Sister, Sister: Alien Abduction (MFF,inc,alien)
by Hamster

Tia and Tamera were hot, twin, 18-year-old black girls who lived in
Michigan. The girls were returning from a Halloween party when they noticed
a light moving across the sky.

"Hey Tamera it's a shooting star, make a wish." Tia said.

"Uhh Tia, if it's a shooting star why is it heading straight for us?" Tamera

The twins held each other's hand and screamed, as the bright light in the sky
grew larger and larger as it rapidly approached them. Soon the light seemed
to completely engulf them and the twins blacked out.

Tamera blinked her eyes adjusting to the light. She was strapped to a medical
table, her cloths where gone. Turning her head to the right she saw her
sister was also naked and strapped to a table. She heard footsteps approach
and was shocked to see a gray skinned alien with big eyes and a frail slim
body. He was naked and had a rather pathetic looking dick that couldn't rival
a 12-year-old's.

Tia rustled and regained consciousness. She gasped at the sight of the ugly
naked alien.

"Greeting Earth women, I am Leb."

"What do you want from us?" Tia asked

"I have come to Earth in search of female human slaves." Leb explained.

"And if we don't cooperate?" Tamera asked.

"I'll kill one of you and make the other one watch." Leb stated
matter-of-factly, "Besides you won't have a choice. I'm going to use mind
control. So there."

Both sisters struggled hard against their bonds but couldn't escape. There
was a strange buzzing sound as a hovering orb with a camera fixed to it flew
into the room. It was followed by metallic footsteps as a human looking robot
walked into the room. For all intents and purposes it looked like a cute,
shiny, smooth metal woman except "she" had a metallic dildo protruding from
her lower midsection.

Leb placed a hand on each of the struggling girl's foreheads. The twins felt
their control sapped from their bodies, they could no longer resist Leb's
commands, while they remained conscious and aware of their predicament they
would no do anything that they were ordered to. Leb released them from their

Leb smiled, "Tia get on all fours, AK3-0 fuck her good. Tamera get on your
knees and suck me."

Tia went to all fours obediently. AK3-0's metal penis began humming and
vibrating. The robot placed her hands on Tia's hips, and then with a powerful
thrust slammed her metal prick into Tia's cunt.

"EEEEEPF" Tia squealed.

The Camera spun to Tamera who was licking up and down Leb's swollen shaft.
She took the dick into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could while using
her tongue to tickle the shaft. Leb thrust his cock in and out of her mouth
while the girl's full lips clamped firmly around his alien fuck-meat. Leb
moaned as he vigorously face fucked the teenager. Tamera, deep under mind
control, was sucking with all of her might.

Leb's pet hermaphroditic robot AK3-0 meanwhile, was power fucking the other
twin. AK3-0 pistoned back and forth slam-fucking the squealing girl till
she could take no more. Tia's boobs wobbled back and forth as her cunt was
battered by the robot's spinning and vibrating metal rod. AK3-0 soon fucked
Tia to a raging orgasm and then kept fucking her even as she went limps and
it seemed the robot was simply fuckind a limp unconscious rag doll. AK3-0
seemed to think Tia had had enough so she released the girl who collapsed
into a heap on the cold steel floor.

Leb meanwhile felt the pressure building in his nut-sack he felt an orgasm
coming but did not want to cum in her mouth. The alien grabbed Tamera's
hair and pulled her head off of his dick. Her suction on his dick making an
audible "POP". Leb moaned as he squirted his foul smelling green-white cum
on the pretty black girl's face. Leb heaved, his breathing labored. Soon he
regained his normal breathing.

He looked over at Tia who's eyes were fluttering and was breathing hard.
He stroked Tamera's hair as one would a pet and pointed at the girl's twin

"Now Tamera its time for you to put that talented mouth of yours to more use.
Tia roll over and spread your legs. Tamera eat your pretty twin's pussy out."

Tamera felt disgusted at the idea of eating out another girl especially her
own sister but she could do nothing. Tamera crawled over to Tia like a dog
she spread apart Tia's legs. Tamera brought her face close Tia's battered and
beaten pussy, her sister began to stir as she felt Tamera's cool soothing
tongue on her hot cunt. Tamera licked the outer lips of Tia's sopping wet
pussy clean. Tia sighed and moaned in pleasure and absently played with her
boobs, Tamera then plunged her tongue into her sister's honey-hole while
kneading her firm ass cheeks. Tamera tongue fucked her sister Tia's love box
until Tia came to a second moaning orgasm.

Since Tamera was already conveniently bent over Leb had AK3-0 hand him a
glowing green rod the burned and glowed. He spread Tamera's cheeks and began
feeding the burning green rod into the girl's tight ass. Tamera howled in
pain as the painful burning rod violated her ass. Leb cruelly raped the
crying girl with a few strokes before pulling out his probe. A little blood
drooled from her ass much to Leb's amusement.

"Yes my human fuck-toys, you are most enjoyable and look I am hard again! You
there, Tia get on your hands and knees." Leb ordered.

Tia slowly obeyed. Tamera watched miserably as Leb approached her twin
sister. He spread her cheeks and pushed his cock into her wet hot cunt. The
alien began to fuck her enthusiastically. She whimpered and her boobs jiggled
and swung in time with his strokes until he finally filled her pussy with his
warm alien cum. Leb slapped her ass and pulled himself free.

"AK-30, please take my fuck toys to their cages. I am going to find some more
humans to enslave and join these juicy little twins in my personal harem."
Leb said.

With that AK-30 placed collars around Tia and Tamera's necks and led them to
the cages that would become their homes.
_ _ _

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