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Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Guide To Incest Part 3 (fg-mast)
by Sunny D

Lisa smiled. Once again she was left in charge of the house. Homer was out bowling, and Marge was at a Tupperware party. Bart was spending the night at Lewis' which left just her twelve year old self and five year old Maggie.

Maggie was tucked in for the night, and so Lisa relaxed on her bed in her light blue nightgown, flipping absent-mindedly through a Cory fanzine. As she did so, her thoughts began to stray. She imagined what it might be like to make out with him, and her budding hormones began to carry the fantasy ever closer to its
logical conclusion in her mind.

Lisa imagined his hands all over her body, softly caressing her skin and gently petting her most sensitive regions. As she fantasized, she ran a hand up and down her chest and stomach, occasionally darting lower. A slight tingling began to develop deep in her crotch which she was not unaware of. Deciding to indulge in herself, she parted her legs and let her nightgown ride up until she exposed the gentle curve of her pubescent mound. Her fingers danced across the smooth skin, aware of her light accumulation of pubic locks that complimented her touch.

She lovingly played with herself for several minutes, enjoying the pleasure she was experiencing. To her satisfaction, her pussy was becoming pleasingly wet and warm, and she softly cooed as she smeared the accumulating fluid around her yellow outer lips.

She became so entranced with herself that she did not hear a soft knock on her bedroom door, which slowly opened when Lisa did not respond. Maggie innocently peeked in.

"Whatcha doin' Lis?" Maggie asked, her eyes wide with curiosity.

Embarrassment and pangs of guilt seized Lisa instantaneously, and her hand snatched away from her snatch as she snapped to attention, caught red-handed by her younger sister.

"Oh! Maggie! Uhh... I was just... I mean I was... Can't you knock before coming in?" Lisa finally stuttered as she yanked her nightgown over herself, trying to suppress her raging hormones which kept her normal sensibilities subdued.

"I _did_ knock." Maggie told her.

"Umm... sorry, Maggie, I guess I wasn't paying attention." Lisa responded, blushing. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"I woke up and I couldn't sleep." Maggie said, approaching the bed.

Lisa shifted nervously. She was still very aroused, and very uncomfortable. She feared that her nightgown might settle between her legs, and become soaked with the fruits of her labor, a scenario which would leave her with a great deal to explain.

"Well, what would you like to do? We can talk, or we could play Monopoly or something..." Lisa suggested.

"What were you doing when I came in?" Maggie inquired innocently. "You looked like you were having fun..."

Lisa began to squirm. She'd been found out, and by her younger sister! She quickly began to weigh her options...

"Well, it's just something that girls can do when they're older." she explained, hoping to use bland generalities to disinterest her.

"What's it called?" Maggie asked. Lisa hesitated.

"It's called masturbation." she said calmly.

"How do you do it?" she wondered.

"I really can't explain that, Maggie." Lisa told her. "It's just something that you learn when you get older."

"Show me how, Lis, please?" Maggie begged. A look of pure shock flashed across Lisa's face.

"I can't, Maggie, really. You're too young..." she explained, the words stumbling from her mouth, but Maggie wasn't satisfied.

"I'll ask Mommy when she gets home then." Maggie told her matter-of-factly.

Lisa knew she'd been cornered. She could either tell her no, and hope that she forgets all about it, she could change the subject entirely. Both resulted in a high probability that Marge would finding out about her behavior which would raise more than a few difficult questions. She could outright bribe her not to say anything, but that would only delay answering the question. Alternatively, she could comply with her sister's request under the provision that the instructional session be kept between them. Maggie looked away for a few seconds, as if resolving to inquire about this masturbation thing when Marge came home.

"Well..." Lisa stated falteringly. "I guess you're never too young to learn. I'll teach you if you want me to, but this is just between us, okay?"

"Okay! I love sister secrets." she bubbled, her eyes lighting up.

Lisa scooted to one side of the bed and motioned for Maggie to sit opposite her. Maggie jumped onto the bed and sat down cross-legged, facing her sister.

"The first thing you need to remember is that masturbation is something you do in private just for fun, and you don't do it in public or when lots of people are around. You don't want to do it when Mom or Homer or Bart is around, or at least awake, because you don't want them to catch you doing it. Masturbating isn't bad for you unless you do it alot. Okay?" Lisa asked. Maggie nodded

"Now, pull up your nighty." Lisa told her nervously. The entire situation had her virtually shaking with nerves, embarrassment, and an odd feeling of excitement. Lisa drew her nightgown up to her tummy, and Maggie did the same, revealing her delicate pre-pubescent mound in all its hairless glory. She could feel her younger sister's eager eyes looking at her own pussy, which made
her uncomfortable, but she was not unaware of a certain eroticism involved in what they were doing.

"Next, take your fingers and touch your private parts very softly." Maggie watched her older sister run her stubby fingers over her lightly haired mound. She took her own hand and carefully stroked her fingers across her silky pubic region.

"That makes me feel funny." giggled Maggie as she tried it again. "It kind of tickles inside." Lisa nodded gently.

"That's what it's supposed to do. Just relax and tickle your cunny." Lisa said, as she watched her sister follow her instructions. She found a growing excitement brewing and swallowed, not wanting to consider the ramifications.

"This is fun!" Maggie cooed, clumsily covering her crotch with light touches.

"Now, if there's anywhere you feel you want to touch, or a special way you want to touch yourself, go ahead and try it. The whole point is to make your body feel as good as you can." Lisa accentuated her remark by rubbing her thighs and tracing the outer lips of her labia. To Maggie's surprise, a bead of moisture was slowly running down her older sister's lips.

"Are you peeing?" Maggie asked, rather confused by the slow discharge.

"No, Maggie. This is a special liquid your cunny makes when you make it feel good long enough. It makes you wet so it's easier to do." Maggie looked down at her dry mound, and leaned forward to look at the fluid produced by Lisa's pussy. Lisa stopped petting herself, allowing her to get a proper view. Maggie boldly reached out her hand and ran it across her sister's lips, making her jump.

"Maggie!" Lisa cried as Maggie's palm rubbed her. The sensation was incredible, and she found that the experience had only made her even wetter. Maggie looked curiously at the gooey fluid on her hand, rubbing it between her fingers. She put her hand back between her own legs, and wiped the substance on her own labia. Seemingly satisfied, Maggie leaned back and returned to gently
petting herself.

"Why can't I make any of that stuff come out of my cunny?" Maggie wondered, sounding cheated. "Maybe I'm just no good at this."

"Well, I don't think you're old enough yet." Lisa explained. "Besides, it takes practice."

"How old were you the first time your cunny got wet?" her sister asked.

"I don't remember, Maggie. It just happens." Lisa answered.

"Could you try to make my cunny do that? I don't know what to do." Maggie pleaded, furthering her invitation by pulling her hand away from her crotch and leaning back on the mattress.

"Maggie, no... It's all about making yourself feel good." Lisa protested.

"Please, Lis? You know where to touch me." she begged.

Lisa looked at her sister's tender young slit for a moment, waiting for stimulation. Her aroused state made the decision easier than it otherwise might have been. She reached out tentatively, and softly touched her sister's silky virgin skin. Maggie jumped, but settled quickly.

"Are you sure you want me to keep going?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah, that feels good, Lis!" Maggie sighed.

Slowly and gently, Lisa covered Maggie's pubic region with feathery touches, taking care to touch her sister's soft yellowy-pink lips. Maggie giggled, cooed, and sighed in delight. Both were becoming increasingly aroused from the experience, and Lisa was positively sopping wet, her fluids drooling onto the sheets between her legs.

"Ooh!" Lisa exclaimed as Maggie reached up and began to reciprocate Lisa's soft ministrations on her older sister's mound. Lisa deftly slid a finger between her sensitive lips, and Maggie began to squirm.

Maggie gasped when at last a small amount of her juices seeped forth to her delight. Before long, Maggie's little pussy became slick under her sister's fingertips.

Lisa told her to sit up, and Maggie reluctantly took her slick hand from her sister's mound. They resumed their previous positions on the bed, and Maggie rubbed their shared fluids against her labial lips.

"Okay, slowly rub your cunny." Lisa stroked her hand up and down her sopping wet pussy, and Maggie followed suit, reveling in the sensations she was getting.

"Now gently slide a finger into it. Don't push it too hard, and stop if it hurts." Lisa watched one of Maggie's fingers dive between the folds of her virgin lips, and she did the same. Lisa began to slide her finger in and out of her snatch, and Maggie imitated her every step of the way. Both began to moan and gasp in delight.

Lisa watched her little sister masturbating in front of her, and the sight was more than she could stand. She plunged two fingers into her pussy and she began to buck her hips as she shuddered in orgasm. A few seconds later, Maggie tensed, a finger buried inside her cunny. Her little sister's first climax, or at least, as close as she would get for a few years.

Both of them collapsed on the bed, their hands and thighs covered in goo and sweat. They lay silent for several minutes, reeling in the sensations, until a car could be heard in the driveway outside. Lisa quickly opened the window, and Maggie grabbed a nearby towel, wiping herself off and throwing it to her
sister. Lisa grabbed it and quickly toweled the goo from her crotch, throwing the towel onto the pile of clothes from the day before. Both of them adjusted their pajamas and tried to relax as best they could as Marge tapped on the door and poked her head into the room.

"What are you kids still doing up?" she wondered, walking in.

"We're having a slumber party!" Lisa told her.

"Just the two of you?" Marge asked quizzically.

"Sure." Maggie said. Marge smiled.

"Well, okay, but don't stay up too late, even though it's a Friday night."

"Yes, Mom." they replied as she kissed them both good night and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Maggie and Lisa sighed in relief, and hugged each other warmly.

"Could we have a slumber party again next week?" Maggie wondered.



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