Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own The Simpsons, or any characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content. This was written for the prompt 'yule'

Description: Mindy pays a deadly yuletide visit to Lurleen Lumpkin

Content Codes: F-herm, rape, pwp, food/veg, snuff, viol, ws

Simpsons: Mindy's Revenge - The Holiday Special
by JD ([email protected])

A quiet holiday meal with two friends she'd made in Rehab seemed just the thing to cheer up country music star Lurleen Lumpkin, both because none of them would be drinking and because it stopped them thinking alcoholic thoughts alone. Things had been great through the meal, all three women working together on preparation, until it was time for the dessert course; a rich dark chocolate Yule Log that was completely free of the associations with alcohol that other holiday puddings or cakes gave them.

Marie went through to the kitchen for the chocolate treat, only for a crash of crockery to signal disaster. Candy told Lurleen she'd to relax, she'd help. Only, Candy didn't come back either. Lurleen called but received no reply. Curious and irritated Lurleen rose from the table just as a busty redhead in a crimson leather hooded mask came from the kitchen with the Yule log plate in one hand, and a bloody knife in the other. Lurleen could see cruel eyes through holes in the mast, but little else besides her hair pressed through a hole in the back. The intruder wore matching gloves, bra and thigh boots.

"I got your dessert, cunt!"

Lurleen's dinner knife lay on the table by her hand, but she was so shocked and scared she didn't even think grabbing it. Unnoticed, a wet patch grew quickly and dripped as she pissed with fear. Lurleen's surreal horror grew as she saw that although the woman had a rack almost as good as her own, she also had a large cock and balls to match any of the roadies Lurleen liked to screw around with.

Lurleen screamed.

"That won't scare me off. This is a big place and there's nobody to hear with your friends dead. Should have stayed in your trailer. Should have stayed away from him!"

"Please, why are you doing this?"

Mindy tossed the Yule log down on the table. Lurleen instinctively flicked her head to follow it only to receive a hard blow to the side of her head. As Lurleen rocked sideways, Mindy yanked her from the chair and smashed her face down into the rich Yule log, so that it mashed thickly around her nose and mouth. Lurleen breathed in a chunk and choked.

"Went round to see Homer, with that bitch cold and dead he should have been ready for me now... you know what? He wouldn't answer the door, just sat there... listening to your album! You fucking whore!"

Terrified and confused, Lurleen couldn't follow what the crazy shemale was telling her. Her body was wracked with spasms as she tried to cough the Yule log out of her throat, but the stronger Mindy kept her face down in it. Lurleen finally remembered the table knife, but while she'd been choking her sadistic assailant had cleared the table with a brush of one gloved arm. As Lurleen searched around with her hand, a sudden pain shot up her arm, and she found she couldn't move it.

"Keep a hold of that knife, will you? I might need it after I fuck you."

Lurleen managed to clear some air in her throat, and frantically tried to eat more of the Yule log so she wouldn't choke again. The pain in her hand intensified every time she tried to move it, with the knife speared right through into the table. She hoped her friends hadn't had time to suffer as she was,

"Please don't! Please!"

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

Mindy yanked down Lurleen's jeans and panties and roughly probed her piss drenched cunt with eager fingers. Too dry inside, but she still forced her hot hard cock in a moment later. Lurleen let rip an even more anguished scream through a mouthful of food. She'd always worried about rape in her trailer park days, but had never realised the humiliating powerlessness she would feel with the pain. The sobbing blonde shuddered as Mindy reached for a missed pot of lukewarm gravy and poured it all down the crack of Lurleen's ass. Mindy made sure to cover her thick she-cock. The greasy fluid provided lubrication to increase Mindy's pleasure.

Lurleen swallowed still more Yule log as Mindy viciously slammed her face back into it. Her nose cracked. Blood mixed with dessert. Lurleen's terror grew all encompassing. Slow of thought, she realised she wasn't going to get to live as Mindy closed strong fingers around her throat. Lurleen's eyes bulged as her airway was again brutally closed. She could feel Mindy's hard length painfully deep inside her, and the heavy balls that slapped up against her body as the shemale plowed her fast.

Mindy muttered degrading insults as she pounded her tear-blinded victim. Lurleen wanted it to end, the fear and pain and humiliation. She hadn't been able to breathe for a minute and Mindy showed no sign of releasing her grip. She was enjoying Lurleen's desperate struggling and the little choking noises that mixed with the wet fucking noises.

Lurleen was close to passing out; almost relieved, when the shemale rapist pulled out wetly, and flipped her pain wracked body over. The shadow of Mindy's throbbing cock fell across Lurleen's bloody Yule log encrusted face. Lurleen's fuzzy brain was mis-firing as Mindy applied a one handed chokehold to her throat.

"Have some cream with that puddin'!" Mindy groaned

Jerking her gravy slick cock, Mindy stiffened and spurted her seed across Lurleen's face. Lurleen was already beyond feeling the hot splatter across her swollen tongue, or the slimy trail left through smeared chocolate frosting. Mindy missed her victim's last moment, being too busy stroking out the last drops of her orgasm to see Lurleen's eyes rolls up in her head.

Mindy released her grip on Lurleen's throat, and scooped up a small chunk of dessert and semen. She licked the mixture from her glove and smiled with satisfaction at another contender for Homer's affections destroyed.


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