Simpsons: Part 8 - Who's Cheating On Who? (MF,MM,oral,voy,ncon,cons)
by Hidden

The next morning was adorned by screams and fighting in the bedroom of Homer
and Marge Simpson. The kids had already gone to school. Neighbors around the
block heard the wild arguments. Homer had confronted Marge about the picture.
The picture of Marge fucking Mr. Burns he found last night was greatly
explicit. Marge's tall, blue hair was touching the ground as her head was
bent back. Her legs were spread and a trimmed blue bush was exposed. Her
breasts were pushed straight up, and her nipples were long and hard. Burns
fragile, skimpy body was all tensed up. His puny leg muscles were clenched
and his face was wrinkled even more than usual due to his squinted eyes. He
was on his knees, and his long hard thick cock was part way in the married
woman's cunt. The evil smile describing the intense pleasure he was feeling.
All in all, this was a picture of passion, and Homer was furious.

"How could you do it with Burns!?" he screamed at his quivering wife. Marge
had never seen Homer so angry. "I couldn't be that bad!" Marge mumbled
something noncommittal in response. She couldn't tell Homer the truth, he'd
be devastated. Although she tried to rid the memory from her mind, that day
when she first cheated on her husband was crystal clear.

Homer had come home from his interview with Mr. Burns with a sad look on his
face. "I didn't get the job." he said. Bart had just been born, and Marge was
nursing him when she made her decision. Marge thought to herself "I'll l have
to "convince" Mr. Burns to take Homer on as an employee." The next day, when
Grandpa Simpson was babysitting Bart, and Homer was out looking for a job,
Marge visited the power plant. After waiting for an hour to see C. Montgomery
Burns, Marge blurted out a practiced monologue: "Mr. Burns, yesterday, you
refused my husband, Homer Simpson, a job at your plant. I am prepared to do
whatever it takes to convince you to take him on as an employee."

After a few moments of silence, Burns crudely stated with a sneer, "I think
we can work something out."

The next thing Marge knew, she was awkwardly kissing the wrinkled old lips
of Mr. Burns. Everything about him was revolting. As he turned his head to
return the french kiss, she heard many bones in his neck. Marge almost called
off the whole deal at that point, but she knew that her husband needed this
job. Burns commanded her to get on his desk and do a strip dance. Though
Marge had no prior experience, she tried her best. She climbed onto the big
table and started to dance seductively to imaginary music. She would pose in
what she thought was a sexy position, and then switch to another.

After a few minutes, she started to slowly pull off her green dress. First
one shoulder, and then the other was exposed to the greedy old Burns. As the
dress made it's way down Marge's trim body, more and more of her dignity was
stripped away. Clad only in black panties and a matching top, Marge grabbed
her ass and stuck it out in front of the old man's face. She wiggled it
around and then reached her hands up to the clasp of her bra. When it dropped
to the floor, Marge covered her breasts with her hands and turned around. As
each was slowly unveiled to the eager Mr. Burns, he grinned in delight.
Marge's large yellow boobs were capped with big brown silver dollar sized
areolas with half inch nipples.

The obvious bulge in Burns pants was too much of a strain at that point, so
he removed all of his clothing. Marge froze in amazement. That was the
biggest cock she had ever seen. How could such a little man have it? Finally,
she regained control of herself and slowly, seductively, removed her panties.
Marge jumped to the floor, laid down, and awaited the juicy hog that Burns
owned. The old man slowly entered her, filling every inch of her womanhood.
Then he pulled back, and started the descent all over again.

Little did she know, Mr. Smithers was standing next to the door, taking
pictures of the whole scene. After about two minutes of pumping, Burns became
too tired to continue, so she straddled him to finished him off. As she
bounced ferociously, her hair began to wave, her breasts moved violently and
her pussy was on fire. Every second was pure heaven.

Although originally wishing she never had to do this, now Marge was already
planning to come back for more. When the nuclear power plant owner finally
came, it was explosive. Marge could actually feel the spurts of cum hitting
the walls of her love tube. She reached up to tweak her breasts, leaned her
head back, and had an explosive orgasm as well. The juices inside of her
flowed like a river, and she was totally oblivious to her surroundings. Marge
was in ecstacy.

Afterwards, Burns asked her to clean him off, and she did very willingly. As
she left, Burns was working on a letter to accept Homer as a new employee,
and Marge said, "Maybe we can do this again sometime." and Mr. Burns smiled.

As that whole incident went through Marge's mind, she couldn't figure out
what to tell Homer. Finally, she said, "I'm sorry, it was just a one time
thing, and it never happened again, and it never will happen again." Marge
couldn't believe that she had just blatantly lied to her husband.

"Yeah right!" Homer yelled, "In the same week, I find out you've screwing the
boy and the boss! How many others were there you whore?" With that, he threw
her on the bed. Marge shrieked with terror. Homer was out of control. "You
bitch! You like being fucked by everyone but your own husband! Well, your
gonna like this!"

Homer picked up his wife and threw her down again. He ripped apart her green
dress, and tore off her panties and bra. After shredding his own clothing, he
jumped on the very scared woman. He separated her long, slender legs with his
knees, and jammed his dick into her dry vagina. Again and again, he pummeled
her, hoping she would feel excruciating pain.

Unfortunately, his plan backfired. The harder he worked, the more pleasure
she seemed to have. But, Homer had a second plan. He slammed in and out of
her at a break neck speed. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His fat was
rolling around his body. Then he stopped. Marge was just about to climax, and
he stopped. She screamed, begging for more, but he refused. Instead, he took
his little dick in his hand, and jerked off. He came profusely in a few
seconds. He aimed at her breasts, at her stomach, at her legs, at her face,
but most importantly, at her precious hair. "Let that be a lesson to you."
and he left for work. Marge laid there crying.

About half an hour later, Ned Flanders rang the bell of the Simpsons house.
Marge couldn't here it over her crying, so Ned began to knock. Surprisingly,
the door flung open. Homer had forgotten to close the door all the way when
he left in fury. Ned entered the house and crept around gently calling out
his neighbor's name. He walked upstairs, and looked around. He heard a soft
sobbing from one of the rooms, so he decided to take his chances there. He
slowly opened the door and peaked in. Laid before him was the most ghastly
sight. There was Marge Simpson, his respectable neighbor, lying on her bed
completely naked, covered with jism! He wanted to back out right then and
there, but this was what the Reverend told him to do.

Ned took off his clothes outside of the bedroom, and quietly entered. She
still hadn't noticed him when he was looming over her with a raging hard-on.
He gently put one hand to each side of Marge, and then quickly jumped on and
slammed his dick in. Marge quickly arose from her subconscious to protest,
but it was too late, and she wasn't sure she wanted to. She knew she should,
after all, she had just had a fight with her husband about this very issue,
but Ned was so big. Although not quite the size of Mr. Burns, Ned was
certainly big. Plus, Marge needed the climax, that she was deprived from just
a half hour ago. As Ned kept up his long, strong strokes, Marge wrapped her
legs around his, and grabbed his ass with her hands. She massaged it rapidly
as she thrusted her pelvis up to match his movements. It only took thirty
seconds for the both of them to climax. Ned, being unexperienced, was quick,
and Marge since she was on the verge anyway.

As Ned separated himself from Marge, sticky cum from Homer stuck to him, and
he raced to the shower to wash off. Marge slowly got up, and joined him in
the shower. After the shower, Ned promptly left without a word, and Marge put
on a green dress, and watched TV.

Ned went home to talk to his wife, and tell her about the affair, to see if
she was faithful, but she was no where to be found. "She must be out
shopping," thought Ned. That was not the truth though. Maude was at her
weekly visit to the Reverend. She wasn't studying the bible, she was studying
something far different. As Reverend Lovejoy bulldozed into Maude Flanders's
ass, she let out a short scream of pain which turned into a long moan of
pleasure. He expertly thrusted into her rectum and fondled her tits at the
same time. When the Reverend came, he cried out "Oh Lord Jesus!"

Maude, still unfulfilled, guided his head toward her pussy, and he carefully
gave her an exhilarating blow-job. Her thighs squeezed his head and her hands
squeezed her tits. "This is so much better than boring old Ned" she thought,
and then her orgasm hit her with great force. As she humped the Reverend
head, he sucked down all of the juices she provided. When Maud left, she
said, "Now that's what I call a sermon."

At the power plant, Homer went straight to the boss's office. He wanted to
kill Mr. Burns. After hassling with the secretary, he finally decided to just
push her aside, kick open the door, and tell Mr. Burns what was on his mind.
The plan worked until just after the kick open the door part. When the door
flew open, Homer witnessed something he thought he'd never see, though there
were many rumors about it. Mr Burns and Smithers were completely naked,
Burns's cock up Smithers's ass. The two jumped up the instant they saw Homer,
but it was obvious that they were well into a gay fuck. "Simpson, get out of
here right now!" warned Smithers, and Homer quietly left. But, he continued
to watch through the crack that he left between the door and the wall.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll make sure that never happens again. Now, where were we."
Smithers stuck out his ass for Burns to stick his cock into. His glasses were
fogged up, and his back was arched. Smithers was on a different world. Oh how
he loved Mr. Burns up his ass. The boss pumped slowly but steadily, and the
assistant felt like he was going to explode. While frail Mr. Burns pumped in
and out, Smithers wildly jerked off his cock. After Burns came, Smithers
turned around and embraced his boss in a deep, passionate kiss. He thought
"Oh I love that feeling when our dicks hit each other."

The twosome slowly made their way to the floor. Wayland Smithers lied on his
back, with his flag pole at full length. His boss grasped the flesh rod, and
surrounded it with his mouth. Burns bobbed his head on the member for only a
few seconds, until his assistant came. "Thank you sir." said Smithers, and
the two men, without thinking, fell asleep.


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