Sky High and Zoom are owned by Disney an whoever, used without permission in
a parody. Some liberties have been taken such as Penny being good. All sex
scenes will be between legal age participants. Lady Hamster is a tribute to
honor my good friend Hamster and is used with his blessing.

Some chapters rated NC 17 for f/f sex, this chapter no sex, set-up.

The Zenith Team unites with a squad from Sky High to stop an alien
menace. But is there a traitor among them.

Sky High/Zoom: Bif! Bam! Pow! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Somewhere, USA: Senior year was about to start for the unusual students of
this sleepy little town. A town used as cover by most of Earth's meta human
community. Their children attended a special school which trained them in
the use of their powers. And it was sorely needed. Alien invasions and lethal
super villain wars had depleted the ranks of Earth's super heroes.

The previous year at 'Sky High' the villainess Royal Pain had hatched, and
nearly succeeded, with a plan to turn the students, teachers, and guest
heroes into babies that she would then raise into a small army of villains.
Despite the juvenile nature of the plan it was one that potentially could
have been dangerous. Fortunately a small group of students, including one
that had been on Royal Pain's side at the start, had stopped her.

Penny had turned against Gwen Grayson, a.k.a. Royal Pain, when she announced
that she was only going to raise the strongest and that the others would be
killed. Will Stronghold, Warren Peace, and Layla Williams then defeated Royal
Pain and the students who supported her with the help of their friends Zach,
Ethan Magenta, and Ron Wilson. The judge showed leniency to Penny, who was
sentenced to 6 months in a prison designed for super villainess's, and 5
years probation.

* * *

Layla and Magenta walked the short distance to the bus stop together laughing
about their summer.

"I can't believe that in the zoo's 'adopt-an-animal' program you are
sponsoring a hyena," Layla laughed.

"What's wrong with Ms. Fluffy?" Magenta giggled, "Hyena's are an important
part of the animal eco system."

"Yeah, but yucko," Layla made a face, "Speaking of which, you have some new

"Yep, in addition to guinea pig I can also do squirrel, chipmunk, and
hamster," Magenta smiled, "But the hamster form triggered something else."

"Really?" Layla quizzed, "What?"

"Well, it sounds weird, but hamster may have been my true mutation, even
though I manifested guinea pig first," Magenta said, " I now have, well,
hamster abilities in human form."

"Hamster powers?" Layla asked.

"Imigine an 80 pound hamster," Magenta said, "Okay, 85 pounds. Well, I test
out at about the strength of 5 men, I can run about 40 mph, super balance, I
can run across a floor coverd in marbles, and make leaps between 20-25'."

"Magenta, that's hero class," Layla looked surprised.

"Yeah, I know," Magenta sounded sad, "And now that they know your powers you
know they're going to put you in hero class."

"And that's going to leave Zach and Ethan behind," Layla added, "That's
going to be rough on them even with the improvemnts Principal Powers is

The bus arrived and they took their normal seats behind Zach and Ethan. They
chatted with them, but a gulf had opened. Zach, unintentionally made Magenta
mad as usual. Zach had a huge crush on Magenta, not knowing she was gay. They
were a little surprised when Will got on the bus.

"Dude," Zach high fived Will, "Surprised youre takng the bus."

"Hey, I can't hang with my buds flying solo," Will grinned, "Hey Layla."

"Hi Will," Layla smiled, "Haven't hardly seen you all summer."

"Parental units have been training me," Will said, "I picked out a code name.
I'm going to be Captain Hawk!"

"Cool name, and no ones ever used it," Ethan said.

Will had muscled up a bit and was 3 inches taller. Layla thought he looked
good, damn good. They were all surprised to see Penny on campus when they
arrived. She was very subdued and alone as she was being snubbed by everyone.
The ankle bracelet a reminder of what she had done.

"Surprised to see her here," Magenta snorted.

"Well, she did help us," Ethan said.

"Only because Gwen went too far," Layla said, "Penny was all for it until
murder of babies became part of the plan."

"But she did draw the line Layla," Will said, "And she accepted her
responability, did her time."

"Got off light if you ask me," Coach Boomer said coming up to them, "Magenta,
Layla, you've been reassigned to hero class."

"Magenta?" Zach said surprised.

"Yep," Boomer smiled, "We have a new sensor that grades powers, so we don't
have to humiliate you kids anymore. You may not believe it, but I really
didn't like doing that. Okay I did, but I don't now."

"Sounds like a lot of things have changed," Will said.

"Anyway, we've got some great new courses in 'Hero Support'," Boomer said,
"New classrooms, and hopefully a better school experiance for everyone."

"I still don't like this 'class' system," Layla said.

"Well, you never know, Magenta's powers evolved, maybe ours will too," Ethan

"And hey, Ron finally got his," Zach said, "It took a little help, but he's
kicking ass now."

The morning passed quickly. Zach and Ethan were surprised that martial arts
and shooting classes were added. The new motto was 'Anyone can be a Hero!'.
Everything was better. Lunch rolled around and Warren and Will invited them
to their table. It was still 'the tough guy' table. Layla and Magenta came
in and started to head their way when they saw Penny sitting all alone at a
small table looking pathetic.

"Guys, we all know what it's like to be a pariah," Layla said, "Yeah, she was
a bitch last year, but she's all alone now."

"Besides, we can kick her ass, all 8 of them, if we have to," Magenta

Layla and Magenta went over to the small table. Penny jumped when they sat
their trays down.

"I'm sorry," Penny said rising, "I-I didn't know this was your table."

"Sit," Magenta ordered, surprisd at how quick she complied.

"Here, here's my desert," Penny said nervously.

"Man, what did they do to you?" Layla asked, amazed at how submissive Penny

"Prison. Have you heard of the Lady Outlaws?" Penny asked.

"I have their poster and their calender," Magenta smiled, "And bootleg copies
of their video's."

"I spent 3 months locked in a cell with them," Penny said, "When they were
done with me they sold me to the Vixen's."

"Okay, I've heard of them too, but I don't get it," Layla said clueless.

"Okay," Magenta grinned, "Brad or Angelina."

"Angelina," Penny said without hesitation.

"Huh?" Layla was still lost.

"I was their bitch," Penny said softly so that only Layla and Magenta could
hear her, "I was lesbian gangraped several times a day for 6 months. I didn't
want to leave. They had to drag me out kicking and screaming! They made me a

"And knocked all the sass out of you," Princple Powers said warping in, her
voice low so as to keep Penny's secret, "I need you 3, Warren and Will in my
office. Now."

A few minutes later the 5 students were in the office of Principle Powers.
Principle Powers was 50, but still a striking beauty. Her natural breasts
were not only huge, but firm and high. She liked the fact that most boys,
and even a lot of girls still stared at her.

"You wanted to see us Miss Powers," Layla asked.

"Yes I did," Miss Powers said, "As you know, the last year has seen a lot of
deaths in the meta human community. There was a war, the villains crossed the
line and used lethal force, then attacked some famiies. The villains lost 4
to 1, but there were more of them to start with. We won, but the super hero
community has been decimated. I called you 5 here because right now you are
the best we have. We need to activate you."

"Activate?" Will asked, "As in making us official super heroes?"

"Yes," Miss Powers said, "That's exactly what I mean. Have you heard of the
Zenith Team?"

"Yeah, I think I read somwhere there was a new team," Warren said, "They're

"Not really," Miss Powers said, "Just two of them, the others are your age.
And of course there's Captain Zoom."

"So we're going to be part of them?" Will asked, "I'm not sure of that. We
worked pretty well together last year."

"More like work with them," Miss Powers said, "Right now, Zenith Team and you
5 are the only effective hero teams currently on Earth. Will's parents and a
bunch of others are up in space right now."

"So, like, do we get code names and costumes and all that stuff," Magenta
said, failing to show her enthusiasm.

"Yes, and you can pick your own," Miss Powers said, "I understand Will that
you've already got one."

"Yes, Captain Hawk" Will said.

"Fireball, that sounds pretty cool," Warren grinned.

"I'm kind of stuck with Multi Girl," Penny said.

"Lady Hamster," Magenta smiled, "Kind of lame, but that's basiclly me."

"You know how against all of this I am," Layla said, "And I'm not taking
Plant Girl."

"How about Rose," Will smiled at her, "It's pretty, but it can defend

"Oh wow," Magenta said in awe.

"Rose," Layla smiled flattered, "Yeah, I like it. Rose."

"Well, that's settled," Miss Powers said, "You can go down to costume later.
Right now, I need to brief you on the situation. As you may or may not know,
the reason Earth is the target of so many alien invaders is because Earth is
almost halfway between every major alien empire. That makes Earth a stratigic
target for many of them. To balance this, Earth boosts the largest and most
powerful meta human population in the known universe. So far, that's been
enough to counter the superior weaponry of the various alien races. Now, with
dozens of meta humans killed, injured, or off planet fighting invaders Earth
is practically wide open and defenseless."

"And somone, or something, is taking advantage of that," Warren added.

"Exactly," Miss Powers said, then opened a folder, "He calls himself 'King
Auro the Awesome'. He's really just a stupid goon with a lot of power, an
army, and possibly a couple of meta henchmen. They look human, but that
could always be a ruse."

"He looks big all right," Will said.

"He's no joke either," Miss Powers said, "He's in your father's strength
class. Normally, we could get a 'class 100' guest hero so you could practice
some tactics. Robots and simulators have their uses, but nothing beats the
real thing."

The briefing continued for several more minutes as Principal Powers told them
about some of the tecnology they would be facing. The invaders were'nt much
ahead of Earth, but with the Earth forces depleted and scattered they didn't
need to be. King Auro seemd to have at least 2 generals, a beautiful,
slightly goth, somewhat Asian looking, raven haired woman in leather, and a
short, very skinny man wearing an oversized helmet that hid his entire face.

"Wonder if it's Ric Moranis under that," Warren laughed.

"Return of Dark Helmet," Will grinned.

"We haven't seen anything about him yet," Miss Powes said, inserting a
DVD-ROM into her laptop," The woman however, is at least a martial arts
expert. This is the only footage we have of her. As you can see, she could
have killed her opponents, quite easily, but she shows mercy. That may or
may not be a character trait."

"So, she could be Genghis Khan or Mother Teresa?" Layla said rather than

The briefing went on for a few more minutes before breaking up.

* * *

Area 52, somewere in Arizona: Despite their success in saving Conner Shepard,
a.k.a. Concussion 6 months previous, and in dealing with some local threats,
all was not well with the Zenith Team. Dylan West, a.k.a. Houdini had dumped
Summer Jones, a.k.a. Wonder, the day after saving Conner.

On this day Captain Zoom had gathered the team in the training room.

"Guys, you have been briefed about what's coming for us," Zoom said, "Now,
it's seemed pretty bad, but I have just received word that we're going to get
some reinforcements. Sky High is sending us a team of their top prospects.
Including, I'm told, the son of Commander and Jetstream."

"Great, more kids like us to throw into the meat grinder," Dylan sneered, "We
need G.O.L.D., or the Avengers, or the Justice League!"

"Dylan," Zoom said, "If we had any choice I wouldn't let you kids anywhere
near this thing. But right now we have to play the hand we've been dealt."

"So why fight?" Dylan asked, "Why not just let this guy take us over?"

"Dylan!" Summer was shocked.

"You're kidding right?" Zoom asked, "Mass murder, strip mine our planet and
leave the whole planet a wasteland. That's just a start."

Dylan didn't reply, but it was clear none of the others wanted anything more
to do with him. Jack/Zoom met with Marsha Holloway in private after the
briefing. Marsha herself had the power of super breath, but rarely used her
power. Despite her bad eyesight and a natural clumsiness Marsha was a
brilliant scientist with several degrees.

"We need to keep an eye on Dylan," Marsha said.

"Easier said than done with his power," Zoom said, "I don't get it. He's
changed completely. I thought maybe it was the same thing that affected
Conner, but all tests have come up negative. How's Summer doing?"

"Better," Marsha answered, "He really hurt her, but she's young, and boys
used to ignore her anyway."

"That I don't get," Zoom smiled, "Summer is an extremely attractive 18."

"Well, she was a little flat until she came here," Marsha said, "And the
cheerleader clique was openly hostle towards her at her old school."

They were right to be worried about Dylan. He was selling them out right at
that moment. It was easy for Dylan to slip into the communication room and
send an untracible message to the skinny general. The general wasn't wearing
his helmet and Dylan instantly recognized him. The glasses, receeding
hairline, aged nerd look.

"Hey, you're Woo-," Dylan was surprised.

"Not so loud," the familiar whiny man said, "Is it all set?"

"Damn Zoom screwed everything up," Dylan said, "He's called in

"Oh, that's not good," the whiny man said, "The master doesn't like
complications. And I can't trust her. If the master didn't have her family
hostage she'd be fighting against us."

"Well, we're going to have to do something," Dylan said, "Just remember, I
get my pick."

"Noted," the whiny man said then blinked out.

Dylan easily made it back to his room without being noticed.

'Soon,' Dylan thought, 'Soon.'


End of Part 1


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