This story is a replacement ending written by me to the episode in which Bart
writes love letters to his teacher, Mrs. Krabopple as a joke. It picks up
when Bart realizes that he has to end the "relationship."

The Simpsons: Part 1 - Bart And An Older Woman (b/F)
by Hidden

"Oh no!" Bart thought to himself, "I've got to do something about Mrs.
Krabopple. I can't ask Lisa, she'll just make fun of me. I can't ask mom,
she'll think I'm twisted or something. I'll ask Homer!"

Bart went to Homer and asked him what to do, and Homer, lacking and sense
of intelligence responded, "Tell her the truth."

That night, Bart went to Edna Krabopple's house in a suit and knocked on
the door.

"Oh great!" Edna thought sarcastically, "instead of having my dream man sent
to the door, my worst student comes."

"Bart," she said, "What do you want, and how in the world did you find out
where I live."

"Ummm, Mrs. Krabopple, I have some bad news for you."

"Did you break the fish bowl again, because if you did, you're gonna be in
detention for the rest of..."

"NO!" Bart cut in, "it is much more serious, and whatever you do, please
don't get mad, I thought it would be funny at first, and then I realized that
I made a big mistake."

"Alright Bart, what is it, what did you do?" Edna questioned.

"Well, you know all of those love letters you've gotten..."

"You know who my Woodrow is?" Edna interrupted with a burst of energy, "Who
is he, where is he, when can I finally meet him?"

Bart hesitated, in anticipation of a slap across the face. Then, he said,
"I'm Woodrow, I wrote the letters."

The young boy stood there, waiting for his teachers hand tyes. Then an
evil grin crept onto Edna's face.

"You wrote the letters? I'm going to have to teach you a lesson young man.
Come with me."

"Uh oh," Bart thought as he walked behind his teacher into what appeared to
be her bedroom. "I'm about to get the biggest spanking of my life, aren't

"You could say that." his teacher slyly replied. "Sit on the bed Bart, I want
to explain something to you."

Bart did as he was told.

"My husband left me over ten years ago, and that was the last time that I
got any... Uhmmm I mean that was the last time I had... Uhmmm, that was the
last time I had a male companion. Because I have certain needs, I put an
add in the magazine to fill my needs. You, or Woodrow was the first descent,
reasonable man who responded, and I got very excited. I thought my needs
would be answered, and now, I am so horn... I mean needy, that your
punishment will be to help me solve my needs."

"What is it that you want me to do?" Bart asked.

"Well, Uhhhhh, Ummmmm..." Edna Krabopple never thought she would ask anyone
to do what she was about to ask Bart, let alone a student. And, she
certainly didn't know how to ask him. "Bart," she said, "we're gonna have...
Uhmmmm, lets see, when two people really like each other, they... No, that's
not what I want to say... Uhmmm well, you, uhhhmmmm, We're gonna fuck!"

"What?" Bart stammered. Being in the fourth grade, he didn't know much about
sex, and he hadn't even started puberty, so he was totally lost.

"Don't worry," Edna said, "I'll take you through every step." With that, she
walked over to Bart, and immediately locked into a deep kiss.

Bart pushed away, saying, "Ewwwww, that's disgusting"

But, Edna persisted and said, "Trust me, you'll like it, and besides, this
is part of your punishment."

Once again, the teacher pressed her lips against those of the eleven year
old and held. Soon, she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into Bart's
mouth. He responded with the same action. They stayed like this for five or
six minutes, until Edna decided to move on to the next step. She broke the
kiss, took off her shirt, and unclasped her bra. Although not huge, her
breasts were perfectly shaped, and Bart was overcome.

"Wow!" the boy said as he stared at her beautiful globules. It was his first
exposure to breasts, and he immediately started to kiss, caress, and play
with them. Edna leaned her head back and moaned. Bart, wanting to take some
initiative, took off his shirt, and while doing so, realized a strange
feeling. His penis felt like it was getting bigger. Bart had an irregularly
large pre-pubescent dick. At three inches soft, Bart thought that was as big
as it got. He knew that his member was big because at school, in the
bathroom, he often caught a quick flash of another boy's dick, and one inch
is a lot smaller than three inches.

While Edna impatiently awaited her young lover, Bart wanted to investigate.
He pulled down his pants, and pulled the semi-hard dick out of his boxers.

"Holy shit!" Bart yelled, "It grew an inch!"

"Don't have a cow," Edna joked, "and besides, it'll grow more than that."

Bart looked over and realized that while he was stripping, his teacher had
done the same. For the first time in his life, Bart looked over at his
teacher and had the sudden urge to do something, but he didn't know what
that something was.

"Come over here." Edna pleaded, and then grabbed the boy's dick. Quickly, she
slipped it into her mouth, and began to suck like she never sucked before.
At first, Bart was repulsed, but soon, he realized that this felt amazingly
good. The more she sucked, the bigger it grew, and finally, after five
minutes of the most intense blow job ever, Bart's dick was at a whopping five
and a half inches. "Okay, now you're ready," said Edna to her student. She
guided his dick to the entrance of her pussy. "Do you know what to do,
because if you don't it's real easy, I'll tell you." Bart looked to the
ground, quite embarrassed. "Alright, all you have to do is pump that rod of
yours into my pussy, then pull back some, then back in... In, out, in, out,
etc. Do you get the general idea?" Bart nodded. "Good, now when I start
screaming, whatever you do, don't stop, go faster!!! And, unless I'm
screaming, pull out if you feel like some stuff is about to come out of your
penis. If I'm screaming, forget about it and keep on going. By the way, this
may take a while, don't give up to early, the end experience is well worth
the wait."

Bart nodded and eased his way into her love box. A slight moan escaped Edna's
lips. Then, Bart climbed on top of her, his head only reaching her boob.
Slowly, he began to pump, in and out.

"If you want to be done before next week, I'd go a little faster." Edna

The boy's pace became faster and faster. Soon he was pumping in and out as
fast as he could, in anticipation of the great feeling he was promised. Then,
it happened. Bart's fourth grade teacher let out a scream. Her body started
to violently shake and Bart knew he had to keep on going, and get even
faster. His teacher's body then went rigid and Bart felt a strange feeling
in his dick.

"Uh oh." Bart thought, "she's screaming and I'm about to have that feeling
she told me about." The boy pumped as hard as he could. Beads of sweat
dripped from the two bodies. Edna screamed as Bart grunted. Then, Bart, for
the first time, had an orgasm, and couldn't believe how good it felt. It
almost hurt, it felt so good.

"Oooohhhh Bart, that was excellent!" the lustful teacher moaned. "You learn
quickly, I think your grade just went from an "F" to an "A."

"Thank you Mrs. Krabopple, that was awesome!"

"C'mon Bart, I'll give you a ride home."

"Actually, my parents think I'm sleeping over at Millhouse's tonight, I'll
just call him, tell him that I got grounded, and I'll stay here, for some
more fun."

That night, Bart and his teacher fucked for hours. Over and over, Bart
emptied his little ball sack into Mrs. Krabopple. In one night, his grade
went from a "D" to an "A."

Episode 2 is soon to come.

* * *

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