Simpsons: Maude's Counseling (MF, reluc, cons)
by Wilcox

"So, Maude," Reverend Timothy Lovejoy asked the pretty church lady, "what's
troubling you?"

Maude Flanders hesitated. She and the Reverend were alone in the parish
office, sitting on the couch. She and her husband Ned had come to him for
counseling and when she indicated that she was too embarrassed to talk
openly in front of her husband, her Minister had suggested that he talk to
her alone while Ned waited in the living room.

"Is that all right with you Ned," Reverend Lovejoy had asked. "It's probably
better to let Maude feel free to open up to me."

Now that they were alone and out of Ned's hearing, she didn't know how to
begin. Finally, she just blurted it out.

"Well, Reverend, it's about our ... sex life. It's seems that I'm not ...
satisfying ... my husband ... when we make love," she said. "And to make it
worse... I've been having fantasies of being taken by men other than my

"And this troubles you?" Lovejoy asked as he worked his eyes over the pretty
church wife's full figured body.

"Yes, that's why I came to you for counseling."

"I see," Lovejoy said with a smile, moving closer to Maude.

"Maude, there's nothing wrong with you that a little private counseling won't
help with. And besides, it sounds as if you've nothing to blame yourself for.
Lust in the mind is not a sin. You say you fantasize about other men forcing
themselves on you."

"Well, yes. But to be honest," she said softly. "I don't protest in my
fantasies. It's so unlike me."

"Yes," he replied. "So exactly what did these men do in your fantasy?"

"You ... you ... want the details?" she said as her eyes widened.

"Confession is good for the soul, Maude. It will help me determine the course
of the counseling I'll give you." Lovejoy moved a little closer. "We'll need
to play through your fantasy in order for me to help you."

"He comes into the house and pulls me onto the sofa..."

"Like we two are now?" Reverend Lovejoy asked as he moved a bit closer.

"Yes. We were on the sofa. The man reached out and tears off my blouse. He
then ... lifts my brassiere to expose my breasts. He fondled and ... suckled
them as I moaned in forbidden pleasure."

"And when he did this, did your nipples extend?" Blushing, Maude nodded yes.
"Go on," Lovejoy encouraged her.

"Then the man raised my skirt and pulled down my hose," she said in a small
voice. "Then he ripped off my panties."

"Exposing your pubic area?"

"Yes. He then exposed himself ... and he was very big ... you know ...
his ... penis," she said averting her eyes.

"It's OK Maude, I'm your minister," he said moving even closer. "You can use
the word cock. He had a long thick cock ... a cock that Ned can't provide for
you. One that can reach to the very depth of your soul."

"Oh yes," she said breathlessly. "Then he pushed me down onto my back, fit it
into my vagina and pushed himself inside me."

"He put it into your vagina Maude. You should say, he slid his big dick into
your tight little pussy and rammed it home hard and deep." Another nod from
Maude. "And while he was doing this, did you experience an episode of intense
pleasure?" Reverend Lovejoy asked.


"And was that all?"

"No, Reverend. Afterwards, he turned me over and he did it again ... like
an animal. Doggie style, I've heard it called," she said as she blushed at
having to tell all the sordid details of her fantasy of being taken by a big
dicked stranger.

"And did you have an orgasm that time as well?" Lovejoy asked.


"And each time, did the man ejaculate inside you?"


Lovejoy was now sitting very close to Maude. "So as I understand it, Maude,
you dream of a man, not your husband, forcing himself on you and causing you
to reach sexual climax by fucking your warm squishy pussy with a big hard
cock. Is that right?"


He put his hand on her leg and asked, "You enjoyed breaking your marriage
vows? Didn't you?"

Maude slowly nodded as Lovejoy's hand moved up under her skirt. "Reverend,
what are you doing?"

Lovejoy didn't answer. Instead, he put his hand into her panties, probing for
her opening. Finding it wet; he slipped a finger inside her. "Tell me Maude,
did he use any foreplay like this in your fantasy?" he asked in a husky

Maude didn't know what was happening. "No," she said as his fingers ignited
her passions. She had come to Reverend Lovejoy for guidance and now he was
forcing her down on the couch, fingering her, taking off her panties. She
wanted to yell out, tell him to stop, but the secret part of her remembered
how good it had been with the man in her dreams.

"Are you sure he didn't fondle your big full breasts ... like this?" he

Maude stayed quiet as Lovejoy fondled her breasts though her blouse. She
looked into his eyes as his hands began unbuttoning her blouse. Finished,
Reverend Lovejoy pulled the material to the side so that her bra-clad chest
was open to his view. Maude's big breasts swelled over the confines of her
bra and Lovejoy licked his lips in horny anticipation. He slowly unclasped
the bra and Maude's beautiful, full breasts burst into view.

"Magnificent," commented Reverend Lovejoy as he stared at the pink nipples
that topped her breasts, breasts that despite her age needed no support,
breasts that seemed to quiver all by themselves as if begging to be sucked.

"Has any other man beside your husband Ned ever touched your tits, Maude?"
he asked.

She nodded no and he smiled as he pulled her closer him until his hand cupped
Ned Flander's lovely wife's breast. His thumb moved over her hard nipple for
awhile and then Lovejoy bent closer to Maude and his tongue licked her entire
breast before it circled her nipple just before he closed his mouth over the
hardening nub.

Maude didn't know how to react and she unconsciously moved her hand to the
back of his head and pulled him closer. He kissed and sucked both nipples as
she moaned in delight, unable to stop herself from loving the deep-rooted
feelings consuming her. She didn't know how much time had passed as Reverend
Lovejoy's mouth continued to nurse on her heaving bosoms.

He pulled back and looked deeply into her eyes. "Has any other man beside
your husband Ned ever eaten you out Maude?" he asked.

She again nodded no and he smiled as he got on his knees, spread her knees
wide apart and raised her skirt to her lap. He pulled aside her panties,
dipped his tongue into her slit and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her
clitoris was up hard as he twirled his tongue around it and feasted on her
flowing juices. MMMM, he thought, two kids and she's still got an incredibly
tight cunt, it's so beautiful, so succulent.

He pulled her forward and tilted her hips up as his tongue slid up and
down her hot slit. Then he dragged it down her crack and began to alternate
between her sweet pussy and tiny puckered anus as he fingered her erect clit.
His demanding tongue was digging deeply up her tiny asshole as a powerful
orgasm washed over her and her tingling body unconsciously gave in to his
every demand.

Finally his head popped up and he leaned back. Maude watched wide-eyed as he
stood, unhooked his belt and quickly slid down his pants. He wore boxer type
briefs and she just stared at the huge strain put on the fabric.

"Did you want to suck the man's big dick, Maude," he asked. "Did you want to
pull his dick out and suck on it? Why don't you show me what you would have
done if he forced you to perform oral sex on him in your dream? Go on Maude,
this is for your own good. You did come to me for counseling and I feel that
it's very important to fully explore your fantasy."

Maude hopped off the couch, hooked her thumbs in his briefs and slid them
down his legs. As he spread his legs she looked up slowly. She stared at his
huge balls with wide eyes and then the enormity of his organ sank into her
confused brain. His cock was huge, long, thick, and imposing ... and much
larger than the man in her fantasy. It lay flat against his muscular stomach
and stretched beyond his belly button. Maude's hand reached out and her
fingers encompassed his cock as she estimated that it was easily twice the
size of her husband Ned's.

Lovejoy said, "That's it Maude. Move your hand up and down. Show me how you
would have handled his cock."

She slowly started to move her hand up and down her Minister's cock,
masturbating him.

Lovejoy sighed deeply and said, "Very nice Maude, you have a nice touch."

She smiled at him as her hand quickened its pace up and down his cock.

"Nice Maudie" said Lovejoy; "I love the way your big tits jiggle as you do
that." His fingers moved down and played with her tits as she stroked his
massive cock. She blushed a little and he added, "You're doing great. Trust
me, this is just what you need right now. You need to live out your fantasy
in order to strengthen your marriage."

He sat back on the couch and added, "You'll take good care of my cock while
I'm helping you through this, won't you Maude?"

She nodded in agreement as she moved her hand down and cupped his heavy

After a few more minutes he moaned, "Your so good at this that my balls are
aching to blow a load, do you want it Maude ... do you want to receive my

Maude nodded yes and her hand moved up and down his thick cock as she pumped
it to hasten his orgasm.

"Maude, I'm glad you and Ned came to me with this problem," said Lovejoy,
leaning back as she continued to work his cock. After a few more minutes he
got up from his reclined position and knelt in front of Maude so that his
cock faced her.

Suddenly he groaned and a thick stream of cum shot from his cock. The first
stream landed high on her chest and landed with an audible splat on her
flesh. Maude tugged harder and coaxed the next few streams to land on her
breasts, coating them in his cum. With her right hand she pumped him as her
left held his balls, kneading them coaxing more cum from him and receiving a
final spurt in her opened mouth as a reward.

She moved her head so that his cock moved over her lips, his glistening cum
now smeared across her lips and caressed it against her other cheek. Leaning
forward, she moved her pretty face between his legs and licked each ball.
After each lick, she moved her head back as if to examine her work and then
lick another area to get every drop of his tasty semen. She moved her head
to the side and let her tongue traced the crease formed between his crotch
and his legs, then back to each ball. Opening her mouth wide, she allowed
each sack to fill her mouth so that she could lather each one with her

"You said that wanted to suck the man's cock ... didn't you Maude," he asked.
"Well go ahead ... I'm here for you."

She licked her way back up his shaft and opened her mouth. She took the head
of his cock in her mouth and he watched as Maude's tongue made circles around
his sensitive skin. She moved her head forward and another inch or two
disappeared inside her mouth. After a few minutes, more and more of Reverend
Lovejoy's cock entered Maude's mouth until the head was pressed against the
opening to her throat.

"That's very good Maude," Lovejoy praised her. "But in your fantasy I'm sure
that you would have deep throated the man's big dick. Here, let me help you
with it." He put his hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth and
throat over his thick dick until she'd taken every long thick inch down her

He let his hands drop to his sides as Maude moved her head up and down,
allowing Reverend Lovejoy's huge cock to fuck her face. Her hands were now
between her legs, desperately fingering her pussy, as she sucked him off.
Occasionally, she would remove his cock completely so that she could lick
down one side and up the other, cleaning his cock of her saliva.

The transformation of the conservative church wife was almost complete now
and Lovejoy smiled as he watched Ned Flander's pretty wife go down on him in
his office while her husband sat only a short distance away in his living
room. "I'm close, Maudie," he moaned. "And remember ... a good wife always

Maude covered his cock with her mouth and kept still as he moved his hips
causing his cock to slide in and out of her tightly pursed lips. She could
actually feel his cock swell as his grunts announced his climax. She kept
sucking him as she swallowed his load, trying to keep up with the copious
amounts of sperm being discharged from Reverend Lovejoy's cock but it was
a losing battle.

Cum leaked out around the tight grip of her mouth, first a trickle and then
a torrent of cum as Maude could not swallow fast enough to keep up. She held
her hand directly below her chin as she kept her mouth glued to the end of
his cock until it stopped spurting. Her cupped hand contained a puddle of cum
and she brought it up and dipped the end of Lovejoy's still hard cock into
it. Sufficiently coated with sperm, she brought it back to her mouth and
cleaned it anew. She continued with this until all traces of her Minister's
cum were gone.

Maude was still sucking his incredible rock hard cock when Lovejoy pulled
Maude's head off of his dick. "I think that we need to pursue this a bit
deeper Maude. I have an idea." She looked up at him with a baffled look in
her face. He grabbed her by the upper arms, stood her up and had her remove
all of her clothes. He then pulled her face to face onto his lap with her
knees bent on either side of legs. Her full figured body moved closer to
him. Her sopping wet pussy slid closer to his cock.

"Reverend Lovejoy ... do you really think we should...," she was cut off.
"Maude! Trust me. I know best." And just because he had an excuse, he
slapped one of her tight ass cheeks. "Now you said you'd trust me ...
don't be bad. Be good. Be good for your Minister while he's trying to help

She gave in with a sheepish look, pouting and nodding yes. Lovejoy slipped
his hands under her ass and raised her up; his huge erection aimed for her
juicy slit. He continued until the head of his cock was nudged between her
tight lips while Maude whimpered softly.

Once his cock head was in her, he could feel that the hot little church
wife was soaking wet. He slammed her down on his dick shouting, "Oh, sweet
Jesus ... take the staff of life Maude!" as he thrust deep inside her.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" His cock was so much deeper than Ned had ever been! And
he was much thicker. It stretched her like never before. It hurt and even
though she was completely stuffed with cock, she tried to be brave. After
all Reverend Lovejoy was only doing this to help her she reasoned.

Maude's tight, wet cunt clutched his cock as if it wanted to rip it from his
body. As her cunt pulsed, he could swear it was trying to get more of his
cock into her. He'd never felt anything hotter in his whole life. His cock
felt like it was on fire. He came very close to cumming on entry, so he just
held her there, buried inside her.

Maude was moaning softly, her heavy breathing causing her breasts to heave
up and down. She leaned back and Reverend Lovejoy looked at her full jiggling
mounds. He reached up and filled his hands with her fleshy mounds. They
excited him immensely and he knew that he needed to taste them again as he
pulled Maude to him. He took an erect nipple in his mouth and started
sucking. His hands slid down to clasp the flesh of Maude's firm ass cheeks,
taking a handful of each as she rotated her hips upon his fully embedded

"Ahhh... Reverend Lovejoy. What... are... you... doing?" Ned was a straight
missionary position man. And he'd never played with her tits and ass when
they had sex. Now her Minister was doing it, while the biggest cock she ever
had was buried in her tight pussy to the hilt. Now she had to get off. Her
body was so hot and her need was so great that Maude started moving up and
down. Fucking herself upon her Minister's massive cock on the couch in his

Reverend Lovejoy was overjoyed when Maude started moving up and down. He
saw a look of total passion on her face and that cute little smile. Lovejoy
sensed that Maude secretly liked it rough and that her passive husband was
too gentle with her to unleash the sex starved woman hiding deep within her.
He started pumping back, hard ... giving her the full length with every up

Maude moaned loudly while now riding him as if she'd done this her whole
life. Her pelvic bone was pounding down into him and it felt like his cock
head was entering her stomach it entered her so deeply. She knew that she
was going to cum all over her Minister's huge cock and there was nothing
she could do to stop herself. Lovejoy grabbed her head by a huge clump of
hair, and pulled her mouth onto his ... jamming his tongue in her mouth
while she sucked on it like a lollipop. She was groaning loudly into his
mouth when she finally came.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her hot sweaty body; pressing her heaving
breasts into his chest. He pumped as hard as he could, providing both himself
as well as Ned Flander's wife with as much sexual pleasure as possible.

When her climax finally finished, Maude went limp in the arms of her
Minister. She was barely conscious when Reverend Lovejoy stood while still
holding her up and lifted her off of his dick before placing her on all fours
with her arms and head on the couch with her full meaty ass waving around in
the air. He wanted to fuck her doggie style, just like in her fantasy, and
Maude wasn't in any condition to argue as he positioned her.

He knelt behind her with his huge cock in his hand. Then, with the other
hand, he separated her legs and placed his cock upon the now exposed, and
dripping slit. Lovejoy locked his hands on Maude's flaring hips and shoved
hard. He buried himself again into the faithful church wife's tight little
pussy, but this time she just gently mewed and pushed back to him.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Lovejoy shouted as he thrust deep inside her. "Accept
my staff as I do the Lord's work and help you through this crisis in your
marriage Maude."

Maude responded with wild abandon, meeting each of his thrusts with one of
her own. He loved how her heart-shaped ass looked as he drove his huge cock
into her glove tight pussy again and again. She was pushing back and wiggling
against him as she took him even deeper than before. He rode her through two
more orgasms and then he looked down at her wide spread cheeks and saw a new
target ... the tight rosebud of her anus. He immediately pulled his cock from
her grasping cunt, and placed the head at the impossibly tight entrance to
Maude's ass. Lovejoy began to push.

"Ooooo... Reverend Lovejoy! Please stop... it hurts!" Maude groaned loudly.

"Please Mrs. Flanders, I'm only doing what I have too!" he said with a wicked
gleam in his eye. "This is for your own good. Trust me ... I know what I'm
doing. I am a professional counselor."

"But... Reverend Lovejoy... I've... nevvver... done that..."

He caved the pretty church wife's anus inward and powerfully drove his
massive cock halfway in.

STTTOOOPPPP...!!!" Maude's eyes literally bugged out of her head as she
screamed and sobbed while Reverend Lovejoy continued to sodomize her
previously virgin asshole with wild abandon.

Reverend Lovejoy could hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing. He could only
feel. He could feel his huge cock deep in Maude Flander's hot, deliciously
tight asshole. That was his whole world. In the back of his mind he felt the
little hole trying to get away, so he gripped her hips harder while shoving
deeper. He was sure the skin of his would cock would tear away, but he didn't
care and shoved it all the way up her glove tight asshole to the hilt.

He looked down to see her sexy buns pressed tightly against him as he held
still with his hands locked onto her flaring hips, preventing her escape.
Maude had literally come undone. She was crying and screaming. Her ass felt
as if it were on fire. She thought that her ass would rip open as she felt
her Minister's fully embedded member throb with each beat of his heart. She
tried to relax while her asshole adjusted to its huge intruder.

Feeling her relax a bit, Reverend Lovejoy started slowly thrusting. He picked
up his pace and was soon using all of his strength to savagely assault Ned
Flanders wife's asshole as hard as possible. Her sobs were music to his ears.
Her hot, tight and yummy asshole was unbelievably tight. He knew he'd have to
fuck Maude's ass again, and as frequently as possible.

He'd tell her that that she needed to give in to her deeply buried urges to
bring about her successful counseling. He'd constantly fuck the shit out of
her, telling her that in order save her marriage she couldn't tell Ned about
what they were doing while he waited for her outside the office. Maude
Flanders would become his personal sex toy. Three holes... no waiting ...
and best of all with her husband's unknowing blessing as he brought her to
him for the sessions.

Although Maude still sobbed, the pain had left. The biggest orgasm of her
life was beginning to build deep in her guts. Then she started screaming
IT ENTERING ME DEEPER.... DEEPER! YES, LIKE THAT!" Maude came. She screamed
incoherently as she humped back against her Minster's sodomizing cock like
a wild animal.

In the living room Ned smiled as he heard his wife accepting the Lord with a
newfound passion. He'd been apprehensive about coming to their minister with
this problem, but now ... hearing his loving wife screaming out to the Lord;
he was convinced that this was the right course to follow. "Reverend Lovejoy
is really good," he thought, not knowing just how good his minister's big
cock felt to his squirming wife as she got it up her tight little asshole
hard and deep.

Lovejoy rose up, holding her flaring hips so she couldn't move. He took her
with a hard deep steady rhythm, letting her feel him go in and out of her
obscenely stretched little asshole with a deep piston like stroke that ended
with his heavy balls repeatedly slapping against her upturned cunt.

Maude felt pleasure build inside her and a heat from her loins spread
outward. She moaned and felt Lovejoy speed up. "Yes, oh yes," the voice in
her head cried. "Yes!" she shouted out loud as her pleasure peaked just as
Lovejoy's orgasmic release exploded. She rode out her climax as his warm
fluids spurted deep inside her rectum.

"There's no sin in pleasure, Maude," Lovejoy told her afterwards. They
weren't quite dressed. Lovejoy's pants were up but not fastened. Maude's bra
was on but her blouse was unbuttoned, her skirt was back on but her panties
still off. "You must take it where you find it. Your fantasies are a window
to your soul."

"You certainly took it," Maude said simply as she felt the ache in her
throbbing ass.

"Yes I did," Lovejoy agreed." When you told me about your problem, I knew
that you needed an aggressive man to bring out your own sexuality, someone
who would force you to enjoy yourself."

"Ned's not like that."

"No, he isn't, Maude. But I will work with you to see if we can't help the
two of you with this problem," he said with a smile. "Of course we'll need
to continue these sessions." He pulled the lovely wife and mother to him and
covered her lips with his, and then felt her body begin to melt in his arms.

"Now lets join your husband," he said as he broke off the passionate kiss.

"Well, Reverend," Ned said when his glowing wife finally emerged from
Reverend Lovejoy's office with a huge smile on her pretty face, "I want to
thank you for helping the Missus and me out. I heard her accepting the
Lord ... like I've never heard before."

"Glad to have helped, Ned," Lovejoy replied as he shook Ned's hand. Then
looking at Maude, he added, "very glad. But," he continued as he put his
other arm around Maude, pulling her close, "there's still more work to
do ... more for your wife to learn and accept." Ned did not seen his
Minister's hand, moving down and squeezing the cheeks of his lovely wife's
tight little ass.

"Well," Ned commented, "You know best Reverend. I'll make sure she comes

Reverend Lovejoy smiled as he looked at Ned's pretty wife, his hand fondling
her sexy ass and thought, "so will I Ned. So will I."


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