Written by The Shadow (address withheld)

WARNING ... This story contains graphic descriptions of sex among adults, pre-teens,
& children, between adults, pre-teens, & children. If you find this offensive stop
reading now.
This story is entirely fictional and any similarity between persons and events depicted
in it and actual persons and events is purely coincidental. The story is pure fantasy
and none of the events described herein are practiced, advocated or condoned by the
author. The Simpsons, the characters and names of the series are Twentieth
Century Fox. I use them without permission, but I don't want to earn anything with
this story. It may be distributed freely.

We all know Lisa is a very clever and emancipated girl, and we like her that way.
Well...some of us would like to see her just as a little, naive, and horny girl...This is
a story that shows her this way, because I am sure she is not very experienced in sex
things, and it is more realistic.

Daughter's Fun - The story
Homer Simpson sat down on the bench just outside the swimming pool fence and waited
for his daughter to come out of the girls' changing hut. His wife Marge had run off
with a Bible salesman, took Bart, Santa's Little Helper, and Maggie along, and left him
to raise their eleven year old daughter Lisa alone. This was because Lisa was at school
when Marge vanished. She and Homer had moved to Capital City only a week ago, and
this was their first time at the municipal pool. Their new house had a hot tub, but in
this hot weather Lisa had asked him if she could go swimming, and Homer had agreed.
Lisa emerged from the changing hut talking to another girl, who seemed about her age.
Both of them had pointy yellow hair and wore one piece bathing suits - Lisa's was a
light green, and the other girl's a pale blue. Homer barely had time to register this
similarity when both girls jumped into the pool together and began splashing around.
After awhile they climbed out and got in the lineup for the slide, which was about ten
feet from where Homer was sitting. Lisa beckoned her father over and when he leaned
on the fence, told him her new friend was Mandy Phillips. Mandy and Homer both said
Hello to the other and Homer resumed his seat and watched Mandy and Lisa as they
waited for their turn at the slide.
Homer couldn't help but notice the way both girls' wet bathing suits had molded
themselves to their slim bodies. He hadn't really realized that Lisa had started to
grow little tits until he saw them poking up from her slender chest like small rounded
cones. Mandy's tits were about the same size - maybe a little bigger, and both girls'
nipples were hard and poking out through the thin wet cloth. Mandy's suit hugged her
body so tightly that it showed off the curve of her ass cheeks and sank into the crack
of her bum. Then she turned around and faced him as she said something to Lisa.
Homer saw that the bulge of the young girl's pubic mound was obvious through the thin
material - and that the cloth had sunk into the vertical crack of her cunny slit,
outlining her private parts clearly.
He had never thought of preadolescent girls in a sexy way before, but now his cock
started to harden as he looked at young Mandy. Her vulva was so clearly outlined that
it was obvious she had no hair on it, and he glanced at his own daughter almost by
accident to compare her. He caught his breath as he saw that Lisa's bathing suit too
was plastered to her body, showing her cunny mound and crack just as clearly as her
friend's, and her cunny was also obviously hairless. His cock got even harder as he
stared at first one, then the other as they reached the slide and slid into the water.
Homer was confused. He knew it was wrong to think of children in a sexy way, but the
two girls had such nice little tittie bumps and cunnies. And he liked looking at his
daughter specially! He wanted a closer view, and wondered if he could go closer without
it seeming suspicious. Then he remembered he had brought the camcorder, which had a
twelve times zoom, and picked it up as the girls swam toward the ladder. This would
be even better because he could look at the pictures later on, all he wanted to. They
saw him with the camera and waved to him as he filmed them climbing out of the water
and getting into line again. He used the zoom to take close-ups of both girls' small
tits, bums and cunny bulges as they waited again for their turn. The zoom was so good
that each girl's cunny mound and slit filled the entire picture, and he knew it would
look good on his big TV set at home.
After a while the girls came over to the fence again and Lisa asked him if she could
bring Mandy home to show her their hot tub. "Mandy has a swimming pool, Daddy, and
she's asked us over - but she wants to see our hot tub first because she's never seen
one. Can we, Daddy, please?"
Homer smiled at his young daughter and her new friend as they jumped up and down in
impatience, making their small titties bounce and jiggle. He had had to adjust his stiff
cock so that it wasn't so obvious, but even so he thought he saw Mandy looking at his
pants in a funny way. He wondered if she could tell he had an erection, or if she even
knew what an erection was. He wondered how much Lisa knew about boys and men.
When he agreed they ran off and changed, then found him in the parking lot.
When they got to their place the two girls ran inside with Homer following. As he
approached the hot tub room, which was off his den, he heard Mandy asking Lisa if
they could try it out. He stopped and listened to the girls' conversation.
"Sure," said Lisa, "We'll just put our bathing suits back on and go in. My Daddy won't
"I hate putting on a wet bathing suit," said Mandy, "Can't we go in bare naked?"
Lisa giggled. "What if my Daddy came in?" she asked, "He'd see our ... you know!"
Mandy laughed. "I bet it wouldn't bother him," she replied, "I go swimming bare naked
with my Daddy and my brother all the time - it's so much nicer than wearing a bathing
suit. Besides, your Daddy might go in the tub with us. Do you ever see him with no
clothes on?"
"Sometimes, when he's getting dressed," replied Lisa.
"Is his thing always dangly?" asked Mandy, "Does it ever get hard and stick out in
front of him?"
"I don't think so," said Lisa, sounding puzzled, "Why would it do that?"
Mandy laughed again and continued, "Tell you what. How about we go in in our
underpants. Maybe your Daddy would like to, too. If he wears his underpants we can
tell if it gets hard. Just copy what I do and you'll see what I mean. I do this with my
Daddy and my brother all the time. It's fun!"
Homer thought quickly. Mandy knew about men getting erections, and it sounded like
she fooled around with her father and brother. Was it possible? He would just play it
by ear and let the little girl take the initiative.
As he entered the hot tub room Lisa asked him, "Our bathing suits are all wet ,
Daddy, and they feel all icky when we put them on. Can we go in in our underpants?"
Her father smiled down at her, "Sure honey, that's a good idea. I'll join you. I think
I'll wear my underwear too if that's all right."
The girls looked at one another and Lisa giggled and nodded.
Homer turned his back and quickly removed his shirt and trousers, hiding his erection
as he slipped into the hot tub and leaned back against the side. "Ah, that feels good,"
he sighed, "come on in."
He watched as Mandy pulled her T-shirt off over her head and revealed her small
titty mounds. Lisa giggled again and took off her T-shirt as well. Homer looked at the
young girls' developing breasts as they pushed their skirts down. Mandy's underpants
seemed to get caught in her skirt and he caught a glimpse of her hairless cunny mound
before she giggled and pulled them up again as she kicked her skirt off.
She had pulled her underpants up so tight that her cunny mound bulged out against the
thin white material, forcing it into the vertical slit between her cunny lips.
Homer watched the girls approach the tub and told them how pretty they were.
Mandy struck a pose and said, "I want to be a model when I grow up."
"You're modeling your underwear very nicely now, both of you," said Homer.
Mandy looked down at herself. "How about we pretend we're models and you can take
pictures of us like on Fashion TV." she suggested.
Lisa giggled and nodded so her father reached behind him and picked up the camcorder
and filmed them as they paraded back and forth, making sure he got good close-ups of
their immature breasts, and their cunny mounds half-hidden under their thin
Lisa felt funny. It seemed strange to let her father look at her wearing just a thin
pair of underpants, but at the same time it was exciting because she could tell he
wanted to look at her that way. She felt a little tingle in between her legs, like she
did at night when she was lying in bed.
Then they got into the tub and relaxed with Homer in the warm flowing water for a
while. Mandy said she was going to get her hair wet and ducked her head under the
Homer saw her looking in the direction of his cock, which was making a tent in his
underwear. Then Mandy whispered in Lisa's ear and both girls put their heads under
the water. Homer leaned back a little and stretched his hips forward to give them a
better look. When they surfaced Lisa looked at Mandy and giggled, and Homer
pretended not to notice.
After a while Mandy said, "I have to use the bathroom - I think the warm water
makes me have to... "
"Pee?" suggested Homer, smiling, as the two girls giggled. "Lisa will show you where
the bathroom is."
The girls climbed out of the hot tub and Homer saw that their thin underpants had
become transparent when they got wet. As they went out the door he saw their yellow
round bums so clearly it was as if they were naked, and when they returned and
approached the tub he couldn't help staring at them. Their hairless pubic mounds
showed through their underpants, the pink flesh of their cunny lips either side of the
wide dark line of their cracks.
"Hey," said Mandy, "We were modeling our underwear before - we should show what it
looks like when it gets wet, how about that?"
Lisa giggled shyly and agreed, and the girls strutted back and forth as before while
the horny man filmed the two eleven year olds revealing their bodies through their wet
"Those underpants don't hide much," he said.
Mandy looked down and giggled. "No, they don't, do they," she agreed, "You can see
right through them! They're kind of icky when they're wet, Mr. Simpson," she added,
"Do we have to wear them ? Can we take them off?"
"Sure, I guess so," said Homer.
The girl added, "Now we can practice being nude models like in Playboy."
He continued to film them as Mandy pulled down her underpants and stood naked in
front of him. Lisa looked at her new friend and then at her father. She could see he
was staring at the little girl's naked private parts. Lisa knew she looked just like that
too, and the little girl didn't know why, but she wanted her Daddy to look at her like
that. She felt the tingly feeling in between her legs again, stronger this time. She
grasped the wet material and pulled her underpants down to the middle of her thighs
and stood naked in front of her father. The tingly feeling came stronger as she
watched him looking at her special private place, and she pulled her underpants down
the rest of the way.
The girls giggled as he filmed their naked bodies, panning in close-up down past their
budding titties to their hairless pubic mounds.
Mandy looked at Homer videoing them and said, "I think your Daddy likes to look at
girls all bare naked, don't you, Mr. Simpson?"
Homer nodded. "Sure," he replied.
"My Daddy does too," said Mandy, "And I like to show him my crack because it makes
his thing get all big and hard. Is your thing big and hard, Mr.. Simpson?" she asked.
"Couldn't you tell when you were putting your heads under the water, looking at it?"
asked Homer teasingly, and both girls giggled.
"Well, yes, it looked like it," said Mandy, "But I didn't get a very good look at it."
"Would you like to?" asked Homer, and when she nodded he asked Lisa, "How about
you, honey? Would you like to see your Daddy with no clothes on?" Lisa nodded shyly,
and he climbed out of the tub and stood in front of the two naked eleven year olds,
his erection poking out his underwear into a tent.
Lisa giggled and looked at Mandy, who said, "Do you want me to pull your Daddy's
underpants down, or will I?"
Lisa just stared at her father's crotch, so Mandy tugged the wet underpants down and
off the adult, releasing his cock, which bounced out and poked stiffly toward her.
Lisa looked at it wide-eyed. "Gosh, it's so big!" she exclaimed, "It's not little and
dangly any more!"
"It's a nice big one," agreed Mandy, "Just like my Daddy's. My brother Billy's isn't
as big, but he's only twelve and my Daddy says it'll get bigger."
Lisa felt funny in between her legs again. The little girl was confused by what was
happening, and didn't know what to do next.
Then Mandy called her father and asked him if it was OK if she brought Lisa and
Homer over to their house so they could swim in the pool. He told her that it was fine
and said that he and Mandy's brother Billy and a friend of Billy's were all in
swimming. They got dressed for the drive over and both girls left their underwear off
because it was all wet.
When they got to Mandy's house Mandy led them through the house out to the deck
by the pool. A man was lying on a chaise lounge, sunning himself in a brief pair of
bathing trunks. Mandy ran up to her father and gave him a big kiss. She introduced
Homer and Lisa and told her father, "We went in their Hot Tub, Daddy, it was really
neat. And Lisa's Daddy has a camcorder just like yours, Daddy, and he took a video of
us being models. We wore our underpants because our bathing suits were all wet and
icky, and then after we were in the hot tub our underpants were all icky as well so we
took them off. Lisa's Daddy's underpants were all icky too, so he took them off too.
We brought the camcorder, so we can show you the video later, Daddy."
While Mandy spoke, it seemed to Lisa that something was moving inside Mandy's
father's bathing suit, but the little girl wasn't sure.
Ned Phillips looked at Homer and winked, as he sat down on a vacant chaise beside
Ned, then asked his daughter, "Are you wearing any underpants now?" he asked.
Mandy and Lisa looked at each other and giggled. "Shall I show you, Daddy?" asked
"Wait a minute," said her father. "How about taking a video," he suggested to Homer,
"It can follow on from the ones you took earlier."
Homer nodded and began filming as Mandy lifted her skirt to her waist and exposed
her naked private parts.
"See, Daddy, no underpants!" she said with a giggle , turning to show them all. Homer
took a close-up of the hairless cunny the young girl was displaying to them.
"What about you, Lisa?" Ned asked the other little girl as he looked at his daughter's
vulva, "Do you have any underpants on?"
Lisa was shy, and hung her head. "No," she whispered, digging a toe into the grass.
"Has anybody ever seen you with no underpants on?"
"Just my Daddy and Mandy, at our place," replied the little girl, looking at the lump in
her father's bathing suit out of the corner of her eye.
"What do you call the place in between your legs?" asked Ned.
"My trickle," whispered Lisa softly.
"Do you have any hair on your trickle, Lisa?" he asked her. The child shook her head.
"Is your trickle just like Mandy's, with a nice big slit in between these bulgy places?"
he asked, stroking a finger up and down the gap between his daughter's hairless cunny
lips. Lisa looked at what he was doing to his daughter and nodded.
"You liked showing your Daddy your trickle, didn't you?" Ned continued, and Lisa
looked up at him and nodded. "Why did you like letting your Daddy look at your
trickle?" he asked.
Lisa dug her toe into the ground again and shrugged, "It made my trickle feel all
funny," she replied, glancing at him and noticing a lump in his bathing suit like the one
in her father's. Lisa nodded.
"Would you like to show us under your skirt? Can we see your trickle?" asked Ned, and
Lisa nodded slowly. "Just lift your skirt up, honey, and show us your trickle. Your
Daddy will take a nice video of you showing us your little trickle."
Homer kept filming as the child grasped the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it to
the waist, revealing her hairless cunny to her father and the others.
"That's a very pretty trickle," said Ned, "Does your trickle feel funny now?" Lisa
nodded. "Does it ever feel funny when you're all by yourself?" asked the man. Lisa
nodded again. "What do you do when you're all by yourself and your trickle feels
funny?" he asked her gently.
"I touch it," whispered the pretty child.
"Where do you touch your trickle?" asked Ned, "Can you show us where?"
Lisa nodded shyly and looked down at herself. She held her skirt up around her waist
with one hand and touched her other forefinger into the very top of her pink slit.
"Here," she said softly, "I touch it here."
Homer took a close-up of his daughter's fingertip stuck inside her cunny slit.
The little girl left her finger in her slit and Ned continued, "Does it feel nice when you
touch your trickle there?" Lisa nodded and he asked, "What do you think about when
you touch your trickle and make it feel nice?"
Lisa shrugged again. "Sometimes I think about kissing my Dad," she replied.
"Did you ever see your Dad with no clothes on?" asked Ned. Lisa looked at her father,
and nodded. "What does he have where you have your trickle?" asked Ned.
"I always thought he had a little dangly worm thing there," replied Lisa, "But today
when he got out of the hot tub and Mandy pulled his underpants down it was all big
and hard, and it poked out in front of him."
"Did you like looking at your Daddy's thing today when it was all big and hard?" asked
Ned. Lisa nodded and he continued, "Why was that?"
"It made me feel all tingly in my trickle but I don't know why," replied the girl.
Ned asked her, "Would you like to see your Daddy's thing again?"
"Yes," said Lisa softly.
"You want to have that nice tingly feeling in your trickle again, don't you?" asked Ned,
and Lisa looked at him and nodded.
Homer looked at his little daughter and gave the camcorder to Ned, who filmed the
little girl watching as her father slipped his bathing suit off, letting his erection poke
up in the air.
"There," said Ned, "Now you can look at your Daddy's big hard thing all you like.
What would you like to do while you look at it?"
"I want to touch my trickle," whispered Lisa.
"That's a good idea, honey," replied Ned, "You touch your little trickle all you want to
while you look at your Daddy's big hard thing."
The eleven year old slipped her finger a little farther into her cunny slit and touched
her clitoris. She shivered a little at the feeling and pressed her forefinger harder on
it while the others watched.
"That's a nice place to touch yourself, isn't it," asked Ned gently.
Lisa nodded and rubbed her finger up and down on her clitoris while she stared at her
father's erect penis. The little girl was confused by what was happening. She often
lay in bed at night and masturbated, but she had never done it with anyone watching,
and never when she was standing up. Her legs felt weak and trembled and buckled a
little and her knees separated as she rubbed her clitoris faster.
"Your trickle feels really good when you rub it there, doesn't it?" asked Ned, and
when the little girl nodded he continued, "It'll be more comfortable if you sit down on
your Daddy's long chair. Then you can look at his big hard thing closer up while you
touch your trickle. Besides, you won't have to hold your skirt up. Why don't you just
take it off?"
Lisa slipped her skirt off and stood naked below the waist.
"That's better," said Ned, "Maybe you'd like to play with your titties, too?" Lisa
nodded and he continued, "Might as well take your T-shirt off then so you can do that
as well."
The child pulled her T-shirt off and was completely naked.
"You have nice titties," observed Ned, "When did they start to grow?"
"About three months ago," replied the eleven year old.
"Do they feel nice when you touch them and play with them?" he asked and the girl
Her father made room for her at the foot of his chaise lounge by placing a foot on
either side of it and sitting up slightly, opening his crotch and letting his erection lean
out more from his body. Lisa sat down on the edge of the chaise.
"When you touch your trickle when you're by yourself, do you keep your legs together
or spread them apart?" asked Ned.
"I spread them part," replied Lisa.
"Why is that?" asked the adult.
"Because then I can touch myself all over in between my legs better, instead of just
this place at the top," she replied.
"Now, if you sit facing your Daddy, tailor fashion, your legs will be all spread open
just like when you're by yourself, and you can rub your little trickle all you want to
while you look at his big hard thing," suggested Ned, "Besides, your little trickle crack
will be nice and wide open and your Daddy can see all the parts inside your crack. You
want him to look at you there, don't you?" Lisa nodded and he continued, "You can feel
yourself in between your legs much better. You can even touch yourself in between
your legs with both hands if you want to. I bet you like to do that if you're not
playing with your titties, don't you?"
Lisa nodded and sat down with her legs crossed, tailor fashion. This opened up her
crotch and spread the lips of her small hairless cunny apart.
Ned handed the camera back to Homer, and leaned over next to Lisa's father and
both men stared at the little girl's naked vulva. Homer used the zoom lens to close in
on the child's cunny.
"Oh, that's a lovely little trickle," said Ned, "I can see the little hole the pee comes
out. Can you see it? Can you touch it?"
Lisa nodded and looked down at her open crotch. She gently touched the small urethra,
which twitched a little.
Homer saw through the viewfinder the small hole opening and closing as his daughter
touched it.
"Do you like touching yourself there?" asked Ned. When the girl nodded he said, "It
looks like there's a place a little farther down where a hole goes up inside you. Can
you see it?"
Lisa nodded and looked down at herself. "I can't see it very well," she replied.
"When you were by yourself, did you ever hold a mirror there and look at yourself in
between your legs, at the part you can't see?"
Lisa nodded shyly. "Yes," she said softly.
Ned said, "You like to put your fingers inside yourself down there, don't you?"
Lisa nodded again. "How did you know?" she asked.
Ned smiled. "All little girls like to play with the places in between their legs," he
replied, "Because it makes them feel nice. Mandy does it, too, don't you honey?"
His daughter nodded. She had slipped off her T-shirt and skirt and was standing
naked beside her father, her finger in her slit, watching what Lisa was doing.
"What do you call the hole up inside you that you like to put your fingers in?" Ned
asked Lisa.
"My trickle hole," replied the little girl.
"You can put your finger in your trickle hole if you want to," he said.
Lisa slipped a fingertip inside her tight cunny hole while she rubbed her clitty between
two fingers of her other hand. The little girl loved playing with her private parts, and
it was especially nice to be able to look at her Daddy's big hard thing poking out
towards her while she touched herself between her legs.
Mandy moved closer to her father. "You can touch me all over if you want to, Daddy.
I like it when you put your finger inside my place," she offered.
Ned stroked his daughter's slim leg and ran his hand up to touch her small titties. The
others watched as he explored her slender body.
"You like it when I play with your titties, don't you, honey?" he asked his daughter.
Mandy nodded, "It makes me feel all funny in between my legs," she said.
"You mean down here," said Ned, running one extended finger lightly over the girl's
hairless cunny bulge.
"Oooh, yes!" she said, looking down at herself, "Play with it, Daddy, touch it for me!"
He laughed and said, "What, you mean this funny little place with the nice warm slit in
it? The slit goes all the way down in between your legs and I can't feel it very well. I
wonder what it's for?"
Mandy giggled again and lifted her leg up on her father's chair and spread her thick
hairless lips apart to show her father the deep pink area between them. "Feel it now,
Daddy," she said, "I bet you'll find a nice hole in there, just like Lisa's got."
"You're right," said Ned, gently slipping his finger up inside his daughter, "I've got my
finger up inside you, haven't I?"
"Ooo, yes," replied Mandy, "Look, everybody! My Daddy has his finger in my hole!" She
turned so they could see her father's finger inserted in his daughter's vagina and
Homer could get it clearly on the video in close-up.
"Would you like your Daddy to touch you in between your legs, Lisa?" asked Ned.
The young girl nodded shyly. "But my trickle hole is only little," she said softly, "I
don't think it's as big as Mandy's is, and my Daddy wouldn't be able to put his finger
in it like you put your finger in Mandy's."
Ned laughed, "Oh, trickle holes are sometimes bigger than they seem," he said, "They
stretch when you put things in them, don't they, Mandy?" Mandy giggled and nodded.
"Tell you what," continued Ned, "How about if the two of you girls lie down beside
each other on the big towel there and your Daddy and I will look at you both all over
in between your legs and see who has the bigger trickle hole?"
"Sure," chirped Mandy, and lay down on the towel, "Come on, Lisa! Let's show our
Daddies our trickles!" She spread her legs wide to each side and said, "Look how wide
I can spread my legs, Daddy! Now you can see all over in between my legs!"
Lisa lay down beside her and copied what the other girl was doing.
Ned and Homer looked at their two daughters displaying their splayed-open private
parts to them. Homer knelt in front of each in turn and took a long close-up of the
eleven year olds with their legs spread wide apart and their cunnies open.
Mandy turned to Lisa and giggled, "Your Daddy likes taking pictures of our trickles,
doesn't he? Let's see how wide open we can make our holes go!" She placed her hands
on either side of her vulva and looking down at herself she said, "Look, Lisa! See, when
I do this my trickle hole opens even wider, look!" She pulled her hands apart and
spread the opening of her vagina into a circle nearly an inch across.
Lisa looked, and copied what Mandy had done. Her cunny hole was much smaller than
Mandy's, not more than half an inch across..
"Take a good picture of our trickle holes," said Mandy, "and then later on we can look
at the video and see whose is bigger."
Homer filmed the little girls holding their cunnies open, then did a close-up of each
one in turn, holding the camcorder so he could see right up inside their vaginas.
"Tell you what," suggested Ned, "How about if I show the camera how I can put my
finger in your trickle hole and then if I put my other hand next to Lisa's hole it'll
show if it's the same size, or smaller?"
"That's a good idea, Daddy," said Mandy, thrusting her hips up a little, "Put your
finger in my hole! I like it when you do!"
Ned knelt next to the two girls' crotches and slipped his middle finger up his
daughter's vagina.
"That's nice, Daddy," sighed Mandy, shifting her hips around, "Make your finger wiggle
around in my hole. Oooh, that's nice! My trickle feels all funny - I'm going to touch
it," and the child began masturbating, rubbing two fingers alongside her clitoris while
her father stroked his finger in and out of her cunny.
"Would you like me to touch you too, Lisa?" asked Ned as he slid his finger in and out
of his daughter's vagina.
"Yes," said Lisa softly, looking down at herself.
"You like playing with your titties, don't you?" he asked. The girl nodded and he
continued, "Have you ever let anyone touch your titties and play with them like you like
to do?" Lisa looked down at her small titty bumps and shook her head. "How about if I
start out by just touching your titties a little, then, and you can see if you like it."
Lisa nodded. "Oh!" she said as the man touched her right breast and felt her puffy
"Does that feel like it does when you touch your titties yourself?" he asked her.
"Yes, a little," she replied, adding, "It feels nice."
"My Daddy likes feeling little girls" titties," giggled Mandy, "He plays with mine all the
time, don't you Daddy?"
"That's right," smiled Ned, "In fact these little titties are so nice they deserve to be
felt with two hands," and he pulled his finger out of his daughter's cunny and began
fondling Lisa's small breasts with both hands. The little girl writhed and twisted at the
tingles that he produced when he played with her nipples.
"You like it when someone plays with your titties, don't you?" he asked her, and she
looked up at him and nodded. Ned smiled and said, "Your trickle feels all funny now,
doesn't it, Lisa?" She nodded and he asked the child, "Shall I touch you in other
places now?" Lisa nodded and he looked at the little girl. "You tell me where to touch
you," he said, "And I'll touch you there. Will you tell me what you want me to do?"
"Touch my tummy," she said.
Ned ran his big hands down and rubbed the child's flat belly gently.
"That feels nice," she said, and looked up at him.
"Can I touch your titties like my Daddy did?" asked Mandy, and when Lisa nodded
Mandy reached over to her friend's chest and fondled her small breasts. "It feels
nice, doesn't it?" she asked the other girl, still masturbating with her other hand.
Lisa nodded and closed her legs. She lay demurely like an innocent young thing, her
cunny slit closed between the fat and puffy hairless cunny lips, and looked up at Ned,
who was kneeling between the two girls, and asked him, "Will you touch my leg and
feel it up higher when I tell you to?"
"Sure, smiled Ned, running a finger along the young girl's ankle. "Shall I start here?"
Lisa nodded and said, "Higher up. Touch my knee." He slid his finger up the girl's
slender leg and ran it lightly over her knee. Keeping her legs pressed together she
said, "Now go slowly up my thigh - that's it..." As he moved his hand slowly up her
thigh she relaxed a little and sighed, "Now touch me on my trickle place."
Ned slipped his hand up to the child's cunny mound and ran an extended finger over
the bulge of one hairless cunny lip, then the other. Lisa sighed again and he asked,
"Does it feel nice when I touch you there?"
"Yes," said Lisa, "Do it some more. Touch me on my trickle crack." Ned ran a finger
lightly up and down the eleven year old's hairless cunny slit as she looked down at
herself. She relaxed some more and said, "Now keep touching my trickle while I open
my legs so you can feel me all over in between my legs." She looked up at the man as
she spread her legs and opened the crack between them, exposing all her inner parts
to the adult. "Touch me all over," she whispered, "Touch my pee hole and tickle it.
Touch my trickle hole too." Homer kept filming as his young daughter encouraged the
stranger to fondle her immature sex organs.
Lisa looked up at her father, and then at Ned and then down at his crotch. "I want
you to take your bathing suit off," she whispered softly.
"Do you want to look at my thing like your Daddy has?" he asked her. Lisa nodded and
Ned slid his bathing suit down and let his erection pop out and jerk upright.
The little girl looked up at the adult's erect penis and said, "It's all funny, like it has
a purple helmet on its head. And this funny baggy thing hanging down from it with two
round things inside it."
"You've never looked at the thing a man had up close before, have you?" said Ned.
Lisa shook her head. "No, I only saw my Daddy's for a few minutes over at our place
and then here after he took his bathing suit off." She stared up at the man's
genitals. "Can I touch it?" she asked softly.
"Sure," said Ned, moving closer so she could reach it better while he continued to
fondle the girl's cunny. She touched the head with a fingertip and Ned's cock jerked
up and down.
Lisa giggled, "Why did it do that?"
Ned smiled down at her. "It liked when you touched it, and that's its way of saying
Lisa giggled, "Hello, Mr. Thing, You're all nice and velvety on your big helmet." She
touched the smooth skin of the shaft and said, "Oh, that's funny - it's all soft on the
outside but hard on the inside."
"That's so it'll stay nice and straight and long," said Ned as the little girl touched his
erect penis.
She touched the loose scrotum lightly and watched his testicles twitch and climb inside
it, then relax. "Are they saying Hello too?" she asked.
"They're saying "We like it when you play with us," he replied.
"See if you can get your hand around it," suggested Mandy, who was masturbating
gently while she watched her friend examine her father's sex organs.
Lisa took hold of the adult's penis, wrapping one hand around it tentatively. "It's all
warm," she exclaimed, "I can feel it throbbing inside my hand. I can almost get my
hand all t he way around it."
"Can you put both hands on it at the same time?" asked Ned.
The little girl tried what he suggested. "Yes, I can!" she said, "It feels all funny.
Does Mandy ever do this with you?"
"Sure," said Ned, "We like to play with each other, don' t we honey?"
Lisa suddenly looked up at him. "Can you go in between my legs?" she asked, and when
he was there she said in a soft whisper, "Can you make it touch my trickle?"
Ned and Homer exchanged glances, and Ned asked, "Sure honey, I can touch your
trickle with my thing. Why do you want me to?"
"I don't know," replied the child, "I just want you to touch your thing on my trickle.
My trickle feels all funny!"
"How about if you hold onto my thing and touch your trickle where you want?" he
Lisa nodded and took hold of the man 's erect penis again. He leaned forward as she
guided it so that it touched her on her clitoris, then moved it down her cunny slit so
that it was at the entrance to her cunny hole. She paused with it there for a moment,
then moved it back up, keeping it in contact with her cunny while she moved it.
"What does that feel like?" asked Ned.
"It feels really nice," replied the little girl, "It makes my trickle feel just lovely. Can
I do it some more?"
"Sure you can," replied Ned, "You just keep rubbing the end of my thing up and down
on your little trickle all you want. I think after a little while I'll have Mr. Hard Thing
put some nice cream on your trickle to help you feel nice. Would you like that?"
"I guess so," replied Lisa, puzzled. "What sort of cream?" Mandy giggled.
"My Daddy's baggy thing makes nice thick slippery creamy stuff, and it comes
squirting out the hole in the end of his thing."
"Wow," said Lisa, "I never knew that! Is it like hand cream?"
"Sort of," said Mandy, "Because it'll make your trickle all slippery like hand cream.
But it tastes good too, just like regular cream."
"Wow!" said Lisa again, her eyes wide. "It really is special!"
Mandy knelt beside Lisa and began fondling her small titties with both hands. "I'll feel
your titties while you rub my Daddy's thing up and down your trickle crack," she
Lisa nodded as she began moving the head of the adult's penis up and down her
splayed-open slit, holding it with both hands and making it rub against all her sex
parts in turn. She swiveled her hips up and down to meet the movements of Ned's big
cock on her slit, her movements coming faster as she masturbated herself with the
man's erection. "Oh, that feels good!" she muttered, "That's so good!" Ned reached
over and fondled his daughter's young titties while she played with Lisa's. Lisa moved
his cock and her hips back and forth, up and down, faster and faster. "I think you'd
better make that special cream come out now," she said jerkily, "My trickle is all hot!"
"Just keep rubbing my thing on your slit and I'll make it come out soon, Lisa," he said
in a strained voice, "In fact, here it comes now!"
Lisa was rubbing the man's cock up and down against her clitoris when she suddenly
felt a gush of something warm squirt onto it. She was surprised, but at the same time
the feeling was so good that the little girl reached a powerful orgasm right then.
"Unh, unh, unh!" she cried, jerking the man's squirting penis back and forth on her
clitty while warm cum cream poured out onto her sensitive little bud and slid down her
cunny slit. Mandy kept feeling the young girl's tits while she watched her father's
cock squirting cum on the young girl's hairless slit. When the spouts of cum had slowed
to a dribble, Lisa's hips stopped jerking and she relaxed with a sigh. "Wow, that was
lovely," she said, letting go of Ned's cock. Ned held it and rubbed the head up and
down the little girl's slit, stirring the streams and piles of semen around with the big
purple knob. "Mmmm," said Lisa, "That feels nice too. Do it some more!"
She looked down at herself. "I can't see the cream very well," she complained.
Mandy got a little on her finger and showed her, "There, see it?" She held it close to
the other girl's face so she could see it.
"It's kind of funny looking," said Lisa, wondering, "It's all stringy. It sure is nice and
slippery, though," she added.
"And good!" Mandy added, slipping the fingertip coated with her father's semen into
her mouth and sucking the load of cum off it.
"Does it really taste good?" asked Lisa.
"Try some," replied Mandy, and Lisa reached down to her crotch and got a glob of the
adult's cum on her fingers. She poked her tongue out and touched it tentatively to the
blob of sticky white stuff and tasted it. "It does taste good," she exclaimed, and
slurped the rest off her fingers. She picked up some more that had spurted onto her
flat tummy and ate the blobs.
"I can't find any more," she complained, "It's all over my trickle.
"I think some went into your trickle hole," said Mandy, moving between the other girl's
legs and looking at her crotch, "Shall I see if I can get it out?"
"I'll get it, said Lisa, and slipped her finger into her small cunny hole to find the
semen that had drooled into it.. Eventually she said, "Well, I guess that's all there is,
I can't find any more."
"Can I see if I can get some?" Mandy asked.
"How?" asked Lisa, looking up at the girl.
"Like this," said Mandy, leaning forward and taking a long lick at Lisa's clitoris.
"WAAA!" exclaimed Lisa, jerking her head up, "What are you DOING?"
Mandy looked up from the other girl's crotch and licked her lips, "Getting the cream,"
she replied.
Lisa asked, "Was that you licking me? Licking my trickle?"
"It sure was," said Mandy with a grin, "I bet you liked it, too, didn't you?"
"I loved it," said Lisa.
"Want me to do it some more?" smiled Mandy.
"Yeah!" said Lisa, thrusting her hips up a little toward the other girl's mouth. "I never
thought my trickle could feel so good so many times! But doesn't my trickle taste
"You mean like pee?" giggled Mandy, "No, not at all. My Daddy licks my trickle all the
time and he loves the taste. And I love it when he does it because it makes me feel
just like you felt just now!"
"Gosh," said Lisa, marveling, "I didn't know you could lick somebody's trickle! Do it
some more!"
She looked at Ned, who had now taken the camcorder from Homer, and glanced at his
cock. "Oh look," she said, "Your thing is getting all little! Why is it doing that?"
"It wants to rest for a little while before it's ready to be played with again," replied
"But Daddy's still nice and big and hard," observed Lisa. "Do you have cream in your
thing too, Daddy?" she asked.
Homer nodded. He wasn't quite sure what to do with his young daughter. Up to now
she had been a shy, retiring little girl. Now she was getting a taste of how her body
could feel, and seemed to want to learn more. He decided to let the others take the
lead and see what happened.
"What else do you and your Daddy do?" asked Lisa, rubbing her clitty lightly. The
child was feeling funny between her legs again, and she loved the feeling on her clitty
when she touched it. The horny young girl couldn't keep her hand away from between
her legs.
Mandy leaned forward towards Lisa, licked a finger and slid it up inside the other
girl's vagina. "Your hole is nice and tight," she remarked, "Have you ever had anything
inside it?"
"You mean besides my finger?" asked Lisa, thrusting her hips up towards her friend's
finger. "No, why?"
"I just wondered," Replied Mandy, looking around at Homer and her father, "Because I
like to put my Daddy's thing up inside it."
"Why do you do that?" asked Lisa.
Mandy laughed. "Because it feels so good," she laughed. "It makes my hole all full,
much better than my finger. We make it go in and out, like this," and she slid her
finger in and out of Lisa's hole as she continued, "It makes Daddy feel good too, and
he shoots lots of cream."
"Does he make it go inside your hole?" asked Lisa.
"Sometimes," replied Mandy, "And sometimes he takes it out when it's all ready to
shoot and lets me suck the cream out of it because he knows I love it so much."
Mandy asked Homer if she could show Lisa how her Daddy put his cock into her and
made it go in and out.
He lay down and she climbed over the adult and poised herself above his penis. "See
how wide open my hole is?" she asked. Lisa nodded as Ned took a close-up of his
daughter's open hole and she lowered herself until his cock touched her cunny lips. "If
I rub it up and down my crack it'll get nice and wet and go in easier," she told Homer,
and rubbed it back and forth past her cunny hole like Lisa had done with Ned's.
"How about if you lick your Daddy's thing and make it wet?" suggested Ned.
Lisa leaned forward to where she could reach her father's penis with her mouth, gave
the head a tentative lick and said, "The bulby thing at the top feels all soft on my
tongue, like velvet."
Her father told her it felt nice when she licked it so she did it some more. " Smile at
the camera, honey, while you lick it," he said, and she did. Ned got a good close-up of
the young girl smiling as her little pink tongue licked the big purple knob of her
father's cock.
When it was all wet Mandy held it against her cunny opening and let it slip into her.
Her father took a close-up of the adult's rigid penis penetrating the child's hairless
cunny. Mandy let it slide up inside her and wiggled around on it.
"Why are you doing that?" asked Lisa and Mandy told her it felt good when she stirred
up her insides with it. She showed Lisa how she moved up and down and made it go in
and out of her. "Are you going to make the stuff go up inside Mandy?" Lisa asked.
"Should I?" Homer asked Mandy.
"If you do then Lisa won't be able to see it come out of your thing," replied Mandy.
"How about you tell me when you're ready and then we can both take turns licking it
and sucking it and make the fountain come out so we can both see it.
Lisa clapped her hands and said, "Oh wow, yeah!"
Homer knew it wouldn't be long before the feeling of putting his cock up inside the
little girl made him come, and he told her when to get off him.
Mandy and Lisa knelt on either side of him and each licked at one side of his purple
cock head while Ned took a close-up of their faces on either side of Homer's cock.
Suddenly a thick jet of semen squirted high in the air and splashed down on Mandy's
face. Lisa stopped licking her father's cock and stared as the next spurt shot up. She
pushed her face forward and caught the glob of semen on her upper lip as it fell. She
licked her lips automatically and slurped the blob of cum into her mouth. She had loved
the sweet-sour creamy taste of Ned's cum, and she wanted more, so she licked the
end of her father's cock faster and watched as more semen squirted out and dropped
onto her face and Mandy's as well.
When the cum had stopped squirting it drooled out in a thick whitish- clear stream,
and Mandy and Lisa took turns licking it up and drinking it down, then licked up the
cum that had fallen on each other's faces while Ned filmed them.
Lisa wanted to put her father's cock into her cunny but it was all soft again and Ned
explained that it was too big for her little hole.
Mandy had an idea and went and got their two Golden Labs. She showed Lisa how to
get them down on their backs and play with their furry balls until their cocks poked
out of the cocksheaths under their stomachs. When their pink pointy penises were all
sticking out she showed Lisa how to put the dog's cock in her mouth and suck on it.
Lisa saw that it got nice and big and hard, so she pursed her lips and slid her head
back and forth on the dog's slim cock while it trembled and pulsed inside her mouth.
Her father got a good picture of his little daughter masturbating the big dog and
sucking its cock.
Mandy showed her how to sit on the dog and make his cock go up into her cunny hole.
Lisa copied what her friend was doing and was delighted when she was able to get the
dog's slim cock up her young hairless cunny hole. It went nice and far inside the little
girl and stirred her insides up.
Mandy told her the way dogs liked to do it, so she knelt and let the dog mount her
from behind. She liked this better because the dog could make his cock go in and out
of her little cunny much faster and push it in deeper, too.
Mandy brought the other dog over and got him to lie down in front of Lisa so Lisa
could play with his cock while the first dog fucked her. She got his cock out and
sucked on it, letting the dog jerk his hindquarters and push his cock in and out of her
mouth while she played with his balls.
Homer took lots of pictures of his eleven-year-old daughter letting one dog fuck her
while she sucked off the other. The child loved the feeling she was getting at both
ends of her body, especially when the two dogs came. The dog she was sucking
squirted long thick streams of a hot slippery spicy liquid into her mouth, filling it up so
she had to swallow several times, and the other one squirted warm dog semen deep
inside her warm cunny.
Homer loved how sexy his little girl had become, and how the first time she had been
fucked and sucked a cock it was with a dog. He knew she would love watching the video
he had made. After the dog had dismounted from Lisa Mandy licked all the dog cum
out of her new friend's cunny hole.
Then the two girls went for a swim.
Lisa and Mandy ran off to the deep end and jumped in and splashed around. "Hey, I
know!" said Mandy, "Let's go where the water comes into the pool and let it squirt out
and hit us on our cracks! It feels really good!" Mandy showed Lisa how to stand so the
water spurted out into the pool, and the girls giggled as they took turns letting the jet
of water hit them on their little clitties and make them feel good.
"Let's go to the pound and get us a dog, Daddy," said Lisa on the way home.
The girl at the pound saw Lisa was only interested in the males, and thought she knew
what the young girl was after. "The best way to see what they're like is to get close
to the cage and let them smell you. I know this one's a good one," she said, stepping
up to the wire, unzipping her fly and pressing her crotch again the wire in front of a
large Boxer. He sniffed at the young girl's crotch for a few minutes until Lisa giggled.
"His thing's sticking out," she said.
"I know," said the girl, "He knows when a girl lets him smell her there he's going to
get it played with."
"Do you like doing stuff with dogs?" asked Lisa.
"Sure," replied the other girl, "They make it go in and out so fast!" She pointed out a
big Golden Lab cross. "He's part Great Dane I think - he's got a great big one. Try
Lisa stood in front of the cage and lifted her skirt to her waist.
"Hey, wow, no underpants," said the kennel girl, staring at Lisa's bare bum."
Lisa giggled. "They get in the way," she said as the big dog put his nose against the
cage in front of the young girl's hairless cunny, wagging his tail. Lisa let him smell her
naked cunny while she looked underneath the big animal at his cock sheath.
"Here it comes," she cried as the animal's cock began protruding from the hairy
sheath and extending out and down.
"He likes you," giggled the other girl, who had her hand inside the fly of her jeans and
was feeling her own cunny while she watched.
"Wow, is it ever big!" exclaimed Lisa as the animal's cock reached its full extended
length, "It must be eight inches long!"
"Yeah, and nice and thick too," sighed the other girl as she fingered her cunny, "He
sure likes to put it in all the way. I'm going to miss him , but you should take him
because he'd be put down tomorrow. What a waste that would be."
"Can we have him, Daddy?" asked Lisa of her father who had parked the car and come
into the kennel.
Homer looked at the dog sniffing at his little girl's cunny and trying to lick it through
the caging, and at the size of his erection. "Sure, if you want, honey," he said,
watching the other girl masturbating. "Maybe the girl here would like to say a special
good bye to him before we take him away?"
"Oh wow yeah!" said the kennel girl, who said her name was Gail, and they locked up
the kennel front door, undid the cage and led the dog into a side room where there
was a gym mat on the floor.
"You don't mind if we watch, do you?" asked Lisa as the other girl took off her
"I like it when people watch," she replied as she stood up naked. She was a little older
than Lisa, and her young tits poked out in small cones high on her chest. Homer saw
that her hairless cunny lips were swollen and blushing a deep yellow, and that her clitty
was poking out from between them. "Come on, Rider," she said .She lay down on the
gym mat and pulled the dog over to her, reaching up beneath him to fondle his fiery
red erection. The pointed tip was already dripping a clear fluid, and she pulled him
over her and craned her neck up so she could lick the dribbles of doggy pre-cum off
it. She lapped all around the tip, smacking her lips, then sighed with pleasure as the
animal pushed with his hindquarters and thrust his cock deep into her mouth..
Homer and Lisa watched the girl sucking off the dog, and Lisa slipped a hand
underneath her skirt and slipped a finger down her slit, rubbing it gently past her
clitty while she watched.
After she had sucked the dog's cock for a while, the girl let it slip from her mouth
with a "Pop!" "I wanna get him to fuck me," she explained, turning over and getting up
on her hands and knees in front of the animal. "I love drinking his cum, but this last
time I want him to shoot it up my cunny." The dog sniffed at the girl's cunny and
suddenly mounted her, scrabbling over the young girl and clasping his forepaws around
her slender waist as he blindly thrust and poked for her vagina.
"It's here, silly!" giggled Gail as she reached between her legs and found the animal's
penis and brought the tip against her hairless cunny. The dog seemed to know he was
in the right place and thrust it into the child all at once, making her go, "Aaaaah!
Yessssss!" with pleasure. Once he was in, he began thrusting quickly back and forth.
Gail's eyes glazed over as the animal slipped his cock rapidly in and out of her young
cunny. She looked up at Homer and Lisa with a hazy smile on her face. "I'm really
gonna - unh - miss him!" she said.
Homer had taken out his cock and was stroking it gently back and forth.
"I can suck it for you if you wanna?" she offered, "You're being so - unh unh unh! -
nice letting me have one last - unh ooh yes yes - good one with Rider here."
"Do you mind, honey?" Homer asked Lisa, who shook her head.
"Oh no, Daddy," replied the child, "I'll feel Gail's titties and play with her cunny
where Rider has his thing - his cock - inside her."
Homer and Lisa both stripped off their clothes, and Homer lay down in front of the
kennel girl where she could reach his stiff erection with her mouth, helpfully holding it
for her so she could suck on it while the dog fucked her.
Lisa reached under the other girl and fondled her small titties, fiddling with her
nipples till they hardened. "I've got an idea," she said, and lay on her back and
worked her way under the other girl so she could suck on the girl's rigid nipples.
"Mmmmph!" mumbled Gail around Homer's stiff cock, bobbing her head up and down on
Lisa slid further under the girl until her head was right underneath the girl's crotch.
"Hey, neat!" she exclaimed, "Hey Daddy, I can see his cock going in and out of Gail's
cunny! It's stretching it 'cause it's so big! Boy is it ever going to feel nice in mine
when we get him home."
She reached her head up and began licking at the other girl's clitoris and all over her
hairless cunny, sometimes licking at the dog's cock as it plunged in and out. Soon he
quickened his movements and his trembling hips thrust faster. Gail let the dog's pushes
force her head back and forth on Homer's cock and as he began squirting thick gouts
of semen into the child's mouth, she felt the dog's cock give a long squirt and then
another and another, right up against her womb. It was just what the child needed to
cum, and she shuddered with pleasure and delight as the man shot his load into her
mouth, the dog filled her cunny with his cum, and Lisa licked and lapped at her clitty.
When she had come down from the peak of her orgasm she let the dog dismount, and
then squatted over Lisa's face and let the child lap up the oozings of animal cum that
drooled from her swollen cunny.
"I think Rider will make a nice pet," said Lisa as they drove home. "I think a girl
should have a pet, don't you, Daddy?"
Homer looked at his young daughter, sitting with her legs apart as the dog licked her
hairless cunny. He nodded and grinned. "You bet, honey," he said.


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