Simpsons: Part 7 - What To Do With The Children (bgMF-mast,voy)
by Hidden

Homer quickly shuddered as he took survey of the scene he saw in Bart's room.
In one hand was his engorged dick. Bart grunted as he pistoned his hand up
and down his cock, sometimes stopping to spit on it for lubrication, and
sometimes stopping to squeeze his hairless balls. In the boy's other hand was
a piece of computer paper with a picture of two people fucking on it.

The two lovers caught on camera appeared to be an office, the woman was young
and beautiful, and the man was quite old and weak looking. That was all he
could discern from his distance though. Then Homer noticed that Bart wasn't
only looking at the picture, but often turned his head to peer through a hole
in the wall. (Where'd that come from?)

Homer felt like he should do something, but couldn't bring himself to put an
end to this twisted show. Homer noticed that his own schlong was slowly
growing. The fat man thought to himself, "I can't be turned on by this, it's
my own kid, and he's a boy! This doesn't mean that I'm gay, does it?"

His thoughts were interrupted by a moan. Bart's body went rigid, and Homer
saw his cock pulsate, and then erupt in a geyser of cum. Bart had a cup which
he used to catch every drop of spunk in. Homer thought that was to prevent a
gooey mess, but was quickly proven wrong. The boy brought the glass up to his
lips, and slowly sipped every last drop of his cum. Homer, forgetting
himself, loudly said "Ewwww!"

Bart jumped a foot due to the scare. "What the hell are you doing Homer?

"Are you some kind of sicko?""

"Uhmm, no. I came up here to have a little talk with you about some of
your... recent activities. What are you doing with that picture? Where'd you
get it?" Homer really didn't know what to say, so he just questioned Bart.

"None of your god-damn business Homer!" With that, Homer angrily grabbed
Bart's neck and demanded an answer. In fear, Bart managed to reply, "the
internet." Homer grabbed the picture and put it in his pocket, "I can use
this later!" he thought. Then he pushed Bart aside to see what was so
interesting in the next room through the hole. As he peered in, Homer saw
Marge sitting on Lisa's bed, talking. She was talking to Lisa, just like
he was supposed to talk to Bart.

All in one breath, "Bart, son, we have to talk. You should not expect to, you
know, get lucky, with every girl you meet. You shouldn't be having sex with
anyone yet. Good talking to you, bye!" Homer quickly left the room for Bart
to contemplate.

While all of this was going on, Marge was talking to Lisa. When Marge entered
her middle child's room, she found a highly provocative scene. In ecstacy,
Lisa was forcing a big fat ten inch plastic cock into her little pussy. She
had no way of fitting all of it into her love channel, but she tried anyway.
Quickly, the second grader would jam the schlong in and out, and then pause.
Lisa repeated this several times, each ending in a short, soft moan. Then,
Marge noticed something. That sex toy was her own! She had bought it because
Homer never finished the job. After three minutes of sloppy sex with Homer's
puny, unfulfilling dick, her best friend, Mr. Ten Inch was always there to
satisfy her.

Without thinking, Marge quickly stammered, "Lisa, where'd you get that?"

Lisa froze and stared at her mother in silence. Finally, she said, "Don't you

This was the second time this week that Marge had heard that phrase. This
was the second time this week she had walked in on one of her children

Marge sat on the bed next to her unfulfilled, lustful daughter. They looked
at each other sharply; Marge was mad because her secret had been found, and
Lisa was angry because she hadn't cum yet. After a few minutes of sitting in
silence, Lisa gained enough courage to utter, "Mom, could you leave the room,
I kind of need to finish this." and she pointed to the big yellow dick
sticking out of her cunt.

Surprising both herself and Lisa, Marge replied, "Honey if your going to do
that, you have to learn how to do it right, you're going about it all wrong."

Another silence came about. Neither Marge nor Lisa, in their wildest dreams,
ever expected that to come out of the forty year old woman's mouth. As Marge
reached out to grab "The Pummeler," that's what the brand was anyway, she saw
a hole in the wall, and an eye slowly coming toward the hole. She quickly
stopped and started giving a lecture she had practiced in her mind. Homer
couldn't know that she was doing what she had told him that he couldn't do.

When the eye finally left, Marge reached for the dick and slowly started to
push it in and pull it back out of Lisa's little pussy. Long, deep moans
emerged from the young girl's mouth. As Lisa built up toward orgasm, Marge
felt slightly turned on as well. "What the hell?" she thought, and began to
rub her lips, in order to release the juice and fulfill her growing need
for an orgasm. Lisa was shivering with every thrust, and smiling with every
withdrawal. In her ecstacy, she didn't even realize her surroundings. She
pulled at her nipple, then flicked her clit, then humped the cock
ferociously, and loved every minute of it.

Very soon, Lisa's body went stiff. The contractions in her love tube were
strong, and tried to squeeze cum out of the fake dick. She screamed in sheer
pleasure, and cried for more. But, Marge promptly pulled it out, and told
Lisa never to have sex until she was married, and ran down to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Homer was in the bedroom kicking things over and punching the
wall. At a closer look, the picture he confiscated from Bart was of two
people he knew. The man was stinky old Mr. Burns. The young, luscious woman
was Marge! There was a date stamp in the bottom left reading "3/22/86." That
was just after the wedding! "How could she do this to me!" Homer cried out
in fury. "What was she thinking! Old man Burns couldn't be better than me!"
Then Homer looked at the picture again. Everything about Burns was skinny,
frail and weak. His neck, his arms, his stomach and his legs. Then, Homer
screamed. Burns had the biggest cock he had ever seen! It had to be at least
12 inches long, and 5 inches wide! Homer stuck the picture in his pants
pocket, and went to bed crying.

* * *

The next morning, at the Leftorium, Ned Flander's store, business was usual,
zilch. Ned was on the phone with the Reverend. Sarcastically, the Reverend
said to Ned, "I really don't think that there is any reason for your wife to
cheat on you," knowing in full well that she had cheated on him many times.

"But Reverend, she is always asking to you know, copulate, and last night
when I was going to give in, she kept on sending signals that she wasn't
interested. Instead, I just gave her some ice cream. What should I do?"

Not really caring, Reverend Lovejoy said, "You should have an affair, and
then tell her about it. If she gets mad, then you know that she's been
faithful to you. Okay Ned? Bye." And the Reverend hung up.

"Have an affair?" Ned said to himself. "But the Bible says Thou shall not
covet thy neighbors wife. I guess the Reverend knows what he's talking about
though. Let's see, my neighbor's wife. That would be Marge. She'll go for
the idea, I'm sure that dern Simpson feller never is very good in bed." With
that, Ned made a mental note, and went back to categorizing the left-handed
can openers.

Back at Flander's Homer, the two boys were spanking off while there mother
watched. Maude thought to herself "This has got to stop. They are too
innocent to be doing this." But Maud just continued to sick a big fat plastic
cock up her ass, and encourage her boys.


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