Sisters: Lovers And Other Relatives Part 2 (m/F,inc)
by Uncle Mike

Trevor awoke the next day, a Friday, happier than he could remember being in
months. It wasn't until he was about to hit the shower, though, that he
remembered why he was so happy. The image of Reed, and then Cat, riding his
bucking cock came to his mind like a fantastic movie. As the hot jet of water
hit his body, his dick was already rising hard and long. He felt like
Superman, like Tarzan, like ... like that actor guy, the one who got all the
girls. Whatever his name was. Trevor flicked his head, sending a spray of
water against the wall. He was a stud.

And then, as he shut off the water and reached blindly for a towel, he
remember the other towels. The ones soaked with cum and pussy juices. The
ones that had stunk up his parents' bedroom. Despite the hot water of the
shower, he was suddenly cold all over. His cock shrank back and goosebumps
rose on his arms.

Quickly he toweled off and scrambled into his clothes. With a sinking feeling
in his stomach, he crept down the stairs and into the kitchen.

He stopped in the doorway and stared -- so long that his mother even looked
over and asked him what was wrong. "Nothing," he said tersely, and slumped
into his usual chair. The table was set just like any other day, and Mom had
bacon sizzling in the pan. Trevor blinked a few times as his mind tried to
come up with an explanation for the inexplicable: how could his folks have
missed the stench of sex in their bedroom? Couldn't they guess what had
happened? Didn't they care?

Could that be it? Could his mother and father secretly have been hoping he
and his cousins would get together? The thought didn't last 10 seconds. He
knew his parents were ultrastraights -- well, OK, his father was weird, but
not perverted weird, just kind of nuts. And his mother -- in her family,
"normal" usually meant not psychotic, but even by outsider standards his
mother was a square. There was no way they were into this kind of deal.

So how had he gotten away with it? The worry gnawed away at him all day, like
an ache in your foot you forget all about while you're sitting down, and then
it makes you whimper in pain when you put all your weight on it and suddenly
you remember what the problem was. He could forget his worry for a little
while in some classes, but sooner or later it would come back to him.

By the time he got back home after school, he was miserable. He half wished
Mom would just confront him and get it over with, but the other half was
hoping that somehow he really had gotten away with it.

Maybe, he thought, maybe if he just didn't say anything, it would all go
away. He opened the back door quietly and slipped into his house -- and
almost shouted in surprise when he saw his mother standing just a few feet
away, looking right at him. Quickly he mumbled a greeting and made a break
for the stairs. Her voice caught him from behind and froze him in place.

Trevor was so convinced she would nail him for nailing his cousins that it
took a few seconds for it to register that she was saying something entirely

"So get changed and get up there right away, would you? Your Aunt Teddy is
ready to finish the place and heaven knows how long that mood will last."
With a sigh, Trevor's mother turned back to the cupboards.

Trevor stood blinking a few seconds longer, sorting it all out. Help his Aunt
Teddy finish decorating her little apartment above their garage? Sure, no
problem. Aunt Teddy was OK, even if she had flown off from home with hardly
a word and then suddenly reappeared. She was flaky, but not threatening. And
how much decorating could there be in a tiny place like the one she had now?
For once, Trevor didn't complain about having chores to do. With a relaxed
grin, he raced through changing and was knocking at the door to Aunt Teddy's
place in no time flat.

Aunt Teddy looked dressed for hard work when she opened the door: a
paint-splattered T-shirt covered by a man's shirt with its tails tied in
front, a ratty-looking pair of jeans frayed at the ankles and scuffed
sneakers. Her dark black hair was tied in a short ponytail. Aunt Teddy was
the exotic one of the Reed sisters -- the alcoholic, the runaway -- she
looked a little exotic, too, Trevor thought. Her clear, pale skin looked
almost Oriental against her dark hair, and her long, thin fingers seemed
made for a ballet dancer or a pianist. No surprise, he guessed, that she
was the artistic one in the family.

She greeted him loudly, as usual, and didn't waste any time putting him to
work. Soon he was busy nailing in picture hangers and trying to shore up a
wobbly shelf in the closet. Aunt Teddy was busy too, though she seemed to
have plenty of time to supervise. Her suggestions to move a picture over
"just a hair to the left" or to try wedging a matchbook under the shelf
didn't bother him. Nothing was going to bother him. He was home free! Trevor
still wasn't sure how, but it seemed as if he had escaped his mom's wrath
for screwing his cousins.

He was feeling so good, in fact, that he had just about forgotten why he was
feeling so good.

He'd been at work a half-hour or so when Aunt Teddy asked him to hang a
curtain rod over her bedroom window. He was up on a two-step stool tapping
one of the side hangers in when she walked in and stood behind him. He turned
around and saw her eyeing him.

He half-sighed and half-chuckled. "A little higher, Aunt Teddy?"

"No, that's fine." Trevor pulled back the hammer to strike.

"Wait!" Aunt Teddy called out. Trevor paused.

"Maybe ... a little over to the right?"

Trevor smiled to the wall and slid the hanger over a fraction of an inch.

"No, that's not quite right ... a little more?"

Trevor shifted slightly on the stool and reached out to move the hanger over.
"Like this?"

"Better ... but still not quite there. I want it to look like I've got a
nice, big window, even if it is just a couple of feet wide. How about a
little more?"

Trevor stretched out and slid the hanger over.

"That's perfect, Trev. Right there. Ooh, that's the spot."

He pulled back the hammer.

"As my daughter said to you last night in bed."

"Yow!" The hammer slammed onto Trevor's thumb and he flinched, sending the
stool into a wild wobble. He clutched for the wall but couldn't find a
purchase. As he felt himself falling backward, instinctively his arms flew
out and waggled at his sides. For a fraction of a second he felt the stool
tip backward, and then come forward again. He relaxed.

But then the stool clunked against the wall and bounced off and Trevor felt
it pass the point of no return. He began to turn around, throwing out his
arms to block his fall, and braced for the impact.

It never came. Just a second into the fall, Trevor landed in his Aunt Teddy's
arms. She grabbed him around the waist and pushed him back upright.

Dizzy and a little dazed, Trevor continued to wobble in her arms for several
seconds. Gradually he came to his senses and heard his aunt's giggling.

"Saved your ass again, Trev," Aunt Teddy said in between laughs. He looked
at her, confused. She smiled up at him.

"Just how did you think you were going to get away with it? That room smelled
like a damn whorehouse! Shit, Trev, what were you thinking? If I hadn't gone
down and stalled them, and made up a story about being so drunk and horny
that I frigged myself on your mom's bed, you'd have been busted before they
even got halfway down the hallway!"

"You -- you saw? You know?"

"Saw? I saw, I heard, I smelled. That's quite a cock you've got there, boy."
She patted his crotch. Panicked, he felt his organ begin to swell. He tried
to think of something that would make it go down again -- getting it caught
in a doorway? Slicing it off with a knife? Too late.

"And quite a peppy little pecker, too, I see." Aunt Teddy swung him around on
the stool so he was facing her -- or, rather, his crotch was facing her, at
eye level. His aunt continued to caress his cock through his jeans, and it
stiffened and strained against the zipper.

Trevor swayed on the stool. Aunt Teddy slipped a hand behind him, clutching
his ass and kneading it as her other hand continued to paw his crotch.

All he could think of was that he was busted, after all. Aunt Teddy had seen
him screwing her own daughter! And here he was with a boner as big as a
baseball bat, right in front of her. He was sure she was going to kill him.
The part about her caressing his cock was confusing, but he expected her at
any minute to grab his balls in her fist and squeeze. Even the thought of it
deflated him a bit.

Aunt Teddy muttered something; he couldn't catch what she said.

"I'm really sorry, Aunt Teddy," he started to stammer out. "I didn't mean
to -- we didn't mean to -- it just kind of happened!"

His aunt looked up at him. Her eyes were narrowed to small slits and her
nostrils were flaring. It didn't look good to him. He tried to say something
else, but only inarticulate grunts came out. A dark cloud settled over his
brain and he prepared for the slaughter.

But Aunt Teddy didn't yell. For a long while, she just looked up at him --
and kept rubbing his cock. He felt it grow big and hard again. Finally, she
spoke, in a whisper.

"I'm not angry at you, Trev. Not one bit."

"No?" His voice was thin and reedy.

The corners of Aunt Teddy's mouth turned up slowly and dimples grew in her

"No, Trev. I saw enough to know Cat wasn't being forced into anything. Hell,
she seemed to be having a pretty good time."

"But she was a virgin!"

Aunt Teddy raised an eyebrow. "I've got a feeling you were, too, right?"
Trevor closed his eyes and nodded. "I thought so. I don't know about Reed,
but I'll just bet she was the one that started it all." Trevor kept his eyes
shut, trying not to implicate Reed.

Aunt Teddy went on. "So it's all right, Trev. I'm not going to tell your mom,
and I'm not going to tell your Aunt Alex. Hell, I'm not even going to tell
Cat -- though I do think I'm going to have to have a talk with her about
contraceptives soon. I don't want her making the same mistakes I did." Her
smile became a bit crooked. "She'll make enough of her own, I bet."

By now Trevor's cock was as hard as a rock and aching as it strained against
his zipper, and sweat was beginning to trickle down the back of his neck. His
breath was coming in long, shallow gulps. Aunt Teddy was turning him on, and
part of him was excited but the other part was ashamed. It was bad enough
he'd fucked his cousins, but now he felt like ripping the clothes off his own
aunt. How low could he sink?

"What's wrong, Trev?" Aunt Teddy released her grip on his ass. "Aren't you
having a good time? Don't you like this? You seemed to be having a good time
with Cat and Reed. Isn't your aunt as much fun as they were? Oh, wait, I
know. You weren't quite this dressed, were you?"

Trevor held his breath as Aunt Teddy deftly tugged open his belt, popped the
snap and slid down the zipper of his jeans. His boxers tented out immediately
under the pressure of his dick, which bounced free when she tugged down his
pants and slid his shorts to his knees as well. The tip of his cock, already
glistening, bobbed right in his aunt's face.

She looked up at him again, and this time her eyes were big and round, and
her whisper had sunk even softer.

"You had a good time with your cousins, didn't you?"

As she spoke, she slid a hand onto his rod and, squeezing gently, stroked it
up and down. Her fingers were soft and warm. Trevor felt like he was going to
shoot his wad at any second.

And then it got even better.

"I bet I can be even more fun than they were," Aunt Teddy said, and now her
whisper had grown husky. "I bet Miss Priss Halsey never did this for you --
and I'm sure Cat wouldn't know how."

Her lips parted slightly. She bent forward and kissed his prick. Trevor's
eyes opened wide. When his aunt kept going, sliding her lips over the
sensitive head and down the shaft, his mouth opened wide as well and he
gasped for air. It was the most incredible feeling he'd ever known. Her
lips were pressing against the sensitive strip on the underside of his
shaft, while her teeth were gently teasing the very edge of the helmet and
her hot tongue was flicking against the tip. She was easing his cock in and
out of his mouth, and every time she pushed forward she slipped more of it

All at once he realized the base of his shaft was bumping against her lips.
The tip must be buried in her throat, he thought. How could she take it all
in? But Aunt Teddy didn't stop, didn't even gag. She just kept feeding his
snake in and out of her mouth.

Too soon, he felt himself nearing the edge. "No, no!" he gasped, willing his
cum to hold back. This was too good to let go so soon.

For a few more agonizingly wonderful minutes he kept himself under control --
a very tough task when every time he looked down he saw his cock tunneling
into his aunt's pursed mouth, her nose burying itself in his crotch.

Then he could hold back no longer. Instinctively he grabbed Aunt Teddy's head
and forced her down onto his cock, harder and faster, harder and faster,
until with a loud groan he felt the cum boil out of his balls and spurt into
her throat, again and again.

* * *

Only after about half a minute did he come to his senses and release her
head. He was afraid she'd be pissed about how he'd almost choked her, but
Aunt Teddy came up smiling. In fact, after pausing to take a breath she
actually bent forward again and licked the last drops of cum off his
dwindling organ.

"Wow." It sounded dumb, even to Trevor, but it was all he could think of.
When Aunt Teddy smiled up at him, he could see a spot of his cloudy white
jism caught in the corner of her mouth. He stared at it until she flicked
out her tongue and licked it off, breaking the spell.

"You can get down now," she said, stepping away. Shakily, Trevor stepped off
the stool, his pants and boxers falling to his ankles as he held onto the
window sill for support.

"So, did you like it?" She was smiling broadly.


Aunt Teddy laughed. As Trevor blushed, she moved to him and put her arms
around him. Awkwardly he hugged her back, and his aunt bent her face to his.
Their lips met, opened, their tongues touched. Trevor tightened his grip and
clung to Aunt Teddy in a deep, long kiss. A fire built in his brain again
and he pressed harder, then trailed off to kiss her cheek, her neck, her
shoulders. His hands reached for her breasts under the thin material of her
T-shirt; he felt her nipples stiffen and press into his chest. She slid one
leg up his thigh and pushed him back against the wall, seeking out his hungry
mouth for another soul-searing kiss.

As they broke their kiss, Aunt Teddy stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt.
Eagerly Trevor shrugged it off and kicked out of his shoes and socks, letting
his pants and shorts slide to the floor. His cock was already at half-mast
and rising. He saw his aunt look at it and smile -- admiringly, he thought.

She led him to the big, soft bed, covered in a billowing comforter. As he
climbed aboard, she stood by.

He expected her to strip and join him, but she was motionless. He crawled
back to that side of the bed, his knees sinking deep into the quilt.

"Don't I get a show?" he asked, smirking.

Aunt Teddy cocked an eyebrow.

"Is that how Reed did it?"

Trevor's blush gave away the answer. Aunt Teddy shook her head. "This is the
big leagues, Trev. If you want it, you've got to ask for it."

"Ask for it?"

She smiled and nodded. When he reached out toward her, she stepped away.

Trevor didn't like being teased, but his lust was overpowering any other
emotion at the moment. He swallowed and spoke.

"I want you, Aunt Teddy."

"What do you want?"

"Aw, you know..."

"Ask for it, Trev." She paused. "And be specific."

"I want to --" He took a deep breath. "I want to fuck you."

"Well, that's right to the point. Is that all you can say for yourself?"

"Isn't that enough?"

His aunt sighed. "Be creative, Trev. I'm a woman, not a restaurant menu.
Seduce me. For God's sake, talk dirty to me!"

When Aunt Teddy got a little mad, like now, her face grew flushed and her
eyes sparkled. It excited Trevor. But it also silenced him. He couldn't say
a word. All he could think about was how he was buck naked in front of his
own aunt. Everything he had done in the last 24 hours was coming down on him
like a pile of bricks.

While his mind swirled, Aunt Teddy steamed. He knew he was losing her, but
he couldn't do a thing to stop it. It was like that time he had biked up the
big hill a couple of blocks from home and started to coast down, and he took
his feet off the pedals, and they started going so fast that he couldn't get
his feet back on but he was heading straight for an old lady crossing the
street and he knew he should do something, or at least call out a warning,
but he was frozen and just ... just ... what did happen next? He couldn't
remember. He was pretty sure he hadn't hit the old lady, but how...?

While he was thinking, Aunt Teddy was staring. Finally, she sighed. Trev
closed his eyes and got ready to be told it was over.

But what she said wasn't what he expected.

"Do you want to fuck your aunt, Trev?"

The words hit his face like a lash. His eyes shot open. Now he remembered
what happened that morning on the hill. The little old lady had looked up
just in time to see him coming, and she'd even grabbed hold of him as he
came by and kept him from flying out into the intersection right in front
of a truck.

Aunt Teddy's words punched through his thoughts.

"Do you want to fuck your aunt, Trev?"

"Yes," he managed to get out.

"I bet you do," she said huskily. "I bet you want to cram that hot stick of
yours right up your Aunt Teddy's tight little twat, don't you? Such a nasty
nephew, aren't you?

"You want your aunt to get naked. You want to to take off her shirt, just
like this. And I bet you'd like her to kick off her shoes. And slide open
the zipper on her jeans. And ease them off, just like this."

Aunt Teddy, Trev saw, was wearing a tiny pair of leopard-skin panties --
bikini cut, he thought, remembering a copy of the Victoria's Secret catalog
he'd once collected from his parents' mailbox and snuck up to his room.

"Is this how you want your aunt, Trev? Or do you want more? I bet you do. You
want your aunt to take off her top, too, don't you. You want a look at Aunt
Teddy's knockers. Just like the dirty little boy you are." She was slowly
peeling the T-shirt off. Trevor was filling his eyes.

"That's it, Trev. Look at me. Look at your horny aunt doing a striptease for
you. See my tits? See how big they are? You want to feel them, don't you? You
want to put your hands all over my tits and squeeze them, and then you want
to lick them and suck them and ... ah, ah, ah. Not yet, Trevor. Your auntie
isn't done stripping yet. You'll get your chance.

"Now comes the moment of truth. Now comes my honeypot, Trevor." She flicked
her panties down for a second and pulled them back. "Is that what you were
waiting for? Is that why your cock is sticking out so far? Huh, Trev?"

He found his voice.

"Yeah. Yeah, I want your cunt, Aunt Teddy." Just saying the words made him
even hornier, if that was possible. "I want to jam my cock into that hot box
of yours. I want to make my auntie cum. Give it to me!"

With a smirk, she tugged down the panties and parted her legs, giving him an
eyeful before she crawled onto the bed with him. She was long and lean and
had the hard sex appeal of a woman who'd done it all. Her dark bush was much
fuller than Cat's, and there was no shyness in the way she spread her thighs
to show off her pussy. Her breasts were fuller, too, not big enough to be
pendulous but more than a handful, with rich dark brown aureoles and nipples
standing out hard a full half-inch. A few wrinkles here and there made it
clear she was no teenager, but her stomach was still smooth and flat, muscles
showed slightly on her legs, and when she jumped up next to him it was with
the grace of a lioness.

Their arms and legs entangled as they sought out each other's private spots,
touching, caressing, groping. At last Trevor could take it no longer and he
rolled his aunt onto her back and slipped between her legs.

Aunt Teddy purred as his cock touched her pussy lips, already lubricated with
hot, pungent juices. She spread her legs far apart, inviting him in. Trevor
trembled at the sight. Remembering the lesson of only a few minutes ago, he
spoke in a growl.

"That's it, Aunt Teddy. Spread your legs like the whore you are. Spread your
legs and let me put my hot poker in your cunt and drive it up until you split
wide open. That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's what I want, Trev. Your aunt wants to feel that rod ramming me
like a fucking piledriver. Come on, baby. Show Auntie what you've got!"

His cockhead slipped easily into her hole, and it felt like he could shove it
all the way in with no trouble. But a nasty thought occurred to him, and he
held his helmet just inside her opening, refusing her frantic attempts to
buck him in deeper.

"God damn it, Trev, give it to me!"

"Ask nicer, Aunt Teddy."

She smiled, drops of sweat already beading on her upper lip. "I want your
cock, god damn it!"

"That's not very nice." He pulled out slightly.

Her nostrils flared, in and out, in and out. When she spoke again, it was in
a throaty whisper.

"Master Trevor, your Aunt Theodora would like the pleasure of your cock in
her hot little cunt. Would you be so kind as to oblige her?"

"You only had to ask," he said, and rammed his prick home.

"AaaaaaAAAAIIIGGGH!" Aunt Teddy writhed under his assault, all the more
effective for its suddenness. Her legs clamped around his waist and her heels
dug into his ass, prodding him in again and again.

For Trevor it was another amazing feeling. He had expected Aunt Teddy's cunt
to be loose; that's what the guys used to say about older women. But she had
a way of tightening around his shaft that made it feel like she would never
let go, and the pressure sent shocks of delight through his entire body.

"Damn, you're good, Aunt Teddy!" He covered her face with kisses. Propping
himself up on one arm, he swung a hand up and mauled her breast, feeling her
shivers when he touched the stiff nipple. His aunt's hands were roaming his
back, and it almost felt as if her nails were digging into his skin, but he
was far too distracted to care.

After a frantically fast beginning, they slowed into an easy, erotic rhythm,
Aunt Teddy matching him stroke for stroke. He loved the sexy, sloppy sound
when he pulled out and then drove in and air squeezed out between them. He
even loved the exquisite pain when the head of his cock grew so very
sensitive that he just wanted to stop and yet his aunt continued to buck her
hips up at him, forcing groans from his lips.

And through it all they talked dirty to each other, dreaming up new insults,
each one increasing their passion.

"I want to screw you like the bitch that you are!"

"Slowing down? What's the matter, little man, can't take a real woman?"

"Fuck me, Aunt Teddy. Fuck your nephew. I'm going to fill that sloppy cunt
of yours with so much cum it flies out your fucking ass!"

"Harder, god damn it! Stick that little dick in me all the way, I can't feel
it. I can't AAAAUUUGGGHHH! That's it! That's the way! Ram that fucker in

By then the sheets were gathered around them like a cocoon, for they had
rolled over and over, changing positions, all the while keeping Trevor's cock
buried securely in his aunt's wet pussy. It was so well-lubricated now that
he almost couldn't feel it until he had ground his cock all the way in and
their pubic bones mashed together. His cock was so stiff that it ached
constantly and he knew he couldn't last much longer.

Aunt Teddy must have been near the edge, too, he figured. She just kept
moaning "Oh god, oh god, ohgodohgodohgod" over and over again. Her hands had
fallen back to beat against the mattress weakly and her head was twisting
from side to side so wildly that he couldn't kiss her.

And through it all he kept pumping away, desperate for the release that an
orgasm would give. Aunt Teddy had raised her legs up straight in the air,
and it seemed as if he went in all the way to her throat when he plunged his
prick down into her.

Again and again he banged away, while his aunt's moans grew louder and more
incoherent. And then, just as a familiar sensation began deep in his balls,
her legs clamped tight to his waist and she went stiff as a board. From
somewhere deep within her, a long, low keening sound began, quietly at first,
almost like a sob, and then louder and shriller like a demon was flying out
of her soul. A chill rose in Trevor's body, but even as Aunt Teddy was
launching into her orgasm, with his cock held tightly in her cunt, he felt
cum bursting out and knew he couldn't hold back.

At last her moans grew into an intelligible shout: "Oh GOD! YESSSSS! FUCK ME

As she screamed almost loud enough to rattle the window, Trevor's jism shot
through his rod like molten steel and spurted deep into his aunt's pussy.
"I'm ... I'm .. I'm coming!" he burst out, groans punching out between every

"Yes, yes, fill up that nasty pussy of mine," Aunt Teddy sighed, before
another wave of ecstasy turned her to stone again.

"I'm doing it," Trevor sighed, feeling pulse after pulse of cum move through
his rod as his aunt's cunt overflowed. "Damn, that was good! Take it, Aunt
Teddy! Take it all!"

Several more waves of orgasm swept over his aunt -- Trevor lost count --
before at last she released her iron grip on his arms and swung her legs
down, allowing him to roll over and collapse, exhausted, on his back.

They lay next to each other for several minutes, too tired even to speak.
Finally Aunt Teddy turned her head to him. "You are one hell of a fuck,
Master Trevor," she said with a smile.

Trevor's head lolled onto its side; he couldn't even muster the energy to
reach over and kiss her. "And you're the hottest bitch on Earth," he
whispered. "Thanks, Aunt Teddy."

To be continued...


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