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Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Guide To Incest Part 2 (mg,inc,oral)
by Sunny D

"Bart!" Marge called up the stairs.

"Yeah, Mom?" came the eventual reply as he poked his head out of his room.

"Lisa and I are going shopping. Watch after Maggie, okay?"

"Okay, Mom." Bart grudgingly agreed.

"Have fun, Bart!" Lisa taunted as she walked out the door.

"There's pizza money on the kitchen table, and you know where the emergency numbers are... We'll be back around 3." With that, Marge shut the door.

Bart listened intently for the sound of the departing family station wagon.

"Woo-hoo!" he cried, sliding down the bannister to the living room. "Noon..." he mused, looking at the clock. He went to Maggie's room, and found her asleep in her crib. He tiptoed back to his room, and began to close his door, before thinking better of it. If she started crying, he'd have to do something about it.

"Now to get comfortable..." he said to himself as he pulled his orange shirt over his head and tossed it across the room. He then grasped his blue shorts and slid them down his legs, reaching down to pull off each sock as he stepped out of his pants. With that, he jumped onto the bed.

"Mmm..." he mumbled quietly as felt the cool sheets on his body. Bart relaxed his muscles and simply lay there for the longest time. On impulse, he reached down to adjust himself through his white briefs. As his hand grasped the bump in his shorts, a thought occurred to him; "Ya know, I don't even have to have these on..." And with that, he plunged his thumbs inside his waistband and peeled the cotton underwear off his frame.

"Yeah... That's better." he thought as he rubbed his soft, round butt against the sheets. He stretched himself out and again released the tension in his muscles, now and then absent-mindedly reaching over to rub his foreskin or pet his scrotum.

After a time however, Bart was pulled from his relaxation by the shrill note of his baby sister crying.

"Damn!" he thought, releasing his penis and beginning to look for his underwear. "Wait a sec... It's just me and Maggie, and she's just a baby, I don't have to get dressed." he said to himself, scooting his bare bottom off the bed. Quickly he made his way across the house to the playroom.

He found his sister standing up in her crib, pouting. "What's your problem, man?" Bart asked her. Maggie reached out beyond the rails of her crib. "Oh, you want out, do you? Well, all right." he told her.

"Is this better, Maggie?" Bart asked rhetorically as he picked her up, holding her to his bare chest. She smiled back at him as he carried her to the playroom.

Bart sat down, and held her close to his boyish chest. Maggie struggled after a moment, and so he set her down on the floor with her pacifier. She crawled off across the room to play with some stuffed animals in the corner, and so Bart leaned back against the wall.

Bart watched Maggie suck at her pacifier, and he began to think about breastfeeding. He wondered how it would feel to have a hungry mouth sucking at his tit like a hungry kitten. He remembered seeing Marge breastfeeding Maggie, and Lisa years before.

As he pondered the image, he began to rub and pull his left nipple, attempting to imagine the sensations of a small mouth around it. The more he pinched the pinkish-yellow knob, the more he became aware that his young penis was getting hard. He looked at it, still enthralled by the stiffness of the organ as he ran his fingers around his areolas.

He was about to reach down to stroke his erect boyhood when Maggie began to crawl back toward him. He looked up, and watched her approach.

"What's the matter, Maggie?" he impatiently asked her, leaning forward, as if expecting an explanation.

Maggie whimpered, and Bart understood. She had lost her pacifier in the pile of plush toys and couldn't find it.

"Lost your pacifier, huh?" he teased as she crawled alongside his bare leg. "All right, I'll help you find it." he told her, patting her gently on the head. He leaned back again, and turned toward Maggie as he got to his knees, his young penis waggling in front of her.

Bart paused and looked at his little sister. She was looking directly at his penis. The unexpected attention caused the muscles in his organ to reflexively contract as she stared at the thing in front of her. To Bart's astonishment, Maggie reached out and curiously grasped his stiff member in her little hands. His entire body jerked as she gripped the pinkish-yellow stub.

"Maggie! What are you..." he stammered as she attempted to pull it toward her. Deciding she couldn't, she instead brought her head to the head of her older brother's penis. In one move, she opened her mouth and closed it around Bart's shaft.

Bart lurched back reflexively, pulling his glans out of Maggie's mouth as he fell back on his butt. He could feel his sister's spit covering his dick, and the cool air against the warm saliva sent a thrilling sensation up and down the length of it.

Maggie crawled between her brother's sprawled legs, placed her hands on the soft flesh where boyhood meets body, and took all of Bart's 10 year old 3 inch penis into her mouth, suckling it like a hungry kitten.

His mind reeled and his little pee-pee felt as if it was on fire. The feelings he was experiencing were like nothing he'd felt before. All he could do was watch Maggie's cheeks puff and feel her tongue rub the tender underside of his most private of parts.

He just laid there and let the feelings wash over his confused body, trying to sort out what his body was telling him. He realized he was spreading his legs and arching his back.

"Maggie is sucking on my pee-pee!" he thought to himself; "My little baby sister has my pee-pee in her mouth!"

The notion set his mind and body on fire as he considered it, and Bart's hips began to pulsate. The convulsing spread through his frame like an earthquake. He began to think about all the so-called 'naughty' names that he also called his pee-pee.

The muscles in his pudgy stomach were beginning to tense, and the muscles in his chubby thighs and puffy buttcheeks were beginning to twitch, white hot, as if about to cramp, and so Bart began to push his bottom forward, almost like he was feeding his pee-pee to his infant sister.

"Eat my wiener! Eat my wiener, Maggie!" Bart blurted desperately, imagining his penis to be a hot dog in her mouth as he felt the muscles in his immature penis pull his head to his sister's lips, then fire it to the back of her mouth as he shot blank after blank in a fantastic dry orgasm.

"Oh, wow man!" he gasped as he panted breathlessly, his mind reeling from the new feelings he was getting from between his legs as Maggie continued to suck him. He could feel his limp penis being stretched by the motion of his sister's mouth and he marvelled at it.

The phone rang, and Bart quickly pulled Maggie from her new toy to answer it. It was Milhouse.

"Hey, Bart, ya wanna go play video games down at the mall?" he asked.

"Not today, Milhouse. I gotta babysit Maggie." Bart replied.

"Well, that's never stopped you before..." Milhouse insisted.

"I know..." Bart told him; "Maybe tomorrow, okay? Just not today."

"Well, okay....."

Bart hung up the phone and looked at the clock. It was 1:30. He'd have to order the pizza now if he didn't want to explain what he was doing all the time Marge and Lisa were gone. He got Maggie a bottle and strode back into the playroom, now enjoying the cool breeze against his still-wet pee-pee.

He sat down beside her, and Maggie reached out again to Bart's drooping penis. "Maybe later." Bart told her, and put her back in the crib with the bottle.

Bart came back awhile later, once again dressed. The pizza man would be there any minute. Maggie had finished her lunch and was fast asleep. He took the empty bottle, and looked at his sister for a moment. "Sweet dreams, Maggie." he whispered to her, softly kissing her forehead.



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