Sisters: Lovers And Other Relatives Part 1 (m/ff,inc)
by Uncle Mike

Cat gathered up the last of the dinner dishes and made her way toward the
kitchen. Reed, as usual, did not deign to help. The second generation of
Halsey women was taking after the first. Cat sighed to herself softly --
which was fateful; if she had sighed loudly she might not have heard what
came next.

Instead, she heard -- and stopped short. Reed, following behind, bumped into
her. Cat was jarred, but kept her grip on the dishes.

"Shhh, Reed, and listen!" Cat hissed back abruptly.

Just a few steps away, but out of sight in the kitchen, the Reed women
were talking. It was obvious to Cat that she had missed the start of the
conversation, but what she heard piqued her interest.

"And he's so young!" Cat heard Reed's mother, Alex, whimper. "I mean, one of
us, or our husbands, that would be a tragedy enough, but ... but your son!"

"Are they sure it's cancer, Sis?" That was Frankie, the youngest of the four

"You know we'll do anything we can to help," said Teddy, Cat's own mother.

Cat didn't wait to her more. With a flip of her head, she motioned Reed to
back away. Cat quietly slipped the dishes back onto the table and the two
teen girls huddled.

"Can you believe it?" Cat whispered. "Trevor's dying!"

Reed arched an eyebrow. "Dying? Where did you hear that? They just said..."

"Cancer!" Cat finished the sentence for her cousin. "But you heard they way
they were talking. It must be! And I swear Aunt Georgie was acting strange
during dinner. That must be it. Trevor's dying. God, our own cousin!"

Reed shook her head, but it was slow and not very convincing. "I'm not

Cat cut her off. "Look, what are we going to do?"

"Do? What can we do?"

"I don't know, but we've got to do something. Hey, do you think he knows

"Trevor? Of course he knows. He's the one who's dying."

"Then you do believe it." Cat nodded curtly, her lips pressed into a thin

"Well," Reed began, slowly. "Well, OK, maybe I do. But I still don't know
what we" -- as smile spread across her face. "Wait a minute. Maybe I do
know." She fell silent.

Cat waited, but Reed said nothing more. Finally, Cat hissed out, "Come on.
Tell me!"

"I don't know," Reed began. "I mean, maybe you're not old enough..."

"I am too!" Cat hated it when Reed pulled rank. As if being the daughter of
a rich plastic surgeon wasn't enough, she was the oldest of their generation
as well, and she didn't let Cat forget it. The younger girl thumped a
balled-up fist into her cousin's arm. "Come on, give!"

Reed pursed her lips and rubbed her arm. "Ow, that hurt. You really are just
a baby. I was right, you're not old enough."

Cat was immediately apologetic. "Come on, Reed, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.
Please, please tell me? What can we do for Trevor?"

Reed put a finger to her lips and tiptoed over toward the kitchen again,
listened for a few moments, then turned back to Cat. In a barely audible
whisper, she said, "OK, it sounds like they're going to be in there all
night. Knowing my mom and her sisters, anyway. And Dad's out on call. Now
all we have to do is figure out where Trevor and his dad are. You check
outside and meet me back here." Silently, Cat slipped away; Reed cautiously
crept up the stairs to the second floor of the Whitsig home.

Five minutes later, the two girls rendezvoused in the dining room. Cat
reported that her uncle was in the garage, singing another medley of old

"Perfect!" Reed whispered.

"Perfect for what?" Cat whispered back, but she found herself talking to
empty space. Reed was already halfway up the stairs. Quickly but quietly,
Cat followed.

At the head of the stairs Reed paused and motioned to her right. "This is
Trevor and Evan's room," she whispered, pointing to a half-open door. She
pointed down the hall. "And that's Aunt Georgie's. You go in there and

Cat opened her mouth, but Reed shushed her and sent her down the hall.

=== === === ===

Trevor's side of the room was typical for a young teenager, covered with
rock posters, littered with discarded clothing. An almost visible dividing
line separated it from Evan's half -- so neat and clean that but for the
long, thin lump under the covers, it would have looked as if no one lived

Trevor had slipped upstairs to his room after dinner, avoiding both the
cleaning chores and being dragged off to hear his father's singing. With
Evan asleep already, though, he was feeling trapped in the room, unable to
play his tunes, unwilling to go back downstairs and get dragooned into
washing dishes. He was idly flipping the pages of a textbook when he
noticed a movement at the door. He saw his cousin Reed come in, a finger
to her lips. Before he could say anything, she had a hand under his arm and
was helping him to his feet.

Trevor was more confused than surprised. Reed had never had much to do with
him, and he'd always thought he sensed a very superior attitude -- as if she
was too good to mix with the likes of the Whitsigs. And what was the deal
with supporting him like this? Even as Reed led him out of the room and down
the hall, Trevor was trying to figure out what was going on. He would have
asked Reed, but he couldn't figure out what to ask first: What was she doing
upstairs? Why was she almost carrying him? Why were they going toward -- no,
make that going into -- his parents' room?

When Reed closed the door behind them and he saw his other cousin, Cat,
sitting on the big bed, looking almost as confused, all his questions tumbled
out at once in an incoherent mush. Reed smiled -- the kind of smile you'd
give a little puppy, Trevor thought, feeling even more confused -- and sat
him down on the bed next to Cat.

Trevor turned to look at Cat, who was staring at him with the same kind of
look as Reed. He was so intent on trying to figure out what was going on that
he didn't even hear Reed the first time she started talking. It was only when
she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder that he turned his attention
to her; she was already in mid-sentence when he tuned in.

She was saying something about how she and Cat knew all about it because
they had heard their moms and his talking. Trevor scrunched up his face in
thought: was he in trouble for skipping out on washing dishes? As the idea
came to him, he slid off the bed, intent on escaping before Reed and Cat
inflicted whatever kind of punishment they had in mind for being stuck with
the chores. That's what he would do if they'd stuck him, he thought.

But Reed pushed him back onto the bed, gently, and held him there. She kept
going on and gradually Trevor figured out that she wasn't going to punish
him. In fact, she seemed to be sorry for something herself; at least, she
kept saying how sorry she was, and Cat too, she said, although the younger
girl still seemed to be struck dumb at his side.

Then Reed was telling him to cheer up, there was always hope. Dimly, a light
bulb went off in his head. It must be Evan, he realized. Someone must have
told them about Evan's cancer. Well, that explained the part about being
sorry. And they'd gotten him out of his room so they wouldn't disturb Evan,
or talk about it in front of him. But Reed hadn't mentioned Evan's name once,
she just kept talking about Trevor himself. He tried to get a word in
edgewise, at least to thank her for her sympathy, but couldn't do much more
than squeeze out a few words in between Reed's monologue.

"We wanted to do something for you, Trev," she was saying. "Something
special. And I thought, well, you know -- something you really wanted,
something you'd remember. Just in case --" Reed bowed her head, no longer
looking him in the face. "Just in case something happened, and you -- you
weren't able to -- you weren't around long enough to --" The last few words
came out in between muffled sobs. Trevor saw that Cat was crying too, a
thin, shiny trail of tears crossing her cheeks.

"Look, I don't..." he started to say, to tell them that he wasn't the one
who needed special attention. By now he had a vague inkling that the girls
had somehow confused Evan's illness with him, but he wasn't sure, and he
didn't want to sound like a fool by blurting out something they already
knew. He didn't have a chance, anyway. Reed suddenly, startlingly bent
forward and kissed him, full on the mouth. She kept her lips pressed to his
for several seconds, and her arms circled around him in a tight embrace.

When she stepped back, Trevor caught his breath and looked from Reed to Cat
and back and forth, dazed. What was going on?

"That's part of our gift, Trev," Reed said, her words coming in a rush. "I
thought -- I thought, maybe you've never had a chance to kiss a girl before,
so --"

Trevor blushed, too embarrassed to say anything. He had kissed a couple of
girls, but not even for the few seconds that Reed had held their embrace.
Even as he started to stammer out a denial, Reed reached forward again, this
time pushing Cat toward him. Shyly, the younger girl kissed him too, though
hers was just a light brush against his lips. Cat was blushing, too.

By now Trevor had decided to keep his mouth shut and wait to see what Reed
was going to do next. Whatever he expected, it wasn't what happened. Reed
tugged Cat off the bed so that the two girls were facing him, a couple of
feet away.

"Now for the other part of your gift," Reed said, still avoiding eye contact
with him. "Something for you to remember."

And with that, she began to unbutton her pale pink silk blouse.

Trevor's mouth fell open.

So did Cat's. Before Reed had gotten halfway down the buttons, Cat pulled her
around, facing away from Trevor, and began whispering in her ear. They were
close enough that Trevor could make out a bit of the conversation, but even
if they were farther away he would have been able to figure out what was
going on. Cat was certainly not going to show her breasts to her own cousin,
she was saying. Reed answered her; Trevor couldn't catch the words, but they
didn't seem to be very convincing. Cat started to walk toward the door. Reed
pulled her back and whispered to her sharply. This time Trevor could make
out words like "dying" and "last wish." Now he was certain they thought he
was the one with cancer. But with the chance to see his cousin's tits, he
certainly wasn't going to tell them different. If anything, he wanted to say
something that would help Reed convince Cat to come back, but all of this
was so far beyond him that he figured the best idea would be to keep his
mouth shut.

His mouth was shut -- although he was licking his lips eagerly -- when, to
his amazed delight, Cat turned around and followed Reed back into position,
just arm's length away.

Cat, who hadn't said a word to him the whole time, now spoke, haltingly. "Do
you -- do you want us to do this?"

Trevor could hear the pleading in her voice, and he almost weakened. But Reed
was already down to the last button of her blouse, and where the two sides
had fallen apart he could see the lacy white of her bra and the curves of her
firm breasts.

"Yes," he said, quietly.

And with that, Cat reached down to the bottom of her red-and-black striped
pullover, and slowly pulled it up.

Trevor's eyes flew back and forth. Reed had tugged her blouse out of her
short, black velvet skirt. Now Cat's pullover reached the bottom of her bra.
Now Reed was pulling her blouse wider apart; he could see the mounds of her
breasts pressing hard against her bra. Now Cat's bra was in sight -- a black
one, plain, no lacy decoration. It was not as filled out as Reed's.

Reed took her blouse off completely, and reached behind her back. Cat's
pullover came to her neck and stretched as she pulled it off completely. Back
and forth, Trevor stared. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was trying to
decide just how someone dying of cancer was supposed to behave in a situation
like this -- could he show how excited he was, or should he maintain some
pose of sadness? He couldn't decide, and meanwhile, involuntarily, his mouth
was opening -- at least he didn't drool -- and his eyes were widening.

Reed had paused with her hands behind her back, apparently waiting for Cat
to catch up. The two girls looked at each other as Cat reached behind her own
back. Trevor could see another flash of doubt on the younger girl's face, but
Reed, a few inches taller, stared her down. As the girls looked into each
other's eyes, their hands came out from behind their backs.

Cat kept her arms clutched tightly to her sides, though. Reed, who had let
her own bra slip a bit, held it up with one arm as she used the other to tug
at her cousin.

And then, the bras fell off.

Trevor saw his cousins' breasts revealed and then, in a blink, they were
gone. Both girls had crossed their arms in front of themselves, covering up.
It seemed to be a reflex action; Cat and Reed looked at each other and
giggled. Even Trevor had to stifle a laugh. For a few seconds, they were
just three teenage cousins sharing a silly situation.

Then their giggles died out and the girls slowly lowered their arms. Trevor
felt his penis begin to stiffen. It was held down by his tight jeans, and he
could feel a twinge of pain as it strained against its bounds.

Reed's breasts were full -- not as large as those he'd seen in Penthouse and
Playboy, but shaped the same, full round globes with small dark circles in
their centers.

Cat's were smaller, and more cone-shaped. But her nipples were already erect,
standing out like pencil erasers from brown circles the size of half-dollars.

The girls swung their arms back and forth, awkwardly, as they stood there
under Trevor's rapt gaze.

At last Cat broke the silence. Her face was flushed, Trevor noticed, as he
looked up at it.

"I'm sorry," she said, her voice just above a whisper. "This isn't -- I
don't -- we just ..."

Her face twisted in sorrow, Cat stepped forward and embraced him. Trevor
hugged her back, his hands pressing against his cousin's bare back. Through
his thin T-shirt, he could feel her nipples pressing against his chest. His
cock sent a stab of pain through him as it struggled against his jeans.

While Cat was murmuring her sorrow in his ear, Reed moved forward and joined
their embrace. Trevor opened his arms wider to include both his cousins,
their nubile young breasts rubbing against him. He could feel their nipples
hardening. As he pressed them to his body, the expressions of sympathy from
their lips turned slowly into incoherent sobs and moans.

Trevor's face was bracketed by Reed's and Cat's, their soft cheeks brushing
his. Without planning, he turned toward his older cousin. Their lips brushed
again. This time their kiss was longer than before. Reed opened her mouth to
his. Their tongues touched. Trevor squirmed on the bed; his cock was rock
solid now, feeling as if would burst through his pants.

When he broke the kiss with Reed, he turned to Cat. She returned his kiss as
eagerly as Reed had, pressing her tongue into his mouth. Gingerly he slipped
his hands from their backs to caress the sides of their breasts, his
fingertips brushing ever so softly along the gentle slopes.

When, after a few minutes, the girls began to move back slowly from the
embrace, Trevor gave way reluctantly. By now all three of them were breathing
heavily, with slightly dazed expressions.

Without a word, the girls took a couple of steps back.

It took only a moment for Reed to undo the clasp on the side of her short
skirt and let it slide to the ground. Cat had to unsnap the waist of her
faded jeans, unzip them, and peel them slowly down her well-tanned legs.

Meanwhile, Reed kicked off her black leather high heels and put her hands on
the waistband of her sheer black pantyhose.

Again Trevor found his attention torn between the two of them, his head
snapping back and forth, afraid to miss a thing.

When Reed quietly suggested that it looked as if he needed to do a little
stripping as well, Trevor blushed deeply. Without taking his eyes from the
spectacle in front of him, he blindly tugged open his belt and unsnapped his
own jeans. As he unzipped, his cock pushed upward like a jack-in-the-box with
little resistance from his loose, white boxer shorts.

As he wiggled out of the jeans, Reed slowly peeled her hose off, revealing a
pair of white, silky bikini-cut panties.

Cat's were much more demure, pink cotton that rode high above her waist. The
younger girl had paused with her jeans half-off to struggle out of her
sneakers and socks. Now she stood up again and let the jeans fall to the
floor before stepping out of them.

Again the two girls looked at each other. With their eyes locked, they began
to pull down their panties, crouching to pull them over their knees and let
them drop.

Trevor's jeans had fallen to his ankles, and he had been kicking his legs
inside them, trying to get them off but only tangling them further. When he
realized what was before him, though, he stopped. He sat on the edge of his
parents' big, soft bed, the plump comforter billowing around him. And he

Reed had a perfect, womanly shape. Her short dark hair framed a blemish-free
face with crisp angles to the cheekbones and a point to the chin. She had the
understated tan of a North Shore princess. Beneath the swell of her perfect
breasts, her body narrowed to a taut, flat stomach unsullied by the ripple of
muscles. Then it swelled again to the smooth curves of her hips, parentheses
around the dark, sharp triangle of hair atop a pair of exquisitely shaped
legs. Reed stood tall, erect, her arms held slightly behind her, unmoving but
for the gentle rise and fall of her chest and a slight flare to her nostrils.

Where Reed was elegant and assured, Cat was unsettled and uncertain. She
rocked slightly from side to side, her hands clenched so tightly into fists
that the knuckles showed white. Her blond hair had been tugged asunder and
filled with static electricity when she had dragged her woolen pullover up;
light from the lamp near the door shining behind the spray of errant locks
created a halo around her face, which still showed a hint of the roundness
of youth. She had a dark tan, but ghostly white circles surrounded her
breasts and a pale triangle drew attention to the few wisps of hair on her
pubic mound. Her body was unformed, with just a hint of the curves to come,
but her legs already showed definition.

For an agonizing minute the three teens were frozen in that tableau. Trevor
was so caught up in the excitement of seeing the naked beauty of his cousins
that he didn't give a thought to what might be coming next.

But then Reed stepped forward. Reaching out her hands, she began to tug at
his T-shirt, and he helped her pull it off. She lifted his legs next, pulling
off his shoes and socks and yanking off his jeans.

And then she gently pushed his shoulders back until he was lying on the bed,
his legs dangling over the edge. Reed slipped her warm fingers under the top
of his boxers and slid them down. Trevor's cock bounced free, waving in the
air six inches high, thick and hard.

She whispered something to Cat, waving the younger girl away. Cat seemed
reluctant to leave. In a few seconds she was back, tossing to Reed one of the
big, fluffy white bath towels from the Whitsigs' master bathroom.

By that time Reed had already climbed onto the bed herself. She placed the
towel across the middle of the big bed and motioned to Trevor to move on top
of it, his head resting on the embroidered pillows.

He noticed Cat standing right next to the bed, staring down at his cock. He
was beginning to feel a bit self-conscious, and he moved his hands toward his
dick as if to cover it up. But Reed, straddling his legs, took his hands in
hers and moved them to his sides.

"You just relax," she cooed, sitting up straight above him. "I'm going to do
all the work. But we couldn't let you go without..." She pursed her lips, as
if she was trying to pull her words back inside. That made Trevor remember
that he was supposed to be dying of cancer. Should he cough? He decided that
wouldn't be right. He didn't have time to come up with another plan. Reed
was slithering up his thighs until his stiff cock rested against the flat of
her stomach and he could feel the heat of her cunt against his balls.

"Reed!" Cat whispered sharply. "You can't! What if Aunt Georgie comes up

"They'll be down there for hours," Reed said, without taking her eyes off
Trevor. "There's plenty of time."

With that, she rose up on her knees and dug her feet into the plush
comforter, lifting herself up until her cunt lips were poised just above the
tip of Trevor's dick.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Reed began to move back and forth, brushing her cunt
against his sensitive cockhead. Trevor stared, fascinated. Shortly he felt a
slick, hot moisture, but he couldn't tell whether it was pre-cum from his
own dick or Reed's juices. The slight friction of skin against skin began to
ease, and his cock slid across her cunt lips easily. He was so intent on
watching what Reed was doing to him that he didn't even realize it when her
pussy parted and began to admit his rod. It wasn't until he felt the jolt
when the whole head of his shaft popped inside her and her lips closed on
him that he suddenly thought, "I'm fucking! I'm fucking my own cousin!"

Immediately he tried to buck up into her, but she parried his thrust, leaning
forward to rest on her hands and lift her cunt out of his reach. "Don't
move," she purred, and Trevor could feel her breath on his face, hot and
moist. "You don't have to move at all. I'll do all the work."

Trevor gave in and Reed continue to slide her cunt down his shaft slowly,
inch by aching inch. At some point, maybe halfway down, she began to slide
back up. Trevor groaned out his dismay. Reed shushed him with a finger to her
lips. Then she slid the finger into her mouth, pulling it out slowly, and
slid the wet finger down his chest. It seemed to Trevor that it sizzled as it

At last he felt Reed's cunt lips hit the base of his cock. He was all the way
in, and it was wonderful. His cousin's cunt fit him like a glove, caressing
his dick from top to bottom.

And then she moved.

His first fuck was everything he ever could have hoped it would be. The
sensation was incredible. His mind was reeling. The vision of Reed's tits
bouncing above him almost made him dizzy; the feel of his hard cock wrapped
in her cunt made him feel like a giant. He felt strong, powerful, ready to
take on the world.

And then it was over.

As Reed rose and fell on his shaft, Trevor swallowed his groans. His head
rolled from side to side on the pillow. It was all too much. After fewer
than a dozen strokes he felt himself letting go, and a hot jet of jism rose
through his cock and spurted into Reed's hot tunnel.

With a deep groan, Trevor drove his head deep into the pillow.

But Reed, to his astonishment, kept going, her cunt swabbing his cock with
his own cum as she rose and fell. The head of his dick became more and more
sensitive as she continued, and soon he was in agony as the friction of their
fucking ripped through his body. He twisted underneath her, begging her to
stop. Reed didn't seem to hear him; her huffs and grunts had grown louder.

Finally Cat -- Trevor had almost forgotten she was there -- Cat grabbed
Reed's sweaty body and held on until the older girl came out of her dazed

"Reed! Reed! You're hurting him! Stop!" Cat was still pleading when Reed
shook her head briskly and coasted to a stop, Trevor's cock still impaled in
her cunt.

"What? I -- Oh. I wasn't hurting him," Reed said. Trevor was about to argue,
but the point became moot when he felt his cock begin to shrivel.

"I think I'm finished," he said, quietly.

Reed leaned forward, resting on her elbows, her breasts prodding his chest.

"You really were a virgin, weren't you?" She didn't wait for an answer. "I'm
glad. I thought so. Then this really is a special present. But it's not over
yet. You're not finished, you're just resting."

Trevor said nothing, but his face must have betrayed his doubt, for Reed went
on. "Don't worry. I'll be gentle."

And she was, bending her head down and kissing him deeply, then covering his
face with butterfly kisses. She moved on to his neck, his ears -- wow, that
felt crazy -- his chest, his arms, his hands. Through it all she continued to
hold his now shrunken dick within her wet box, and kept her thighs in a tight
embrace of his hips.

Even before Trevor realized it himself, a deep sigh from Reed alerted him
that he had, indeed, risen again. His cock began to swell within his cousin's
cunt, and soon he could feel it filling her again, tightly encased in her
cushy hole.

Again she lifted her hips, until just the head of his shaft was within her,
and then drive herself down, sliding wetly along the stiff rod until it was
buried to the hilt. And again. And again. On and on she went, and this time
she didn't protest when Trevor instinctively moved with her, lifting his hips
to push his cock further into the hot tunnel. The comforter was in disarray,
even the sheets began to pull free of their moorings as their lovemaking grew
hotter and more vigorous. Trevor sniffed -- a musky odor drifted toward his
face. He felt warm rivulets course across his groin until it became soaked in
Reed's juices. She had once again sat up, to drive him into her as much as
possible. The sight of her jiggling breasts was maddening. Trevor reached up
and grabbed one in each hand, mauling them in his passion. From Reed's loud
moans, he decided she liked it.

For awhile, Reed's ride was getting wilder and wilder, and Trevor was afraid
she'd jump right off of him. But she began to slow down, and eventually each
trip up and down his pole took eternally long, it seemed to him. Reed
shimmied and twisted as she moved, and the shivers that shook her showed she
was feeling good. Trevor was a little disappointed -- not that it didn't feel
great, most of the time -- but, at least sometimes, the feeling got so
intense that he actually lost all sensation, as if his cock had gone numb for

Still Reed kept riding him. Suddenly, though, she sat down on him hard, his
dick driven straight into her cunt, and began a series of short, fast pumps,
Reed started moaning louder and louder, and Trevor was sure someone
downstairs would hear and come up to catch them.

Cat must have had the same fear, though, because she came out of nowhere to
leap onto the bed with them and put a hand over Reed's mouth, calling to her
to quiet down. Reed's arms had already begun flailing, though, and as they
got wilder she knocked her cousin's hand aside. Cat fought it back into

Meanwhile Trevor was getting more and more excited, seeing the two young,
naked girls wrestling while one of them rode his cock like it was a horse.
His thrill only increased when he saw what happened next. Cat had one arm
wrapped around Reed's sweaty body and had leaned forward, ducking under her
cousin's arm, to try to muffle Reed's cries. The older girl's eyes snapped
open. Reed turned her head and there, right in front of him, gave Cat a
wide-open, wet kiss. Cat jerked a little, but Reed wrapped her arm around
her cousin and held on. Cat gave up and twisted her body around. The girls'
tits crushed against each other. Trevor felt his cock grow harder and longer
as he watched.

Then Reed's lunges grew even faster and abruptly stopped. He felt her cunt
tremble around his rod, and her legs crushed his hips and let go, again and
again. After several tremors Reed let go of Cat and leaned back, gasping for
breath. Two more tremors shook her before she caught her breath.

By then strands of her hair were plastered across her forehead. A deep red
flush covered her chest. The musky odor Trevor had noticed before was

"Nice job," Reed said, still squatting with his hard cock inside her.

"I -- uh, thanks," Trevor mumbled. "Did you ...?"

"Did I come? God, of course I did! What did you think I was doing? Wow, that
was fantastic! You wore me out, Trev." As she said it, Reed dismounted.

Trevor frowned as his cock popped out of her sopping wet pussy. He was still
hard, and now more horny than ever. He looked appealingly at Cat, who was
sitting cross-legged on the bed next to him. She blushed, eyes wide, and
shook her head.

Reed must have noticed what happened, for as she stretched out across the
foot of the bed she reached out a hand and began to caress Cat's leg. Her
hand slowly made its way across the thigh and into the sparse blond hairs.
Reed giggled.

"You know you want it," she whispered. "And it sure looks like he wants you.
Come on, Cat."

"But I've never ..." the younger girl quavered.

Reed smiled. "You probably never French-kissed a girl before, either. But you
didn't seem too upset about that."

Cat's blush got even deeper. She opened her mouth as if to protest, but no
sound came out. Instead, she looked down at Trevor's waving dick, then at his
face, then back at Reed. Trembling a little, she crawled over and squatted on
his legs, facing him.

Reed took hold of Cat and pressed her down to meet Trevor's lips.

"You two just get acquainted for awhile," she said. "Don't start anything
until I get back." Slapping Cat lightly on the butt, Reed pulled the
now-soaked towel out from underneath Trevor's ass and walked away.

Trevor didn't pay any attention to where she went. His attention was all on
Cat, whose tongue was darting into his mouth hungrily. She may have been shy
about fucking him, but she seemed to be getting into the spirit fast enough.
His cock was mashed between them, leaving a sticky trail across her stomach,
as his arms pulled her down. They kissed long and hard, and only broke it
when Reed returned and began to stuff a new towel beneath them.

"There, all set," the older girl said, patting the terrycloth into place.
"Let's get to it, Cat. From the looks of Trevor's cock, I don't think he
wants to wait much longer."

Cat sat up and slid forward, until he could feel his balls cradled in the
warmth of her cunt -- wet already, he could tell. But again she hesitated.
Reed crawled up behind her and, reaching her arms around, began to massage
Cat's small breasts while she nuzzled the young girl's neck. Soon low sighs
escaped Cat's mouth, and without much prodding from Reed she raised up on
her knees and moved up. Trevor felt the head of his cock make contact with
her silky pussy lips. His rod was so slick from Reed's juices that it slid
in easily, even though he could quickly tell that Cat's cunt was even
tighter than her cousin's. Slowly, her tunnel gave way as she sank down on
him. Then he felt an obstruction, and Cat stopped. She began to move on him,
just the short strokes between the entrance to her cunt and her maidenhead.
Trevor's cock, which had softened only slightly, was quickly rock-hard from
the friction of her narrow hole, and he wanted to drive his rod deep into
her. But every time he bucked up at her, Cat pulled away. Once or twice she
moved so much that his cock popped free of her cunt's embrace, and he grabbed
at the swaying rod and quickly stuffed it back in.

"You're driving him crazy," Reed whispered, her hands roaming up and down
Cat's body. "Give it to him, Cat. Come on, you can do it."

"S-s-s-scared," Cat whispered back.

"It only hurts for a little while," Reed urged her.

Still Cat was shy, holding Trevor's cock inside her but not allowing him to
plunge in deeply. All at once Trevor saw Reed's hands tighten around Cat's
waist as the younger girl lifted off him. This time, with Reed providing the
muscle, Cat came crashing down. Trevor felt his cockhead burst through the
obstruction and sink deeply into the cushy crush of her cunt.

Cat bit her lip and kept her pussy lips tight around the base of his cock
for a minute or more, but in time he could see the tension ease out of her
body and she began to slowly get into a rhythm.

Once they got going good, Reed crawled off the bed and let them go at it
alone. Cat leaned forward far enough for her erect nipples to brush his
chest, and soon Trevor pulled her down the rest of the way and held her
close to him, kissing her deeply while continuing to feed his cock into her
hot, wet hole.

Their bodies slithered against one another, lubricated by the sweat that was
now pouring off of both of them.

Fucking Reed had been a wonder, but this, Trevor thought, was something even
better -- a miracle, maybe? Cat's cunt was so tight he could feel every cell
in his cock as it rubbed inside her, and her pussy lips were pressed so hard
around his rod that they seemed to be swallowing him up.

Their humping seemed to last forever. Several times Trevor felt himself on
the brink of an orgasm, but after a minute or more on the brink the feeling
would ebb away. All the while Cat was grinding her pussy around his shaft.
She didn't have the expertise of Reed, he figured, for there was no variation
in the rhythm or tempo. She just kept pumping away hard, driving his rod deep
into her wet box, sliding it almost all the way out and then ramming it home
again. Sometimes he joined in, and felt his groin slam up against her mound
on the downstroke. But part of the time he gave in to exhaustion and let Cat
do all the work. She didn't seem to notice either way, just kept up her

On the occasions Trevor would break one of their kisses to go up for air,
Cat's lips would slide down to his neck and shoulders. At least once he felt
a sharp twinge, almost as if she were biting him. He was so far lost in lust,
however, that he didn't much notice, either.

He didn't know how much time had gone by when Reed appeared at the side of
the bed, rubbing yet another towel through her hair. Vaguely it occurred to
him that it might be a little hard to explain to his mom and dad what had
happened to all the towels. But just then Cat drove her hot cunt down onto
his cock again and Trevor sank back against the pillow to sigh in ecstasy.

They kept rutting away for several more minutes, until at last Trevor felt
the rising tide of cum sweep past the brink and he knew an orgasm was seconds

"I'm gonna cum," he mumbled, thinking it might be a good idea to warn Cat
since this was her first time and he was the experienced pro now.

But Cat didn't seem to hear him, for she had begun to moan louder and louder

All at once they both let loose. Trevor felt a blast of jism shoot deep into
Cat's tunnel at the same moment as she stiffened above him. The cum continued
to pulse out of his cock once, twice more, and still Cat didn't move. Then
all at once she shook wildly and collapsed onto him.

"God, Cat, good one," Trevor heard Reed say.

He held his young cousin to him for a short time, until Reed shook them both.

"Hey, you two, get moving! Do you know what time it is?"

Trevor looked up hazily. Reed was waving his parents' alarm clock. When he
was able to focus, he felt a shock that quickly shriveled his cock back to
its normal size.

One a.m.?

Hastily he and Cat scrambled off the bed and into their clothes, while Reed
tried to tidy up the bed. It didn't look quite as neat as his mother's
perfect job; he could only hope she'd toss the covers aside quickly and not

When Reed threw the towel to him and he went to stow it away in the bathroom
hamper, he noticed how much it smelled of their lovemaking. A cold sweat
broke out across his face. If the towel smelled that bad, the bedroom must be
full of it! He'd just been too lost in the fucking to notice. How could his
mom not notice that?

He didn't have much time to think about it. As he walked out of the bedroom
he heard his Aunt Teddy, Cat's mom, calling the girls to come down. With a
last, quick glance around the room, the three slipped out. Trevor raced to
his bedroom as the girls marched down the stairs. With a pounding heart, he
waited as his parents said goodbye and came up the stairs.

"Trev, right to bed now, OK?" his mom whispered as she walked past. "You
haven't kept Evan awake, have you?"

"No, Mom," he whispered back. He tried to be as quiet as possible as he
changed into his pajamas, expecting any moment to hear his parents charging
back down the hall.

But all he heard was their bedroom door click closed, and silence. It was all
he could think about for the 10 minutes he lay awake in bed before exhaustion
forced him to sleep.

To be continued...


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