Simpsons: Part 6 - Convincing the Wife (best)
by Hidden

"Well, it's 7:30, time for bed kids," Ned Flanders happily said. Maude rolled
her eyes. The two young boys quietly complained, but Ned interrupted, "If you
want Bible stories, get ready for bed now," and the two boys ran off, in
hopes that they would get extra Bible stories. Once again, Maude rolled her
eyes. As the boys brushed their teeth, Ned began to whisper to his wife,
"I've been thinking, and I'd like to treat you to some fun didly un tonight,
if you know what I mean."

"Oh oh," Maude thought, "I'm worn out, I don't know if I can take another
ramming." The truth was that although Ned rarely had sex (only two times in
his life), he had a huge cock. Ten inches should never go to waste! The most
unusual part however, was it's amazing girth. The unused penis was at least
the thickness of his leg when it was hard.

Ned went up to read his children Bible stories. While he was gone, Maude's
mind raced, trying to figure out a way to convince Ned not to have sex. She'd
never had to do this before!

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the Simpson household, Marge and Homer were in a vicious
argument. Marge had just caught Homer "breaking in" their daughter. Homer
claimed, "If you can do it, so can I!" [See Simpsons Episode II]

Marge quickly retorted, "That was different, it was an accident, and besides,
two wrongs don't make a right!"

Then, Homer shouted, "DOH!" because he knew he had been beaten. As always,
Marge won the argument because Homer wasn't so smart. But, the strange
silence was broken when they heard their dog, Santa's Little Helper yelp.

The two angry adults ran into the kitchen, and found a scene which can only
be described as bizarre. Maggie had evidently lost her pacifier, and for a
replacement, used the dogs big red pecker. Homer and Marge stood in awe. With
so much sucking practice, Maggie quickly induced Santa's Little Helper's
orgasm. Homer and Marge watched their baby daughter guzzle down spurt after
spurt of dog cum.

Homer broke the silence, "I want some of that!" Marge instantly feared that
her husband would devirginize this daughter as well, and screamed out "No!"
But, it was too late. Homer ran over to Maggie and quickly picked her up.
Surprisingly though, Homer put her down and planted his lips around the dog's
dick. He sucked ferociously, but the mutt wouldn't produce any more magic
juice. "Doh!" Homer screamed, and then said, "His schlong's bigger than mine
too! Doh!"

Marge asked in absurdity, "Homer what was all that about?"

"I read in a book that doggie cum is good for you."

"What book?"

In embarrassment, Homer replied, "I think it was called the `100 Most Stupid
Things Ever Said.' Doh!"

* * *

Back at the Flanders's house, Maude was avoiding the subject of sex. How
could she refuse him, she had been begging for months now. Ned at about eight
thirty said, "Honey, I'm very sorry that I had to go away, and I want to
repay you with something you've been asking for, for months now, and we
better start soon because our bed time is in half an hour.

That's another thing. Ned Flanders imposed a bed time on himself and his
wife. 9:00 pm, and that was only on weekends! Anyway, Maude started to worry,
she didn't want to have to go through with this, her pussy ached from the
earlier ramming.

Ned began again, "So, as a present, I've decided to do something for you that
I know you'll love."

Maude thought again, "Why now, why not any other night?"

"C'mon upstairs honey, we're gonna have a great time!" Maude slowly inched up
the stairs. When they finally got to the bedroom, she noticed that the lights
were dim, the bed was made, and there were flowers everywhere. (How did he
have time to do this?)

Ned, while holding something behind his back, said in a very seductive voice,
"Maude, I have a special treat here, do you want to see it?"

Apathetically, Maude replied, "Whatever."

With that, Ned whipped out a pint of Ben and Jerry's and said, "Surprise, I
know that you wanted some ice cream, and I thought we'd make it a special
treat in bed. I couldn't figure out why you were so unhappy to find out what
the surprise was though."

Relieved, yet a little disappointed in that Ned wasn't planning to have sex,
Maude replied with a grin, "Oh sorry dear, I was tired, this is a great
present, thank you so very much!"

* * *

Back at the Simpson's household, Homer and Marge were talking.

"Homer, not only was that disgusting, but it was also stupid, what were you
thinking?" Homer started to say something, but trailed off. Marge, deciding
that Homer had enough verbal bashing for the night, changed the subject.
"Home-ie, I was thinking, we have to have a talk, you and I and the kids
about sex. We can't let them go around talking about sex with their parents,
we'll get arrested."

"Great," Homer replied, "that's so good of you to talk to the kids!"

"Homer, we will both talk to them, and it has to be done right now, lets go
up there and have a chat. First you talk to Bart and I'll talk to Lisa, then
we'll join, and have a family talk, without Maggie of course."

"Oh okay." said Homer, and with that, the two parents went upstairs to talk
to their children. When Homer opened the door to Bart's room though, he could
not believe what he saw!

Find out what happens next in Simpsons Episode VII: What To Do With The
Children. I am very sorry about the delay since the last story. I will try to
write them more regularly in the future, but adjusting to school took more
time away from writing.

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