in her mouth.

"Oh my," Summer gasped, "That feels great! Please, more."

Layla continued, going from one nipple to the other, then ran her hands
softly all around the swelling globes before more vigorous fondling. Layla
then moved up so that Summer could lick and play with her tits. Summer
started off roughly kneading and squeezing Layla's tits.

"Ohhhhhhh," Layla moaned, "Slap my tits, pinch my nipples, bite them!"

"Your wish is my command," Summer smiled, slapping and being even rougher
with Layla's tits.

"Yesssssss," Layla hissed, loving the slight pain.

"After this is all over we should get into whips," Summer said, "Your friends
are lesbians too? We should have orgies."

"Yes, Magenta and Penny are both gay," Layla said, "I bet they're doing what
we are right now."

Layla and Summer got into a semi-69 licking, sucking and caressing each
others tits. Finally they couldn't stand it any longer and went into a
full side by side 69 licking each others pussies hungrily. Despite their
inexperience both girls were soon close to orgasm as their eager tongues
flashed on each others throbbing clits.

"Mmmmpppppttttt!" Summer cried out in Layla's pussy as she came.

"Cuuuuuummm," Layla cried out as she was also cumming.

The 2 girls lay side by side panting. But both wanted more. Summer was on top
of Layla kissing her. They tasted their own pussy juices on each others lips
and loved it. Layla spread her legs wide as Summer mounted her. Arraigning
herself Summer and Layla were tit to tit, nipple to nipple, clit to clit,
pussy to pussy. The 2 girls began a slow sensuous pussyfuck.

"Oh yes, oooooo," Layla moaned, "So good, so gooooddddd."

"Yea baby," Summer smiled, "I'm going to fuck you good."

Tongues and nipples duelled as their wet pussies thrust into each other,
grinding, bumping, clits touching, rubbing. Summer and Layla were in a
frenzy as they humped each other.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Layla panted.

"Oh baby, baby," Summer gasped, "Fuck me!"

With cries of joy the 2 girls mutually climaxed! They lay there, wrapped in
each others arms, lightly kissing. Neither wanted this to end.

"I could do this all night, but we need to sleep," Summer said.

"I know," Layla said, "But when this is over we're going to form a lesbian

"If we survive," Summer said, "I don't like saying this, but we're going to
have to kill. We hold back, even a little bit, and we're all dead. They'll
even kill Cindy."

"I know," Layla said, tears forming in her eyes.

The girls fell asleep in each others arms, trying not to think of the horror
of what was to come.

* * *

Dylan tried to use his power of 'true sight' to find out the what Gen. Lane
and Zoom had planned for their defense. But the meeting was over and he got
nothing useful. He next turned his mind to spying on the girls. This pissed
him off when he saw all of them dyking out.

'Just wait you cunts,' Dylan thought, 'I'll have all of you, then I'll
torture you and when I get bored I'll use your guts for confetti!'

Dylan opened the drawer and pulled out the special pistol Gen. Woody A. and
his aide, Col. Snoop Doggie had given him. This gun would kill Tucker who was
invulnerable to normal weapons much like the Blob. Yes, he would help them
kill the other heroes. Maybe King Aura would even let him have that goody
goody female general he was forcing to help him.

Gen. Woody A. was the WORST film-maker in the world who had NEVER made a good
movie. He was loved only by critics and weinies. He had fooled people and
actually made money from some of his early movies, but now people knew how
badly he sucked and all his films flopped, losing millions.

Gen. Woody A. was such a wus, that even in his prime an average 10 year old
could beat him up. His power was being famous for being a no talent jerk. A
total misogynist he really hated Gen. Lena and her 2 aides, Lotus and Jade.
Lena was a great general but hated the evil King Aura. Only the fact that her
family was being held hostage made her fight for him. Even then she did as
little to help him as possible and refused to hurt people.

Lena's power was the ability to turn women into lesbians with her kiss. Lotus
and Jade were martial arts experts and her lovers. Lena was hoping that Earth
was strong enough to stop King Aura.

* * *

The morning came all too soon and the kids were sent to their various
positions. The had to wait longer than they thought, but finally the air
bombardment began. As they thought it was brief and did little damage. A
few sky ships attacked first, but a squadron of stealth fighters shot
them down pretty easy.

This brought an unexpected second aerial bombardment, but it wasn't very
damaging to the Earth forces either. As planned Gen. Lane's token force drew
them in to where they wanted them. Zoom, Captain Hawk, and Lady Comet hit
them. Will concentrated on trying to take out the tyrants armor. For the
first 10 minutes or so it looked like just the 3 of them would be enough, but
the sheer weight of numbers slowly forced even Will back.

At a signal from Zoom they broke off and made their way all the way back to
Gen. Lane's well hidden main force.

"Damn, that was a lot easier 20 years ago," Miss Powers panted.

Unhampered by opposition the invaders, led by the totally incompetent Gen.
Woody A. charged right into the trap. Summer hurled huge rocks, Concussion
and Fireball fired with everything they had, only Layla held back. Until Col.
Snoop Doggie rallied a troop and would have killed Summer.

"Rap is CRAP!" Layla shouted as she caused a Venus flytrap to grow to
supergiant size which ate Snoop Doggie!

After that, vines tangled and strangled, Venus flytraps ate dozens, giant
cacti fired lethal foot-long needles. The army of King Aura was decimated,
but the reserves threatened to over-run the heroes. Zoom sent his own
reserves in for the evacuation. Dylan, Tucker, Cindy, Penny x 12, and Magenta
charged in taking the pressure off them. They pulled back to Gen. Lane's main
force. Cindy had a slight slash on one arm. It wasn't bad, but Zoom had
Marsha take her out of the fight and back to base.

"Go, go, go," Gen. Lane shouted as he personally led the counter-attack.

* * *

Hours later the last of King Aura's forces surrendered. Only the king and his
inner circle remained. It was time for the final showdown, but Zoom didn't
know he had a traitor in his midst as 11 of them burst into King Aura's
throne room.

"You're one of his general's?" Zoom aked when he saw Woody A., "You can't
even make a decent movie."

"That will change," Woody A. said, "People will love my movies or die!"

"Run, please," Lena cried, "He's a madman! He has my family hostage!"

"Bah!" Aura mocked, "I had your family murdered months ago!"

"You BASTARD!" Lea fired her blaster at King Aura who pulled Gen. Woody A.
in front of him.

"A loser, even in the end," Miss Powers said, as dust was all that was left.

"It's all of us against you now," Zoom ordered, "If you give up we'll give
you a fair trial."

"No, I think you are the ones who need to surrender," King Aura laughed,

The special gun Dylan had kept hidden appeared in his hand. Tucker's head
exploded! Everyone was in shock, but Dylan wasn't done yet. He shot out
Zoom's knees, and vanished, just avoiding Conner's blast. With a roar Aura
hurled himself at Will. Lotus, Jade, Lena, and the 12 Penny's found
themselves fighting 20 die hard troops. The fight wasn't over!

End of Part 3


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