This is an Adult parody based on the Nickelodeon show Sister, Sister. Those
Under 18 should not read it.

Sister, Sister: Part 3 - A Birthday Present For Roger (MF,M-mast)
by Aguirre ([email protected])

Lisa Landry couldn't believe what she saw when she opened the door of Roger
Evans bedroom. There was Roger sitting in the corner, naked from the waist
down, eyes closed with his fully erect penis in his right hand. She could
only stare as Roger, completely oblivious to the fact he was being watched,
continued to masturbate.

She'd gotten a call from Rogers' mom this morning. Ivy Evans was wondering
if it would be possible for Lisa or maybe Ray to call in to check up on Roger
to see if he was Ok. They were in Vermont on business and Roger had a really
bad case of the flu. Plus it was his eighteenth birthday and when Ivy had
talked to him he'd been pretty down. Lisa thought to herself.

"Well Ivy, from what I can see.I think he might be more up than down now."

Of course Lisa had agreed to check in on Roger, and had even made him a
casserole in case he felt better. She'd been very quiet as she'd tiptoed
through the house, and had been even quieter as she'd opened the door of
his bedroom. Just in case he was asleep. But as she could see he was most
definetly up and about. Her eyes drifted from Rogers face to his penis.

"Damn the boy is hung!"

She felt an ache in between her legs as she gazed longingly at Rogers cock.
She had to snap herself out of this. It was Roger after all! Very carefully
she closed the door hoping that she wouldn't bring any attention to herself.
Thankfully she managed to do this.

As she stood outside Roger's door she tried to get the image of his penis out
of her head. The ache emanating from her pussy was a constant now. She hadn't
had a man since she'd dated Ray and that had been at least three months ago
now. The sight of Roger pumping his large member reminded her how badly she
wanted, no needed, sex. But with Roger? She couldn't. He was the same age as
Tia and Tamera. He was just a boy.

`Still that boy got one big boppin' cock." she whispered to herself.

Lisa was in a quandary. What could she do? The rational part of her mind
was telling her to leave and she nearly did; she turned and headed for the
stairs. But the impulsive part of her mind drifted back to Roger and the
prospect of scratching the itch between her legs. She began to argue with
herself then. Hell he was eighteen. It wasn't illegal. Besides who was
going to know about it? She'd left a note saying she wouldn't be back until
later, she could arrive back at any time she wished. But what if Roger
didn't want to?

"Girl, you think that boy in there ever had a woman...puuuhlease...he'll be
all over you like a bee to honey."

She smiled a little at this, and headed back towards the door. As she did an
image of her lying naked on the bed with Roger plunging his monster penis
inside her flashed before her eyes. Lisa felt a flash of longing throughout
her body. She realised what she was going to do; "O.k. if he's still playing
with himself when I open the door next then I'm gonna do it. A dick is a dick
after all."

Lisa hesitated for a moment and then opened the door a little. She could see
that Roger was still jerking himself off. On seeing his bloated penis one
more time the matter was settled. She pushed the door open and walked inside
and with a mixture of mock anger and shock in her voice, shrieked;
"Aaaaaahhh!!! Roger Evans... Now tell me you ain't gonna to be doin' that
nasty thing to yourself in front of dirty, dirty little boy."

Roger literally fell out of his seat with the shock.

* * *

Roger had no idea that Lisa Landry was watching him stroking himself. Eyes
closed and dick in hand he was imagining Tamera stripping and masturbating
in exactly the same way as she'd been doing as he'd spied on her. Only this
time, as she was playing with herself, he had imagined himself, not Tia,
walking into the room. This was the most vivid dream Roger had ever had.
Here was Tamera Campbell lying fully naked on the bed in front of him, her
hair splayed all over the pillows, her eyes closed tight. Her naked body
was a dream to behold. As when he'd spied on her his gaze was drawn to the
triangular patch of hair in between her legs. He could see Tamera was
flushed with lust, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Little moans of
pleasure escaped her throat. He could see her body was coated in sweat and
that her nipples were fully erect. He saw her hands manipulating her
clitoris and stabbing into her pussy.

He looked down at her and asked; "Would you like me to give you a hand?"

The luscious black beauty fondling herself on the bed looked up at him and
licked her lips; "Ohh Roger...not with your hand...with your cock...I really,
really want your cock Roger. Sink it in me...fill me with it...make me
come...Hurrrrry Roger...God I need it sooooo badly."

She writhed on the bed running her free hand over her breasts and closed her
eyes again. In his imagination, Roger began to undress and only his boxer
shorts kept him from being fully nude. He saw that Tamera was looking at him
again with hungry eyes; hungry for his penis. Roger's cock sprang forth as
he lowered his boxer shorts. Fully erect it was an impressive sight and it
had obviously impressed Tamera as her eyes widened when she saw it.

"Oh's huge Roger."

To which Roger just smirked and knelt down in between Tamera's slim, shapely

"Hold on baby...Roger Evans is `bout to rock your world."

As he guided his cock towards her pussy he saw Tamera's hand reach up for it.

An obscene smile was plastered on Rogers's lips as he continued to jerk
himself off. He never noticed the door opening or the figure entering the

That was when his fantasy was broken by the shrill cries of Lisa Landry.

* * *

Lisa stood staring at Roger as he fumbled with his pants and fumbled with
his words. She had obviously scared the hell out of him. The way he'd jumped
up from his chair you'd think the poor boy had been electrocuted. It was all
Lisa could do to stop from laughing. She had managed somehow; just. As Roger
was continuing to stumble and fumble with his clothes he gasped; "Oh God Ms
Landry...I'm so sorry...Jesus...I...I...I didn't know anyone was here...Oh
God...Please...I'm sorry."

Lisa, still pretending she was mad, continued to shriek; "You
sorry...what about me Roger? You say your sorry but that don't change the
fact I saw what I just did. You know I'm a deeply sensitive woman Roger...
seeing that...seeing you do that...could have given me a heart attack."

Roger had finally manoeuvred his now rapidly deflated penis into his boxer
shorts. He stuttered more apologies at Lisa who just raised her hand; "I
ain't finished know your momma told me to come over here and check
you out `cos she was worried `bout you. She said you were real sick. She was
really worried about you. Well looks like she was worrying over nothing `cos
you don't look like you're too sick to me. I ain't never seen no sick man do
what you were doing. Maybe your mom would like to know what you were doing
here...Huh...You think? Maybe I should call her..."

With that Lisa turned on her heel and headed for the door. Roger was nearly
in tears now and he cried after her; "No Lisa...Ms Landry...please don't do
that...Please...Look I'm really sorry."

Lisa turned and shot him an evil stare; "Did you just call me Lisa? It's Ms
Landry to you. So not only are you a dirty little man but you're also a
cheeky one. Well I guess your Mom will be REAL interested to hear that."

Lisa headed down the stairs with a now shocked and tearful Roger trailing
her; "Ms Landry...please don't tell my mom...please...look I'm sorry...I'll
do anything you want...but please don't tell her..."

Lisa stopped dead on the stairs and stared up at Roger with an evil grin on
her face.

"You'll do anything I say? So if I ask you to...I don't know...say...mow my
lawn you'll do it? No matter when I ask you to or how many times?"

Roger just nodded his acceptance, to which Lisa replied with mock solemnity;
"Well then I don't think it is necessary for me to ring your mom then. Even
though I don't know when I'll ever get over the shock of seeing you... doesn't bear thinking about. I might be able to forget about it
but that will depend on you Roger. Now come on I think we need to talk more
about the chores you will be doing for me over the next few months. To help
me forget about this...incident."

Lisa brushed past him and returned to his room. Roger breathed a sigh of
relief. He'd dodged a major bullet there. Still shaking and with knees like
jelly he followed Lisa back into his bedroom.

* * *

Lisa walked into Roger's room and looked around. It was your average teenage
boys room. Typically the bed was unmade. Still it was the only place she
could sit, and she slid her ample frame onto it, the bedsprings creaking as
she did. Roger just stood there looking at her, calmer now but visibly
shaking a little. Lisa began talking to Roger; "Now you know that what you
were doing was nasty don't you Roger?"

Roger, who was staring at the floor, nodded.

"So we are in agreement then that you will do some things for me to make up
for what I saw?"

Again Roger just nodded dumbly, not even looking at Lisa who had unbuttoned
two buttons of her blouse.

`Ok Roger then there is something I want you to do for me now. Roger. ROGER."

Roger stopped staring at the floor and looked directly at Lisa. She was
staring directly at him with her head cocked and a strange look in her eyes.

"I said there is something I want for you to do for me now."

Roger was all ears now, but totally unprepared for the next five words that
left Lisa's mouth.

"Take your clothes off Roger"

* * *

He couldn't believe what Lisa just said. He was absolutely flabbergasted. So
flabbergasted that he didn't move an inch, prompting Lisa to admonish him;
"You heard what I don't you go making me say it again `cos I
won't. I'll just march down those stairs and tell your Mom what I saw you
doing up here. Maybe I'll even tell Tia and Tamera. I'm sure they'd love to
hear about this...and I'm sure everyone in your high school would love to
hear about this too."

Once Lisa had mentioned the names Tia and Tamera, Rogers's paralysis had
broken and he removed his t-shirt. Lisa just stared at him without saying a
word or without a flicker of emotion on her face. However she did feel a hot
flush of excitement at the sight of his naked upper torso. She thought to
herself; "He ain't got a bad body. For a dweeb."

Roger was torn between shock and apprehension. Could this really be
happening? Could Lisa Landry, this sexy older woman from next door, really
be asking him to strip for her? As he pulled down his sweats and underwear
he also began to feel a flush of excitement. What would happen next?

Lisa stared at Roger's member in awe. Flaccid it must have been at least 7
inches long. She didn't have a tape measure or anything but it was at least
the same size as Ray's when he was fully erect. She gulped a little and then
slowly stood up. She walked over to Roger and then walked around him studying
his body.

"Boy's got a nice butt too.he's been working out."

Roger shivered as a mixture of anticipation, the cold air and the flu racked
his body. He could feel Lisa's eyes boring into him as she walked around him
several times. She then stopped directly in front of him and looking straight
in his eyes said; "Oh we gonna have some fun tonight."

With that he felt her hand on his penis and he groaned as she began to
squeeze his balls. With her other hand she grabbed one of his buttocks and
pulled him into her. She kissed him passionately, her tongue invading his
mouth. Roger was taken aback by this but soon began kissing her back with
equal urgency. Her enormous bosom was pressed invitingly against his naked
up torso. He grabbed one of her breasts and began to grope it hard. She
broke off the kiss and giggled a little; "Take it easy... take it easy...

Roger kept his hand on her ample breast, but stopped groping at it. The two
returned to kissing each other, much slower now but none the less passionate.
This continued for a couple of minutes before Lisa slipped her hand around
the shaft of Roger's penis and led him over to the bed. She motioned for him
to sit and as he did she started unbuttoning her blouse. Roger stared at her
in awe as she removed her blouse, leaving only a lacy white bra to shroud her
magnificent chest. His cock was stiffening rapidly at the prospect of seeing
Lisa Landry nude and...well who knew?

Lisa ran her hands through her hair, over her bra-encased breasts and down
her stomach to her denim skirt, never taking her smouldering eyes off Roger.
She whipped the belt off her skirt and allowed it to pool in a heap at her
feet, revealing a pair of silk panties. She smiled seductively at Roger and
unclasped her bra. As her breasts were released she heard Roger gasp, and
she giggled sexily; "Oh you like my big ol' titties, huh?"

Roger just nodded and gulped. To which Lisa just laughed a little.

"Well if you're a good boy, I just might let you play with them."

Lisa bent down and removed her silk panties, revealing her shaved pussy to
Roger. She stood there for a second before she advanced on Roger who was
quivering not in fright or anxiety now, but in anticipation.

Roger could only groan when he saw Lisa Landry nude. She was not a slim woman
by any stretch of the imagination, but he found her sexy as hell. And here
she was completely naked. She had amazing breasts. They were huge, with large
nipples that were fully erect. They were also pretty perky for someone of her
age, but then she'd never had children so.

...His train of thought was broken as Lisa sat down beside him and placed her
hand on his chest. He in turn reached out and began feeling her breasts. She
giggled a little as he did this. The two began to kiss passionately. Roger
felt Lisa's hand stroke his upper torso and then move further south towards
his cock. She broke of the kiss and pulled his head into her chest. Needing
no encouragement Roger began to suck and slurp on Lisa's breasts. She let out
little moans and with one of her hands she began stroking his neck. Roger
felt her other hand encircle his now raging hard-on and begin to stroke it.
He closed his eyes and moaned a little. As her hand slid up and down his
shaft he began to bite on Lisa's nipples a little. This caused her to groan
a little, and she began to pump his shaft a little harder.

Roger started kissing Lisa's neck as she continued jerking him off. He
couldn't believe that this was happening. He'd never, ever dreamed that this
would happen. Well, that wasn't true, he HAD dreamed of this, but now that it
was happening.

Lisa pulled Roger's head closer to hers and they started kissing again. It
was slower, but very passionate. As their tongues explored each other's mouth
he felt Lisa removing her hand from his penis. She broke off the kiss and
slid off the bed, kneeling down in between his legs. She wasn't going to was
she? Roger thought "Oh God...Please say it is so."

That was when Lisa went down on him.

* * *

Lisa guided the bulbous head of Rogers muscular black pole into her mouth.
She immediately began to slurp on it, never taking her eyes off Roger's face.
As she ran her fingernails over his thighs and belly she saw him arc his back
and let out a grateful moan. She continued to slurp on his cock-head while
massaging his belly with her fingernails. His girth was very thick, certainly
the thickest Lisa had ever had, and she knew it would be very difficult to
slide much of this shaft into her mouth. Still she was excited at the
prospect and quickly began to bob her head up and down Roger's penis,
accepting a little bit more of it at a time, her tongue swirling around his
cock. She began to hum as she sucked and licked, hearing Roger moan a little
bit more. She was starting to get aroused herself now, and she removed her
hand from Roger's belly and slid it down her body to her clitoris. She was
slurping on his cock now and making little contented sighs which just helped
to increase Roger's excitement.

* * *

Roger was gasping in pleasure now. He'd never gotten this far with any woman.
It was all he could do to stop himself from exploding in her mouth he was so
excited. He looked down at her and their eyes made contact. She averted her
gaze to his belly and Roger caught sight of her hand slowly descending
towards her clitoris. He gasped a little at this, as he thought; "God...She's
getting off on this!!!"

He watched as she began to play with herself, her hand manipulating her
clitoris as she continued to fellate him. He saw her lift her other hand off
the base of his penis and descend to his balls. With her long fingernails she
began to squeeze and tickle them; rolling them around the palm of her hand
before sliding her thumb in between them and stroking them with it.

All Roger could do was moan, thinking to himself; "God I don't think I'm
going to last much longer."

* * *

Lisa continued to suck Roger off for another minute or so before she withdrew
his cock from her mouth. Sensing Roger's disappointment she cooed; "Lie down
on the bed sugar, and let Lisa take care of you."

At this stage Roger was willing to do anything Lisa wanted. Lying on the bed,
he watched as Lisa clambered on top of him and lowered herself down onto his
penis. Despite her apprehension as to her ability to accept his size, she
found that she was able to take his entire length inside her. Having
successfully done this Lisa began to pump her hips, causing Roger to groan as
she grinded down on his cock. Lisa was feeling really hot now and was really
going for it. Her huge tits bounced up and down as she rode Roger hard, one
hand clasped the headboard of his bed, and the other began to stroke her
clitoris, which was humming like crazy.

Roger was moaning and groaning now as Lisa was bouncing up and down on his
cock. He saw her huge tits jiggling and unable to stop himself he reached out
and grabbed for them, groping them as hard as he could. Lisa let out a little
cry and lay forward a little, allowing Roger even easier access to her tits.
Roger was beginning to feel himself reaching the end and he began to thrust
himself into her as hard as he could, causing Lisa in turn to cry out loud.
She was now close to orgasm herself and knew it wouldn't be long before she

Roger let out a strangled cry of lust as he felt his cock explode inside
Lisa's pussy, filling it with his hot and sticky emission. Lisa continued to
ride Roger's cock and within a matter of seconds she had arched her back and
let out a shriek of pleasure as her whole body was engulfed in pleasure. She
collapsed panting onto Rogers prone, sweat sticky body.

* * *

The two of them remained in each other's arms bodies tingling in pleasure
for what seemed like hours. Neither of them said a word, content to just
enjoy the heat from each others bodies. Lisa was nuzzling Roger's neck
while her hand was stroking his chest. Roger was just lying there with a
shit-eating grin plastered on his lips. He couldn't believe what had just
happened but he did know one thing.

His birthday had turned out to be a lot better then he had expected!


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