Simpsons Part: Homer Gets In On The Action (Mb/F,b/b,f/solo,inc,voy)
by Hidden

Marge was so embarresed. Not only had Homer caught her cheating on him, but
he caught her cheating on him with their own son. Evidently Bart wasn't even
phased by Homer's arrival because he was still pumping.

"So, Homer," Bart said in between breaths, "How does it feel to know that
because you can't satisfy your wife, she has to go to her son." Then Bart
started grunting as he rushed in and out of his mother.

Marge wanted Bart to stop but she couldn't bring herself to make him, she was
on the verge of an orgasm and couldn't just stop. That would be torture!

"C'mon brain, think!" Homer thought to himself. "Uhmmm, this wasn't in the
job description, catch ya later!" his brain said back to him. "Uh oh, what
should I do!" Homer thought, "I'll just use some of my Dad's advice, that
always used to work when I was a kid!!! Uhmmmmmm, he said uhhhmm `If you
can't beat em, join em!"

Homer jumped over to the bed and started to strip. Both Bart and Marge
stopped in confusion.

"What are you doing?" Bart said, and Homer replied "If you can't beat em,
join em!" With that, Homer whipped out his little penis and got ready to slip
it into Marge's asshole. She had never let him take her up the ass before,
but this was hardly a time for her to object. Hee hee hee. With that, Homer
shoved his dick into Marge's ass, without lubrication!

At first, Marge feared intense pain, but she quickly realized that there was
none. She had laid turds bigger than his dick! Then Marge realized something
else. She liked the double pummel action. In fact, she loved it. In fact, she
was about to cum!!!

"Ohhhhhhhh Home-ee!" Marge growled. "And my special special special little
boy, or should I say man!" Then Marge reached the most intense orgasm of her
life. Her muscles clamped down on the two dicks inside of her, squeezing them
to a point of intense pain, and then the two men inside of her began to cum,
each shooting spurt after spurt into her.

The three of them, all exhausted, lay back onto Bart's bed, sweaty and
completely naked. Then, Homer fell off, and yelled "Doh."

* * *

Little did the three Simpsons know, the Flander's children, Rod and Todd,
were home from school with the chicken pox. They couldn't believe what they
saw through the window.

"What were they doing?" Rod asked Todd.

"I don't know, maybe they were wrestling." replied Todd.

"That couldn't be, wrestling is all planned out in advance, and therefore,
wrestlers lie to the public. Our neighbors couldn't be sinners! Besides, they
had no clothes on!" said Rod.

"Well," Todd reasoned, "They looked like they were having fun, do you want to
do what they were doing?"

Rod quickly replied, "Sure, I want to take these pants of anyways, something
is wrong with my penis, it's all hard for some reason."

"Mine too. I wonder why." Todd said.

With that, the two young boys removed their clothing and Rod got behind Todd.
He slowly, cautiously inched his dick towards Todd's rectum. He pushed in a
little, but Todd clenched up immediately.

"Oww, why did you do that?" yelped Rod, complaing about the pain in his dick.

"I didn't mean to, it was an accident!"

Rod continued to push, waiting every few seconds for Todd to relax. Finally,
Rod was all the way inside.

"Now what?" he questioned his brother Todd.

"You're supposed to push back and forth I think."

So, Todd began to thrust, in and out, slowly but surely. But, little did
they know, the three sex-craved Simpsons were watching them just as they had
watched the Simpsons.

"Oh my God," Bart said as he shook his head in disbelief, "who would have
thought those to were sinners."

"I think maybe they saw us, and they don't know what they're doing." Marge

"Doh!" Homer yelled, "Even God-boy's kids' dicks are bigger than mine!"

"I've got a great idea." said Bart, and he went to get the video camera that
Homer had "borrowed" from the Flanders. "This will make a great blackmail
tape." Bart thought.

* * *

Meanwhile, Rod's pace had quickened, and he soon felt a strange feeling in
his penis.

'Oh ohhh oh ohhhhhhhhh!" Rod screamed when all of a sudden, he felt the
greatest feeling he had ever felt in his life.

"What are you doing?" Todd cried, "Why are you peeing in my bottom?"

"That wasn't pee, I don't know what it was, but you have to try this, it
feels great." The two young boys switched positions. Todd now inched his way
into Rod's ass.

Bart said to himself, "This is great." His parents had slipped away to
discuss the events, and he was taping the funniest gay sex in the world. Then
he saw the door open in Rod and Todd's room. The two boys jumped right into
bed, just before their mother saw anything. "Damn," Bart thought, "that
encounter would have been hilarious!"

Find out what happens next time in "Simpsons Episode IV: Blackmail and a

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