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Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Guide To Incest Part 4 (b-zoo,dog)
by Sunny D

"Ahh..." Bart sighed as the muscles in his tense, nude body relaxed. He enjoyed the simple excercise of coming home from school and taking a dump.

The twelve year old pubescent boy looked thoughtfully at the pile of clothes at his feet. He liked to strip before taking the throne, it kept his clothes out of the way and it just plain felt good. His mind turned toward what to do for the afternoon. Lisa had a doctor's appointment, and so Marge had taken Maggie with her, giving him the run of the house until around 5:00.

Deciding he was done, Bart reached over and unrolled a strip of toilet paper from the dispenser, folding it a few times, and reached back to wipe his butt. He went to repeat the procedure, but only pulled three sheets of paper from the roll before the last piece pulled from the core.

"Aw, man!" Bart grumbled, getting to his feet. He knelt in front of the sink, and opened the cabinet door beneath it.

"D'oh!" he cried as he looked inside only to find that the space usually reserved for toilet paper was empty. Rising to his feet, he opened the bathroom door and stepped into the hallway.

"There's gotta be a roll in the hall closet..." Bart figured, and strolled down the hall, enjoying the feel of the air against his skin. Opening the closet, he found salvation at his fingertips, as an unopened multipack of Charmin sat on the bottom shelf. He opened it and pulled out a roll, closed the closet door,
and turned back toward the bathroom. He tossed the roll into the air and caught it a few times as he walked back toward the john, until on the fourth toss he bobbled the catch, and the toilet paper went rolling down the hall. To his dismay, it began to bounce down the steps to the first floor.

"Whoops..." he muttered as he chased after it. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he found Santa's Little Helper waiting there to greet him.

"Hey, boy." Bart said to him, patting his head. "Seen my toilet paper?" SLH merely looked at him as Bart dropped to his hands and knees, looking around and behind the plant stand, then crawling over to the hat stand on the other side of the door.

"Aha!" he exclaimed, finding the roll. Backing up so that he could pick up the roll, he pushed his bottom back toward Santa's Little Helper's face. Curious, the dog brought his nose closer to his master's butt and lightly sniffed. Tentatively, he stuck out his tongue and gave the yellow valley an exploratory lick.

"Woah!" Bart yelled, jumping up in shock from the wet probe. SLH leapt back, frightened by the response. Bart was flooded by a myriad of unfamiliar and confusing sensations, and he became aware that his penis had jumped to a semi-erect position. Indeed, his whole crotch and butt tingled from the experience.

For a long moment, he just stood there, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Had his dog just done what he thought he had? Bart had to admit the sensation was not unpleasant. Curious at the response it provoked, Bart looked at his faithful friend.

"Do that again, boy!" Bart asked him, turning and bending over slightly. Santa's Little Helper cautiously trotted over, sniffed him, and greeted his master's anus with four slow licks with his warm, wet, rough tongue, each one sending a dizzying rush of pleasure up his back. Bart's tool was standing at complete
attention now, and his pet gently nuzzled the side of his master's bare leg for approval.

"Good boy, good boy." Bart praised his dog as he woozily sat down on the stairs, legs spread, reeling from the unbelieveable waves of pleasure rippling through him. He lovingly stroked the fur on his dog's head for a time, before setting his hands on the steps.

Santa's Little Helper sniffed up the inside of Bart's thigh, which sent even more confusing signals to the pleasure center of his brain. Reaching Bart's crotch, he again brandished his tongue and flicked it against the side of his erect penis.

That unexpected action lit Bart's mind on fire, and all he could think to do was praise him as his mind swam. Another one, two, three, four licks slapped across his sensitive glans and he felt like he would explode from the stabs of ecstacy that his pet's tongue was giving him. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that any girl could give him such pleasure, let alone his own dog!

"Good boy! Good boy! Good boy!" Bart squeaked, shakily rubbing Santa's Little Helper's side before leaning back against the steps, quaking. In response, the dog roughly licked Bart's scrotum and nuzzled his crotch, tickling his shaft with his whiskers.

When his master did not attend to him, the pup jumped up, putting his front paws on Bart's hips and leaning over him. Gently, he licked Bart's cheek. Bart lethargically petted Santa's Little Helper's side.

As much as Bart wanted to continue, the front stairs were uncomfortable, not to mention less than private. If anyone would come in the door, or even look in the window, they would have no difficulty watching him playing with his dog. He sat up, and SLH jumped back.

"C'mon boy, let's go upstairs and have some fun, okay?" Bart asked eagerly, turning and climbing the stairs, gesturing for him to follow.

The pair entered Bart's room. Bart closed the door behind them, and pulled down the window shade. Then, Bart dropped to his hands and knees, once again presenting himself to his faithful friend. Santa's Little Helper walked up behind him, and once again eagerly pushed his tongue against Bart's tender anus.

"Ohhh, good boy." Bart praised, turning and laying on the floor. "Now lick my pee-pee." The dog brought his muzzle to his master and again curled his pink tongue against Bart's yellow head. He felt his shaft contract, and a glob of precum oozed out, only to be swept up by his pup's rough tongue, a strand of the sticky fluid stringing from his slit to the dog's lips.

Santa's Little Helper stopped abruptly, and backed off. He sat down and curled his head back to his own crotch. Bart could see his pet's own bright pink penis extending from its protective sheath. Curious, and suddenly feeling guilty at the one-sidedness of the exchange, Bart crawled over to the dog.

"Good boy." Bart told him as he stroked his fur lower and lower down his side, until his hand curled around his pet's foreskin. He softly massaged the dog's balls and stroked his sheath. Slowly, the tubelike tip of its head crept out. Santa's Little Helper jerked when Bart gently touched it, but deciding that his master meant no harm, let him pet it for several seconds.

Looking down at his own genitals, Bart could see a huge amount of his own clear fluid trickling down the side of his pee-pee. Santa's Little Helper seemed to realize this too, as he bent down and licked his shaft clean.

Bart again laid back, his legs spread, and let his dog pleasure him. After a few flicks of the tongue, Bart lifted his legs into the air, exposing his entire crotch, from his tan anus to his pink-twinged yellow glans. The greyhound briefly ran his tongue over Bart's boycunt, gave his loose scrotum a lick, and ran his tongue up the underside of his cock. Then, SLH stepped between his legs,
and again began to lick his master's face.

Bart could feel the sticky mixture of saliva and both his of their precum against his face, but he could also feel something else. The fur of Santa's Little Helper's belly was rubbing against his penis as he breathed.

Almost instinctively, Bart bucked his hips, which produced yet another amazing sensation. Pushing his rear up against Santa's Little Helper, Bart could feel his pet's canine pee-pee rub against his anus as his own pee-pee stroked against his fur. The dog wasn't sure what to think of the action, but Bart put his arms
around him and hugged him. SLH responded by licking his face.

Bart could feel his cock rubbing a slick of precum against his pet's belly, and he felt an orgasm beginning to well up deep inside. He pushed his butt against his faithful friend again, and felt his entire body tighten. Santa's Little Helper whimpered. Bart couldn't believe it - his own dog was making him cum!

Bart pushed against him again, and blew his wad. He fired spurt after spurt between his skin and SLH's fur. Confused and a little scared, the dog struggled to get free, which only heightened Bart's pleasure as he rubbed himself against Santa's Little Helper's fur.

At last, Santa's Little Helper pulled free. Bart could see the large puddle of semen on his tummy, the creamy goo still trickling out of his spent penis. He could also see the slick on his dog's belly that brought him off.

Slowly, the pup padded back to Bart's side, and gave a tender lick to his master's slimy shaft. Bart reached up and petted his friend.

"Good boy!" he told him, running the fingers of his other hand through the puddle on his stomach absent-mindedly. After awhile, Bart led his faithful pet out of the room and cleaned him up. Leaving him with a doggie biscuit, he went back to the bathroom and showered.

Half an hour later, Bart laid on his bed, thumbing through an old issue of Radioactive Man, Santa's Little Helper napping quietly at the foot of the bed. The front door opened, and Marge walked in.

"Bart! We're home!" his mother called out. Bart looked at his puppy on the floor.

"Shh!" he told him, smiling, when Marge's voice again drifted upstairs.

"Bart, what's this roll of toilet paper doing down here?" she wondered.



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