Simpsons: Part 5 - Homer Gets Revenge (bb/F,M/g,inc)
by Hidden

"Marge, how could you do that? You committed incest!" Homer whined.

"Well," Marge reasoned, "it was an accident. You see, he kind of thought that
I was coming on to him and I well uhhmmmmm." And she sighed in that way that
only Marge can.

Homer thought to himself, "She gets to have sex with a young boy, whose youth
and energy are far beyond mine. I can tell that she really enjoyed that fuck,
and I don't think I can match it. But, I'll have my revenge!"

"Home-ee, are you okay, I don't think I ever seen you think that hard."

"Very funny Marge, we'll see who has the last laugh!" And Homer got up and

* * *

Meanwhile, Bart had just left the Flanders' house after three hours of
passionate sex. And, the video camera was about to capture some more. He left
it on the bed table, taping Rod and Todd fuck their mother. Of course, they
didn't know they were doing anything bad, and she was too horny to protest.

* * *

In the bedroom, the lights were off, the windows were open, but it was
twilight outside... Naughty time! Rod said to his mother, in his sweetest
voice, "Mother dear, I want to put my penis in that hairy thing of yours,
just like Bart did. He seemed to enjoy himself, and I think I will too. Maude
spread her legs, exposing more her large brown patch of fur. No thought of
doubt ever entered her mind. She didn't care that these were her children,
she didn't care that they were too young, she didn't care that she was
married, she wanted more passionate sex, and she was going to get it, no
matter what it took.

Unfortunately, the two young boys had no idea what to do. After all, they
didn't have a mentor like Bart did (see Simpsons Episode I: Bart And An Older
Woman). Rod jumped onto his mother, stuck his little erect dick into his
mother, and started bouncing around. "How could he be so stupid?" thought
Maude. Rod was bouncing his arms, he was bouncing his head, he was bouncing
his chest, he was bouncing he legs, he was bouncing everything except his
dick. His three incher, which in no way filled Maude, was completely

"Honey," complained Maude, "you're doing it all wrong. Untie me and I'll
teach you two how to help mommy enjoy herself."

* * *

Back at the Simpson home, it was seven thirty, Marge took Maggie with her to
go shopping, Bart was spanking off in his room and Lisa was practicing the
saxophone. Homer had the downstairs all to himself. He began to set up his
revenge. He began by closing the curtains, and turning the lights down low.
Then he turned on some "smooth guy" music. Then he walked over to the couch
but tripped over the rug and fell flat on his face. "Doh!" After that he
folded out the couch into a bed. Homer walked up the stairs and gently
knocked on his daughters door.

"What is it Dad!" Lisa moaned angrily. She hated being interrupted while
playing the sax. Even Bart had the common courtesy not to do that. But the
real reason she loved the sax wasn't for the music. She figured out, when she
first started playing, that if you turn the bottom part of the instrument
around, and place it right on your pussy, the vibrations were ecstacy.

"Uhmm, Honey, Lisa, I've got a surprise for you downstairs. Could I interrupt
you for a moment so you could come see it?"

"Can't it wait Dad?" mumbled Lisa. "Geez," she thought, "I'm just about to

"No honey, you've got to see this right now, before Mom gets home." Homer
replied in his nicest fatherly voice.

"Oh my God, you got me a pony without asking Mom, and you want me to become
attached to it before she gets home, so we don't have to return it!" screamed
Lisa at the top of her lungs, all in one breath. With that, she burst out of
her room, and hugged her Dad.

"Uhmm, no honey, that's not it."

"What else could it be?" asked Lisa

And to that, Homer replied "It's the best feeling you'll ever feel in your
life, come downstairs right now." Homer grabbed his daughter, and rushed
downstairs. He threw her on the sofa bed and said, "Okay, I want to show you
something." Homer wasn't a very romantic guy, but he was doing his best. He
reached down his pants and pulled out his unusually small dick, for a grown
man anyway. At three and a half inches hard, he was pretty embarrassed about
it. He never used public bathrooms, and never ever changed in a locker room.
But, his daughter had never seen a dick before, and to her, it was enormous
(or so he thought). Then, Homer completely stripped. He sat down next to her
on the bed and thought for a while.

"We are going to do some stuff that you are going to enjoy a lot, just
trust me." Lisa however just sat there wide-eyed, trying to comprehend the
situation. Then Homer said it, "Lisa, take off your clothes, we're going to

* * *

At that very moment, a Maude Flanders was riding Rod. Behind her, up her ass,
was Todd, who was pumping in and out like a little piston. Then, all of a
sudden, Maude stopped. Beads of sweat dripped down her glistening body. Rod
and Todd frowned at her in disappointment. Their faces seemed to say "What is
the problem." The problem was that neither of them were reaching into her
enough. Quickly, she took Rod's sweaty, hairless ballsack, and stuck that in
her pussy too. Then the threesome continued their fuck-fest. Liquids spurted
out everywhere, their sweat had made a damp spot on the bed, and just before
all three of them were about to come to a smashing orgasm, they heard a

"Howdilly Doodilly family, I'm back early! Now gee gosh golly, where are you
three?" Maude, Rod, and Todd jumped up, dried themselves off, threw on some
clothes and rushed down to meet Ned.

Ned exclaimed, "Rod, Todd, why are you two out of breath, and Maude, your
hair, it looks uhmmm..."

"Disheveled?" Maude said, finishing his sentence.

"Yeah, why?" Ned questioned.

Rod started, "Well Mommy and me and Todd we were all..."

"Taking a jog, yeah, and that's why we're all out of breath." Maude cut in.

"Well, good for you! By the way, Maud, I've got a special surprise for you!"

* * *

Meanwhile, at the Simpson's household, Lisa's mouth was wrapped around
Homer's cock, sucking as hard as her little lungs let her. Of course, she
wasn't very good, or very neat, but to Homer, it felt great. He reached down
and placed his hand over her hairless little pussy. First, he stuck a finger
in and played around a little, then another finger, then another, until Lisa
could barely breath due to the excitement.

"Lie down," Homer commanded. "Now, spread your knees apart," and Lisa
complied. Her hands were behind her back, her feet were together, a smile was
on her face, and her vertical smile was completely exposed. He opened it a
little, with his fingers, and said to her, "This is going to hurt quite a
bit, but once the pain is gone, it will be pure enjoyment."

Homer positioned his dick at her entrance. He slowly pushed in, and reached
her cherry. "Ready honey?" he warned, and she nodded. Then Homer pulled back
and forcefully slammed into his little daughter.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Lisa screamed in shear pain. But Homer kept on pumping. "Honey,
calm down, you'll be okay," Homer panted between breathes. But Lisa continued
to scream. Homer couldn't stop though. Even if he could, he wouldn't want to
stop. He hadn't ever broken in a virgin, and hadn't ever fucked a girl so
tight. It even was tighter than Marge's ass! Lisa's screams kept up, but they
were slowly transforming from screams of pain to screams of passion. The two
of them therm were grunting like pigs. Lisa began to lift her pelvis in order
to meet her father in thrust. She wanted more in her, she needed more meat in
her, her pussy was itching deep, and she needed more.

Finally, she came, and her milking action induced Homer to cum as well. They
heard the car door close, so they quickly folded up the sofa-bed, put on
their clothes and turned on the tv. Marge and Maggie walked in, knowing in
full what had gone on. In actuality, Marge never left the house, she just
watched through the crack between the curtains the entire event.

Find out next time what happens when Marge confronts Homer about the
escapades with Lisa, and find out what Ned's special surprise is in Simpsons
Episode VI: Convincing the Wife.

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