This is an Adult parody based on the Nickelodeon show Sister, Sister. Those
Under 18 should not read it.

Sister, Sister: Part 2 - Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (FF,inc)
by Aguirre ([email protected])

Tia Landry had had a really, really rough day. As she manoeuvred the Camero
into the driveway of Ray Campbell's plush suburban house she was close to
tears. The unthinkable had happened. She'd broken up with Tyreke. Things
hadn't been going well between them for several weeks but she'd not expected
things to fall apart so quickly. She took a tissue out of the box on the
dashboard and wiped her eyes. She sat there for a minute and tried to regain
her composure.

When she got inside, like Tamera before her, she'd called out for Lisa or
Ray. She got no reply. However she heard someone moaning and groaning.
Cocking her ear she could tell it certainly wasn't in pain. Had Lisa got
someone over with her? She cautiously ascended the stairs, a slim ebony
princess clad in her Cheerleading outfit, which gave anyone who cared, and
many guys in her school did rest assured, ample view of her coltish legs.
The noises were coming from her bedroom.

The last thing that Tia had expected to see when she went into her bedroom
was her twin sister lying buck naked on her bed masturbating. It's not that
she hadn't seen it before but for Tamera to be doing it so openly oblivious
to the fact that it was the middle of the day.well that was what really hit
her for six.

"Tamera! What are you doing!"

To which her twin sister had cheekily replied. "What does it look like?"

"I know what it looks like Tamera.but what the hell? If Mom or Ray walked in
right now what would you do? I could hear you downstairs. I mean Lisa isn't
deaf y'know."

Tamera sat up on the bed, her silky black hair falling around her shoulders,
her body glistening with perspiration. Tia had to admit that Tamera looked
really sexy sitting like that. A little flush of yearning flashed through her

"Chill out Tia.Lisa is out with a client and Ray is going to be late too.
Nobody was going to walk in and catch me doing you think I'm stupid
or something? Didn't you see the note Lisa left for us? And what are you
doing home now? Shouldn't you be at Cheerleading practice?"

Tia walked over to the window and pulled the curtains. She looked over her
shoulders and sourly replied; "Funny Tamera I was about to ask you the same
thing. And no I didn't see Lisa's note. I thought you were up here with
Jordan screwing right under Lisa's nose. Which wouldn't surprise me with you

The venom in Tia's voice genuinely shocked Tamera.

"Whoa Tia who put the bug up your butt."

Tia softened a little as she heard the hurt in Tamera's voice

"I'm sorry Tamera. I've just had a really lousy day."

She moved over to her bed and collapsed onto it. She sat up and removed her
shoes and socks. Tamera fished out a white t-shirt and put it on. She walked
over to Tia and sat down on her bed.

"Well Tia it couldn't be worse then my day. You want to know the reason why
I didn't go to cheerleading? Well I found out that Diavian tried to put a
move on Jordan at the Homecoming dance. I'll tell you girl it nearly went of
in the corridor before Math. Here I though she was my best friend, besides
you of course, and all the while she wanted my guy. Oh you know I'd kick her

Tia looked at Tamera and smiled sadly.

"I broke it off with Tyreke."

Silence enveloped the room. Tamera looked stunned;

"You broke it off with Tyreke? How? When? Why?"

Tia stood up and began pacing the floor. It was a habit of hers when she was

"I really don't want to talk about it. I was just getting ready to go to
Cheerleading when he came to school and we talked.well I did the talking
really. We just kept fighting all the time we were together. We just weren't
having fun anymore, y'know? It wasn't worth it."

Tamera looked hurt at this blow off; "C'mon Tia...I'm your can
tell me...was it because of Brett?"

The Brett in question was Brett Douglas who was Captain of the football
team, a dashing 6'2" Quarterback who every girl in school would give their
eye-teeth to be with. Tia was giving him help with Math after school, and
Tyreke had flipped out. He'd gone into a jealous rage and seemed convinced
that Tia was going to run off with Douglas. Tia had to admit that Brett was
very, very cute and she also would admit she'd had a crush on him. But she
was in love with Tyreke, or so she thought. The way he'd been acting though
made her question her feelings for him. She never expected Tyreke to be so...
insecure. Nothing had happened with Brett, nor was it likely to, considering
he was dating Larissa Morgan who was the perky blonde captain of the "A"
Cheerleading squad. Besides Tia didn't really know how she felt about Brett.

The final straw for Tia had come at Homecoming when Tyreke had drunk half a
bottle of Jack Daniels and proceeded to pressure Tia into dropping Brett's
Math grinds, threatening to dump her if she didn't. When she'd refused to
they'd had a monumental fight outside of the school. A drunken Tyreke had
screamed accusations at her, convinced she'd slept with Douglas. Finally
she'd just left. Today when Tyreke had shown up at the school she'd avoided
a fight with him but she'd dumped him.

Tia sighed and untied her hair from its ponytail. She sat up on her bed
beside Tamera and with a heavy sigh spoke; "Oh Tamera.I don't know. I mean
I like Brett. He's a really nice guy. I mean he's not like the other jocks
in school. He's actually pretty smart and funny. But nothing's going to
happen with him, even if I really wanted it to. I don't know why Tyreke
couldn't see that. He just didn't trust me at all... y'know."

Tamera looked at Tia with concern.

"Tia, you did the right thing. You can't let Tyreke run your life. Remember
how he reacted when he first met Roger? Remember he wanted to flatten him
until he realised that you were just friends? Maybe you two need time apart
to figure out your problems. If you are meant to be together then...well
then things will work out."

Tia put her head on Tamera's shoulder and whispered; "You're right sis...
thanks." She lifted her head and planted a tender kiss on Tamera's cheek,
before she returned her head to her sisters' shoulder.

Tamera put her hand on Tia's head and began to stroke her hair feeling her
sister's warm breath on her neck. She looked down and saw Tia's skirt had
ridden up her thigh exposing her cotton panties. She felt a hot flush run
through her body and felt her nipples harden. God.this was her sister...she
shouldn't be feeling like this. Should she? She was torn between longing
and disgust. Paralysed all she could do was continue to play with Tia's
hair. She heard Tia moan a little as her hand grazed Tia's ear. When she
felt the hand stroke her thigh her paralysis broke. She looked up and Tia
was staring at her. Before she knew what was happening they were locked in
a tender embrace.

Tia had felt the same as Tamera. She was torn between wanting to and feeling
guilt for wanting to. It had been when she'd looked down at Tamera's naked
waist and the patch of hair between her legs and felt Tamera's fingertips
graze her ear, that she'd let out a little moan and all her inhibitions
vanished. She draped her hand onto Tamera's leg and began stroking the inside
of her thigh softly. Before she knew it they had started kissing.

As they kissed each other, both twins feelings of guilt receded... They were
not new to this. They'd kissed on numerous occasions. It had never gone
beyond that though. Both girls had wanted to take things further, but the
opportunity had never presented itself before. Until now that is. Now it just
felt right.

* * *

They broke their embrace and Tia smiled wanly at her sister.

"When will Ray and Lisa be home?"

Tamera just looked at Tia with a sexy smile dancing on her lips; "Not till

Tia returned the smile; "So we won't be interrupted?"

Tamera grinned and slapped her sister playfully; "Lock the door if you want."

Tia hopped off the bed and went over to the door, shutting it gently and
turning the lock. She turned around to see Tamera lift the white t-shirt over
her head exposing her chest. Tia smiled at Tamera and started to strip off
her clothes. Within seconds she was naked and sitting down beside Tamera
again. Tia ran the palm of her hand over Tamera's cheek. Tamera closed her
eyes and let out a little sigh. Tia moved closer to her sister and tenderly
kissed her cheek. Tamera sighed again and moved her hand onto Tia's leg. She
began to run her fingers up and down the inside of Tia's shapely thigh
causing Tia to let out a little moan which Tamera silenced by placing her
lips on Tia's. The twins kissed tenderly at first their passion growing s by
the minute.

Tia gently pushed Tamera back onto the bed and lay down besides her, her
silky black hair sprawled over one shoulder draped on Tamera's shoulder. She
lowered her head and began to kiss Tamera deeply. Tamera responded to her
sisters' actions with alacrity, sliding her tongue into Tia's mouth. The
twins, bodies and tongues entwined, were oblivious to the world around them.

Tia broke off the kiss and licked her lips. She looked down at her sister;
"Want to stop?"

The look in Tamera's eyes said it all. Draping her arms around her sisters
neck Tamera pulled Tia back down to her and the two began to kiss even more
passionately, tongues swirling in unison. Tia began to run her hands up and
down her sisters' legs, coming close to but not actually touching her pussy.
Tamera moaned at her sister's touch and kissed her even more deeply, her
hands exploring her sisters back and inevitably caressing her butt. Tia
giggled a little at her sister's touch and broke off the kiss.

"Oh so that's how you wanna play it, huh?"

Tamera just stared back with a cute little grin on her face and stuck out
her tongue; "You know it girl!"

This set the twins off giggling.

Tia began nuzzling Tamera's neck as her sister continued stroking her back
and ass. Tia slid further down Tamera's body and began to kiss and lick her
breasts, running her tongue around the aureole of each breast. This drew
audible gasps from her sister who in turn clenched her sisters' butt a
little. Tia's free hand was still exploring Tamera's thighs with her hands
but every now and then she'd let them slide over Tamera's pussy and which
was now very moist. Her other hand cupped her sisters breasts and began
squeezing them in turn. Tamera's body was on fire. All her problems with
Diavian were forgotten as her body responded to Tia's ministrations.

Likewise Tia had forgotten about Tyreke, concerned only with sating her
sisters (and her own) desires. She'd dreamt of this so many times and it
was proving to be better than she could have imagined. As she continued
sucking and licking Tamera's nipples she ran her hand over her own pussy
and began to stroke her clitoris. After several seconds of this she felt
her hand being lifted off it and replaced by Tamera's. She gasped as she
felt her sister slide two fingers inside her now sopping snatch. Taking
this as her cue she placed her now free hand on Tamera's pussy. Slipping
two fingers inside Tamera she began to slide them in and out, while
stroking Tamera's clitoris with her thumb. Tamera gasped audibly; "Oh
God...Tia...that feels soooo good."

Tia silenced Tamera by kissing her deeply. Once again their tongues danced
in each other's mouths. Tia cupped Tamera's right breast with her hand and
began to suck and bite her nipples gently. This drew more moaning from her
sister. Tamera's fingers began to stab a little faster in and out of Tia's
pussy, which drew louder moans from Tia. Both girls could feel that they
were on the brink of orgasm.

It was Tamera who came first. A wave of indescribable pleasure washed over
her as her body went rigid. She let out a loud moan and her body went slack.
She was sheened with sweat but utterly satisfied.

Tia was on the brink of orgasm her self when her sister came. She felt the
muscles of Tamera's pussy contract around her two fingers and marvelled at
the feeling. As Tamera's body went slack she felt Tamera's fingers withdraw
from her. Dismayed she took Tamera's hand and guided it back to her pussy.
Tamera stopped this, looked at her and smiled evilly.

"I have a much better idea."

With that she pushed Tia onto her back and climbed on top of her sister.
Tia's chest rose and fell rapidly as Tamera lowered her head and kissed her
sister deeply, raking her fingers through Tia's hair. With that she began
kissing and sucking her breasts slowly making her way down to Tia's belly.
Tia was now in ecstasy., moaning in pleasure as Tamera inched her way closer
to the Promised Land. She understood now what Tamera had meant, and she had
no intention of resisting.

Tamera began flicking her tongue around the entrance to Tia's snatch, which
drew gasps from her twin. Sensing Tia's impatience to come, she wasted little
time. She began to flick her tongue around Tia's clitoris while stroking her
thighs with her fingertips. This was driving Tia wild, as evidenced from her
frenzied moaning and writhing. Tamera looked up and saw Tia, eyes closed and
biting her lip, fondling her breasts. A light film of perspiration adorned
her forehead. Tamera returned her attention to the task at hand. As she
continued licking Tia's clitoris she slid three fingers inside her
well-lubricated pussy and began stroking around her g-spot. That was enough
to set Tia over the edge, and she came, her pussy clamping down on Tamera's
stabbing fingers. Moaning in pleasure she arced her back and then collapsed
on the bed, panting hard. As she'd come Tamera had started sucking on her

* * *

The twins dozed in each other's arms, absorbing each others body heat
satisfied beyond belief. They cuddled a little before Tamera spied the clock
on Tia's bedside table. It said 6.30. She sat up.

"Tia, we'd better get cleaned up. It's getting late. Ray and Lisa will be
home soon."

Tia looked up and put her hand on Tamera's thigh.

"Ok. You want to take a shower?"

Tamera shook her head; "It's too late for that now."

Tia lay back down on the bed and began playing with her navel. She looked up
as Tamera was grabbing a towel; "Tamera? Was it like you thought it would

Tamera turned around and looked directly at Tia, a dreamy smile on her face;
" was better then I could ever have imagined."

Both girls just stood smiling at each other without saying a word, before
the voice of Ray Campbell broke the silence; "Tia, Tamera, Lisa. Is anyone

With that Tamera skipped across the room, knelt down on the bed and planted
a little kiss on Tia's lips.

"I call the shower first."

With that she skipped out of the room and into the shower.

Tia sat up and quickly got dressed. She could hear Ray was coming up the


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