Simpsons: Moaning Lisa
by Anonymous

Lisa lay sobbing on the bed. Unaware that she was actually lying on
her brothers' bed, in his room. During the confusion she had run into
the house, stormed up the stairs in some bliss less stupor and ran to
the first door she saw which happened to be right opposite the stairs,
and had flopped straight onto the ocean blue-colored quilt of the
beautifully made bed, brushing the area just above her top lip, her
big but adorable manga-type eyes glistened and watered, her sky blue
pupils seemed to quiver, like when glancing at an object under water,
she let her tears brush down her tender yellow cheeks, where, seeing
as she lay flat on the bed, the tears began to create small crystal
blue like puddles caused by the full moon light that flooded into the
dark room.

Her sobs, were enchanting just like the most beautiful ambient
soundtrack, she breathed in short bursts before letting her next sob
and sniffle into the world. Lisa never cried during these depressing
moments, all she ever did was give out sweet breathless whimpers.

She lay in the dark blue moonlit room which was slightly lighted by
the upstairs passage light, for the door was still ajar, which shone
a thin streak of light which shaded every object with a warm orange

Lisa's delicate, little eight-year-old, beautifully slim body looked
so helpless in this ambient atmosphere. There she lay flat, her
star-shaped yet beautiful blond hair softly cushioned into the big
fluffy pillow intended to house her bigger brother. Her red dress
flowed flat up to her knees with the spiky end strands brushing
against them, while her bright white pearls began to glisten in the
moonlight, slightly singing with jingling adoration every time she
cried in the beautiful silence. Her slim arms caressed in the
beautiful ocean-colored quilt, her plum hands squeezing for comfort,
also occupied were her beautifully slim yellow legs with the soles of
her bare feet also laying flat against the quilt, the tips of her plum
toes reaching out for the bottom of the bed.

Lisa looked like a beautiful angel against the gigantic bed that
fondled her, both physically and emotionally. This was just an
ordinary child-like bed, but thanks to the mother of the house
everything was always so much more.

Then the door slowly began to open; the light began to engulf the room
with its mass quantity of warm orange. Although the room was still
slightly dark all round, the mass of light caused her to swallow the
next sob, and with tear filled glistening eyes, she turned her head to
the stranger quietly entering the room.

In the blinding light she saw the silhouette of her brother Bart, who
to his astonishment, did not expect to find his little sister lying
down on his own bed sobbing. He turned his attention away from his
previous intentions. He was concerned with entering his bedroom and
slowly crept up to the bed and sat slowly down next to the pillow
thinking what could be said that wouldn't cause her to obliterate her
affections for her brother and strain their relationship more than it
already was. He wasn't good at comforting people, or even his sister
at that matter!

Lisa turned to face the ceiling again and began a short sob. The spots
where her tears had dried up on her cheeks began to form puddles once
again. She covered her eyes with her hands and began, this time, to

Bart didn't expect such a thing from his sister; he was very confused,
seeing as he was only ten years old. He hadn't had many depressing
events as Lisa, she was a very affectionate, kind and loving girl and
was prone to become upset from the slightest things (Most of them, he
had to admit, were caused by him.) This particular time, Lisa's crying
was not his doing, he never got involved with Lisa's current affairs
and if she was found crying her eyes out it was usually left to Mom or
Homer to sort out the problem. But now he was the first to discover
his sisterís latest predicament. She had been found in his room
shedding tears under the moonlight. He couldn't help but feel sorry
for her, the beauty of her appearance in the ambient atmosphere also
was what brought him to sit by Lisa's adorable but tearful face, and
it was now up to him to comfort her and ask what was the matter.

Lisa ceased her crying for that one moment and looked at her brother
with sobbing comfort, she did not care who had approached, all she
wanted was a shoulder to cry on, and she did just that. Lisa put her
arms around Bart and rested her head on his left shoulder, her eyes
closed for the orange light blinded her, she preferred the cool blue
light of the moon which had seemed to embrace her in this hour of

Bart had very rarely been hugged by his sister, yet her slim peach
arms cushioned around his waist, while her beautiful star-like hair
brushed against his slim neck and plum cheeks, it was a warm and
exhilarating feeling. To secure her delicate hold, he put his hands
around her waist and pushed her closer to the cushion that was himself
gently brushing and patting her back with loving support over the
depressing sobs, sniffles and whimpers.

The two remained embraced for what seemed like ages, Bart gently
rocked his sister with care and for her needed soothing. Then the
passage light went out. Bart carefully turned his head expecting
someone in the doorway, this causing Lisa to rest her head on Bart's
chest. A door shut in the passageway.

Bart then looked at his alarm clock; it was half past eleven. This
meant the whole household was now in bed. He queried that he couldn't
remain clinging to his loving sister the whole nightlong.

He carefully lifted her head by her chin with his finger; Lisa looked
with tear-filled eyes at her brother. He brushed her brow, then
carefully took hold of her slim yellow arms that had clung on to him
so long and then held her delicate hands in his, brushing them with
his thumbs.

He then whispered to her in the most affectionate way that they
couldn't stay cuddling the whole night. He told her he would take her
to bed and after she had told him what had caused her to break out in
tears in his room he would then do his best to comfort her till she
got to rest in a peaceful sleep.

He then felt the tender squeeze of her beautifully plum fingers on the
palms of his hands and looked down at them. He then heard the sweet
jingling of Lisa's pearl necklace. Bart looked back up. His sisters
heart filled face was moving closer to his, her pearl necklace along
with her crystal blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight.

Lisa then embraced Bart with a passionate kiss on the lips. Bart was
stunned. This negative thought leaped from his mind as soon as he
realized the pure ecstasy of her affectionate gift. It was nothing
like he had ever felt before. He sat and let the soothing enrichment
fill his body. He brushed her hair in reassurance that it was this
angel that was sweeping him off his feet with indescribable inner joy.
He so much wanted to show his appetite for her gift that he then began
kissing her back passionately, using his best judgment by simply
copying his sisters actions in this remarkable embracing. She seemed
to enjoy it as much as he did at that moment. He then closed his eyes
again in pure ecstatic joy, just as his sister had done as soon has
she had begun the adorable kiss, during which time she had clung her
arms softly around his shoulders while Bart gently massaged her
adorable delicate waist. In the past he had seen French-kissing as a
disgusting, revolting, cootie attracting embrace, he now knew
otherwise. He found the soft massage of her tongue against his highly
invigorating and passionately returned the loving favor.

Then he realized what was actually happening. He softly pushed Lisa
out of the yet magical link they had possessed. Never before had he
been kissed by a girl or even passionately at that matter! That wasn't
what pulled him away, it was the fact that it was his sister that had
embraced him with the kiss. All she had ever done was give him a sweet
peck on his cheek or lips. He was afraid and began to stand up and run
out of the room.

Lisa however, held firmly onto his waist, gently massaging it. Bart
turned back to see his adorable sister's quivering eyes. Bart sighed
and, surprising himself as well as his sister, whispered, "I love you,

Lisa's jaw opened wide with astonishment. Bart gently lifted it shut
with his finger. Lisa then smiled and replied, "That's the first time
I think you've ever said that to me, and meant it."

Bart agreed. He knew he meant it and it wasn't because of what just
happened, he knew that perfectly well, it was just a statement of
reassuring pride and true love.

He also said it to reassure himself that, although he believed he had
taken advantage of Lisa and they had done something unacceptable to
others, they were still the loving brother and sister they had always
been deep down.

Still confused about the previous encounter, he sat dumb founded at
his sweet eight year old sister's side wondering what had kept her
from letting him run off. He was unsure whether she knew what had
really just happened, seeing as a second ago she had been crying about
some unknown misfortune. However she seemed pretty aware of the
situation while she sat wonderfully massaging Bart's waist looking
into his frowning face with her sparkling eyes. Maybe the kiss was her
way of showing how grateful she was for his comforting her and of
course a deep down sense of love for him as well, she may also be
trying to rid her mind of her previous depressed memories.

Now he had to ponder whether he should show her how much he loves her
by either gently denying her hold on him, and for the best, to pretend
the event didn't occur, or, he continue what was no doubt on his
sisters mind. She was in a very delicate position and it was obvious
she wanted more love and comfort from him.

Lisa gleamed at Bart's pondering eyes, seeing him look her up and
down. He took hold of her hands again and began stroking them with his
thumbs. Lisa's heart began to skip, she knew what he was pondering and
waited with ecstatic joy to see if he gave in to her obvious loving
affections, she wanted him badly and realized she had forgotten
something terribly important. She whispered, "I love you too." The
first of many exuberant hours was about to commence. Bart would not
let his conscience get the better of him; thus he could resist her no

Lisa's wish had come true!!

He held up his hand and brushed her left cheek with the palm of his
fingers, Lisa then held his hand to her cheek, and pressed it against
hers for him, she closed her eyes letting the coolness of Bart's
fingers soothe and relax her. She let out a comfortable sigh and
opened her eyes again. She looked back at Bart's face and he knew
straight away that there was an almighty need for passion in her eyes.

Bart leaned towards her angelic face. Lisa began to breathe excitingly,
she had waited a long time for this moment, and she slowly began to
lean forward as well, realizing she couldn't resist him either now.
After what seemed like forever they were finally drawn together,
kissing passionately to their hearts content.

The impact was mind bending for Bart. He couldn't explain why, but
this time the kiss was ten times as exhilarating as the first. Again
the pure ecstasy surged through his body. He became limp with
relaxation and let the soft touch of his sisters tongue take
affectionate control of his mouth. She was the only one that remained
French-kissing. The magical, mind blowing passion of his sisters kiss
paralyzed Bart with pure exotic comfort, he simply sat back and
enjoyed the embracing, putting his arms to the back of him onto to the
bed so as not to keel over from joy. His only thoughts were of
wonderment and adoration for his beautifully and very affectionate
sister, he contemplated it must be the sheer excitement and the quick
volume of wanted love from Lisa that had produced such a remarkable
and indescribable kiss. It was like being on some wonderful drug. He
wondered whether Lisa was enjoying it as much as he did.

Her lips finally parted and she pulled Bart back into a straight
position and began to affectionately massage his plump belly. She
fluttered and smiled, as did her brother who then gave an extraordinary
sigh of bewilderment, causing Lisa to give a short sweet snigger. She
had enjoyed it as much as he did.

He wanted more, and decided this time to be the host of the next
delightful erotic embracing. Lisa was ready and waiting giving Bart
little massage rings on his chest with her incredible fingers. The
feeling of her fingers began to make him melt once again and there
they remained embraced for many minutes, Bart's head facing the
ceiling his mouth open with pure pleasure. Then he felt the tender
pecks of his sisterís lips on his neck. He could have remained there
forever, but he quickly looked back at his sister and suddenly gently
laid her down flat on the bed.

Lisa became giddy. Erotically making herself comfortable on the
extremely soft bed. Her arms were again caressed on the bed from when
she first came in and again she squeezed the quilt with her plum
fingers for comfort. While her toes twinkled with delight she was
waiting with envy of the next couple of seconds where she would soon
again be passionately embraced by her wonderful brother on the erotic
throne that was her brothers soothing bed.

Bart pet her cheek and then courteously set himself upon Lisa's
beautifully slender physique, Lisa supporting his posterior on the
base of her knee that she set to an arc for him. He brought his legs
round to the side of her ethereal waist using them to caress it with
elegance. He lay his hands upon her bosoms, then gently stroked the
skin that showed just below her sparkling necklace. Lisa fluttered
with exhilaration, Bart then began kissing it with placidity causing
her to sigh and bow her head back with inclination. He brought his
hands to the boundaries of Lisa exquisite figure and began stroking
her from underarm to ankle.

Lisa then brought her left hand from the soft quilt and began
palpation of Bartís soft, but firm, waist. They were both surprised
to find although they were fully clothed they were still able to
caress as if in a jointly unclad romp, which was most probably
imminent anyway, the fibers of the clothing was just as soothing as
each others tender skin.

Bart then gently placed his right hand just behind her earlobe and
rubbed her plum cheek with his supporting thumb. He then gently
clasped another passionate kiss onto her lips, both their eyes closed
through shear bliss. Lisa then hooked her hand round the back of
Bartís head and rubbed up and down with loving assurance. This was
now Bartís favorite jewel of passion as was Lisa's. He couldn't begin
to describe the diaphanous gaiety he experienced every time he clasped
in an ardent kiss with his sister. However this time, he felt more
secure for he was now resting flat on the reposefully soft bed, next
to his loving cohort.

They remained hooked together in passionate kissing for the longest
period of time yet, gently massaging one another with infatuation.
This seemed to proceed for hours on end. Lisa's desire for passion
increased, she parted her lips with Bart's and whispered in his ear:
Will you give me oral pleasure?

Bart looked puzzled at his sister. Lisa smiled and whispered in his
ear for a short interval. Bart then nodded with acknowledgement. If
he never discovered the sexual attraction to his sister he would have
dismissed her beseech without a falter. But the deed she had begged
from him seemed to attract him more than the French kisses did. What
he was about to do with his sister, he knew he would never get to do
again. He made it a solemn promise and Lisa agreed with pride. Even
though it wasn't intercourse, which he didn't exactly understand the
precepts of, during which time he believed he was too young for it to
be conducted. However Lisa knew otherwise due to her more educated
awareness, if he could easily be aroused by a passionate kiss it was
obvious he possessed the capabilities for intercourse, as did she
strangely enough discover at the ripe age of eight.

Bart serenely crawled backwards, level with his sisterís crotch. He
then began to lower his head towards it. He lifted the end of her red
skirt and kindly placed his delicate shaking fingers along her bare
legs until he met with her crotch and slowly ran her underwear down
her naked legs and removed it from the tips of her plum toes. He gazed
back at his attractive looking sister whom remained in a world of
elation; she nodded at her brother with assent. After assurance he
then began stimulating the external area with his fine lips. A new
wave of ecstatic joy filled both their hearts and remained for many
hours to come.

The Romp ended at 3:00 am. Bart was putting his pajama top on while
Lisa remained in the bathroom, brushing her teeth. He then entered to
brush his teeth as well, he approached Lisa in her nightgown, he then
whispered: Thanks for everything Lis', I mean... Everything! Bart
massaged her shoulders and gave her a sweet kiss on the neck. She
reminded him that what they did was a one night stand to re-enforce
their loveless relationship with each other, and to promise it shall
remain their secret and never happen again for their well- being and
relationship. He agreed and began to brush his teeth. He wondered
whether he could not lust for her for the rest of his life, as she
most probably had to struggle with too. He then had a feeling of
inspiring satisfaction when he realized that the meaning of that
secret one night stand will show forever how special their
relationship is and this reassured his alliance and respect to his
sisters promise. He would lust for her no more.

He then realized something: Hey Lis' what were you crying for anyway?

Lisa stopped her brushing and turned to her older brother: Oh, nothing
important. She said.

Bart shrugged and continued brushing...

Meanwhile outside; the corpse of Snowball II rotted on the sidewalk.



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