This chapter rated NC-17 for f/f sex, cons., some kink

Sky High/Zoom: Bif! Bam! Pow! Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

The costume department had done a great job with their costumes. Made to each
of their specifications they all looked very stylish. They were then taken
home to gather whatever personal effects they wished to take. That night
Magenta, Layla, and Will broke into the zoo.

"I can't believe we let ourselves get talked into this," Will said, loading
the cage with Ms. Fluffy into the bus that would take them to Area 52.

"God, that thing stinks and we've already given it 2 baths," Layla wrinkled
her nose.

"I don't know why," Magenta said, "I just know, that somehow Ms. Fluffy has
to come with us."

Layla grew a whole lot of flowers around the hyena to cover the stench. She
didn't know why, but she trusted Magenta's instincts. When it came to
animals, Magenta was usually right.

"Glad we wore old clothes," Will said, "I think we need to burn these."

"Maybe we should have brought Warren," Layla joked.

"I hate leaving her in a cage," Magenta sadly said, "But it's the only way."

"She'll be okay," Layla said comforting her, "She's got plenty of food and
water and air won't be a problem. She'll be cramped for a few hours, but
after that she'll be okay."

A few hours later the 5 super teens gathered at the bus. Just as they were
boarding Principal Powers appeared in a shower of white light! She was in her
old costume, white with the red comet highlights. She was very proud that she
was still in fantastic shape and that it still fit without even having to be
altered. The costume also exposed a lot of cleavage causing Will and Warren's
eyes to bug out. Magenta and Penny also stared in envy and a bit of lust.

"Principal Powers?" Warren asked.

"I can't let you kids do this alone," Miss Powers said, "And from now until
this is over it's Lynda."

The trip to Arizona was brief and uneventful. They were greeted by Major
General Sam Lane* who had replaced Gen. Larraby. Gen. Lane was one of the
best, hated and feared by leftists . But even they couldn't deny his
competence. Huge smiles appeared on the face of Miss Powers and on Gen.
Lane when they saw each other. They gave each other a polite hug.

"Sam, you old warhorse," Miss Powers smiled, "You look great."

"Not as good as you do Lynda," Gen. Lane said, "You're still as beautiful as
the first day I saw you."

"You are a terrible liar Sam," Miss Powers blushed.

"No really," Gen. Lane smiled, "I still think of that night in Morocco."

It was pretty obvious they were old friends. Ms. Fluffy caused a bit of a
stir when Will lifted her cage out of the bus. Magenta dug in her heels,
saying she just knew that somehow Ms. Fluffy had a role to play in all of
this. Finally Gen. Lane and Miss Powers relented. Ms. Fluffy was put in a
spacious K-9 kennel. Since even Magenta couldn't stand the smell, Mr. Pibb
the robot was put in charge of feeding her.

Once inside the complex they were met by Captain Zoom, Marsha, and the Zenith
Team. Jack was delighted to see Miss Powers. After introductions were made
the 2 teams were left to get acquainted while Jack, Gen. Lane, Marsha, and
Miss Powers planned strategy.

"I'm very glad to see you Miss Powers," Jack said, "I was working on a plan
with Gen. Lane and with you here it improves my plan."

"Please, it's Lynda," Miss Powers said.

"Anyway, we've calculated the landing site of the main invasion force," Gen.
Lane said, "There will be some space and aerial bombardment, but King Aura
wants Earth relatively intact like most. First, we'll be hit with a computer
virus. That tactic used to work, but we can counter that with stolen alien
tech of our own now. We are going to pretend it works to lure them in. King
Aura is not a great military strategist. In fact, he's rather predictable."

"The army can almost beat him on their own," Zoom added.

"I actually think I could," Gen. Lane said, "But it would cost a lot of
lives. Aura rely's heavily on ground forces. He tries to overwhelm his
opponents with numbers and superior weaponry. That works for him because he
usually faces swords and bows. He doesn't have much of a tech advantage over

"I have come up with a layered defense," Zoom said, pointing at spots on a
map," They will be landing here, Gen. Lane will lure them in with a token
force. Our first hero wave will be those of us that have movement powers.
That's you Miss, I mean Lynda, along with Will and myself. We hit, take out
what we can and draw them into this area. If we are able we then withdraw."

"Our distance fighters, Conner, Summer, Warren, and Layla will ambush them
here," Gen. Lane said pointing to that area.

"That's a pretty barren area," Miss Powers said, "Layla needs existing

"We've been working on that since you sent us her file," Marsha said, "We
sent in a couple choppers and saturated the area with poison ivy, venus
flytrap, saguaro cactus, and various vines. We then dropped water from 4
air tankers on it. I know she's mostly a pacifist, but we need her to get
over it."

"I'll talk to her," Miss Powers said, "With the whole world at stake I'm sure
she'll do what she has to."

"Good. Now, if it looks like they're going to be over-run we send in our
reserve force," Zoom said, "Penny, Magenta, Dylan, Cindy, and Tucker all have
close combat physical powers. Our 'shooters' will pull back to Gen. Lane's
main line while Lynda, Will, and I, if we're still standing, evacuate our
physical fighters. Gen. Lane takes it from there with us in whatever support
roles we are able to."

"If nothing goes too wrong, because no plan is ever exact, we should smash
King Aura with minimal casualties," Gen. Lane said.

"I wish we didn't have to use Cindy," Marsha said, "She's so young."

"So do I," Zoom said, "But there's only 12 of us and she's almost in
Stronghold's strength class."

The kids were having a pretty good party. Dylan kept to himself. All the
girls quickly became friends, Will was amazed that he barely beat little
Cindy in arm wrestling. Fierce video game competitions broke out. There
was a little bit of dancing with both staff and the kids. The girls wanted
to play 'spin the bottle' as soon as Cindy and Tucker were met by their 10
and 14 year old bedtimes. Since the rest were 18's, with Dylan at 19, and
Conner chronologically 20 they didn't have bedtimes. Dylan stormed off.

"What's up with him?" Layla asked Summer about the sullen Dylan.

"I don't know," Summer sighed, "He's been different ever since..."

"Ever since Jack got his powers back and you guys saved me," Conner
interrupted," It seems pretty clear to me. Dylan was going to be the leader,
now he's third behind Jack and me."

"You think that's it?" Summer asked hopefully.

"Maybe," Conner said, "I can't say for sure, but it could also explain why
he dumped you. Didn't feel adequate or something. Just a maybe though."

"Hey, who cares," Layla said, trying to cheer everyone up, "We've got 3 cute
guys and 4 girls, let's go for it."

"Wrong," Penny laughed duping herself, "Eight girls."

They all laughed. There ended up being a lot of girl on girl kissing. Magenta
turned into a hamster a couple of times for fun before turning back which
added to the fun. But finally it broke up.

"Man, who would believe a kids game can be so much fun," Will grinned.

Summer and Layla were to room together as were Magenta and Penny. Magenta
took a shower and lay down on her bed wearing only a towel while Penny took
hers. Penny was surprised that Magenta was looking at 'Lesbian Lust' magazine
when she came out.

"I hope you don't mind, I sleep raw," Magenta slyly smiled.

"So do I, I hate wearing clothes," Penny grinned sitting on the edge of her

"What was prison like with all those hot women?" Magenta asked, "I've seen
several of their movies. My favorites are the bdsm ones."

"Well, they did it to me, and yes, I loved it," Penny said, "It's the best."

"Show me," Magenta smiled taking her towel off.

"Are you sure?" Penny asked, dropping her own towel.

"Yes," Magenta said, "I like girls, and only girls."

"You're in love with Layla?" Penny asked.

"Yes, but I think all girls should be lesbians and have sex with each other
all the time," Magneta grinned.

"So do I," Penny smiled, "I didn't know until I was taught. So, are you

"Yes, show me," Magenta said lustfully.

Penny became 5 Penny's. Two playfully held Magenta's wrists down while 2
spread her legs wide and held them. Magenta didn't even try to struggle.

"Well, first, they grab you and hold you down," Penny 1 said, "You're all
naked and helpless and they can do anything they want with you. Then they
start kissing and caressing you, it feels so good."

Penny 1 gently lay on top of Magenta, their lips met, parted, tongue's
touched and played with each other. The kiss grew deeper as both girl's
became aroused. Penny 2, and Penny 3 holding Magenta's hands, now also
began stroking the hair of Magenta and Penny 1. Penny 4 and 5 were now
licking Magenta's feet and sucking her toes.

"You're so lucky," Magenta gasped between kisses, "You can have an orgy any
time you want."

Penny 1 covered Magenta's mouth with hers, her hands caressing Magenta's
small shapely tits. Magenta was growing more aroused as the black cheerleader
dominated her. Penny 1 then moved lower, kissing down Magenta's throat while
Penny 2 took her place kissing Magenta's lips. Penny 4 licked up and down the
sole of Magenta's left foot, Penny 5 was sucking the toes of Magenta's right

"Tie me down," Magenta moaned.

Using belts and ribbons the Penny's tied Magenta's wrists together, then
strapped her arms over her head down to the bed. Magenta's legs were then
spread wide and tied to the bed corners. Magneta was actually strong enough
to break free, but she pretended to be totally helpless. Penny 1 was licking
her pussy, Penny 2 and 3 were licking and sucking her pert tits, Penny 4 and
5 continued to work on her sensative feet.

Magenta moaned as the multiple Penny's expertly licked her. Penny 4 left
working on Magenta's foot and straddled Magenta's pretty face. Penny 4
lowered her shaved black pussy to Magenta's eager mouth. Magenta sucked and
licked Penny 4s hot pussy, giving her the pleasure the other Penny's were
giving her. Penny 1 upped the ante sucking 2 of her finges wet, then gently
inserting them into Magenta's virgin asshole.

Magenta screamed in pleaure into Penny 4's pussy as she came. But Penny 1 was
just starting as she pumped her fingers in and out of Magenta's ass while
licking her dripping slit. Penny 5 now played with Penny 4's tits. Penny 2
and 3 continued to relentlessly knead, suck, and lick Magenta's titties.
Magenta tried sucking on Penny 4's clit to give her some of the pleaure she
was recieving, but Penny 1 made her cum a second time causing her to again
silently cry out, muffled by beautiful black pussy.

Magenta licked and licked, probing her tongue deep inside the tasty pussy of
Penny 4. Magenta tongue fucked Penny 4's pussy, Penny 5 working on Penny 4's
tits. Penny 4 couln't hold out long. Bucking and moaning she rode Magenta's

"Oh yes, yes!" Penny 4 cried, "Suck me! Ooooooooo! I'm cumming!"

No sooner did Penny 4 cum then Penny 5 took her place, lowering her pussy
onto Magenta's face. Penny 4 was now licking Penny 5's tits.

"Now do you understand how great prison was," Penny 1 smiled, "If I didn't
want to be free I would have broke the law and gotten myslf thrown back in

"Oh yes, yes," Magenta moaned, "Pussy, pussy, pussy! I love pussy!"

* * *

In the next room, Summer and Layla couldn't hear what was going on in the
next room, but after 'spin the bottle' and seeing each other naked in the
shower both were growing extremely horny. Summer sat next to Layla, both
were already nude.

"You wanna make out," Summer asked.

"Does this answer your question," Layla leaned over and kissed her deeply.


End of Part 2

* Father of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, a.k.a. Mrs. Superman. :-)


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