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Burns' Heir (Series 5, Episode 18)

What really happened after burns realised he needed a heir (he almost

Simpsons: Part 1 - Marge's Heir (MF, oral, bmail)
by Eli Dondo

"Dear god Smithers" said Mr Burns.

"What happened if i would've drowned!? my vast fortune wasted, i have noone
to pass it on too."

"Smithers!" Mr burns shouted

"Yes Mr burns" Smither hastily answered

"Go find me a heir!"

"...uhhh" Smithers startled "how do you want me to find one?"

"Do whatever it takes!, but remember this, it needs to be a citizen of

"...okay..." and so Smithers went off to find a heir, unfortunatly his
search was limited to only springfield.

After 4 days of searching, smithers was getting desperate. He had to report
to Mr Burns but there was not one good heir for Mr. Burns.

"Well, speak man, did you find me a heir?" Mr. burns eagerly asked.

"Well to be honest, no sir, I didn't."

"WHAT!?" Mr. Burns screamed.

"You mean in this whole god forsaken town there is nooone to be my heir?"

"That is correct Mr. Burns" Smithers was getting more and more depressed.

"Fine then, let me be" and with that, Smithers left Mr. Burns'office.

"Blasted fool, if he can't find one then I will." Burns thought.

During Mr. burns'pondering his chair slowly turned towards the "worker

As his eyes floated over the screens, his sight was caught by one screen in

He noticed that a woman had joined a bald man in a white shirt and blue

As he zoomed in on the woman (with a particularly strange hairdue) he noticed
her perfect roundings.

He could already imagine the round firm ass under her green dress, and as
she turned towards the camera, 2 perfectly shaped breasts were hidden by the

A plan was starting to form inside Montgomery's head....

* * *

The next morning at the Simpson's place, Marge had just waven off Bart and
Lisa and Homer was about to leave.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, "I'll get it" marge yelled.

"As always" she thought.

The doorbell rang another time before she could reach the door "Yeah yeah
hold yer horses im coming."

As she swung the door open she gasped of surprise "Oh dear!"


"Marge Simpson" Marge said.

"Oh yes, hello Marge Simpson" Mr Burns replied as if he knew her name all

"What brings you here, Mr. Burns" Marge asked with a distinct sound of fear
in her voice.

Marge never really liked the old man, not only because he was a torment to
her husband, but also because of his way of using people.

"Well aren't you going to invite me into your house?" Mr. Burns asked with a
slithering voice.

"Oh yes, yes of course, plz come in" and so Mr. Burns made his way to the
couch to start his scheme.

"Honeyyy I'm going to work I'll WHAAAA!!!" Homer screamed as he saw his boss
sitting in his living room.

"Well, uhm, hello Mr. Burns, nice to see you."

"Yes, hello..."

"Homer Simpsons, sir" Homer said.

"Yes, hello Homer."

"What brings you here at our humble house" Homer asked.

"Well you might've heard the rumour that I nearly drowned, after my near
death experience I realised I needed a heir."

Homer listened with fear, but slowly he could hear the dollars ka-chinging.

"That is awful to hear Mr. Burns."

"Yes I know, but after an intensive search, I found no-one suitable to be my

Marge moved across the room towards the chair where homer had taken a seat,
making her fully visible for Mr. Burns.

Mr. Burns now moved his focus towards the delicisious woman Homer calls his

How a woman that fine could be married to such an idiot, Mr. Burns couldn't
figure it out.

As he moved his view from top to bottom he could finally see this magnificent
woman up close and personal.

He never saw that this woman had such big and firm breasts, well camouflaged
by her dress.

"Those tits must be a 38D cup!" Montgomery thought as he lowered his glance,
he could see her hips curving into a large yet well proporsioned ass.

He could alreay feel her soft skin in his wrinkled hands, 2 hand fulls of
ass waiting to be squeezed.

"Well to make any sence to this story, I am here to offer you a deal" Mr.
Burns proposed.

"Oeh a deal! we'll take it!" Homer shouted.

"HOMERR!!! Sorry mr. Burns my husband is a bit too anxious. What is your
offer?" Marge reluctantly asked

"Seeing that there is no fit heir for my vast heritage, millions and
millions, I have decided to make one, and my partner for this Marge, will
be you."

"WHAT!?" Marge screamed.

"You can't do this! I'm married!" she screamed

"No WAY mister Burns, I know you're my boss, but I will never let you touch
my wife" Homer strongly replied.

"I see. Well I thought you might react this way, and thus I have come up
with a little.... bargaining material. If you say no, I will fire your ass
and make sure you'll never get another job, NOWHERE, FOREVER!"

"What? You can't do this" Homer shouted

"Oh yes I can, and you know I can."

Homer felt the ground moving beneath his feet, he knew Mr. Burns was right
and he knew he had no other choice. He had to give up his wife to this old
man, to be bale to support his family.

"...Marge, come with me to the kitchen please" Homer said with a depressed

"What? Why, just say no, Homey," Marge said in a high pitched voice but
finally she walked after her husband after giving Mr. Burns a angry look.

After 10 minutes of discussing and screaming, they both came out of the

"Well, it seems I have no choice, you can have her, for one time only" Homer
said to his boss.

And with that Mr. Burns started an evil laugh "ooh Marge you will enjoy

Marge was on the verge of crying, but not yet started because of the unreal

Mr. Burns moved over to the chair "Now my dear Marge come over here and
stand in front of me."

With reluctant paces she stepped towards Mr. Burns and stopped in front of

As she faced the old wrinkled man she was filled with discust "How can this
be happening!?" she thought.

"Oeh yes" Mr. Burns grunted "come a little closer Marge" she stepped forward
and was now standing between his legs.

As Mr. Burns looked up he could see her magnificent breasts hanging over him,
succulent melons he would soon devore.

"Now, turn around and slowly bend forward" reluctantly Marge did what was
asked of her.

As she slowly bent over, her dress rode up and up, slowly revealing some of
her firm butt.

This sight was turning Mr. Burns on, finally he saw her pink undies
containing 2 warm lips.

He placed his hands on her firm behind and started to squeeze them, releaving
a quick "uh" from Marge

The sight of his boss touching his wife's soft and firm ass, was too much
Homer could take, so he left into the kitchen and tried to forget what he
had done.

"Now that your husband is gone we can get acquinted a little better, turn
around Marge" Mr. Burns ordered.

Marge, filled with feelings of disgust and abuse turned around whilst pulling
her dress down.

"No Marge, pull it back up, I want your ass showing." as she pulled up her
dress she saw Mr. Burns lifting his hands.

Mr. Burns put his hands on Marge's breasts and started to massage them. Her
breasts not only filled up his hands (leaving plenty out of his hands) but
it also surprised Mr. Burns that she wasn't wearing a bra.

The surprising softness and volume of her breasts gave Mr. Burns a raving

He slowly moved his hands upwards to the edge of her dress and started to
pull her dress down untill her breasts plunged out of her dress and stood in
the air.

Now Marge was utterly embarrased, showing her naked breasts and ass, in the
middle of the room.

Mr. Burns took a minute to look at the state of this woman and her amazing
breasts, after recoperating he continued rubbing her silky soft mellons.
As he started pinching her nipples, Marge's face squinched because of the
pain coming from her nipples.

Mr. Burns removed his hands and stood up, pushing Marge back.

"Now get on your knees" Burns ordered "NOW!"

Marge was devestated by the humiliating position she was in, but having no
choice, she slowly lowered herself on her knees

Burns loosened his belt and dropped his pants, Marge gasped as she saw his
cock hanging like a 3rd leg.

She expected a shriveled little penis, but instead she saw a throbbing horse
cock of 10 inches.

"Ah I see you're surprised, well let me tell you this, for $500k you can get
anything done" mr Burns smirked.

"Oh my..." Marge was shocked, was he going to rape her with

As Mr. Burns looked down he could see Marge's face looking up to him, and
her perky big breasts under her face.

He swung his meat in front of her face and rubbed it in her face. Marge
gasped and stumbled backwards.

"Haha, never had such a big cock before huh" Mr. Burns laughed "Come back
here Marge." Again she realised she had no choice.

But how could she, she'd never had any other man besides Homer. She was about
to get abused and noone was going to stop him.

Marge crawled back and sat in front of Mr. Burns, after a few more slaps in
her face with his cock Mr. Burns said "Now start pleasuring me."

"Take it in ur hands and start licking it" Mr. Burns commanded.

Marge put her hands on the throbbing piece of meat and slowly moved her
tongue towards the tip of his enormous cock.

As the tip of her tongue touched the big cock Mr Burns let out a quick gasp
of pleasure.

She started to swirl her tongue around the tip of his cock, her mind filled
with the disgusting scent of this cock.

As Burns got more and more excited his cock started to stiffen up, adding
another two inches to the already monstrous cock.

As she was still licking the head of his cock, he moved his hands behind her
head and gave her head a fierce jerk.

Sending his 12 inch cock down her throat "Mmmppfff grrrl gag" were the sounds
coming from Marge's throat as she could not withstand the brute force of the
giant cock.

She wanted to retract her head, but the amazingly strong grip kept her head
down and his cock in her throat.

As she was trying to keep the contents of her stomach in, spit and other
juices were dripping on her chin and breasts.

Mr Burns removed one hand and started to squeeze her breasts and rubbing
them in with the spit and juices, making them glister.

Marge could no longer keep this up and at that second, Burns pulled his cock
out of her throat and mouth "gulb" Marge excluded.

A line of spit and juices was formed between the tip of Burnsīs cock and
Marge's mouth.

But before she could recuporate Mr Burns slammed his cock back into her

He was now moving it up and down her throat making it easier for her to

"Homer!" Mr. Burns shouted "Come in here."

Marge's eyes widened with fear, she could not take the shame of her husband
seeing her like this.

When Homer stepped into the room, the sheer sight made him gasp.

His wife, kneeled on the ground, with naked breasts, with some sort of slime
on it, and spit dripping on them.

Her ass sticking out with her thong riding up in her crack and his boss's
huge cock slamming in her throat.

As if that weren't enough, the gagging noises and tearing eyes we're too much
for Homer, he left the room to go back to the kitchen.

He sat down and a big depression came over him, he knew he made a mistake,
but it was too late to change.

He could still hear her gagging and muffling "gurgl", then he heard a final
"gulp" and the noises stopped.

"Ah I see you enjoyed it Marge, now be a dear and clean my dick" Burns said
with a devilish voice.

As she looked at the cock, covered in spit and barf, she hesitently started
to lick it.

"Ah I see you missed a spot" as he lifted his cock he pointed towards his
shriveled balls

"Now clean them", as she started licking his balls Mr Burns could see her
sweet face looking up at him with his balls in her mouth.

As Burns stepped back, he looked upon the horney looking housewife sitting
on her knees, wet breasts, face covered in spit and her eyes red because of
the abuse of her throat.

"Now get up" reluctantly Marge got up, Mr Burns saw her breasts swaving
about with his juices on them.

"Turn around and bend over on the coffee table" shocked by her throat abuse,
she did it brainlessly, revealing her beautiful full and firm ass to Mr
Burns in all it's might.

Instead of doing anything with it, he turned to the other end, rolled her
on her ass, and pulled her head down at the other end of the coffeetable.

Now her head was almost touching the ground as Burns put one hand on her
throat, the other on her breasts and pumped his cock in her throat.

She was struggling to get out because this was hurting her throat enormously,
hitting him with her hands and trying to kick with her legs she lay there
trapped, but trying to escape.

As his 12 inch thick cock was thrusting in her throat, he did not budge one
bit under Marge's escape efforts.

Slowly he kept slamming in more and more inches untill his balls were hitting
her face, meanwhile his breast-squeezing powered up.

More and more gagging noices were coming from the living room, "Homer, come
join us in the living room and take a seat" Burns commanded.

Homer entered the living room and took a seat on the couch, one meter away
from the raping of his wife.

He saw his wife struggling to get out but did not help her, instead he
lowered his glance on the floor and started to sob.

Luckily Mr Burns had "sperm upgrades" installed, enabling him to cum as much
and as many times as possible.

So he had no need to worry when his balls began too itch, he was about to
shoot his first load on Marge.

With Marge still struggling and gurgling it was time to upgrade her missery,
as he started to moan Marge's eyes opened in fear and her resistance

After a minute more of throatfucking, Mr Burns exclaimed a large "aaahhhh"
and as he slowly pulled his cock out of her throat he started to shoot his

He started in her throat, then her mouth, after that her face which he gave
extra attention, and his last squirts were for her breasts.

Marge was now covered in a thick layer of white sperm, it was dripping off
of her breasts and with a gasp she sat up.

She was crying because of the abuse of her throat and looked for help at her

He looked at her once, seemed horrified by the sight of Marge covered in
another mans sperm and then lowered his glance upon the floor again.

As she gasped for air, she looked behind her and saw Mr. Burns with again a

The sight of her breasts and face dripping and covered in sperm turned him
on even more.

Mr. Burns walked over to the chair and took a seat.

"Now Marge come over here turn around and stand in front of me."

With shaking knees she did so, she was so humiliated not to mention her
throat hurt like hell.

She was terrified off this man, what was he going to do to her next....?
_ _ _

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