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Plot Synopsis: Officer Hartigan wakes up to a very chilling surprise courtesy
of an old enemy.

Sin City: Yellow Revenge (MF,F-mast,oral,mc,drugs,nc-cons,snuff)
by SpaceSamurai

It was dark a long time for Hartigan. He couldn't quite remember what had
happened. All he knew was, first he was showering in a hotel bathroom, and
now he was out cold. What put him out? Why couldn't he think of it?

Suddenly, he caught a whiff of something. Something rotten, something foul.
And then he remembered.

He cracked open his eyes, slowly enough that he didn't make himself dizzy.
The room was very dimly lit from the street lamp outside the window. Shadows
were cast over almost everything. The only thing that was truly in focus, in
Hartigan's eyes, were the eyes of that little yellow bastard. 'Junior,' he
thought, 'I never thought I'd see you again.'

In fact, after he'd plugged the senator's son full of lead all those years
ago, he wasn't sure he'd ever see anyone again. He half expected to rot away
in prison. Of course, he had to confess to a lot of bad, unholy shit that he
hadn't done just to get out. He had to get out. He had to find...

And then, he remembered everything. He looked down to see Nancy, the little
girl he'd saved so many years ago, now all grown up and working at a seedy
topless bar. And Junior, that yellow bastard, had his hand around her throat.
She trembled with fear as her tearful eyes gazed up at her hero from the
floor. She was looking up at him. Way up.

And as Hartigan tried to look down at his surroundings, he felt the rope on
his neck. He wriggled his toes gently. He was on a chair. Barely. He had to
stand on his toes just to keep from getting hanged. His wrists and ankles
were tied together. He was stuck.

Junior grinned wickedly, a snarl of brown teeth contrasting his mustard
exterior. "Finally, you're awake! I was waiting for you to start the

Hartigan's nostrils flared wildly as his breath intensified. The air hit his
chest. And his legs. He had been stripped down to his underwear. He tried to
move his hands. They were tied tight. He was right where Junior wanted him.

"You sure did a number on me that night all those years ago. I mean, if it
weren't for my dad's connections, I'd probably be dead by now."

The whole time he spoke, Junior stared deep into Hartigan's eyes. His gaze
was vindictive, furious, and it burned holes through the old cop's skull.

"Dozens of surgeries," Junior continued, "and several experimental treatments
that hadn't even been tested. They had to reconstruct everything. Including,"
he indicated downwards with his eyes, "my old friend there. Which you, of
course, had to take from me."

The memory Hartigan had of ripping of the senator's son's tool with his bare
hands was very fresh. Hearing about it again almost made Hartigan chuckle.
But, considering his rather precarious position, he didn't even smile. Junior
was a powder keg. And if he blew up, the old man was dead.

"Of course," Junior muttered with disdain, "all of these procedures had
some rather severe side effects. As you can see. Now, I can't even recognize
myself in the mirror. You can smell me coming before I arrive no matter where
I am. And what's worst of all? I fucking HATE yellow!"

The last growl wore off of his face almost immediately. He swallowed and
smiled again. "Oh, but don't get me wrong; it's not all bad. In fact, now
that you've been gone, I've been having the time of my life! My dad let's
me get away with anything. And, after what we did to you, none of the
uptight, self-righteous cops on the force would dare challenge me. The
world's my playground! I've had more women than I can count!

"But," he said in a whisper, "between us, there was always one girl I wanted
more than the others. One I'd been waiting to find again. The one I'd never
been able to have, because of YOU, you piece of shit cop! I'm speaking,
obviously, of our little Nancy here."

He looked down at the beautiful young woman in his hands. Her eyes grew even
wider, yet she never looked away from Hartigan up on that chair. He was her
rock. He kept her grounded here, focused on escape from the yellow man whose
fingers were wrapped around her throat.

Junior looked up at Hartigan. "Well, now we found her. And it was all thanks
to you, old man. We knew that you would lead us back to her, eventually, knew
you would go looking for the thanks of the little girl whose virginity you
spared. Then you got all those letters in prison, and we could never figure
out who was sending them. One day, it all made sense; she was using an
assumed name! A clever girl, Hartigan, as clever as there ever was. So we
sent you a little present: A finger, just some finger. And you instantly
thought the worst. We knew it was a matter of time. I tailed you. You never
had a clue. And suddenly, who'd have thought, we find Nancy working as, of
all things, a dancer in a dirty strip joint! Needless to say, I was pleased.

"I mean, she's a little old for me, as you can imagine, Hartigan, but she's
quite the hot number on a pole."

He laughed, a high pitched whinny that hurt the cop's ears. Hartigan felt
his spine quivering. How could he have been so blind, so stupid? He led them
right to her. She had been so careful all those years, and he'd gone and
fucked the whole thing up. Whatever happened now, it was all his fault. God
damn it.

Junior looked back down at his prize. "So now, I finally get to have some fun
with the little bitch I've been missing all these years. And, icing on the
cake, the cop who took her from me gets to watch, with a noose around his
neck, powerless to stop me. What could be better?"

He turned around and appeared to be fumbling with something in his pockets,
while he kept one hand on Nancy's throat.

Hartigan gritted his teeth and spat out a growl. "Nancy, don't scream.
Whatever the bastard tries to do, don't give in. Be strong!"

Junior whirled around with a crazed expression. "Say what you want, but in a
few moments she won't be listening to you anymore."

He turned all the way and held something up in his free hand. He made sure
to hold it so that the light shone off of it into the old man's face. It
was long, thin, glittering. A needle. A huge hypodermic needle filled with
some...yellow liquid.

"This is another little item my dad got for me. God, it is great to be the
son of a man in power. Even if I do hate his guts. You see, this is an
experimental drug made by the pharmaceutical company that treated me.
Government stuff. Top secret. It's a bit tricky to make, but the results,
oh boy, are they worth it. What's gonna happen is this: I'm gonna inject
hot little Nancy with this wonder drug that will render her immobile for a
while. She'll be conscious, but she won't be able to move, or really think
for herself. In fact, her waking mind will be so blank, that I can tell her
anything. Soon after the full effect has taken hold, she will be in her own
mind, but she will do and think everything I tell her to. So, say, I tell
her to sit very still and think the word banana over and over, she'll do it
unquestioningly. But best of all? The effects last beyond the drug leaving
her body. I inject her, tell her what to do, the stuff wears off, she'll
still do it! I could tell her that she will always obey what I say, every
word. Drug wears off, I tell her to jump off a building, rob a bank, kill
the President, she'll do it. It's perfect. And every time I want to change
her mind, I inject her again, make changes, and viola!

"So, you see why I love this stuff? Now, say goodbye to the old Nancy. Things
will be a little different from now on."

Hartigan could only watch in horror as the needle was stabbed into Nancy's
neck and its contents were drained into her. She let out a sob as he pulled
the needle out and began to whimper as she waited for Junior's almost
prophetic declarations to come true. What was going to happen? What would
that bastard do to her body? To her mind? She started to panic. Her breathing
was fast, frightful. And then, her breaths became slower, more drawn out. Her
fears began to melt away, and before she could even acknowledge what was
happening to her, her mind was gone.

Hartigan watched Nancy's eyes, previously full of fear, become dull,
soulless. Her pupils dilated. Her eyes glazed over and gained a yellowish
hue. The effect was startling; she looked entirely unlike herself, like a

Junior smiled and pulled away from the girl. This drug worked better every
time they cooked up a new batch, and now he was getting to use it on his
great white whale, the one that got away and took so much from him. The
little bitch. This time, there was nothing she could do.

Seeing that she was ready for some treatment, Junior started. "Nancy," he
cooed, "you won'tt speak or move until I tell you to. You won't think of
escape. Escape is impossible. It's not an option. You are trapped here with
me. Now, Nancy, stand up, and face the corner so both me and Hartigan can
see your body."

Hartigan was aghast as he saw her gingerly stand so that both men had a view
of her.

"Take off the coat."

Hartigan growled, "Nancy stop!"

And the girl didn't move. Junior frowned. "I always forget that part. Nancy,
you will never again listen to anything Hartigan says. You will listen to me,
and only me. Now, take off the coat."

Hartigan tried again to stop her, but as per the other man's orders, she
continued to peel off the coat Hartigan had given her to keep warm.

Junior smiled wickedly and sneered into the old man's face. "A little proof
of my power. Do you believe me now?"

Hartigan's mind raced. He tried to think of a way out, a way to save the
girl. She was staring blankly ahead, past Hartigan and his quaking body, just
trying to hold on long enough to get her away from this. The look in her eyes
broke his heart. She didn't even look concerned. Or sad. Or anything. She

Junior refocused on his catch. "You know, I have a hard time with sharing
things. Nancy, move and face me so that Hartigan can only watch you from

She obeyed without any indication of thought or resistance. Now Hartigan
could only see her back, and of course that yellow bastard's grinning face.

"Now, Nance," he continued, "I'm gonna ask you some questions. You are free
to speak. Call it foreplay. You will answer everything I ask absolutely
honestly. Understand?"

"Yes." She replied. Her voice was soft and emotionless.

"You know what," he said, "to make this more fun, you're gonna refer to me
as 'Master' in everything you say. Understand?"

Her voice was the same. "Yes, Master."

The word was like a knife in Hartigan's back.

He cackled. "Ooh, I like the sound of that! Alright, Nance, let's get
started. First question: How do you feel about me?"

Her mind, in its slow state, took a moment to respond. "I have never despised
anyone more in my entire life, Master. You are a disgusting worm, smelly and
vile and evil to the core of your being. You make me want to throw up just
thinking about you. You-"

"Enough, enough!" he shouted. "Okay, I get it. But Nancy, tell me, are you
afraid of me?"

Her voice was unwavering and uncaring, even when she should have been
terrified. "Yes, Master," she said, "I am afraid of you."

Junior's cruel smile stretched across his deformed face. His eyes bore into
Hartigan's as he asked his next question.

"Little Nancy, tell me: How do you feel about old man Hartigan up there?"

She didn't turn around, and Hartigan could just imagine the emptiness in her
eyes as her voice rang hollow. "I love him, Master. He is my hero. He saved
my life. And even though he led you to where I was, I still love him and
admire him and will until the day that I die."

Hartigan couldn't believe his ears. This little girl, even all grown up,
still felt so strongly about him, even after what he'd done? A tear escaped
him. "Oh, Nancy," he whispered, "I'm so sorry."

Junior had never been more excited. He wasn't just humiliating the old man,
he was tearing him apart. The complete lack of feeling in Nancy's voice as
she professed her deepest feelings was only icing on the cake.

"Wow, Nance," he said, "that's awfully touching. You really seem to have a
lot of affection for this old piece of shit. Such a shame. If only I could
make you feel that way about me...oh wait, I can!"

He shrieked with laughter. Hartigan's blood boiled, and he screamed, "You son
of a bitch! How can you do this to an innocent girl?"

Junior stopped cold. "How can I do this?" he said. "How can I DO this?! Are
you fucking serious?! After everything you did to me, after all that you
took, all that you left me without, how could I not? This fucking bitch, this
little whore, it's all her fault, it's because of her that I am this way!"

He slapped Nancy hard across the face. She did not move. She did not scream
or cry. She just stood there, where she was.

Junior calmed down from his tirade and sat in his chair.

"Revenge is sweet, Hartigan. Especially when you're in my position. I
couldn't have asked for two better people to destroy than you and her. You
made me what I am today. For that, I have to thank you. And I know the best
way to do that."

He snapped his fingers. "Nancy! Tell me, are you wearing underwear?"

"A g-string, Master," she replied, "but no bra."

His eyes glistened. "Nancy, from this moment forward, even after the drug has
worn off, for the rest of your life, you will obey my every command to the
fullest extent possible. I control you. Forever."

He let the words bounce around her empty brain, then continued. "Now,
sweetheart, why don't you stand so your loverboy and I can see, and give us
a little striptease. And, Nancy, make it convincing. You are a professional,
after all."

She turned and stepped back from the two men, then gave a very convincing
smirk. It was a sharp contrast with the look in her eyes, which still gave
no emotional sensibility at all. Hartigan tried to tear his eyes away, but
something in him was so broken, so defeated, that he just kept watching.

Nancy was very smooth. A few years at that club had taught her how to use
her body well. Her hips began to sway to music in her mind. She put her arms
above her head and stuck out her chest to highlight her assets. She shimmied
and swept her body back and forth alluringly while she dipped lower and lower
to the floor, until she was kneeling. She ran her hands over her breasts and
down her sides, cupping the insides of her thighs and squeezing for added
effect. She stood and turned, sticking out her backside and swinging it along
with a rhythm only she knew. She spread her legs and bent at the waist,
looking casually over her shoulder with a look of self-satisfaction.

She made a grand motion of unzipping her pants that was clear even from
behind. Then she put her fingers in the waist of her pants, looking like she
could drop them any second. But then, she looked over her shoulder again, and
smiled, shaking her head slightly to indicate that it wasn't time for that
yet. Instead, she whirled around and walked towards the men, her heels
clicking as loudly as was possible on the carpeting. Her hands tugged at the
bottom of her shirt, pulling her neckline down to give a slight glimpse of
her cleavage. Her nose crinkled as she giggled and pulled her shirt back up,
then played with the bottom of it, toying with it, as if debating whether to
leave it on or pull it off. She rolled the bottom up, up, until the bottoms
of her bare breasts were just visible, then stopped and rolled it back down,
turning away from her audience.

Finally, she looked at both of the men with a satisfied grin, then walked
back to her first position, this time keeping her back to them. Reaching
around with both arms so they could see her hands pulling at the fabric,
she pulled her shirt up and over her head, then tossed it to the floor. She
wrapped her arms around herself, covering her breasts. Her ass began again
to sway move to some unknown song as she slowly, step by step, began to turn
around. She faced her crowd, her arms still over her bountiful bosom. She
reeled her arms in, never revealing anything, until just her hands protected
her nipples. She cocked on eyebrow and smirked. Then she sighed and, with a
flourish of her arms, let her breasts hang freely in the air, revealed to
the world.

She continued to dance, her motions with added precision and forcefulness,
making her breasts shake and bounce. She sashayed this way and that before
returning to her spot, turning around, bending at the waist, and, with her
face to them so they could see her give a soft moan of pleasure, pulling
her pants down to her knees, then to her ankles, then kicking them off. Her
ass was round and firm, meagerly framed by the tiny silver g-string she had
pulled tightly up. In her position, both men could clearly see the outline
of her pussy. She gave her ass a good shaking as she stood, running her
hands all over her backside.

Somehow, she had managed to keep her heels on, and now they were the only
things, in addition to her g-string, that she still wore. Junior hoped she'd
keep them on. Hartigan couldn't help but feel the same way.

Nancy dropped to her hands and knees, and rhythmically crawled towards to
center of the room, panting with each move as though she were an animal in
heat. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide and, with a moan,
tore the g-string away, revealing everything to them, and smiling as she
freed herself of her last item of protection. Finally, she stood, spun
around, and, with a tiny wave over her shoulder, walked back to her original
spot. Then, she turned to face the men, and all emotion drained from her

Junior applauded her and stood up. "Great job, Nancy, great job!"

Hartigan's skin was crawling and his throat was full. Why had he watched
that? He should have looked away, should have thought of Nancy in the most
decent way possible and let it stay that way. Worst of all, how could he
have enjoyed it? He couldn't see, but he knew his member was standing at
attention. He hadn't been so hard in years.

Junior noticed as well. "Well, what's this?" he asked. "The noble, honest
cop getting a boner watching a young girl strip for a pervert who drugged
her? What the fuck, Hartigan? What's wrong with you? Have you no decency?
Have you no morals?"

Hartigan began to cry silently. He knew Junior was just playing games with
him. But fuck it all if he wasn't right.

Junior appeared to contemplate something for a moment. "Hmm," he said, "you
know, Hartigan, I understand how it is. I mean, Nancy's a real hot little
fucking piece of meat, am I right? I mean, I bet you just want to fuck her
senseless right now! I know I do. You see, Hartigan? Aren't we just one in
the same? Two peas in a pod? You are just like me, aren't you?"

Hartigan couldn't respond. He couldn't say anything to defend himself. He
knew that everything about this was wrong. That Nancy's mind was being raped
by this child fucker. But he couldn't help stop his mind from thinking.
Thinking of her. Thinking of being inside of her.

Junior sighed. "I'll tell you what. I'm generous. Nance, why don't you come
over here and relieve old Hartigan's pain by giving his dick a good sucking?"

Hartigan's eyes widened. "No, no, Nancy!" he shouted. "Don't do it! Please

But she ignored him and walked forward, her eyes vacant. Junior stopped her
on her way to Hartigan. He whispered in her ear so the older man couldn't
hear. "You will be openly and absolutely repulsed by Hartigan's dick. While
you're sucking him, you will periodically stop and insult his penis, calling
him small, crusty, nasty, etc. You'll beg me to stop it. By the end, you'll
be crying and pleading. But you will suck him off, and when he finally blows
his load, you'll collect everything in your mouth, but don't swallow. Spit
it out. Right into his face."

She nodded. "Yes, Master."

Nancy took her position in front of Hartigan. She hooked her fingers in the
straps of his underpants, and pulled them down until they were around his
ankles. His erection sprang into view. Nancy made a loud gagging sound and
looked into the old cop's eyes.

"Master, this is disgusting! You expect me to suck THIS?!"

She leaned forward and sniffed. "It smells like shit! Are you fucking

She looked at Junior pleadingly. He could barely hide his glee. "Suck it,
Nancy," he said, chidingly.

She turned back to Hartigan's penis. She opened her mouth, closed her eyes,
and took him into her. She began to work her mouth up and down the shaft,
breathing through her nose despite the supposed smell. She worked all the
way down until she could feel the tip in the back of her throat, her nose
buried in his mound of pubic hair.

Hartigan took a sharp intake of breath. The feeling was amazing. He hadn't
received any sort of attention there since...well, he couldn't remember the
last time he'd felt anything there. But the whole experience was ruined,
destroyed as his mind reminded him repeatedly that this was Nancy, the little
girl grown up whose life he'd saved and whose life he was now responsible for
ruining. He wanted for the whole thing to stop, for Nancy to wake up and be
herself again, for her to remember who she is and who Hartigan is and to
escape with her life.

She slipped his dick out of her mouth again, this time choking on her words.
"Oh god," she said, "this is so horrible. Please, Master, don't make me do

She took it back in. Her eyes looked up in pain at her former hero, at the
man she'd loved, now recognizing only what Junior told her to realize, which
was that his dick was horrendous but she had to suck anyway. Her head bobbed
up and down fast. She swirled her tongue around his tip quickly, trying to
finish him off quickly.

Junior stopped her. "Nance," he said, "make it slow. I want him to really
think about this."

She sobbed around Hartigan's penis, making his flesh vibrate throughout his
entire body.

"Master," she whined, pulling her mouth away again, "I can't stand it! I hate
his tiny, slimy, old man dick! I just hate it!"

Junior just stared her down, and she knew it was hopeless. She would have to
choke down this abhorrent penis until he came. She sucked him in again. For
Hartigan, it was the most painful, humiliating experience of his life. This
girl, who'd loved him, whom he'd loved like a daughter, was gagging around
his dick, telling him it was rank and putrid. She looked like she would break
down crying any moment. Worst of all, he was still getting aroused by her,
still enraptured by her beauty and the way she sucked his cock.

She sucked and sucked, toying with his balls, licking him up and down, trying
anything to make him cum. She had to be slow and patient, but it was so
difficult. Each contact with that cock made her throat close up in defense
against its putrescence. She could hardly breathe from the smell. His cock
was disgusting, and there was nothing she could do about it. Tears stained
her beautiful cheeks as she continued blowing him. She heard Hartigan grunt,
and knew he was close. She couldn't take it any more, she had to finish him
off. But she couldn't go any faster, because of Master. She was bawling by
the time she felt Hartigan's balls contract, by the time she felt the first
dribble of his sour semen touching her tongue. She almost vomited.

Finally, to his shame, Hartigan came in Nancy's mouth, his built-up sexual
needs from years in prison releasing into her suckhole as she stroked him,
making sure every drop was spent. When she was sure he was done, she stood
straight up, her eyes still red from tears, and spat the whole load right
into his face.

Junior was cackling with glee. Here was his nemesis, the man who'd ruined
his life, sobbing pitifully as his own cum dripped off his face. Hartigan
couldn't have been more humiliated, more broken, more destroyed. He was
absolutely miserable. But Junior knew exactly how to make it worse.

"Nancy, stand behind my chair."

She moved silently to comply. He moved behind her, and turned her around to
look into his eyes. Her eyes still contained the yellowish glow, but there
were streaks of white. The drug would wear off in a little while. But before
it did...

"Nancy," he said dramatically so Hartigan would hear, "your show left me a
bit hard as well. As I am your Master, and you are my Slave, it is your duty
to help me get off. I'm going to fuck you over this chair like the dog you
are. When I snap my fingers, I want you to show your real emotions. Your real
feelings about me, your real feelings about the old man over there. However,
you will feel about his cock the way you felt while you were blowing him:
That it is disgusting and small and old. And, regardless of how you feel
about me, you will still do, think, and feel exactly as I say."

He snapped his fingers. Her face suddenly flooded with emotion.

"Oh god!" she screamed. "What have you done to me, Master?"

Junior was pleased that that command still held.

"Turn around," he ordered, "and bend over!"

She obeyed, but screamed in protest. "No!" she shouted. "You can't do this!

"Silence!" he yelled, and she stopped.

He leaned forward and got next to her face. "Oh yeah," he said, "I forgot to
mention something. My cock is a bit....magical. I mean to say, my cock feels
about a hundred times better inside you than any other cock you've ever had,
and I'm sure you've had many. It pulses inside you. To you, it's huge, it's
perfect, it's powerful. It also tastes and smells like the best thing you've
ever had in your mouth. When I'm fucking you, no matter how much you hate me,
no matter what you think or feel about me, my cock will feel like God inside
of you. You can't stop the pleasure it gives you, no matter what you really
think about me fucking you. And when I'm fucking you, you will be very vocal.
You will scream and moan in pleasure or in pain. You will talk about how my
dick feels, about how you feel about me fucking you and, most importantly,
how I compare to Hartigan. Now, get ready for my entry. And you don't have to
be silent any more."

Nancy's eyes were wide and her body was shaking with fear, even as she spread
her legs and waited for him to mount her.

"No!" she screamed. "Please don't, Master! I can't! Hartigan! I love you,
Hartigan! Please, help me, save me, do something!"

Hartigan tried to move, but the chair under his feet wobbled and he almost
lost his balance. He let out a great cry of pain as he watched Junior pull
down his pants, releasing his four-inch, yellow pecker. It was small and
looked as if it had been stitched together from spare parts. There were
scars, ridges, bumps. It was hideous. The two men's eyes met. Junior pushed
himself inside of her.

Nancy looked as if she was about to cry out "NO!" but was stopped mid-thought
by the power of Junior's commands. He thrust into her, and suddenly, her
world began to shatter. The pleasure was immense! She couldn't believe it.
Her whole body was rocked by this putrid yellow man's cock. She felt as
though it was filling her up, stretching her, pulsating in her pussy.
Instantly, her snatch dripped to lubricate his load. She tried to fight it
with all she had. Her body was betraying her.

He thrust again, and this time she moaned. "Oh god," she whispered, "please,

He cut her off with another powerful thrust. "Can't-" she muttered, "please!"

This time, he thrust in and out and in again. Nancy's mind reeled with lust.

"Master," she managed, before he began pounding her with his rod.

She lost control. Her body built up steam as her voice rose and rose until
she was screaming.

"Oh god!" she cried. "It feels unbelievable! Master. Master! I hate you, but
your cock! It's amazing! It's so much better than Hartigan's shriveled old
man penis! Keep fucking me! PLEASE!"

She looked up at her old love. "Hartigan, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I can't
stop! I can't! His dick is sooooo GOOD!"

She began to meet the yellow man's thrusts in earnest, trying to keep him
inside of her for as long as possible. Junior just laughed evilly as he
plowed his new thrall.

"Oh yeah!" he shouted. "You're mine now, bitch! Who's your Master, slave?"

She bit her lip and shook her head no.

He growled, "I said, who is your Master, slave?!"

She didn't respond.

"Say it, whore!" he said, spanking her.

She shook her head harder, sobbing.

Suddenly, he stopped and pulled out of her.

"Say it," he said.

She felt empty, hollow, her body missing a part of her. "Nnn....uh...."

The tip of his cock grazed her opening. The jolt was enough. "YOU ARE!" she

Junior thrust hard into her, and she came, her mind bursting from ecstasy and
pleasure and humiliation and shame. Her pussy clamped down on his dick, and
he was forced to come too, his head just inside of her, some of his cum
dripping out. He pulled out. He noticed his penis was slick with juices. He
saw the flow from her pussy. He got an idea.

"Slave," he said, "I want you to turn around, get on your knees, and clean my
cock with your mouth. But before you do, I should tell you that my cum is
magic, too. It tastes delicious, it puts your mind on a dizzying high that
will live you extremely happy and extremely dumb. Like a little girl, you
might say, hehe. And, it's so addictive that you will do anything to get it.

She sniffled. "Yes, Master."

Her voice was full of pain, and her expression was one of complete defeat.
Even now, with her mind mostly back and the drug wearing off, she couldn't
escape. There was nothing she could do. She was at the whim and mercy of
this psychopathic freak. She didn't even want to think about what Hartigan
was going through watching this. She didn't want to think of her true love
in pain.

She turned around and knelt before her Master. She stared at his softening
cock. It looked much smaller than it had felt inside of her, but she knew
it's power made up for it. She stroked it gently with one hand, then sucked
it into her mouth. Instantly, she tasted the sweetness that was his cock,
soaked in delicious cum. It was intoxicating. She felt her problems melt
away. She began to feel floaty and warm. She didn't know what was going on.
She felt...dumber. Much dumber. She wanted more of it.

She ran her mouth all over his shaft, sucking for dear life, licking up
every trace of her Master's semen, so tasty, so wonderful. She couldn't think
clearly. All she could think about was his cum, his cum, his cum. Before she
could get him off again, however, he grabbed her hair and pulled her away.

"Well, well," he said, "a happy little cocksucker, aren't you?"

She giggled. "Happy little cocksucker," she mumbled.

He smiled and said, "Well, if you like my cum so much, you're gonna have to
think of another way to get it."

She tried to think, but found it nearly impossible. She just knew that she
wanted more cum. How could she get more cum if she couldn't suck his cock?

Junior grew impatient. He pointed down at her dripping snatch. "Try fishing
it out down there."

She looked down and noticed the juices dripping out of her and onto the
floor. She practically dove for them, licking the puddle off the carpet while
fingering herself and periodically sticking her fingers in her mouth.

Junior looked back at Hartigan. "You see that, cop? See how much she wants my
jizz? She's fucking fingering herself while licking this hotel room floor,
just to get a few more drops of my fucking cum. How about that?"

Hartigan couldn't speak. He could only whimper.

Nancy finished fudding herself and just lay there on the floor, blissfully
imagining the cum sloshing around in her stomach. Junior loomed over her, his
re-hardened dick jutting forth. She giggled. His dick looked funny, small and
pointy, like a finger. She looked where it was pointing, and saw Hartigan,
teetering on a chair, a rope around his neck, his limbs bound. His dick was
out, too. But his wasn't funny; it was disgusting. Limp and old and smelly.
Even from here, she could tell that. She knew that from before. 'How do I
know that again?' she thought, her mind clouded by the drug-like effect of
Junior's cum.

'Oh yeah. Master made me suck that dick. Gross.'

Junior checked Nancy's eyes. Barely the faintest touch of yellow on the outer
edges of her iris. The stuff would be out of her system soon. He had to work
quickly if he didn't want to waste another batch.

"Okay, Nancy," he said, "a few last-second adjustments. You see, we've had a
blast here tonight. Even you. But see, I like my girls with a little bit
more...what's the word?...oh, yeah, fear. I want you to quiver when I come
into a room. I want you to live in constant fear of what I'll do to you, and
complete disgust that you have to do whatever I say. I want you to hate me.
I want you to hate what I do to you.

"But most of all, Nance, I want you to scream."

Even in Nancy's child-like mindset, the things Junior was saying terrified

"So," he said, "listen closely, because here's how things are gonna be from
now on:

"Nancy, you are forever my slave, and no matter what I tell you to do, you
will do it. And you will still refer to me as Master, because I like that.
But, you will never, ever, enjoy what you do. You will always be aware that
it's me that's making you do these things, me, the man who tortured you, who
raped you, the man you despise more than anyone else, the man who you fear
more than anyone else. This thought will always be in your mind.

"My dick will still have the same effects on you that I already said. The
pleasure it gives you will be unrivaled. But you will think about my dick the
way you think about Hartigan's dick. You will be disgusted to the point of
sickness by it, though you won't ever vomit in my presence. That way, when I
fuck you or make you suck my dick, you will be so much more horrified because
you hate it so much, yet it gives so much pleasure and tastes so good.

"And my cum is still very addictive, but now it tastes terrible to you, and
does not produce the high that it did before. Now it's just cum, vile tasting
cum, that you have to have as much as possible or you will start to go
through terrible withdrawal. You need my cum, no matter how awful it is. And
you hate yourself even more for that.

"You know, I did like the little girl bit, though. It's kind of fun having a
grown-up slut like you with the mind and mouth of a twelve-year-old twat...
Hey, I know! From now on, whenever I say, 'Nancy's Tiny Twelve Twat', you'll
mentally regress to an idiotic state like that of a little girl. That'll
leave some fun later on.

"Most importantly, Nance, no matter what, you will never try to hurt or kill
yourself, me, or anyone else unless I say it's okay. You cannot escape. If
you ever try to escape from the farm, you'll only get about twenty feet
before you become so brain-numbingly, out-of-control horny that you
absolutely must strip off all your clothes and finger yourself until someone
comes to get you or until you give up and return to me. You're mine. And
you're never escaping that.

"Now, the drug's going to fizzle out here in a couple minutes. Then you'll
wake up to a whole new life under me! Understand, Nancy?"

The commands were almost too much. Nancy's mind was having trouble adjusting.
Her response was long to come, and slow to escape. But finally, she managed
to mutter, "Yes, Master."

And then, all the yellow left her eyes. And Nancy was herself again. Or,
at least the self that her Master had left for her. Her facial expressions
shifted through many stages. Horror at what had been done to her mind.
Disgust at the man hovering over her. Sorrow that she had allowed herself
to fall so easily. Brief defiance, but finally, defeat. Bitter defeat. The
knowledge that nothing she could ever do could save her from this man and
her fate. And she knew the things he would do to her would be vengeful and
cruel to the highest degree. And she knew that she would participate in
everything he did without hesitation, because that was how he'd made her.
She wept loudly.

Hartigan wept with her, sobbing and screaming at the sky. He couldn't save
her. He couldn't do anything. 'Great job, old man,' he thought, 'what have
you done?'

Beaten and broken, Hartigan could take no more. He kicked the chair out from
under his feet. Nancy screamed and jumped to help him, but Junior ordered her
to stay where she was. She could only watch as the old man's body twitched
and dangled, as his muscles spasmed uncontrollably, as his throat was shut
tight by a rope her controller had tied.

Junior was fixed on the eyes of his nemesis. He laughed a soulless laugh. The
old man stared at his darling Nancy, naked and ruined, soiled by his mistake,
lying at the feet of the most evil man he had ever known. He couldn't say
"Sorry" but he thought it, over and over again, until his last thoughts faded
out and stopped for good.


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