This is an Adult parody based on the Nickelodeon show Sister, Sister. Those
Under 18 should not read it.

Sister, Sister: Part 1 - Home Alone (F-mast,voy)
by Aguirre ([email protected])

The front door opened and Tamera Campbell snuck inside. She looked around
cautiously and then called out; "Hello..Is anyone home? Dad? Lisa? Are you

Silence greeted her call. Still not satisfied she let out another, louder,
call. She moved towards the kitchen, depositing her bag on the couch. She
pushed open the kitchen door and walked in half-expecting Lisa to be there.
The kitchen was empty however. With a mischievous grin on her lips she
muttered to herself; "Looks like I might just get away with this."

Still she had to be certain. She bolted up the stairs calling out for anyone
as she did. There was no reply. Lisa's design studio was also empty. The
pretty black teenager let out a sigh of relief and finally relaxed. She
headed downstairs and into the kitchen. She needed a glass of water and a
paracetomol; she had a splitting headache. She found two Tylenol and grabbed
a glass. As she filled it she pondered.

She had ditched the last two periods of school and cheerleading practice to
come home. She'd had a huge fight with Diavian. Seems that her so-called best
friend had tried to put the moves on Tamera's boyfriend Jordan at Homecoming
last week. Diavian had said it was because she'd drunk too much and hadn't
known what she'd been doing. Tamera didn't believe that for a second. D had
always had the hots for Jordan and she'd even admitted this to Tamera BEFORE
the Homecoming dance. Diavian also had a reputation as being "easy". Well
that's what she'd heard anyway...Anyway Jordan had told D where to go and
told Tamera about it yesterday. It had ended in a near catfight in school
today. Tamera was so angry and distraught that she couldn't face double Math
and Cheerleader practice. So she'd ditched.

Tamera gulped down the water and refilled the glass. It was then that she
caught sight of the note on the fridge. Putting down the glass she walked
over to it and ripped it off the fridge. It was from Lisa.

I had to go to the fabric suppliers because there was a mix
up with my order. Then I have to do an emergency fitting
for Eileen Van Houten. Ray won't be home `till later. He
had to pick up some special celebrity client. So he says
anyway. But you know Ray...always with the tall tales.
There is a casserole in the fridge.


Tamera smiled and put the note in the bin. Great! She had the whole house to
herself. She went over to the fridge, opened it and saw the casserole. She
wasn't hungry though and slammed the door behind her. What to do? Homework?
She laughed merrily to herself, indicating no she had no intention of doing
that. Besides she was too upset and wouldn't be able to give her homework
the concentration it merited. This drew more giggling from her. She literally
skipped up the stairs and into the bedroom she shared with her twin sister
Tia. It was an unremarkable room really; just your average teenagers room.
While Tamera's side looked like a bomb had hit it, Tia's was fastidiously
neat. But that sort of summed them up really. Tia was organised, methodical
and studious. Tamera was a flake. They both complimented each other though;
Tamera's scatty Yin to Tia's disciplined Yang. A pleasant warm feeling
engulfed her body as she thought about how much she loved her sister and how
fortunate they were to meet at the department store 3 years ago. She couldn't
imagine her life without Tia. They'd shared all their hopes and dreams
together; as well as all their secrets...well all except one.

Tamera caught sight of herself in the mirror and smiled. She was a slim girl
with light chocolate coloured skin and straight jet-black hair that was tied
back in a ponytail. She was considered attractive and had more then one or
two male admirers in her high school. Jordan was her love though; he was
sweet, gentle and very funny. Still it did a girls ego good to know that
there were others who lusted after her. Her headache had abated somewhat as
the Tylenol had kicked in. She was feeling a little better now. The first
thing Tamera wanted to do now was to change into her sweats; there was no
point wearing a mini-skirt around the house now was there? Standing in front
of the mirror Tamera began to disrobe completely oblivious to the fact that
the curtains to her room were wide open...and completely oblivious to the
fact that she was being watched.

* * *

Roger Evans had been home sick all day. He'd caught flu after the Homecoming
dance and was effectively bedridden. He was extremely annoyed as it was his
birthday today and now he faced the prospect of turning eighteen being stuck
in bed with a temperature. He only had himself to blame though. He'd managed
to smuggle a bottle of vodka into the Homecoming dance and had proceeded to
get standing-up falling down drunk. All he remembered was vomiting all over
the place, even on his dates dress!, and then deciding to take a dip in the
school swimming pool in his tuxedo. Needless to see he'd passed out and had
slept outdoors wearing a drenched suit. Which led him, not surprisingly, to
predicament he now faced.

Truth be told Roger was bored...there was nothing on TV. What could he do?
Out of the corner of his eye he spied his telescope. Listlessly he went over
to the window where his telescope was placed. He debated whether he should
bother. He'd nothing better to do...why not? He dragged his chair over to his
window and placed his eye to it. It took him a minute to adjust the eyepiece.
When he could see clearly he aimed the telescope into sky. All he could see
were a few birds and an airplane. A 747 by the looks of it. Boring! He raked
the telescope over the backyards of the houses next to his. There was old man
Fargi doing his lawn and his wife hanging up her equally old, and by the
looks of it equally grey, underwear to dry. Roger grimaced; "That's Gross!!"

He aimed the telescope across to the Campbell house, which was directly next
door to his. Here dwelt the two greatest fantasies in Rogers's world. The
twins; Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell. Since he'd been 15 he'd lusted after
both of them. They were not interested in him at all...well except as
friends. They'd made that abundantly clear to him on more than one occasion.
How many times when he'd made amorous advances on them had they, usually in
unison, shouted that well-worn phrase at him?

"Go Home, Roger!"

At first he'd reckoned it was because he was small for his age. But even
after a phenomenal growth spurt they still showed no sign of falling for
Roger's charms. Unhappily he sighed as he thought of them. The closest
he'd ever come to realising his fantasy was one Valentines Day about a
year and a half ago, when Tamera had suddenly become infatuated with him.
He'd not gotten too far with her though, just first base. In truth they'd
only been together for about a week. He smiled a little as he remembered
necking her on his back porch. Those were some of the happiest moments of
his life.

He scanned the backyard but saw there was no one there. He next aimed it at
the house. The twins would be at school but Lisa, Tia's "mom", might be home.
She was a heavyset woman in her forties but she had huge breasts and was not
unattractive. Roger had spied her a couple of times changing clothes- and had
even caught her fully nude once. He had found it extremely difficult to look
her in the face for a while after that. Particularly when the image of her
voluptuous form had started to invade his fantasies involving Tia and Tamera.

Roger raked the telescope over the house pausing at Lisa's room which was at
the top of the house. No one was in. Roger sighed, "Damn!"

He was about to turn away from the telescope when he decided that he would
look in at the Twins room. It was directly across from his. Roger muttered
aloud; "What the hell...who knows maybe Lisa is in there cleaning"

He aimed the telescope at the Twins room and adjusted the sights. What he
saw caused him to emit a low moan and his penis started to stiffen. It was
Tamera...and it looked as she wasn't...she couldn't be!

* * *

Tamera, unaware of Roger's lusting gaze, took off her watch and bracelet
and placed them on the desk. She next took off her striped jumper revealing
a white t-shirt. She kicked off her shoes and sat down. She unrolled her
sheer tights and threw them in the corner on top of a large pile of papers.
Standing up again she untucked her t-shirt and lifted it over her head
revealing a white sports bra. She hated the thing but when you were a
cheerleader you really needed one to keep certain things from bouncing all
over the place. She undid the belt of her mini-skirt and allowed said skirt
to fall to the ground, leaving Tamera Campbell standing in her bedroom clad
only in her bra and white cotton panties. She debated whether to have a
shower. What was the point? Jordan wouldn't be coming over tonight as he was
snowed under as editor of the school paper and head of the Student Council.
There was no need to then really was there?

"No point at all..." Tamera said aloud.

With that she reached around her back and unclasped her bra, sliding it off
her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Tamera was now topless. She
looked at herself in the mirror again and studied her breasts. They were
small but firm, her mocha coloured nipples pert. She ran a hand over her
breasts and down her flat stomach, smiling as she did. She untied her hair,
letting it cascade down around her shoulders seductively. She ran her hands
through it and pouted seductively at her reflection in the mirror. She
giggled at this and hopped up and down a couple of times, causing her breasts
to bounce a little. Quick as a flash she hooked her thumbs under the elastic
in her panties and pulled them down. Tamera Campbell was now standing in
front of the mirror completely naked.

She admired herself in the mirror. She might have had small breasts but she
had great legs and a very firm butt. She reasoned with herself; "We can't
have everything now can we?"

As Tamera stood there in front of the mirror she began to think of Jordan.
She really, really wished he was here right now. She began to think back to
the Homecoming dance. They'd made passionate love in the School Newspaper
offices, the best it had ever been. Jordan had been so tender and gentle.
They'd kissed and caressed each other for what seemed like hours before,
bodies entwined, Jordan had taken her to Nirvana. She'd never had an orgasm
as incredible as that one. She had tingled in ecstasy for hours after it.
Holding on to Jordan, as he dozed in contentment, she had buried her face
in his chest and felt his heart beat feeling nothing but love for him.

As Tamera recalled this a tingle of pleasure ran up her spine and she felt
her nipples harden. She ran her hands down her belly to her pussy and felt
that it was moist. She felt a lancing bolt of pleasure shoot through her
body as her hand caressed her labia. Her body was covered in goose bumps.
There was only one thought on her mind. She couldn't could she? What if
someone came in? What if someone caught her? Tamera thought of the note
that Lisa had left. Lisa and Ray were going to be gone for hours. Tia was
stuck in school until later. There was no one in the house but her...

Tamera grinned wickedly.

* * *

Roger couldn't believe what he was seeing. Tamera Campbell, one of his dream
girls, was in the process of performing an impromptu strip tease for him. He
was finding it extremely difficult to register this fact. With a look of
shock and awe on his face and a now fully erect penis in his pants he gazed
at her in lust-filled wonder. As she'd stripped, garment from garment, he'd
expected her to close the curtains. But she hadn't. He knew Tia would have
but Tamera was...well scatty to say the least. Besides she probably didn't
expect him to be at home staring in at her through a telescope. The irony was
that it was Ray Campbell who had given him the telescope for his sixteenth

"Thank you Mr Campbell!!" Roger cackled

Needless to say Ray wouldn't have expected, or should that be suspected,
Roger to use said telescope to stare in at his nubile young "daughter".

Roger continued to gawp at Tamera's naked body. Her breasts were perfectly
proportioned to the rest of her slim form. Very perky as well by the looks
of them. She was slim but definitely not too skinny. Her legs were to die
for. This was not news to Roger though as he'd seen them many times over
the years when she wore those mini-skirts of hers. Her butt was awesome
looking. Shapely and toned from all the cheerleading dances she did. Roger
continued to scan her body over and over again, his gaze inevitably drawn
between her legs. A patch of neatly shaved black hair sprouted there; it
was shaped like a triangle. As Tamera's hand grazed this patch of hair Roger
let out a louder moan. He checked himself before he remembered that his
parents were away in Vermont for the week. He was all alone in the house
staring at one of the little hotties from next door stripping while his
penis strained painfully against the fabric of his track-suit. Which made
what he did next inevitable. Not taking his eyes off the telescope he
maneuvered his hands down to the waistband of his tracksuit and pulled it
down, releasing his blood-engorged member in the process. It was with a
feeling of guilt and lust that he began to stroke it, all the while staring
intently at the naked form of Tamera Campbell.

* * *

Tamera was feeling very, very hot now and she could feel herself getting
moister as her lust grew. With no-one at home or likely to be home for the
next while she knew she was safe. She turned and slowly lay down on her bed,
the silky satin bed-sheets electrifying her naked form. She began to run
her hands slowly over her body again and again, purposefully avoiding her
clitoris. She closed her eyes and started to think of Jordan, of how he
caressed and kissed her body with such reverence. Of how he would kiss her
and caress her breasts slowly and tenderly. Her own hands began to stroke
her breasts and nipples, pinching them ever so slightly causing Tamera to
emit a little moan of pleasure. She began to stroke her stomach slowly and
she imagined Jordan kissing it while continuing to play with her breasts.
Tamera arched her back a little and let out a louder moan of pleasure. She
continued to stroke and caress her stomach and breasts for several minutes,
thinking about Jordan all the time. All of a sudden s he moved her hands in
between her legs and began to play with herself.

* * *

Roger was at this stage also playing with himself. He had thought he'd been
dreaming when he'd seen Tamera strip naked in front of the mirror. Now she
was masturbating! And he was watching her! When he'd seen she was going to
lie down on the bed he'd prayed she wouldn't pull the curtains. He'd expected
she would but when she just laid down on the bed with the curtains wide open
he had let out a joyful yelp. He was going to be able to see her!

A hot flush of excitement coursed through his body as he continued to pull
his pudding. How much semen had he spilled over the twins before? What was a
little more going to hurt? He continued staring at Tamera trying not to rush

* * *

Tamera caressed her clitoris lightly with the tips of her fingers as her
other hand was starting to stroke her labia. Both these actions were causing
her to moan in pleasure. Her eyes were shut tight and she was biting her lip
a little. Her body was alive with pleasure as her hands continued busying
themselves with her sex. Her thoughts were of Jordan caressing her clitoris
with his tongue. She imagined him sliding his tongue inside her and start to
flick it gently. Fuelled with this thought Tamera slipped two fingers inside
her sopping wet pussy and started to slowly slide them in and out. She let
out a low groan and began to arch her back a little higher with each stabbing
thrust. Her other hand had started to slowly stroke her clitoris. She was
beginning to moan more openly now, her body squirming on the bed sheets as
her clitoris hummed in pleasure. Instead of imagining Jordan devouring her
hot naked writhing body she thought of Tia's boyfriend Tyreke. She'd always
had a thing for him and it was the only secret she'd ever kept from Tia.

Tamera imagined being sprawled over the hood of some type of sports car while
a greasy, sweaty Tyreke was plunging his penis deep inside her. It was rough
sweaty sex fuelled by pure lust. With two fingers embedded in her pussy
Tamera began to flick them in a come-hither motion as she found her G-spot.
The pleasure was beginning to build to a crescendo as images of Tyreke
flashed through her mind. She let out a harsh sobbing cry and her body jerked
as an orgasm rocked her body. She continued to finger herself and it wasn't
long before a second wave of incredible pleasure engulfed her body. She let
out another harsh cry. As she lay there panting, her fingers still inside
her, a startled voice broke her reverie.

"Tamera! What are you doing!!"

Tamera recognised the voice. It was Tia. She flicked her eyes open and
grinning sexily at Tia.

"What does it look like?"

* * *

Roger had continued to watch Tamera while stroking his penis. He needed no
imagination to get his rocks off. He had all he needed right there in front
of him. He saw Tamera writhe in pleasure and watched her stroke her body.
God how many times had he dreamed of doing that! He was starting to stroke
himself with more urgency now. His own orgasm was building. He saw Tamera
finger herself and this set him over the edge. He cried out in pleasure as
he ejaculated. Panting in pleasure he wiped the sweat from his brow. He was
spent. Spent but very, very content. As he got himself together he once
again looked into the Twins room at Tamera. She was still playing with
herself. She then arched her back and he saw her shudder. She came! He'd
seen her orgasm! He stopped looking for a minute as he thought he'd heard a
door slam shut. He strained to hear if anyone was in his house. Not a sound.
He returned his attention to the twins' room. He saw Tamera was talking to
someone and the next minute he saw it was Tia.

"Busted!" he called.

But then another thought crossed his mind...what if...what if Tia decided to
join Tamera. What if...His mind raced with the possibilities. The twins in a
little girl on girl action?

"Oh please God let it be so...please!"

He felt his flaccid penis begin to twitch into life and turned his attention
back towards the twins' room. Unfortunately for Roger all he saw was Tia
shutting the bedroom curtains, a scowl on her pretty face.

"Fuck!" Roger spat

His frustration was palpable. Who knows what he was missing. Just as he'd
expected it had been Tia who'd shut the curtains.

At this stage his member was fully erect and Roger shrugged to himself.

"Be a shame to waste it right?"

With that he closed his eyes and began stroking his cock. It was quite
obvious what he was going to be thinking about now wasn't it?

He never heard his bedroom door open...


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