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Description: Killing the helpless women of Springfield proved little
challenge for crazed shemale Mindy Simmons, so she targeted the far stronger
and almost equally crazy Ruth Powers instead.

Content Codes: FF, herm, nc, rape, viol, anal, oral, snuff, necro, fing

Simpsons: Mindy's Revenge Part 3 - Fight The Powers!
by JD ([email protected])

Once, Ruth and her daughter Laura had lived next door to the Simpsons. They'd
moved a few years back, but Ruth still lived close enough to hear about
Marge's death, and attend the funeral. Marge had never treated her as a crazy
woman, like the other townsfolk did - just because she had a criminal record
and got a little violent from time to time. Even at Marge's funeral people
avoided her eye, and she heard whispers. The Comic Book Guy called her She
Hulk behind her back, but she kept a lid on her `roid rage; for respect of

The punch bag shook as Ruth poured her constant anger into it. A few inches
under six foot, Ruth weighed in the 220-230 pound range on any given day, and
all of it was muscle. Her breasts had shrunk to the extent she'd had implants
put in, and her black sports bra held them in check as she threw punch after
punch at the bag. Ruth's red bandana kept the sweat from her eyes, but there
was nothing to stop the trickles down her tanned washboard stomach. Muscles
seemed to bulge under every inch of her skin as she worked out with the bag.

Her thighs were thicker than both of many women's legs pressed together,
beneath Lycra training shorts. They were so tight across her crotch that a
bulging camel toe showed with the clear outline of her steroid lengthened
clit. Where other women had a nub, Ruth Powers had almost three inches of
sensitive flesh. Her calves were equally muscular, and her bare feet could
kick through solid wood when she tried. Ruth Powers saw her whole body as a
weapon, to be used against any man who tried to take her.

The punch bag wasn't in a gym, but bolted to the roof of Ruth's porch. She
wanted passers-by to see her strength. It gave her a kind of thrill that the
Lycra rubbing across her waxed pussy and oversized clit only enhanced. It
wasn't just sweat that stained Ruth's clothing at the end of a punch bag
workout. A final furious flurry of blows signalled the end of her session.
Ruth unhooked and carried the punch bag into her house over her shoulder, as
if it weighed nothing.

* * *

Down the street, sexy shemale Mindy observed her prey. She was smiling
contentedly as her surveillance was almost complete, and soon she would take
her latest victim. Raping and butchering Marge and Manjula had taking a lot
of planning and effort, but Mindy had a killer mind to go with her killer
body. She'd raped and murdered both without being caught or even suspected by
the cops. After Marge, Mindy had planned quickly and had a second kill.
Manjula. It had been most satisfying, especially as the woman had been a
friend of Marge.

With Manjula's cries still fresh in her mind, Mindy decided to target friends
of Marge Simpson specifically. At the most basic level, it let her continue
to take revenge on Marge even after the blue haired bitch was dead and
buried. She figured she could start by targeting every woman - and perhaps
some of the men - who attended Marge Simpson's funeral, just to see if there
was anyone in Springfield smart enough to make the connection to deaths,
disappearances and "accidents".

Helen Lovejoy was the next target. The police report on her death was that
she was mauled and eaten by bears after taking an un-accompanied walk into
the woods around Springfield. Mindy had lured her out there with a promise of
the greatest piece of gossip in the history of the town. It was too easy
really. Mindy had spent some time trying to come up with a way to ironically
crucify the woman, and make it look like an accident or suicide. In the end,
she just beat her, raped her, and left her broken legged next to a cave of
hungry bears - with honey smeared on her breasts and cunt.

It was good. It felt great. Even without using a single blade on Helen
Lovejoy, Mindy had climaxed three times. The first, when she destroyed
Helen's kneecap with a metal bar. The scream had caused all the nearby birds
to take to the air. The second time was simply from the friction of Helen's
ass on her thick she-cock. The third was without touching her cock at all.
She just sprayed from the mere sight of the bears tearing into the screaming
woman as she died. As good as it felt Mindy had a feeling that Helen Lovejoy,
like Marge and Manjula, had been too easy.

Ruth Powers looked like a hard bitch. Mindy figured even shooting her might
not keep her down, and a metal bar would end up rammed into her own tight
ass. She shifted in her seat as her cock throbbed. Mindy ached for release.
She hadn't masturbated since Helen, and didn't intend to empty her heavy
balls until her next victim. Mindy started up the car and pulled away from
the curb. She was already formulating a plan as she sped back to her place.
Mindy chuckled as the radio news reported the finding of Apu's car at the
docks, and that Springfield's finest had already had a lot of witness
statements about recent domestic disputes between the couple.

* * *

The next day saw Ruth go through her usual routine including a three-hour
session at the gym. Mostly, the other patrons stayed out of her way. She
finished in the showers, feeling tired but stronger. Her muscles bulged
beneath the shower spray as she scrubbed the sweat and grime from her skin.
She didn't notice Mindy unscrew the cap on her water bottle, and add a
quickly dissolving powder. In any up-market Gym, the spiking would have been
caught on CCTV, but there was too much illegal steroid dealing going on for
the users to permit a functional security system.

Towelling off only took a few seconds, before Ruth removed her shower hat and
re-tied her bandanna. The hard-bodied woman dressed in silence before taking
a long draught from her water bottle. The powder was completely tasteless,
and Ruth had no idea she'd been drugged as she left the Gym. She made it
halfway across the parking lot before the powder began to kick in, and she
stumbled forwards.

"Let me help you," offered Mindy, who'd waited outside.

Ruth Powers' vision blurred as she looked at the beautiful face of Mindy
Simmons. Mindy's fiery red hair was hidden under a black wig, and a wide
brimmed hat kept it pressed down. There was always a chance of actually
functional CCTV cameras capturing her face, even in such a rundown district
of Springfield. Ruth felt no threat from the petite redhead, and didn't
resist as Mindy pulled her over to her car. She wondered muzzily how the
helpful stranger knew which was hers, but tugged her keys out and let herself
be pushed into the passenger seat. As she finally lost consciousness, Ruth
Powers realized she'd been spiked.

Mindy strapped Ruth into the passenger seat. She was a little out of breath
herself, having had to half carry the muscled woman to her car. She had an
incredible rush of adrenaline in her body, from abducting Ruth Powers in
public, in broad daylight. The redhead pulled out of the parking lot and
headed away as the speed limit allowed. Her eyes flickered from the road to
Ruth's lolling head and drooling mouth. The powder was supposed to keep her
unconscious for a few hours, but it was just possible Mindy hadn't allowed
enough for the muscle woman's weight.

* * *

Warehouse 39 had once been an indoor children's play area. The business had
failed, and the ball pools, crash mats, slides and other equipment had been
abandoned for a few years as various creditors argued ownership. A local
campaign group had been strongly complaining to Mayor Quimby that the site
presented a very strong arson risk. Ruth Powers had become involved, to the
consternation of the other campaigners - they thought she was pretty crazy
too. Mindy saw it as the perfect place to take Ruth, and afterwards it would
seem as if crazy Ruth Powers had decided to prove the arson risk and been
caught up in her own crime.

Mindy wiped sweat from her brow after dumping the not-yet-dead weight of Ruth
Powers onto a crash mat in the very centre of the warehouse. The wig and hat
were left behind in the car, and the sexy shemale shook out her red hair. She
wasn't yet attired in her favourite crimson leather fetish-wear, but her cock
could wait no more for satisfaction. The total helplessness of the drugged
woman aroused Mindy strongly, though not as much as killing had come to.
Mindy stripped her own clothing off and stretched. Her cock stood almost
straight up above her heavy balls, and squirted a little precum between her
firm natural breasts.

Ruth's blouse came off even faster, but the woman's sports bra was well made
and Mindy had a little trouble removing it. It almost didn't seem worth the
effort, as the muscle woman's implants felt a little cold and unnatural to
Mindy's groping fingers. They would definitely have to go, but later, when
Ruth was awake. Mindy ran her hands over the hard muscle beneath Ruth's skin,
down the woman's bulging arms and across her stomach. There was such power
there, such strength. She kissed Ruth's slack lips, tasting her warm tongue.

Almost reluctantly, the redhead slid down Ruth and tugged away her shoes.
Even Ruth's feet seemed muscular, and Mindy stroked the toes before finishing
tugging off Ruth's remaining clothing. Mindy was faced with Ruth's steroidal
enhanced clit in all its three-inch glory, and her shaved-bare snatch. Mindy
positioned her cock at Ruth's cunt, ready for penetration. Just a little fuck
to tide her over until the drugs wore off.


Mindy used Homer's favourite exclamation when she discovered how tight and
dry Ruth was. It seemed the muscular Mrs Powers even had an exercise regime
for down there - something similar to pelvic floor exercise, no doubt. Mindy
sat back on her knees and started fingering and rubbing Ruth. Sure, she could
cut her open and use blood for lube, but she wanted to save the violence for
later when Ruth could really suffer. Slowly but surely Ruth's cunt responded
to Mindy's probing digits and eager clit fondling. Her labia thickened and
opened, and her clit grew erect almost like a tiny penis.

Mindy re-positioned herself, and pressed her cock again against Ruth's cunt.
The unconscious woman's slick channel accepted the huge cock of her shemale
rapist. Mindy groaned her appreciation at the tight warmth gripping her shaft
as she started pleasurable in-out rape motions. Ruth's implants rocked on her
chest under the force of Mindy's increasingly powerful fucking. It wasn't
long before Mindy felt her balls start to tighten and little contractions in
her muscles that told her she was going to come.

There was an audible slurping noise as she withdrew from Ruth's forcibly
aroused shaven snatch. Mindy pulled herself up Ruth's hard body and jerked
off. A few swift strokes of her huge she-cock were all it took to fire her
load into Ruth's slack mouth. Ruth started to cough in her drugged sleep as
Mindy ecstatically came; her contracting muscles were so strong she even
knocked Mindy to one side. The sexy redhead giggled as Ruth coughed out her
spunk, spittle and semen staining her lips, before settling into a semi-
foetal position. Mindy's softening shaft hung between her thighs as she
shakily stood. The musty warehouse air was filled with the strong smell of
Ruth's aroused cunt, and Mindy's own sweat and spunk. Mindy stretched again
and began making her final preparations for when Ruth woke up.

* * *

The taste of semen lingered in Ruth's mouth when she came round, though she'd
drooled most of it out. Her pussy ached, but in a good way. She was reminded
of waking after here date rape at college, Laura's father, and her ex-
husband. As she woke properly she realised that, try as she might, she
couldn't close her mouth. She swished her tongue around and identified a
solid metal ring. The realisation suddenly clicked that she wasn't wearing
her own clothes either. Ruth Powers found her calves laced into shiny black
PVC open-toed boots with six-inch heels.

Ruth's eyes caught movement and she turned to see a freestanding full-length
mirror. The muscular MILF stood shakily and took in the ring strapped into
the half-hood of shiny PVC that wrapped around her head beneath the hairline.
Her red bandana was still holding her hair back above it. She swore, and the
words came out without consonants. Ruth had also been dressed in black PVC
panties and a bra of the same material, but the bra had metal rings around
her nipples to display them.

There was writing on the top of the mirror, in lipstick. Ruth read aloud the
words "Fuck Meat." She made fists so hard that the veins on her arms
throbbed, and tried to pull loose the O-Ring. She couldn't get a grip, and
discovered that the strap was of a stronger material than PVC and was secured
by a clasp she couldn't get to grips with. As she tottered in the heels and
glared at her reflection in the mirror, a red mist formed in Ruth's mind.
Some asshole had kidnapped and raped her, and left her in such a humiliating

"I'm going to feed you your fucking balls!" she shouted, though her aching
jaw could not properly form the words and an incoherent cry of rage was the
result. Ruth kicked out at the mirror, and it crashed down to the floor. She
almost followed it, barely keeping her balance in the unfamiliar heels. Ruth
spat a gob of spermy saliva onto the cracked glass as best she could, with
her mouth forced open, and looked for signs of her assailant, or an exit.

Ruth Powers realised she might have to walk through the streets of
Springfield dressed like a fetish whore, and the thought made her blood boil
even further. She wished she had a knife to cut away the clothing, but
unfortunately for her didn't consider the mirror's broken glass. Ruth
wondered if there was any old clothes in the Warehouse she could put on
before leaving. The place was a death trap according to the campaign group,
so there ought to be something she could use.

Muscles bulging and muttering with rage, Ruth totted from the crash mat, and
continued tottering across the floor towards the door. A tripwire sent her
sprawling before she made it three feet. Ruth came down hard on the palms of
her hands, and the shock shuddered up her solid arms. At the same time a
mechanical click preceded a swish and a crossbow bolt missed her left knee by
an inch. The haft of the bolt shook as it embedded in the wooden floorboard.

Ruth shot to her feet with a sudden surge of terror. The Warehouse was
obviously booby-trapped. She'd set a few traps around her own dwelling in her
craziness, and looked around for the source of the bolt. A hunter's crossbow
was within reach, and she hauled it down and snapped the trip wire
connection. A moment later, and she'd dug the bolt from the floor, wound back
the bowstring and reloaded the weapon. It felt could to be armed, because
Ruth was aware that her muscles were not so useful against an opponent with a

Watching unseen, Mindy grimaced. The redheaded shemale had intended to reduce
Ruth to one leg for the fight she planned. She foolishly hadn't considered
Ruth claiming a crossbow either, though at least it had the drawback of being
a single shot weapon. Mindy shouted shouted, knowing the call would echo
around the warehouse and the source would be hard to place.

"Hello Ruth. I'm going to cut off your fake tits and fuck your steroid rotted
brain. I'm going to hurt you worse than I did that bitch, Marge Simpson. Come
and find me, if you can."

Ruth's rage seemed to grow even further as she listened to the female voice
taunting her. Mindy hoped the woman's red-hot anger would lead her to make
mistakes. She gripped the long razor sharp hunting knife she had chosen for
the encounter, and watched as Ruth tried to identify the source of the shout.

Ruth Powers didn't bother trying to shout back. The O-Ring blocking her mouth
prevented her forming any coherent words. She was angry, it was true, but
she'd been training herself for many `shit hit the fan' situations over the
years and remained in control of herself once she was aware her assailant
remained close by and had laid traps. `Funny,' she thought, `that didn't
sound like a man.' Ruth could still taste sperm. She successfully avoided
another trip wire that would have dropped a bag of spanners on a stumbling
bolt-impaled woman, and reached the Warehouse's exit.

The muscle woman paused. She could get out, go for the police. Even dressed
like a whore, and armed. They'd maybe catch the bastard (and bitch?) who'd
fucked with her, and maybe not. Or, she could find the prick and feed him his
balls. Ruth Powers felt her cunt twitch as she considered the suffering she
would mete out in revenge on her assailant. She'd even leave them alive, in a
fashion, to lift the rest of their broken-bodied life with the memory of

Ruth turned and headed careful back down another corridor and into the depths
of Warehouse 39. A pool of cooking oil was sufficiently hidden in the dusky
gloom to send her sprawling forwards. Ruth slid through a pair of double
doors and found herself back where she'd woken up. Mindy Simmons had her
blade ready, and brought it down across the bowstring; the crossbow was
rendered useless as a missile weapon. She skipped back into the room, and
Ruth Powers was afforded a view of her antagonist

Mindy's full-face mask made identification impossible, even with the shock of
red hair in a ponytail from the hole at the back. Ruth was shocked to see
Mindy's breasts in a crimson leather bra, in contrast to her large thick cock
and heavy balls. Mindy's leather gloved hand carried a long knife, and she
seemed a lot more confident in her high-heeled leather boots than Ruth was in
heels. Ruth Powers managed to get to her feet and lifted the crossbow as a

She would have spat at Mindy, if the ring in her aching jaw allowed her to
aim with any precision. The freak who'd drugged, raped and dressed her like a
tart was going down! Mrs Powers was extremely angry as she charged at Mindy,
and if not for being so unsteady on her high heels, she would have clubbed
the redhead unconscious. As it was, she missed, and Mindy gave her a sold
punch to the breast as she stumbled.

The meaty impact of Mindy's loaded glove against Ruth's creaking PVC bra sent
the muscle woman down to the floor. Ruth rolled immediately, and span out
with a kick that just barely missed Mindy. Adrenalin fuelled both of them as
Mindy slashed out with her hunting blade. Ruth Powers grunted at the sudden
agony along the back of her leg. Mindy had successfully severed the tendon at
the back and Ruth's foot flopped on the end of her leg as blood poured from
the gash.

Ruth made it to her knees and swung out wildly with the crossbow. She caught
Mindy a glancing blow to the thigh, but it would raise only a bruise. The
swing left Ruth open, and Mindy, darted forward and punched her muscular foe
again, a strong blow that shattered Ruth Powers' nose and started blood
streaming down under her mask and around her forced-open mouth. As her eyes
watered, Mindy followed up with a heavy kick right in the PVC panties.

Strong fingers closed on Mindy's ankle as she pulled her foot back. Though in
great pain, Ruth had managed to grab the limb with only blurred vision to
guide her. Mindy brought her hunting knife down into Ruth's wrist, loosening
the grip in a spurt of blood. She lifted it high, and brought it down again
into Ruth's breast, close to the chest and behind the implant. Ruth screamed
again as the blade sliced through skin and fat, and even through Ruth's
suddenly scrambling fingers. Breast and implant dropped wetly to the floor in
a bloody mess.

With her hands useless, Ruth Powers could only flail her arms as Mindy
pressed her cock between the O-ring and into the warm wetness of the Muscle-
MILF's mouth. Mindy made sure to get it all in, until her balls pressed
tightly against Ruth's chin. The spasming tightness of Ruth's throat was
exquisite; Mindy carved the knifepoint across Ruth's back as she fucked the
whimpering woman's throat with merciless brutality. The heady smell of blood
and pain was helping her to a powerful climax.

"Helen Lovejoy put up more of a fight than you, muscle slut! Now swallow my

Mindy stabbed the blade down through Ruth's triceps as she came. Ruth's
strong right arm dangled uselessly below the elbow. Mindy managed to tug her
thick meat free from Ruth's throat and spray a few wads into her tear-filled
eyes. Ruth Powers was losing a lot of blood, but there was still some fight
in her. With barely a pause, Mindy tugged the blade free from Ruth's useless
arm and stabbed her in the eye. The orb burst around the blade, though the
redhead was careful not to thrust in too far. She twisted, and ocular fluid
ran like tears down Ruth's face.

Cutting into Ruth Powers' sculpted body was almost better than sex. Mindy
groaned as she sighted the three inch nub of clitoral flesh between Ruth's
thighs. She pinched it hard between her fingers as she applied the knifepoint
to the base of Ruth Powers' clit. Ruth's high pitched scream told Mindy her
victim was aware enough to appreciate the gesture as she sliced away her
clitoris entirely. It seemed to pulse as she lifted it to her mouth and
chewed it bloodily between her teeth.

There was so much blood; it seemed to pump from Ruth harder than from her
previous victims. Mindy wondered if it was a sign of high blood pressure, as
she twisted the unresisting woman onto her face, and hoiked Ruth's rock hard
buttocks high. She spread blood all over her still hard cock, until it was
drenched in the sticky red warmth. She hoped Ruth Powers remained conscious
enough to experience the indignity as she tugged aside PVC panties and
started to force her way into the dying woman's butt.

Ruth did feel the fresh intrusion through the coldness that seeped through
her body. She was losing blood so fast that her wounds were hardly
registering, but she felt the heat in her butt. Her face coloured a little at
the final humiliation. A last blush as the vision in her remaining eye grew
dark. She managed a weak groan as Mindy Simons's balls slapped between her
hard buttocks as the shemale's blood-slick cock slid deeply into her.

Mindy gripped Ruth's hips as she raped the woman into her death twitches. She
was aware of the point of death only when Ruth's sphincter relaxed very
slightly, and piss began to mix with the pooling blood. It felt so good she
just kept on balling away in the corpse's butt. She ground her hips, twisting
her cock inside Ruth's ass as the warmth seeped from the body beneath her.
Mindy was panting hard by the time she reached her climax, shooting a last
thick wad of seed deep inside.

Ruth Powers was dead. Another cooling lump of worthless fuckmeat twitched
beneath Mindy Simmons, Springfield's shemale serial sex killer. Mindy
swallowed the last morsal of Ruth Powers' clit between heavy panting. Her
leather garments stuck to her skin as she tried to catch her breath and enjoy
the relaxation that filled her in the wake of her orgasms.

She was so exhausted that she didn't hear the high pitched voice of the girl
leading Springfield's finest through the booby traps in the warehouse, nor
Chief Wiggum ordering her to stay outside as they burst into the main room.
It seemed little Lisa Simpson had put two and two together where Springfield
Police Department had been baffled, and had even been able to track Ruth
Powers' abduction from the CCTV. If only she'd made the connection just 24
hours before, the muscle woman would still be alive.


"Oh God, Chief.That's disgusting!"

"Suck it up, Lou. Keep your pistol on the perp."

Mindy's hand closed on the hilt of her hunting knife. Her flaccid cock slid
from Ruth's asshole as she started to turn. A stream of shit dribbled loose
from the gaping hole left behind. Chief Wiggum let off a warning shot, aimed
at the crash mat besides Mindy. Unfortunately, his aim was as bad as his
investigative skills.

The shemale's head flicked backwards hard as a small hole appeared in the
forehead of her crimson leather mask. She felt it, somehow, as the bullet
drilled into her brain. A semi-dud, it failed to punch through the back of
Mindy's skull, it ricocheted around inside her grey matter. Blood dribbled
from Mindy's ears as her eyes rolled up. She slumped backwards slowly in
death. Her sticky cock squirted piss like a fountain across Ruth Powers'
muscular back.

"Uh. Ooops."


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