I realise that it's been a while since I last posted anything on here, but I've had stuff to sort out and more stuff coming so this story took a while. This is the beginning of a series that I've started working on based on the Simpsons; this chapter will basically be an introduction with nothing too insane, but this thing could go anywhere from here really. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. Also, the events of this story are highly immoral and likely impossible (they ARE about incestuous cartoon characters and a "mind-control" drug after all). Feel free to distribute to any site you see fit, but don't post it anywhere inappropriate and please don't claim that its your work either. Now that that's out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading this. Any feedback is much appreciated; if you're flaming it please actually give a reason for why you don't like it, I can't improve otherwise.

Codes: F-solo, MF, voy, mc, drugs

Simpsons: Lisa Takes Control Part 1 - The Beginning
by The White Knight ([email protected])

Marge spent the majority of her time cleaning up after her three children and Homer, who was possibly the worst of all of them. After having spent the morning tidying and dusting Bart's room, she now faced the daunting task that Lisa's room nearly always presented. It always surprised her that Bart had changed into keeping his room so tidy, whereas Lisa had done the exact opposite. She sighed as she walked into her room and found that, as usual, the place was a total mess.

"I should be making her do this instead. After all, she is fourteen now, and she'll need to learn someday." she thought to herself, "Then again, she'd never clean it unless I took away her allowance, and I'm not that cruel."

Subconsciously, cleaning her children's room was one of the things that reminded her of the importance of motherhood and she wasn't looking forward to her kids leaving, and so she wanted them to be dependant on her for as long as possible.

"Ah well, better get started, it's not going to clean itself."

After cleaning up her room, she went downstairs to get Lisa's laundry, then returned and was about to hang some of the clothes in the closet, when she noticed something on the floor in there. An adult magazine. She was deeply upset; her little girl was growing up into a woman now and there was nothing she could do to stop it. But, she supposed that this sort of thing was only natural. After all, she'd never seen her bring any boys home; she must be lonely.

The magazine was like any other really, nothing too special about it, she thought as she flicked through the pages. There weren't any fetishes or anything. Sure, all the girls had huge racks but then didn't they always? A thought intruded in on her musings. She imagined Lisa stroking her pussy until it was soaking wet, and she was stroking rapidly. Marge could feel herself getting hot. In her fantasy, Lisa was reading through the magazine and rubbing her clit over the pictures, but as she came closer she started moaning a name.


She continued moaning and Marge retreated to her room, still clutching the magazine, and was out of her green dress and underwear faster than she'd ever been, the fantasy still playing in her head. By the time Marge had reached into her drawer for the vibrator she kept for sexual emergencies, she was on the verge of orgasm. She reached with trembling hands to grasp the dildo but it was too late. Mind-Lisa had cum, and hard. And with her Marge came. It was one of the most explosive orgasms she'd ever had, and she hadn't even touched herself. She screamed aloud her joy, and was lucky that no-one was around to hear. Juices leaked from her snatch, and she collapsed to her knees, no longer able to support her weight, as her hips bucked frantically, humping a cock that she wished was there. Her unrestrained breasts jiggled as she twitched helplessly on her knees, basking in the after-glow. She fucked herself to three more orgasms after that, all the while calling out Lisa's name, but no orgasm was intense as the first.

After her amazing session, she quickly ran into Lisa's room and replaced and rearranged everything so that it was back the way it was, and sprayed liberal amounts of air freshener to cover up the smell of her frantic masturbation.

* * *

Lisa couldn't believe what she'd witnessed on her video camera that night. She'd set it up hidden in her parents' room, hoping to see the result of the new product she'd developed at school. It had been a struggle collecting the ingredients and concocting the pills without anyone noticing, but who'd suspect Lisa Simpson of anything untoward?

The drug in question would turn any target to whom it was administered into a sex crazed beast, obsessed with Lisa and would be completely under her control. Lisa had made certain that the tablet would only let people get controlled by her, so the tablets couldn't be used by anyone else. Lisa had slipped the tablet into her mother's morning coffee when she had her back turned. She hadn't actually expected it to work, and who would have? It was a long shot, even with her brains, but the proof was staring her right in the face. And it was damn hot.

Lisa couldn't remember when she'd started looking at her mother in a sexual way, but it had been a long time. Quite a few boys had offered themselves to her, now that she was growing more feminine, but she had turned them all down, she had eyes only for her mother.

The drug needed three days after it had been taken to take effect, and from then onwards Lisa would have total control over the one she'd dosed, and not just mental control either. The drug was capable of altering physical attributes as well, and Lisa was looking forward to turning her mom into her ultimate fantasy girl. Sure, she thought she was sexy, but the years had taken their toll and she was by no means perfect in her eyes.

"That's all about to change," Lisa thought to herself, "But the next three days are going to be a killer. I'm going to be waiting for her to succumb to the tablet, and she's going to be crazy horny. Homer will be having the time of his life. I guess I owe him, after all my allowance does come out of his pay check."

Lisa then had a devious thought. She'd have her mom under her control, but why stop there? She could get control of her whole family with these babies. It would take time to procure all the chemicals required again, but she had memorised the formula, process and ingredients and no copies of any of her writings on the subject remained (she'd burnt them all only days ago), so that even if she was discovered, no-one would have any idea what she was making. She resolved that she would get to work as soon as possible.

* * *

Homer came home late after a shift at the plant. He wearily trudged up the stairs, being in no mood to go to Moe's, and walked into the martial bedroom. Marge appeared to be sleeping contently, and he tried not to wake her as he quietly got ready for bed. However, Marge was in fact wide awake, but she wanted to surprise Homer with a little treat. She climbed out of bed, wearing not a stitch of clothing, and waited outside the bathroom door for her husband.

Once Homer had brushed and flossed his teeth, he opened the door as quietly as he could, before looking out and seeing a naked Marge gazing at him with smoky, lust-filled eyes. He was about to say something, but she quickly sealed his lips with a kiss so passionate it was like they'd just got married. The kiss didn't last long however, and just as Homer was getting ready to engage in some serious foreplay Marge was down on her knees and had Homer's cock out of his pants, which was quickly growing to full size thanks to her sexy stare and thoughts of her oral talents. She was sucking in earnest, like it was the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted (which to her drugged up mind, it was) and she worked his shaft like a porn starlett.

Homer wrapped his fingers in his wife's hair, the day's weariness had melted from his shoulders and he was looking forward to a long night of fucking ahead. Marge only ever gave out blowjobs when she was really desperate for sex, and a lot of it. Her talented mouth soon had him on the verge of cumming, but he knew his wife wouldn't have that happening. This was just a warm up.

But she didn't stop. She always stopped just short of his climax, before offering her pussy up to him and beg for him to fuck her senseless. But she didn't stop. Tonight, she took the blowjob all the way, and as Homer exploded in her mouth, she even swallowed the entire load, which was copious indeed after having been so long without any action. Homer was stunned. Marge knew that he couldn't go two rounds. He had great stamina normally, he could screw for hours, but once he came that was it. He hadn't expected his wife to finish him with her mouth, so he hadn't tried to hold back.

But, even as his cum gushed out of his rampantly erect cock, he realised that that wouldn't be the case tonight. Already, he felt his cock hardening again in his wife's mouth, after momentarily softening after the massive orgasm. Marge smiled inwardly, she somehow just knew that tonight, Homer's stamina would know no limits, and they'd be at it for hours.

"Hommie, you ready to fuck me know?" she said, her voice husky with lust, anticipating the royal fucking that was about to come.

Homer was too shocked to say anything, but he nodded his response and Marge knelt down in front of him, doggy-style, her favourite position. Homer's cock slid slowly into her pussy, and once he had slid all the way into her moist folds, she came violently. Homer was again shocked. Normally it took at least ten minutes of solid fucking before Marge came even close to orgasm, but she had just cum from the initial penetration.

Marge had never known the equal of this sensation, she was seeing stars and her vision danced as her hips bucked rampantly against her husband's strong grip, before her arms gave out and she collapsed onto the bed, her breasts rubbing erotically on the covers as her ass gyrated wildly around the intruding member.

"Hommie, fuck me hard, fuck me hard!" She screamed, having only just started to recover from the massive wave of pleasure. Homer didn't need telling twice, and started to pound her pussy with earnest. He forgot all about the fact that the kids would be sleeping, and he didn't restrain himself.

Marge too had forgotten all about the fact that the children would hear her orgasmic streams of carnal lust, and continued to bellow her pleasure to the entire house. Lisa was sat at the parental bedroom door, peeking through the opening and wishing that she was getting the intense fucking that her mom was. She stroked her pussy furiously, focusing on the clit and bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm, biting her lip all the while to stifle the moans and groans and whimpers she normally emitted while masturbating. It was a damn good thing that Bart was sleeping at Milhouse's place, otherwise Lisa wouldn't have been able to have such a front row seat to the proceedings.

Lisa was stunned that Maggie hadn't woken up, but then again that girl could sleep through anything, as she sat in the corridor sated. Her parents were still going, but Lisa didn't have the energy to carry on, and she crawled back to her room to minimise the sound, and presently fell into a blissful sleep, the kind people only gets when they've truly exhausted themselves.

Meanwhile, Homer was still hammering into his wife's tight box. He couldn't believe how much tighter she'd gotten since they'd started. With every thrust, she seemed to grip him tighter and tighter. He'd blown his load inside her at least four times already, but that didn't even come close the volume of orgasms Marge had had. She'd always had a gift for multiple orgasms, ever since Patty and Selma had first told her what masturbation was, she'd always jilled herself to at least three orgasms before she felt satisfied.

But Marge couldn't take the onslaught her pussy was being pulverised with any more. She clamped down on Homer's cock one last time, before letting out on last scream of delight before passing out. Homer couldn't take any more of Marge's wonderfully tight box, and withdrew his prick as it began to spray a fountain of cum, covering his wife's back in a huge load of jizz that he couldn't believe had just been emitted from his aching balls. And with that, he promptly fell into an exhausted sleep, that one would have thought would last forever.
That's all for now. If you've got any ideas/thoughts about where you want this series to go, what things you'd like to see happen, or any praise/criticism drop me an email: [email protected]


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