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Description: Shemale Mindy killed Marge Simpson for revenge. Next, she
targeted Manjula for fun

Content Codes: +1FV, +1MV, M/Shemale, F/Shemale, rape, mast, violence, cum,
snuff, scat/gs, dickgirl, blade mutilation, asphyx, necro, castration,
mild-electro, skull.

Simpsons: Mindy's Revenge Part 2 - Mindy Comes Again
by JD ([email protected])

Apu had not always been the most faithful husband in the world. He had taken
to fucking the lady who delivered Squishees in the Kwik-E-Mart closet, only
to be found out by Homer Simpson. On reflection, he considered himself rather
lucky that Homer hadn't also found out about all the other women he'd been
screwing around with. Manjula had taken him back, much to his relief - he
didn't like doing his own ironing - and he'd publicly sworn off sleeping

He kept his word until just after Marge Simpson's death; most of the town
turned out for the funeral, but duty compelled him to remain behind the
counter in the Kwik-E-Mart. Business was quiet, and Apu busied himself
stocking shelves. The sound of the automatic doors drew him back to the
counter, where a stunningly beautiful Redhead waited. Mindy bought her
doughnuts elsewhere, so this was her first visit to the Kwik-E-Mart.

Mindy was dressed in thigh high black dark red, actually crimson, leather
boots, a short leather skirt in the same colour, and a black PVC boob tube
that barely contained her rack. Her nipples pressed prominently against the
shiny black material. The theme was skin tight, and Apu eagerly appraised the
toned skin on display around it. His eyes ran up from the spiked heels of her
boots, along leather wrapped calves to the tight skirt, then her bare midriff
beneath the boob tube.

She smiled warmly at him. Five minutes later he was headed along the road
with Mindy's head in his lap, and the `back soon' sign in the Kwik-E-Mart
door. Sanjay soon arrived to cover, as he always did for his brother's
extra-marital exploits. He whistled cheerfully, checked the CCTV was still
off - Apu often `forgot' to activate it, in case it caught him with a lady
friend - and set about clocking up the favorable hourly rate that made it
all worthwhile.

The redhead's tongue knew just where to tough his shaft, and she had amazing
suction. Apu nearly lost control of the car a few times before he spurted.
After taking his thick load into her mouth, Mindy held it there until Apu
parked his car where she'd directed. She spat it into his eyes after he took
off his seatbelt, and then slammed his face into the steering column,
smashing his nose. Blood spattered across the dashboard. Apu howled and
cursed as the airbag slammed into his face and pinned him against the chair.

Mindy hopped out of the red convertible and slinked around to the other side.
Her she-cock was throbbing, forced painfully downwards by her tight leather
skirt so the end poked past the hem. Apu desperately tried to rub the
stinging cum from his eyes as he cursed the crazy redhead woman. He felt her
hand slide down to his bare crotch, where his cock dropped flaccidly after
the blowjob. Apu grabbed for Mindy's wrist a second too late to do any good.

Mindy had his heavy, hairy, brown scrotum in her grip.

"Get out of the car or I'll crush your balls," she said, in her most
seductive voice.

Apu started to protest, so she increased the pressure until he squealed. The
Indian realized he had no choice if he wanted to remain a real man. He
followed her from the car as meek as a lamb, with blood draining from his
shattered nose. Mindy backed into the old warehouse, pleased she'd previously
cleared away anything she might trip over.

"What do you want? Kwik-E-Mart employees do not carry cash! Did Manjula pay
you to do this?"

Mindy didn't answer, she just kept smiling as he worked the stinging cum
from his eyes and saw clearly again. Apu's nose throbbed angrily, and he
nostalgically wished for the familiar pain of a bullet in his shoulder. As he
wiped the last of his cum and Mindy's spit from his eyes he decided he didn't
like her hungry grin at all. She gripped his balls one handed, and held his
soft cock in the other.

"Look, baby, I." Apu broke off, noting the bulge pressed down against Mindy's
short skirt and. "Oh my god. Oh my god."

Mindy again didn't respond. She carefully backed further into the warehouse
with Apu, making sure he didn't trip with his pants around his ankles, until
she had him where he wanted him. and then she squeezed his balls. Her grip
was very strong. She practised squeezing. Apu's testicles pulped quickly in
Mindy's grip, though his scrotum held the mush in. The pain didn't come
immediately, and Apu's gasp failed to drown out the squelching noise. Then he
collapsed foetally and screamed in a high-pitched, girlish manner.

Mindy's own balls were heavy with cum, but she was saving it all for Manjula.
Pretty Manjula, who Mindy had noted out of all the women of Springfield, and
decided to take as her second true victim. The pathetic emasculated male who
lay weeping on the floor didn't count. Mindy's cock was achingly hard; the
sexy redhead considered, for a moment, draining her balls in Apu - to take
the edge off. His ass didn't look unappealing, but. No. Another man would be
cheating on Homer.

Instead she dropped down onto Apu, and moved him until she sat on his chest.
Mindy gripped his throat tightly in her yellow fingers. Apu had lost his
balls. He didn't want to live. By the time he started to fight back, he was
almost gone. Mindy almost climaxed as she murdered Apu, shivering as she felt
the first tremors. She managed to calm her lusts by imagining Hans Moleman
doing a nude pictorial. She held her grip on Apu's windpipe for several
minutes. She kept her grip even after his voided waste stained the floor
between his legs. Then she tugged off his pants and shoes, and spread his
legs wider.

Apu's cooling body smelled strongly as she rang Manjula on his cell phone.

* * *

Manjula had left her eight kids with two child-minders to go to Marge
Simpson's funeral. She kept herself mostly to herself, although she spoke
politely when anybody approached her. She wore a somber colored Sari in
low-key red, respecting American traditions. She wasn't entirely at home
amongst the mourners though, and made her excuses around the time Chief
Wiggum was putting his foot in his mouth, talking about how good Marge's
ass had looked when she was a cop.

The cheerful cell phone ring-tone sounded out of place, but Manjula was
already walking back to the car and could ignore the slight embarrassment.
The caller ID showed Apu, so she answered in their Indian dialect. The reply
was unexpected, "Is that Manjula?" A woman's voice! The cheating slimebag!

"Who is this?" Manjula demanded, coldly.

"Listen, I picked this guy up, we come back here, we fuck. I find out the
bastard's married! I grabbed his cell when he went to the bathroom, you want
evidence for a divorce settlement get a video camera and get down here!"

Manjula's initial rage turned to a sense of gratitude - sure, the mystery
woman had fucked her husband, but when she found the man was scum, she went
out of her way to help! That was this American concept of sisterhood.

"Thank you," she managed, "for your honesty. Where has he taken you?"

"Oh, in the hall, the kitchen, up against the-"

"I mean," Manjula's voice rose, "Where are you?"

"Oh," said Mindy, managing to keep the chuckle from her voice, "we went
back to my place, they're converting warehouses at the docks to oceanside
properties," Mindy went on to give precise directions, and explain it looked
very beat up at the moment because they'd barely started. She then cut off
the call, saying Apu was coming back from the bathroom. Manjula was going to
get a camera all right! This time round she was going to take Apu for every
damn penny!

Back in the warehouse Mindy turned off the cellphone, and tossed it out of
the window into the salty ocean water. Apu wasn't ever going to need it
again, after all. If Manjula brought a camera it would be kind of fun to
leave it on the floor and film things. Mindy set to changing her clothes. The
whore outfit had been good at hooking Apu, but the only part of it she wanted
to keep for Manjula was the boots.

She'd not wiped any of the mess from the clothing she wore to snuff Marge
Simpson. She stripped quickly, and then slowly slid back on her thigh length
boots, made from fine crimson dyed leather. A matching leather bra kept her
breasts from bouncing too much, while taking off the skirt had freed her hard
shemale cock to stand freely. Mindy then slid on her elbow length custom
leather gloves, drawing the smell of Marge into her nostrils from them. She
strapped the spiked leather dog collar around her neck, and finally pulled on
the full-head leather mask and pulled her hair out of the hole at the back.
She smiled through the mouth hole and looked down through the eye holes as
she picked the baton back up.

Mindy licked her full red lips, and sashayed over to pick up a small electric
shock baton from next to the entrance door. A battery cassette player was by
her feet. Before long a flock of seagulls loudly took to the air nearby, and
in the generally deserted area Mindy took it to mean Manjula was approaching.
She turned on the cassette player, which began to play the sounds of herself
building up to a screaming explosive climax. The moans and groans echoed
around the warehouse as Mindy took her position by the door, baton in hand.
She had recorded the tape as she masturbated to a horror movie, spraying over
her own tits as a black girl had been impaled on a meat hook.

Manjula stormed into the warehouse, convinced that the screams would cover
her approach from Apu. She assumed the mystery woman had got Apu screwing
her again so there was something worth filming. Mindy stepped smartly forward
and prodded Manjula's sari-covered butt with the electric shock baton.
Manjula squealed, and dropped to her knees. The woman's heavy plait of ass
length hair knocked the shock baton aside as she twisted, but Mindy quickly
pressed it back again into Manjula's back.

The hot little shemale pulled the video camera from Manjula's hand. She
filmed Manjula's writhing for a second and then put the video camera down on
the floor, to one side. If it didn't catch all the action, it wouldn't be the
end of the world. Next time she'd definitely have a few cameras already set
up on tripods.

She then went back to jabbing Manjula. The repeated electric shocks made
Manjula writhe on the filthy floor, and she screamed and begged in her native
tongue. A heavy wet patch formed around the crotch level of her sari. She
hadn't been to the toilet since before the drinks at Marge's funeral, and the
patch was soon a stinking yellow puddle. Mindy loved the incredible sense of
power that came with pushing the prod against Manjula, with the little sparks
and fresh screams. Mindy found it highly arousing that she'd made Manjula
piss herself.

Mindy held the electric shock prod against Manjula's ass for a whole five
seconds. Manjula screamed and screamed, then sobbed as the torturous electric
shocks finally stopped. Her ass felt like it was on fire. Mindy tossed the
electric shock baton aside and took up her knife. She used the sharp blade to
slash a line down Manjula's back, cutting through her sari to the bare brown
skin beneath. Her sobbing victim started to push herself up from the floor
when she was nearly done. Mindy realized she was going to try and make a run
for it.

"Got some fight left in you, Hindu whore? More than that slut whore Marge had
when she got between me and Homer!"

Manjula held onto Manjula's hips and pushed her thick plait of hair aside.
She licked up the trail of blood along the Indian woman's back, before
sitting down heavily on her. Manjula was forced back down to the floor. Mindy
gripped the back of Manjula's head tightly and began smashing it hard into
filthy concrete. The shemale's eight-inch cock bounced on Manjula's back as
she crunched her nose and knocked out teeth. The sheer sadism was too much
for Mindy.

She stiffened as she came, spraying her thick shemale cum onto Manjula's
bleeding back, and into the silky black hair at the top of the plait. Mindy
pumped her hips involuntarily as she came, and added her groans to Manjula's
hysterical crying. Manjula's hands clawed back desperately, but her sharp
nails could only reach to scratch the leather of Mindy's thigh length boots.
Manjula broke a nail, but couldn't do anything to Mindy. Semen dribbled from
the end of Mindy's dick, and she swirled her semi-softened crown against
Manjula's warm brown skin, making patterns of sweat and blood and cum.

Mindy took Manjula's long plait, and wrapped it around her own throat.
Manjula didn't realize what was happening as the silky hair looped around her
neck. Mindy pushed Manjula's broken face down into the blood and tears, and
pulled back hard on her hair plait. The hair loop tightened and Manjula's
cries choked off immediately to desperate raspy breaths. Her wrist bangles
scraped the floor as she stopped scratching at Mindy's boots and tried to
pull the hair from her throat. Mindy's strong hands were too much, and
Manjula slowly started to asphyxiate.

Mindy choked her for almost a minute, enjoying the sounds and sensations of
Manjula's desperate struggle beneath her. They mixed well with her recorded
orgasm, although the tape would soon end. As Manjula started to grow weaker,
Mindy loosened the hair, and stood up. Manjula's nose was running, along with
the blood pouring from it, and she breathed through broken teeth. Her face
was flushed darkly brown beneath the blood and tears.

The shaky Indian babe managed to get the loop of hair over her head, and
began to push up to her knees. She knew somewhere in her mind that she had to
run. As she raised her head she saw, through tear filled eyes, Apu's half
naked corpse. Her jaw dropped open and she started a thin scream. Mindy
kicked Manjula's jaw hard enough to shatter it, and found to her surprise and
pleasure that Manjula had bitten off the end of her own tongue. The blood
mask on the bitch's face was suddenly running a whole lot thicker.

Mindy followed up with solid kicks to Manjula's ribs, breaking several, and
then a stiff kick to the chest that badly bruised a breast and knocked her
onto her back. Manjula cried with each sick breaking sound, and then began to
cough hard as blood flowed down into her throat. Mindy's sticky cock was rock
hard again, and she stroked it for a moment before reaching down and tearing
off the rest of Manjula's torn sari.

The good quality fabric fluttered aside while Mindy jerked her dick over
her coughing near naked captive. After a moment's thought she stomped on
Manjula's hairy cunt. Her boot heel tore into the flesh of Manjula's belly,
and emerged from the bloody hole with a little scrap of meat hanging off it.
The rest of Mindy's foot crunched down into Mindy's cunt. Manjula's broken
jawed screeching sounded a fresh level of agony. Blood trickled from the
hole and down into Manjula's thick bush.

Blood and piss stained the floor as Mindy dragged the woman's broken body
across the rough floor by the long hair plait. The highly aroused shemale
twisted Manjula back over and used her boot on the back of the crying Indian
babe's head to hold her face down in Apu's voided waste. The vile taste
filled Manjula's mouth, and the tiny rational part of her mind left worried
at the shame of drowning in her adulterous husband's shit.

Mindy left her there, and went to retrieve her knife. When she returned,
Manjula's shit smeared face was still on the ground. There was no doubt at
all that she was suffering horribly. The woman was weeping and no longer
trying to escape. Mindy got down onto her knees, and pulled Manjula's face up
for a better angle. Manjula felt the pressure on her large almond shaped left
eye just before Mindy jabbed her throbbing eight inches of she cock-hard
enough to burst it. Mindy moaned as Manjula's warm eye socket surrounded her
cock head, and then pushed harder, forcing through the thin eye socket and
grinding into the yielding brain.

Manjula's body began to twitch and shake as her brain was destroyed. The soft
grey matter was pounded into mush by Mindy's hard thrusting cock. Nonsensical
words came out of Manjula's mouth, and then her jaw and mutilated tongue
simply hung slackly. She wasn't even aware she'd died, but Mindy saw Manjula
voiding her bowel just as her cock throbbed and she blasted semen right into
the wreckage of Manjula's brain. Mindy screamed as she came, while bits of
brain were worked out around her shaft.

She sat there for a while, her semi-hard cock lodged in Manjula's mind.
Manjula's other eye had rolled up, showing only white. Mindy absent-mindedly
popped it with her thumb. It had felt so good destroying Manjula, but the
sense of need was still there. Mindy stood up, and let her cock slide from
Manjula's skull. Rolling the dead woman onto her back, she squatted over
Manjula's slack mouth. The shemale bit her lip, and pushed. Her shit was
thick and hard, and dropped down straight into the dead woman's open mouth, a
suitable last meal to go with the remains of Apu's waste.

Mindy realized that she still wanted, and needed, Homer J Simpson. Now Marge
was gone she could move in, and slowly seduce him. In the mean time, she
could make sure there wasn't any competition for his affections, by
destroying it as she had Manjula. She knew she didn't want to stop killing
now. As she thought about other women in Springfield, her cock grew hard
again, and she moved between Manjula's knees. She spread the dead woman's
legs wide.

A quick push, and she was into the corpse's still-warm snatch. Manjula's
thick black pubic hair brushed against Mindy's thighs as the shemale thrust
and withdrew. Shit, blood and piss provided more than enough lubrication in
the slack sheathe. Holding herself up with one hand, Mindy reached again for
her knife and stabbed it down into Manjula's rocking breast. She stabbed with
each thrust, feeling her excitement grow, and finally fired into the corpse's
dead womb. Manjula's eyeless head lolled to one side as Mindy withdrew from
her body for the last time.

Mindy disposed of the two bodies easily, wrapping them in chicken wire and
weighing them down in Springfield bay. Nobody went scubadiving in water with
twelve times the acceptable nuclear waste levels, for which she was thankful
to Mr. Burns. Apu's blood spattered car was found abandoned at the docks, and
Springfield's finest put the disappearance down to the Nahasapeemapetilon's
well known marital problems.

Of course, by the time the vehicle was found, Mindy had killed again.


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